Notice which table you scored highest in and refer to the back for an description of each temperament type. Remember, each person is a blend of each type, and . INSTRUCTIONS:This is a Personality Temperament Test taken from Tim LaHaye's book, "Why assess your temperament of potential strengths & weaknesses. Give Yourself a Temperament Test. Instructions: Relax, get in a quiet place, and read the entire test before making any markings. Before each word on the test.

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Check the boxes below that describe your habitual tendencies, the pattern of reaction evident from childhood, with regard to each of the following qualities. TEMPERAMENT TEST. Put a tick on all that apply. C. Fun loving & playful ____. Very optimistic. ____. Animated and lively ____. Very spontaneous ____. Personality Test. Taken from Florence Littauer's Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by. Understanding Yourself. Directions – In each of the following.

Although they do not retain a depressed mood as long as the other blends of the melancholy, they can lapse into it more quickly. The two basic temperaments haunted by self-persecution, hostility, and criticism are the melancholy and the choleric. It is not uncommon for him to get angry at God as well as his fellowman, and if such thoughts persist long enough he may become manic-depressive. In extreme cases, he can become sadistic.

When confronted with his vile thinking pattern and angry, bitter spirit, he can be expected to explode. His penchant for detailed analysis and perfection tends to make him a nitpicker who drives others up the wall. Unless he is filled with God's Spirit or can maintain a positive frame of mind, he is not enjoyable company for long periods of time.

No one is more painfully aware of this than his wife and children. He not only "emotes" disapproval, but feels compelled to castigate them verbally for their failures and to correct their mistakes-in public as well as private. This man, by nature, desperately needs the love of God in his heart, and his family needs him to share it with them. Two that come to mind are Paul's tireless traveling companion, Dr.

Luke, the painstaking scholar who carefully researched the life of Christ and left he church the most detailed account of our Lord's life, as well as the only record of the spread of the early church, and Moses, the great leader of Israel.

Like many MelChlors, the latter never gained victory over his hostility and bitterness. Consequently, he died before his time. Like Moses, who wasted forty years on the backside of the desert, harboring bitterness and animosity before surrendering his life to God, many a MelChlor never lives up to his amazing potential because of the spirit of anger and revenge.

They are not nearly as prone to hostility as the two previous melancholies and usually get along well with others. These gifted introverts combine the analytical perfectionism of the melancholy with the organized efficiency of the phlegmatic. They are usually good-natured humanitarians who prefer a quiet, solitary environment for study and research to the endless rounds of activities sought by the more extroverted temperaments.

MelPhlegs are usually excellent spellers and good mathematicians. These gifted people have greatly benefited humanity. Most of the world's significant inventions and medical discoveries have been made by MelPhlegs. Despite his abilities, the MelPhleg, like the rest of us, has his own potential weaknesses.

Unless controlled by God, he easily becomes discouraged and develops a very negative thinking pattern. But once he realizes it is a sin to develop the spirit of criticism and learns to rejoice, his entire outlook on life can be transformed.

Ordinarily a quiet person, he is capable of inner angers and hostility caused by his tendency to be vengeful.

MelPhlegs are unusually vulnerable to fear, anxiety, and a negative self-image. It has always amazed me that the people with the greatest talents and capabilities are often victimized by genuine feelings of poor self-worth. Their strong tendency to be conscientious allows them to let others pressure them into making commitments that drain their energy and creativity.

Four Temperaments: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic Personality Types

When filled with God's spirit, these people are loved and admired by their family because their personal self-discipline and dedication are exemplary in the home.

But humanitarian concerns cause them to neglect their family. Unless they learn to pace themselves and enjoy diversions that help them relax, they often become early mortality statistics. He obviously had a very sensitive nature, for as a youth he laid his head on Jesus' breast at the Lord's Supper. On one occasion he became so angry at some people that he asked the Lord Jesus to call fire from heaven down on them.

Yet at the crucifixion he was the one lone disciple who devotedly stood at the cross.

John was the one to whom the dying Jesus entrusted his mother. Later the disciple became a great church leader and left us five books in the New Testament, two of which the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation particularly glorify Jesus Christ.

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He is congenial, happy, cooperative, thoughtful, people-oriented, diplomatic, dependable, fun-loving, and humorous. A favorite with children and adults, he never displays an abrasive personality. He is usually a good family man who enjoys a quiet life and loves his wife and children. Ordinarily he attends a church where the pastor is a good motivator; there he probably takes an active role.

The weaknesses of the PhlegSan are as gentle as his personality - unless you have to live with him all the time. Since he inherited the lack of discipline of a sanguine, it is not uncommon for the PhlegSan to fall short of his true capabilities. He often quits school, passes up good opportunities, and avoids anything that involves "too much effort.

With more faith, he could grow beyond his timidity and self-defeating anxieties. However, he prefers to build a self-protective shell around himself and selfishly avoids the kind of involvement or commitment to activity that he needs and that would be a rich blessing to his partner and children.

I have tremendous respect for the potential of these happy, contented people, but they must cooperate by letting God motivate them to unselfish activity.

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The man in the Scripture that reminds me most of the PhlegSan is gentle, faithful, good-natured Timothy, the favorite spiritual son of the Apostle Paul. He was dependable and steady but timid and fearful. Repeatedly, Paul had to urge him to be more aggressive and to "do the work of an evangelist" 2 Tim.

But it must be remembered that since he is predominantly a phlegmatic, he will never be a ball of fire.

Like his brother phlegmatics, he is easy to get along with and may become an excellent group leader. The phlegmatic has the potential to become a good counselor, for he is an excellent listener, does not interrupt the client with stories about himself, and is genuinely 7 interested in other people.

Although the PhlegChlor rarely offers his services to others, when they come to his organized office where he exercises control, he is a first-rate professional.

His advice will be practical, helpful, and - if he is a Bible-taught Christian - quite trustworthy. His gentle spirit never makes people feel threatened.

He always does the right thing, rarely goes beyond the norm. If his wife can make the adjustment to his passive life-style and reluctance to take the lead in the home, particularly in the discipline of their children, they can enjoy a happy marriage. The weaknesses of the PhlegChlor are not readily apparent but gradually come to the surface, especially in the home.

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In addition to the lack of motivation and the fear problems of the other phlegmatics, he can be determinedly stubborn and unyielding. He doesn't blow up at others, but simply refuses to give in or cooperate.

He is not a fighter by nature, but often lets his inner anger and stubbornness reflect itself in silence. The PhlegChlor often retreats to his "workshop" alone or nightly immerses his mind in TV. The older he gets, the more he selfishly indulges his sedentary tendency and becomes increasingly passive. Although he will probably live a long and peaceful life, if he indulges these passive feelings it is a boring life - not only for him, but also for his family. He needs to give himself to the concerns and needs of his family.

Fear characterized everything he did in the early days. For instance, he was reluctant to leave the security of the pagan city of Ur when God first called him; he even denied his wife on two occasions and tried to palm her off as his sister because of fear.

Finally, he surrendered completely to God and grew in the spirit. Accordingly, his greatest weakness became his greatest strength. Today, instead of being known as fearful Abraham, he has the reputation of being the man who "believed in the Lord; and he counted it unto him for righteousness.

He is rarely angry or hostile and almost never says anything for which he must apologize mainly because he rarely says much. He never embarrasses himself or others, always does the proper thing, dresses simply, and is dependable and exact. He tends to have the spiritual gifts of mercy and help, and he is neat and organized in his working habits. Like any phlegmatic, he is handy around the house and as energy permits will keep his home in good repair.

If he has a wife who recognizes his tendencies toward passivity but tactfully waits for him to take the lead in their home , they will have a good family life and marriage. However, if she resents his reticence to lead and be aggressive, she may become discontented and foment marital strife. He may neglect the discipline necessary to help prepare his children for a productive, self-disciplined life and so "provoke his children to wrath" just as much as the angry tyrant whose unreasonable discipline makes them bitter.

The other weaknesses of this man revolve around fear, selfishness, negativism, criticism, and lack of self-image. Once a PhlegMel realizes that only his fears and negative feelings about himself keep him from succeeding, he is able to come out of his shell and become an effective man, husband, and father. Most PhlegMels are so afraid of over-extending themselves or getting over involved that they automatically refuse almost any kind of affiliation. Personally I have never seen a PhlegMel over involved in anything - except in keeping from getting over involved.

People with choleric personality type are very savvy, analytical, and logical. They dislike small talk and enjoy deep and meaningful conversations. They would rather be alone than in company of shallow, superficial people. Ideally, they want to spend time with people who have similar professional interests. Melancholic Personality Type People with melancholic personality type love traditions. Women cook for men; men open doors for women.

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They love their families and friends and, unlike sanguine temperament, do not look for novelty and adventure. In fact, they avoid it at all costs. Someone with melancholic temperament is very unlikely to marry a foreigner or leave their homeland for another country. They are very social and seek to contribute to the community. Being extremely orderly and accurate, melancholic people are fantastic people managers.

Perfect careers for melancholic personality type should be in:. You are here: Escape from a one-side love affair and move on from unrequited love. Includes professional follow-up by a CBT therapist. Click here to get started. Each Section represents one of four Temperaments: The Section with the highest score is your Primary Temperament and the section with the second highest score is your Secondary Temperament. In other words, if you scored highest in Section 2 Choleric and second highest in Section 4 Phlegmatic then your Temperament Blend would be "ChlorPhleg".

If you tied in any Section then see which Section had the most 5's to determine which Section more accurately represents you. It is also possible to be a Tri-Blend Temperament who has 3 dominant Temperaments. Click here to match your Temperament Blend and read more about your Temperament Profile. Way better than energy drinks!Yet at the crucifixion he was the one lone disciple who devotedly stood at the cross.

Nothing should distract you. Patton, the great commander of the U. Jump to Page. Finally, he surrendered completely to God and grew in the spirit. There are 4 Sections below.

He possesses strong leadership capabilities. Although he will probably live a long and peaceful life, if he indulges these passive feelings it is a boring life - not only for him, but also for his family. Most of the w orld's significant inventions and medical discoveries have been made by MelPhlegs.