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Starter TOEIC, Third Edition is intended for beginning-level students of English who need to start preparation for the TOEIC. The book is designed to assist. Starter TOEIC is intended for beginning-level students of English who need to start preparation for the TOEIC. The book is designed to assist students through. Anne Taylor has 82 books on Goodreads with ratings. Anne Taylor's most popular book is Starter Toeic, Third Edition (W/3 Audio C Ds), Building Toeic.

Use most of to talk about particular things or people, and use most to talk about things or people in general. Most people think bread is expensive and difficult to make. However, it is easy and cheap.

All you need to make a basic dough is 1. A either. The sugar is very important to activate the yeast. If you do not add the sugar, the bread will not rise. You need to set it aside for at least two hours, so it is true that it takes a time to make, but the results are worth the wait. A quick.

General Key Points A. Only transitive verbs may be changed to passive forms. Verbs like. Perceptual verbs like see, observe, and hear are followed either a to-infinitive form for an action in progress in passive sentences. Besides by, the prepositions passive sentences. The mistake has already been by him. The family has from their vacation already. A return B returned C been return D been returned. They were seen kites in the park last weekend. A fly B flown C flying D to be flown.

A survey of mobile phone use was conducted the National 1. Telecommunications Institute. They discovered that only five percent of people have downloaded a mobile phone game.

The study found that many were confused about whether their handset could play games or how to download them. A interviewed.

I'm not going to join the club, for I'm not sure of its purpose. He has a good job, yet he never seems satisfied. Dick didn't pass the test, nor did his friend, John. My foot still hurt yesterday, so I went to see a doctor. Subordinating Conjunctions Simultaneous actions: Use the car until this evening.

He left home early failed to catch the train. He works to support his family, he is in his seventies. Experts say it is very important for children over the age of six to develop a hobby or take part in a club.

Children can learn important social skills doing something they enjoy. Even though your 1. A during. Hobbies and clubs are vital for the of your child. A be developed. A ease - Notice that there an auxiliary verb will. D Auxiliary verbs are followed without to. C The sentence situation. C The question 4. A It is logically hungry. D The logical subject of a to-infinitive to be an objective form. C Most phrases related to emotions followed by a gerund.

B The logical subject of a to-infinitive to be an objective form. A to wake up - Expect is followed infinitive form of a verb. B store - The word "store" is both a verb as well as a noun. In this case, the text needs a verb which indicates how the medicine should be kept. D growth - Usually, "the" by a noun. C success - When two nouns come next to each other, the preceding one acts like an adjective.

Remember that succession refers to "the act or process of inheriting the rights or duties of another. D Interestingly - Typically, what entire clause is an adverb. D asked - The verb of the second clause is past tense, so the verb of the first clause must also be a past form.

B succeeded - The preposition "by" preceded by a past participle. B The time expression "two months ago" indicates that the event occurred in the past. D The phrase "so far" means "until now. D The sentence indicates what Mary was doing at a certain moment in the past. C Notice that the verb "feel" is an intransitive verb and that its logical subject is not provided before.

A The painting is the object of the verb "see," so the past participle is needed. A complaints - This sentence requires a plural noun to match the modifying count adjective "several. B start - In this case, "start" is a noun meaning "beginning. C central - The adjective central describes the fact the hotel is located in the center of the town.

A considered - Since the second clause shows the result of the verb in the first clause, that first clause verb must be in past tense. C payoff - Payoff returns. B tired - The "ed" form of "tire" describes a feeling as the result of an event or activity. C Physics is a field of science. C In a participle clause, the negative word is placed before the participle in question. A Notice that there is a negative word, "not. B When fractions are involved, the number of the verb is determined by a noun in the prepositional phrase.

C The sentence is intended to mean that the bus comes at minute intervals. B along - The word "along" is followed by "with" to give the meaning of "together. C all - "All" matches with the plural noun "fans" because a modifier and the noun modified by it must agree in number.

A charges - cf. Fees, tuitions, and fares are used for professional services, schools, and transportation services respectively. B policy - The word "policy" refers to a course of action or a guiding principle.

A warranty - The word "warranty" refers to a written guarantee provided by a company to specify the maker's responsibility for the repair or replacement of the defective parts. A breach - Pay attention to the phrase "seek compensation from the employer. A estimate - To estimate approximately. A The relative pronoun required for the clause should be the subject and refer to a person.

A What is needed is a relative adverb. C The presence of "of all" is a key to the answer.

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B The use of "ever" in this sentence suggests the correct choice. A which - This word is needed when the antecedent is not a person. B apologize - The verb used to say sorry directly to someone is "apologize. B asked - To ask. B The missing word modifies a person and at the same time is modified by "very.

B The verb "return" is an intransitive verb. C The action was in progress, so an -ing form is needed after the perceptual verb "see. C Preoccupied uses "with. A interviewed - In a passive sentence, the "be" verb is followed by the past participle. A "Thank you for your cooperation" is a set expression used to express thanks in advance.

B When we offer something to someone, we usually expect they will accept it. C both - "Both B long - "2 hours" and "worth the wait" suggest that making bread is a timeconsuming activity, so "long" is correct.

C while - While is used as a subordinate conjunction with two simultaneous actions: C shortly - Shortly. What is wrong with Mary? How long has Mary had the problem? What kind of test is Mr. Thomas taking? At the beginning of the conversation, which line does the doctor ask Thomas to read?

According to the talk, what is the most important quality a person in this job should have? What is different about being an animal doctor? A The training is easier. B You need to know where all the different animals' organs are. D You earn more money.

Which part of the body did the person injure? What treatment did the doctor suggest? A Take two tablets of medicine a day and go to bed B Take two tablets of medicine a day and wrap the ankle C Wrap the ankle for one week and then have an operation D Play more basketball. How did she injure herself? A B C D She kicked the ball too hard. She was hit in the leg with a basketball. She fell down. A little dog bit her. I go to the post office this morning. A B C D ought have must used to.

I don't think it will rain. However, if it , turn off the machine. A do rain B do rains C does rain D doesn't rain. Ken should have studied harder; he the test again.

A B C D succeeded in passed failed rejected. The black leather jacket be Harley's. A B C D not can't not must not can't. Losing interest in her business, Kimberly has recently A retired B be retired C to be retired D been retired. Madeline must be very tired; she is on the sofa. A jumping B lying C awake D cleaning.

A exam B examination C quiz D test. After the age of forty, we recommend that you have a full physical every year. Our records show that you recently your fiftieth birthday. However, it is over seven years since 2. A celebrated B have celebrated C had celebrated D were celebrating your last appointment with our clinic. If you contact the Penshurst Medical Practice before September 15'h, you will be able to take advantage a free check up. In this medical 3. A from B III. For a small extra charge, it is possible to have a more detailed examination.

If you are in this offer, please call 4. Sincerely, Penshurst Medical Practice. However, many people do not bother stretching after their workout. They say that they are too , or they just 5. A tiring B tire C tired D tires forget.

Stretching has many benefits. For example, it helps you avoid painful cramps in your muscles. If you don't stretch, you could have tight and sore muscles the next day. It helps to your flexibility. If you stretch after every workout, it will be easy to touch your toes.

A improve B make C exercise D stimulate You might be surprised to know how many people 7. A B C D reach their toes. Finally, it is also a must can't want should. So be sure to ten minutes 8. A believe B wanting C include D available of stretching as part of the start and end of your exercise routine.

A will B could C would D can Without. Every pint of blood that you donate allows us to help people in need. Your blood saves lives.

Our next blood drive will on A holding B be held C had held D is holding December 22 from 9 a. We are staying open later than so that working people can drop by after work. If you have First time donors are also more than welcome.

Please encourage your friends and family members to come along, too. Giving up less than one hour of their time could give many more years of life to another A persons. Notice to All Employees As we enter the cold and flu season, the management remind all employees and before returning to work.

This is especially wants to for to wash their hands after using the restroom important As most of you are aware, germs, hand contact.

Here at The Happy Sandwich are our number one priority. Thank you for your attention. What is the name of the restaurant? What is the restaurant's main priority? Dear Mr. Thompson, This is just a short email to update you on your medical test results from your physical examination on January 10'h.

Our records show that you took a blood pressure test. Your test this time showed that your blood pressure is doing quite well for a man your age. I am very pleased to note that your blood pressure is much lower than it was last time. It seems that the medication you have been taking is working well. Unfortunately, we do not have a record of the name of your medication on file. Can you remember the name of the medication that you are taking? If you could send an email to my nurse with the name of the medicine, that would be very helpful to us.

His email address is medcenter05 huxley. Also, there is a note in your file stating that you want your medical test results sent to your insurance company.

Which department do you want them sent to? Please let us know as soon as possible. Regards, Dr. Where will Mr. Thompson's medical test results be sent to? B It is very low. C It is non-existent. D It is normal. What information does the doctor need? Thompson's email address name of his medication nurse's email address Thompson's age.

The Food Pyramid serves as a basic guide to making healthy food choices. If you take a look at the guide you can easily see which food groups you should be eating. According to the pyramid, most of your daily food should consist of breads, rice, and cereals. These are the foods in the bottom level of the pyramid. Almost equal to these, but not quite as much, should be vegetables and fruits. Therefore, you can feel free to go ahead and eat lots of fruit and vegetables every day. Servings of meat, fish, eggs, and dairy foods, needs will vary according which include milk and cheese, should be much smaller.

Sugars should be the smallest portion of all. Of course, your daily nutritional to your activity level and life style. You do not have to follow the Food Pyramid, but it is a good way to be sure you will get the healthiest benefits from your daily food. What is the purpose of the Food Pyramid? A To sell food. What affects your daily food needs? A Your likes and dislikes. June Time: Annual report 2. Resurfacing of tennis courts - choose a contractor 3.

Broken windows on first floor - how to punish offenders and how to prevent more breakages 4. New policy on equipment rental 5. Membership cards Any other business To be followed by tea and coffee in the staff training room. All welcome. Memo To: June 25'h Annual General Meeting I know that you will be unable to attend this year's meeting on the 25'h, so I am sending you the agenda now. Please take a look at it before the meeting and give me your opinion on the items.

We have decided to resurface the tennis courts and need to choose from three contractors. I will send you their price lists and a voting form later. Everyone at the meeting will have a chance to vote. As you know, we have suffered a lot of broken windows recently. I would appreciate it if you could fax me your ideas on how to deal with this problem.

The fourth item on the agenda refers to renting equipment. We will limit rentals to one hour on weekends and two hours during the week. Only members will be able to rent equipment on weekends. This brings us to the next item: Please send me your thoughts as soon as possible, and I will talk to you in person when you get back from your vacation.

Many thanks. How often does Heathcliffe Sports Center hold a general meeting? Which of the following statements about rentals is correct? A Members can rent equipment. A They will choose the cheapest company. B They will not repair the tennis courts. C Everyone will vote for a company.

D They haven't chosen a method. B Members can rent equipment only on Saturdays. C Only members can rent equipment on Saturdays. D Non-members can rent equipment for one hour on Saturdays. A Members do not return equipment. B Windows have been broken. C There was not enough tea and coffee. D Staff don't get along with each other.

A She is not a member of the sports center. B She will be on vacation. C She is sick. D She was not invited. What will the man study next semester? Why is the man not happy about the subject he is taking? A B C D He is interested in science. He isn't interested in languages. He is interested in languages. It was only his second choice subject.

Why does the woman want to study Spanish? A B C D She can study with her friend. She thinks it sounds romantic. She thinks it will be easy. It will be fun to study with her friend. When does the Spanish class meet?

According to the speaker, what does she use to solve chemistry problems? When did the speaker have the French exam?

Why does the speaker dislike history? A B C D He doesn't like his classmates. It is boring. The books are heavy. He doesn't like the teacher. Almost every part of our lives computerized over the past A have been B has been C was D had done. Mike didn't at Jill's party last night because he had a headache. A show up B come up.

I went to Los Angeles fifteen years A before B ago C since D next to. He seems as surprised by the news as we were. A B C D to being was to was to have been. Kate usually to class by bicycle, but today she went by bus because of the rain. A go B goes C went D gone. The couple must need a because they have just returned from a long journey. A pause B stop C rest D discontinuation.

Ever since he arrived, he quietly in the corner. A B C D sat has been sitting sits is sitting. This semester, be prepared for your exams. Follow these handy hints from the Student Advice Center. Don't until the night before an exam. The best students revise and learn early and 1. A be wait B waiting C wait D had waited regularly throughout the semester. Revise each night what you learned in class that day. Reread class notes, assignments, handouts or previous tests and textbooks.

Starter Toeic Third Edition Building by Casey Malarcher

It is very helpful to write summaries of the notes you take in class. If that sounds like too much effort, then you start studying at least two weeks before 3.

A had to B should C would D shouldn't your exams. Make a study schedule and stick to it, but be realistic about your goals. Don't try to do too much in one day. Resting is as as studying. A important B importance C duty D must. Dear Ms. Whitfield, Let me answer your questions our scholarship policy. In order to qualify for a scholarship 5. This is the minimum requirement. Getting the minimum grades does not a scholarship if there are several students whose grades exceed the minimum.

A promise B agree C guarantee D offer Secondly, students cannot receive a scholarship more than two times. In addition to this, the scholarships cannot be for two consecutive semesters. You a scholarship last semester, so we were unable to offer you a scholarship, 7. A were received 8. The following 9. Visit the school you are considering. A have B suggest C make D perform While you are at the school, take some time to look at the equipment and facilities.

Talk to lecturers and students. Ask questions that will give you first-hand knowledge about A now B current C presently D immediate the school: Do the instructors seem knowledgeable? What is the students' opinion of the instructors?

What they like most and least about the school or program? Finally, A do B are C had D can look at several schools that offer similar programs. Compare program length, schedule, cost, transferability of course credits, financial aid availability, and any other factors that are important to you.

They were using their cell phones to tex t message answers to other students. Cheating will not be tolerated! If students are caught with cell phones during a test, it will automatically be considered cheating. Who is this memo directed at? What does the principal want the teachers to do? What will the punishment be for cheating students?

By Alex Herd, Fullgate University for university. It is time to start applying but others will not. If you this article can show be successful,.

You must apply before the application deadline. This is, perhaps, the most important consideration. We receive a lot of applications from excellent students who we have to reject because they sent us their application late. Make sure to apply that after-school employment a student's Finally, activities before January far too believes and. How many letters of recommendation does the university require? A Three B Four.

What is the most important thing to consider? New Students! Welcome to Blue Oak High School! Congratulations on being accepted to Blue Oak High School. You are about to begin three exciting years and make memories that will stay with you forever. We will have our freshman student orientation next Wednesday September 2nd in the school gymnasium. The opening ceremony will begin at 9 a.

You should arrive to check attendance at 8: A He is in the classroom right now. B Congratulations! C My history teacher's name is Mrs. Lewis 2. Which class do you have on Tuesday mornings?

A French. B I don't like to wake up early. C We can go together.

Starter TOEIC, Third Edition

Will Brian go to university next year? A Brian studies hard. B She gave him the letter. He still has one more year of high school. Is Professor Green your music teacher? A Green is my favorite color. B No, Mrs. Benson is. C The music store is closed today. Can you take these books back to the library for me? A There is some extra paper in the desk drawer.

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B The books are expensive. C Yes,I'll put them in my bag. Part III. Short Conversations Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation. M Next semester will be difficult. I didn't get accepted for the course I wanted. I didn't even get my second choice. I wanted to study a language, but instead I'll be taking geology.

W That's too bad. Why do you think that geology is so difficult? You might be really good at it. More filters. Sort order.

Oct 12, Tommaso Querini rated it did not like it. The grammar part of this book is a joke. It is approximate and does not give any consistent rule for the student. I definitely do not recommend this book. Ngoc Xuan Nguyen rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Nhu Hao rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Umii rated it liked it Sep 03, Harmonia rated it it was ok Oct 08, Giot Suong marked it as to-read Aug 21, Min Ky marked it as to-read Jun 18, Ballygally marked it as to-read Mar 19, Steven Ray added it Jan 20, Jiao Heng marked it as to-read Dec 16, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.A disgust B to disgust C disgusting D disgusted 4.

He has a wife and two kids. For example, in Unit 1 of Chapter 2, students will hear through the listening tasks and read through the reading tasks a wide variety of auxiliary verbs practiced in Unit 1 of Chapter 1 used in correct, natural contexts all related to the theme of health.

A estimate B cost C evaluate D predict 4. Short Talks Listening Total 30 questions 30 questions 30 questions questions 45 minutes Section H: