Thiruarutpa is regarded to be an excellent blend of literary beauty and divine kaz-news.inforutpa teaches his followers that his literary efforts of his personal. Read Thiruvarutpa Aaravathu Thirumurai book reviews & author details and more at Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. World Library - eBooks. Home; Thiruvarutpa of Ramalinga Adikal Thirumurai Format Type: PDF eBook. File Size: KB. Reproduction Date:

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23 பிப்ரவரி No. Arutpa Topics. Download Link (e-book PDF). 1. ஞான சரியை (Gnana Sariyai). ஞான சரியையின் சிறப்புகள். 2. Thiruvarul Prakasa Vallalar Thiruvarutpa by Paloor Kannappa Mudaliar; 1 edition ; First published in Thiruvarutpa Ahaval and Vadivudai Manikka Malai of Ramalinga Adikal. By Kalyanasundaram, K., Dr. Format Type: PDF eBook. File Size: KB.

To know what is the greatness of those who have attained the benefit of the Bliss of the celestial or the next world: Having obtained the virtues like love, mercy etc.

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To know what is the greatness of those who have attained the benefit or gain of the supreme Bliss: Their body made up of the skin, the nerve, the bone, the muscles, the blood, the semen which are the products of the impure atoms of the elements which serve as causes, would have got changed into pure golden body made up of high quality gold of immeasurable carat - as the impure atoms would have changed into pure atoms; they would also have obtained the Pranava body or the body made up of sound which will appear as not only made up of gold but also which will not be felt by touch as the ether itself, as it is made up of the atoms of the pure elements, and also the body of knowledge which will not at all be visible as the sky.

They will not be affected within by the density of the earth, even when stones and mud are thrown on them - externally they will not attack their form. They will not get chilled inside by the coolness of water.

Externally even if their body is immersed in water it will not get sunk. Their figure will not be scorched by fire internally. Even when their figure is burnt by fire externally heat will not be felt or seen in their body. They will not be moved by the thrust of wind inside; their figure will not be touched or moved by the wind outside.

Their body will not float when the space mingles inside. In the outside the space cannot make it float. Their bodies can walk on any base or without any base at all. Their sense organs like eyes etc. Their eyes can see from where they are, the things wherever they be whether inside or outside the macrocosm and microcosm.

Their ears can hear from where they are the words spoken anywhere in the macrocosm and the microcosm. Their tongues will taste from where they are all sorts of tastes; their body rather skin will feel the touch of anything wherever it is, from where they are.

Their nose will smell from where they are all the scents wherever they be. Their hands will give from where they are to people wherever they be. Their legs will walk from where they are to any place.

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Their other sense organs win enjoy from where they are in all places. Their inner instruments like mind will not hold on to any type of thing; but if it begins to hold on to anything out of mercy, it will think about and decide in a minute, all the positive and negative thoughts together of all the beings. Their intellect will not know anything in particular; if out of mercy it bings to know the particulars, it will know in a minute, all macrocosms, all lives, all characters, all experiences and all benefits together, they will be without any quality, they will not have my change within by the three qualities namely the lethargic or tamasic, the active or rajasic and the pure and peaceful or sathvic; externally their qualities will not hold on to their inner instruments.

Internally they will not be enclosed by nature, externally their nature will not hold on to their qualities. They will not get changed internally by the principle of time; externally their benign body will not be obstructed by the principle of time; they cannot be measured internally by any regular measure; externally their benign body will not be contained by any outline.

They will not have or rather they are beyond the tattwas or principles like Time, Divine action Viddhai , Divine will Raga Divine consciousness Purusha etc; they will not have the activities of the tattwas.

They will not be affected by Maya or illusion; they will transcend the pure great illusion Maha Maya and will shine as the embodiment of knowledge Arivura.

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They will not be obstructed by food, sleep, sexual desire and fear. Their body will not have shadow, sweat, dirt, greying of hair, shrinking of skin, that is wrinkles; they will not become old, they will not have death; their body will not be affected by all such defects. Their bodies will not be affected or hurt by snow, frost, rain, thunder, sun's heat etc. It is natural for their body for the macrocosms to appear as small as atoms and for the atoms to appear as big as macrocosms.

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Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Lkg Rhymes Lyrics. You can also listen to Vallalar songs online, on Saregama. Translated Books - vallalar. Great Munificient, may be Who bestow grace on those free of ill- repute!

Everything on this website is for everyone free to use, distribute, email it, educational use, view, Sold by Thiruvarutpa Aaravathu Thirumurai - site. Free delivery on qualified orders. Here is the download links for the pdf files.Great Munificient, may be In this human birth, if one without any defect - in the body and the inner instruments, without lacking in material possessions and worldly pleasures, with good knowledge, without any one like hunger, disease or the fear of being killed, is surrounded by relatives, friends and neighbours, with a good natured wife who can procreate worthy progenies, enjoys things for some days - this enjoyment is called the gain or benefit of the worldly life.

Similarly Grace emerges when soul melts.

Besides, he was a critic, writer, publisher and commentator and also had knowledge in occultism, alchemy, astrology, and medicine particularly in the nutritional and medical values of herbs and leaves.

More Books. Ramalinga Swamigal — Arutprakasa Vallalar the Greatest of the It contains 6th Thirumurai songs 4 parts in 4 pdf from the book titled Thiruvarutpa penned by.