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The Way I Am is a autobiography by American rapper Eminem. The book was first published on October 21, by Dutton Adult. It is a collection of. Learn to be proactive with the 7 Oaks gang in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read edition of the first book in the 7 Habits of Happy Kids series from Sean Covey and. Just the Way I Am by Sean Covey - Learn to be proactive with the 7 Oaks gang in this first picture book of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids series from Sean Covey and.

She explains that both he and his father have birthmarks, which God has given them as a sign of uniqueness. These do not diminish their worth in any way. Andrew is reassured that being different is no cause for despair. I love the way the author creates a spirit of independence and self-reliance in Andrew. He turns to his mother only when he has tried hard to solve the problem himself. This story is written in verse which flows fairly well, and the illustrations are soft and charming.

My only disappointment is that more cultural diversity might have been shown in the illustrations of classmates at school. Parents and educators should note that the book clearly has a Christian focus in saying that God has marked Andrew in a special way.

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However, this book surely encourages children to avoid peer pressure and express joy in their own uniqueness. As such, the book can be used as a teaching model. It tells the charming story of Andrew, a pre-schooler, who notices a stain on his arm whilst washing. Not knowing that it is simply a birth mark he embarks on various attempts to hide it until his mother explains all.

His life has been anything but easy. Abandoned by his father, raised by a crazy mother, bullied and beaten in school, his life was miserable until he discovered music. He used music and drawing as an outlet for his frustrations. My favorite part of the book was when he was speaking about his best friend Proof, who was killed at the CCC nightclub in Detroit.

What I remember most is his kindness. This is the dude who, when I was broke as fuck, came by my house and made me get rid of thrift-store loafers my mother had bought me. We're both size He came over to the crib and was like, 'What the fuck is on your feet? It was one of those moments where I wanted to cry.


Very sad indeed. From his early years growing up in Detroit, to his discovery by Dr. Dre, Eminem's life story is an incredible tale of success. In true Cinderella style, Em has beaten the odds and is now the sixth best-selling artist in the United States and the best-selling hip-hop artist.

He is a loving father to three daughters two of them are adopted. He defeated addiction. And he won an Oscar. He wins at life. View all 27 comments. Aug 30, Kelly rated it it was amazing.

But whatever. Em's brand of humour is all over it, the pictures are amazing and rare, and his stories from his past tours are hilarious. The absolute best part is the scanned lyric sheets.

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You can actually see this jumble of chicken-scratch writing, in different coloured pens scattered a I am a HUGE Eminem fan and therefore I am extremely biased so I'm not expecting anyone to take this review seriously You can actually see this jumble of chicken-scratch writing, in different coloured pens scattered all over the page who needs to follow lines on a paper when you're Eminem? As an Em fan, it's the greatest thing ever, to actually see where songs came from.

The Way I Am. View 1 comment. Nov 28, Johnny Story rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Recommended to Johnny by: A girl who got set on fire with a curling iron.

I'm not big into bio's because I don't feel many celebrities have anything significant to offer, mostly because they lead such different lives than normal people over the course of time. It becomes hard to relate to their story. Marshall Mather's story is equally difficult to relate to, on both sides of the spectrum, from dirt poor working at Little Ceasars to practical billionaire.

But it's the honest telling of the drastic difference from welfare to uber fame that makes it so entertaining. W I'm not big into bio's because I don't feel many celebrities have anything significant to offer, mostly because they lead such different lives than normal people over the course of time. We get to catch a glimpse of what it's like to be ridiculously famous.

And I'm glad I'll never be there or live that life. This is the book's largest appeal, and to a lesser degree, big fans of Eminem will get a kick of his history, album to album, the movie, public stuff, beef and all that I don't keep up with, and where he's at now.

I'm a fan of his music but I'm not really into what people eat for breakfast, which is why I don't bother reading bios. I had a feeling this one would be honest though, and it is. My family is wealthy but they didn't come from a lot so I had a job as soon as I was old enough, so I respect and relate on a certain degree.

While it's definitely not to the point I would stop him in public for an autograph, I'll definitely always give his tracks a run or two hundred. An honest and compelling bio.

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Oct 22, imane rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 02, Jennifer Defoy rated it liked it Shelves: I'm not quite sure what I expected out of this book. So for me reading this took me back to the time when I was into all of that stuff. I think the book was fairly well written.

Being a rapper it seems obvious that Eminem has a way with words, but the way he says things is so simple. He doesn't sugar coat or try to play around the issue.

He says what he needs to say and that's it. One thing I r I'm not quite sure what I expected out of this book. One thing I really liked about this book was it made him seem human.

Underneath all of the bad boy image there's a man that is just like any other man you may know. Trying to be a good father, and living a real life. I think that being the star that he is people seem to forget that he's just a normal guy who happened to make it. I think this book did a real good job of making that point. Overall I was pretty happy with the book. It was a quick read, and it wasn't confusing.

I hate books that jump all over the place all the time and this was very linear. So not the best book I've ever read, but no where close to the worst either. Oct 14, Pallavi Chamarthy rated it it was ok. I found this book really vapid and bland. There's nothing new - stuff most people already know.

He talks mostly about his career and lists names of a bunch of underground rappers that aren't even a part of my generation. He did offer some analysis behind his lyrics but, like I mentioned before, nothing surprising.

And certainly not a page-turner. It's important to note that it was written a while ago He's unmistakably changed over the past five years, maturing and evolving as an I found this book really vapid and bland.

He's unmistakably changed over the past five years, maturing and evolving as an artist. There was still a "Slim Shady" when the book was published, even though his existence was starting to fall apart. I did, however, admire the candidness and genuine tone. This guy has been through a lot, and he says everything in a straightforward, easy-to-comprehend manner.

It's kind of interesting to see where his songs and musical talent stems from.

Plus, there were several exclusive photographs on each page. I think I actually spent more time looking at the pictures than reading the text.

At one point, I was a huge Eminem fan I still think, though, that Eminem is a lyrical genius and a pioneer of a whole new style of music. I was hoping to gain more knowledge about his life by reading this, but it just didn't happen. I guess my expectations for The Way I Am were too high. This particular read didn't exactly meet that standard Mar 18, Fish rated it it was amazing.

He describes his early life and career through When the autobiography came out, he was in a musical hiatus and all he could say in the book was that he was "working on new stuff.

The autobiography itself is set up perfectly. He describes every aspect of his life and all three of his alter-ego's.

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He has countless personal pictu "The Way I Am" is an amazing book full of inside personal details that can only be told by the amazing rapper himself. He has countless personal pictures throughout the book and to top it all off he threw in a bunch of his original rhyme sheets that depict some of his very first songs.

I can only recommend this peice of amazingness to everyone that is breathing.

It is the life of a true american genius that started with nothing and came out on top, told by the man himself. Every question that you could ever ask him is answered in his autobiography. Jun 03, Jovan Johnson added it. Oct 14, Kat Jacobi rated it it was amazing. As a big time Eminem fan I absolutely enjoyed the book, the background information especially concerning his writing process and insights in the real person behind the figure Eminem.

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