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In the little town of Palomo Grove, two great armies are amassing; forces shaped from the hearts and souls of America. In this New York Times bestseller, Ba. In the little town of Palomo Grove, two great armies are amassing; forces shaped from the hearts and souls of America. In this New York Times bestseller, Barker. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Early in his new epic novel, Barker describes the thoughts of one of his characters as "barbaric and baroque"--and.

The Great and Secret Show

He enlists the help of a Biologist named Fletcher, who uncovers the secret fluid responsible for evolution. Fearing his employers designs on the substance, Fletcher plans to destroy all of his work, but Jaffe stops him just in time to discover that Fletcher has accidentally broken open on the vials. Jaffe breaks one open himself, and the two evolve into godlike beings who use physical manifestations of good and evil, nightmares and dreams, to battle on another over the course of the next several years, until they crash into the small California town of Palomo Grove, where they enter a series of caves and keep each other from escaping.

Soon, four girls encounter a body of water mysteriously arisen overnight, situated just above the caves. Each of them nearly drowns in the waters as Fletcher and the Jaff, as he has come to think of himself, pull them under.

Over the next several months, one of the girls goes insane and is discovered to be barren, while the other three give birth to strange children. Three of the children survive, Tommy-Ray and Jo-Beth, who are twins, and Howard Katz, whose mother moved to Chicago to protect him from the truth. However, Howard grows old enough to have questions about his origins, and when he returns to Palomo Grove, he meets Jo-Beth, and falls instantly in love with her. Their romance sparks revulsion in Fletcher and the Jaff, who soon break loose from their prison and attempt to enlist their children's support in their continued battle.

Jo-Beth and Howie both refuse to take part in their fight, but Tommy Ray agrees, and the Jaff soon collects an army of living nightmares to help him enter the Quiddity. Investigative reporter Grillo soon arrives in Palomo Grove to report on the death of famous comedian Buddy Vance, who fell into the cave when it was broken open, and soon learns that stranger things are happening in the town than anyone could imagine.

He enlists the help of his friend, a screenwriter named Tesla, who arrives in town with just enough time to see Howie Katz wounded by one of the Jaff's creations. The two of them, alongside Grillo, rush to the mall at the center of town, to discover that Fletcher has soaked the grocery store in gasoline.

The Jaff arrives and tries to stop Fletcher from setting himself on fire, but Tesla intervenes and ignites the flames, causing Fletcher to turn into a fountain of light that touches all the townspeople who have gathered there. The Jaff and Tommy-Ray flee the mall, but the evil incarnation has plans of his own. He sends Tommy-Ray to retrieve the last vial of Nuncio, still at the mission, just as Fletcher has sent Tesla to recover the same.

The Great and Secret Show (Book of the Art 1)

The next morning, people in Palomo Grove discover that their dreams and fantasies have come to life, as celebrities prepare to gather at Buddy's former mansion for a memorial party in his honor. At the mission, Tesla meets Raul, who tries to help her defeat Tommy-Ray, but she is seriously wounded as Tommy-Ray breaks open the vial of Nuncio and uses most of it to become Death-Boy. Having encountered Fletcher before his death, Tesla heads to the remnants of his laboratory to recover the remains of the Nuncio.

Tommy Ray is sent by Jaffe, who has managed to convince people that he is the ghost of Vance. While there Tesla encounters Raul, an ape who had been evolved through the power of the Nuncio. Tesla's consciousness travels to a time loop in New Mexico where she encounters Kissoon.

Kissoon explains to Tesla that the Shoal were dedicated to keeping Quiddity and the Art pure but with them all dead, Earth known as the Cosm could be dominated by the evil race Iad Uroboros who live in the Metacosm on the opposite side of Quiddity.

Tesla leaves when Kissoon tries to take over her body but agrees to find another body for him to inhabit. Leaving the time loop, Tesla encounters a woman named Mary Muralles who reveals that it was Kissoon who murdered the Shoal and he is actually an agent of the Iad Uroboros. Kissoon manages to kill Muralles using snake-like creatures created by his excrement and semen Lix , then captures Raul to take over his body.

Tommy Ray heads back to Palomo Grove having amassed an army of the dead while the hallucigenia created by Fletcher's death convince Howard to help them attack Jaffe.

In Vance's house, Jaffe manages to tear a hole through reality into Quiddity but realises it is too much power for him to deal with. Tesla, Grillo and Jaffe flee Vance's house and attempt to close the vortex into Quiddity. Palomo Grove starts to collapse and the entire town is sealed off by the authorities. Tesla recalls a word Kissoon had brought up, "Trinity", which is the place where the first atomic bomb was detonated.

Kissoon, now occupying Raul's body arrives, but Jaffe is able to distract him as Tesla transports the vortex to Quiddity into Kissoon's time loop. Howard, Jo-Beth and Tommy Ray, completely transformed from their experience in Quiddity arrive from the vortex.

Jaffe is able to kill Raul's body and is reunited with Tommy Ray. Tesla finds that Raul has occupied Kissoon's former body and by convincing Raul's consciousness to enter her body, Kissoon's body is killed which disintegrates the time loop, destroying the vortex to Quiddity and the Iad Uroboros who were arriving.

Tesla and the others are able to escape the time loop just in time. Tesla meets Grillo and tells him that the worshippers of the Iad Uroboros are still active and will try to summon them again. Television[ edit ] In December , filmmaker Josh Boone announced that he is adapting the novel as a television series with co-writer Owen King.

Barker's intention is to force the horror genre to encompass a kind of dread, an existential despair, that it hasn't noticeably evinced until now. This is a tall order, one that this novel, which is skillful and funny but ultimately overwrought, doesn't quite accomplish.

But, having announced the intention of writing a trilogy about the Art and its mysteries, he may yet achieve his goal. Chicago Sun-Times subscription required. Archived from the original on 4 March Fiction Horror Publication Details Publisher: He sends Tommy-Ray to retrieve the last vial of Nuncio, still at the mission, just as Fletcher has sent Tesla to recover the same.

Then I wish I was back there.

To tell you what thi To label The Great and Secret Show a horror novel would be to do it a disservice. Or had you already heard everything about it?

Following in the vein of much of his work, Barker creates new worlds, new creatures, and a mythology that is as confusing as it is intriguing. Clive Barker is my favourite author, because he's been taking my mind to places I didn't think possible, since I was 10 years old!!!

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An incalculable evil is moving out of another dimension to invade our reality. My imagination is with me on a day-to-day basis. Eighteen years pass.