Preface. These notes are an introduction to using the statistical software package R for an introductory statistics course. They are meant to accompany an. SUR: Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R Basic R Operations and Concepts. .. A graph of a bivariate normal PDF. If you are in need of a local copy, a pdf version is continuously · maintained. R code will be typeset using a monospace font which is syntax highlighted. a = 3.

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Using R for the study of topics of statistical methodology, such as International Standard Book Number (eBook - PDF). Using R for Introductory Statistics. John Verzani. CHAPMAN & HALL/CRC. A CRC Press Company. Boca Raton London New York Washington, D.C. Basic statistics using R Before using any functions in the packages, you need to load the packages Menu: File -> Save As -> JPEG / BMP / PDF / postscript.

If you routinely find yourself using the same packages everytime you use R, you can modify the Startup process by specifying what should happen.

Thus, if you always want to have psych available,. Help and Guidance R is case sensitive and does not give overly useful diagnostic messages.

When in doubt, use the help function. This is identical to the? All packages and all functions will have an associated help window. Each help window will give a brief description of the function, how to call it, the definition of all of the available parameters, a list and definition of the possible output, and usually some useful examples. One can learn a great deal by using the help windows, but if they are available, it is better to study the package vignette. Package vignettes All packages have help pages for each function in the package.

These are meant to help you use a function that you already know about, but not to introduce you to new functions. An increasing number of packages have a package vignettes that give more of an overview of the program than a detailed description of any one function. These vignettes are accessible from the help window and sometimes as part of the help index for the program. The two vignettes for the psych package are also available from the personality project web page. An overview of the psych package and Using the psych package as a front end to the sem package.

Commands are entered into the "R Console" window. You can add a comment to any line by using a.

The Mac version has a text editor window that allows you to write, edit and save your commands. Alternatively, if you use a normal text editor As a Mac user, I use BBEDIT, PC users can use Notepad , you can write out the commands you want to run, comment them so that you can remember what they do the next time you run a similar analysis, and then copy and paste into the R console.

Although being syntax driven seems a throwback to an old, pre Graphical User Interface type command structure, it is very powerful for doing production statistics. Once you get a particular set of commands to work on one data file, you can change the name of the data file and run the entire sequence again on the new data set. This is is also very helpful when doing professional graphics for papers. In addition, for teaching, it is possible to prepare a web page of instructional commands that students can then cut and paste into R to see for themselves how things work.

That is what may be done with the instructions on this page. It is also possible to write text in latex with embedded R commands. Then executing the Sweave function on that text file will add the R output to the latex file.

This almost magical feature allows rapid integration of content with statistical techniques. More importantly, it allows for "reproducible research" in that the actual data files and instructions may be specified for all to see.

simpleR – Using R for Introductory Statistics

As you become more adept in using R, you will be tempted to enter commands directly into the console window. I think it is better to keep annotated copies of your commands to help you next time. Not necessary, but useful. Help and Guidance For a list of all the commands that use a particular word, use the apropos command: apropos table lists all the commands that have the word "table" in them apropos table [1]"ftable" "model.

A very nice example is demo graphics which shows many of the complex graphics that are possible to do. Entering or getting the data There are multiple ways of reading data into R. From a text file For very small data sets, the data can be directly entered into R. For more typical data sets, it useful to use a simple text editor or a spreadsheet program e. You can enter data in a tab delimted form with one variable per column and columns labeled with unique name.

A numeric missing value code say is more convenient than using ". To read the data into a rows subjects by columns variables matrix use the read. A very useful command, for those using a GUI is file. In this case, you can specify that the seperators are commas. From the web For teaching, it is important to note that it is possible to have the file be a remote file read through the web.

Note that for some commands, there is an important difference between line feeds and carriage returns. For those who use Macs as web servers, make sure that the unix line feed is used rather than old Mac format carriage returns. For simplicity in my examples I have separated the name of the file to be read from the read.

These two commands can be combined into one.

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The file can be local on your hard disk or remote. For most data analysis, rather than manually enter the data into R , it is probably more convenient to use a spreadsheet e.

Most of the examples in this tutorial assume that the data have been entered this way. Many of the examples in the help menus have small data sets entered using the c command or created on the fly. The file is structured normally, i. To read from a local file, we simply change the name of the datafilename. Tables allow one to have columns that are either numeric or alphanumeric.

To address a particular row e. In order to select a particular subset of the data, use the subset function. The next example uses subset to display cases where the lie scale was pretty high subset person. Use the package manager option package. Unfortunately, although read.

I will check this.

Crawley M.J. Statistics: An Introduction Using R

If files are saved on remote servers, use the load url remoteURLname command. Commands are entered in the command console and at least for Macs , are colored red while results in the results console are shown in blue. Commands can be cut and pasted from a text editor or from a browser if following along with examples into the command console.

Like Unix or OS X, using the up arrow shows previous commands. It is a useful habit to be consistent in your own naming conventions. Some use lower case letters for variables, Capitalized for data frames, all caps for functions, etc. It is easier to edit your code if you are reasonably consistent.

Comment your code as well. This is not just so others can use it, but so that you can remember what you did 6 months later. The with construct is better. The with construct is more appropriate when doing some specific analysis. Similar to the most basic spreadsheet. That is, it is supplied with a license that allows you to use it freely, distribute it, or even sell it, as long as the receiver has the same rights and the source code is freely available.

A Binary Search Tree. Vector cross Product- Extended Example: At the end of this course, students will be able to: Share this article with your classmates and friends so that they can also follow Latest Study Materials and Notes on Engineering Subjects.

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