Start by marking “The 24x7 Marriage: Smart Strategies for Good Beginnings” as Want to Read: Because, says Dr Vijay Nagaswami, it is a fact of modern life that people are foundering even harder in their pursuit of that holy grail of marriage: happiness. Quotes from The 24x7. In The 24x7 Marriage, Nagaswami points, with skill and humour, to some popularly read online, online library, greatbooks to read, PDF best books to read, top. - download The 24x7 Marriage: Smart Strategies for Good Beginnings book online at best prices in India on Read The 24x7 Marriage: Smart.

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Stream The 24x7 Marriage - Smart Strategies for Good Beginnings by booksTALK audiobooks from desktop or your mobile device. The 24x7 Marriage (): Vijay Nagaswami: Books. This book is a refreshing take on how to build, sustain and enjoy married life, the book talks about creating various spaces marriage space family space work.

But, fixing it will happen if you've gotten your basics right.

Just be conscious about it — then you'll try and find solutions. If you allow your marriage to drift, then you'll just end up drifting away from each other. What is the message you'd like people to walk away with after reading this book?

The 24x7 Marriage : Smart Strategies For Good Beginnings (English) (Paperback)

That you can't expect your marriage to look after itself — you need to nurture it. Intimacy is what keeps any relationship alive. And, intimacy is about bonding and connectedness. Many people say that we don't have the same interests, so we want to part ways, which is crazy.

See a Problem?

You can have completely different interests, but still be very connected to each other, because you enjoy the companionship and the closeness, and you do your own things as well.

What was the experience of writing it like?

The most important element was structuring the book. See, there's so much to be said. But, you can't overload people. You can't write such a huge book that people have difficulty even getting started. But, once the structure was there, the writing was not difficult.


I took some time off, and wrote the major part of it in Munnar. Are you planning any other books apart from this series?

Until the next book is done, I'll be focussing on this series. After that, there are some themes I'd like to address — the parent-child relationship, for instance. Or, telling people that gayness is normal, and how it can be dealt with.

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Making marriage work

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