Walk the Edge (Thunder Road #2) by Katie McGarry And suddenly they're both walking the edge of discovering who they really are, what. Walk the Edge (Thunder Road #2) by Katie McGarry #YA Walk The Edge by Katie kaz-news.info KB So Much More by Kim kaz-news.info 67 KB. Katie McGarry is an award winning and critically acclaimed young adult novelist. Book 1. Katie McGarry Author () (). cover image of Walk the Edge.

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Start by marking “Walk the Edge (Thunder Road, #2)” as Want to Read: That's seventeen-year-old Breanna's role in her large family, and heaven forbid she put a toe out of line. Katie McGarry, an American author, pens her second novel, Walk the Edge from her series, Thunder Road. Walk the Edge Katie McGarry ePub | *DOC | audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF . # in Books Katie Mcgarry Original. High school senior Thomas ''Razor'' Turner knows his family has a dark history as part of the Reign of Terror motorcycle club, especially when it com.

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When she goes to school, she tries to be invisible to avoid the taunts of her classmates even though none of them truly understand how her mind is wired; they just think she has a photographic memory. Thomas "Razor" Turner has been stuck in a hellish limbo for the last 8 years since his mother's death in a car accident, forced to listen to the whispers behind his back that she killed herself and wondering if she truly was unhappy enough to commit suicide and leave him behind.

He has his MC family to support him, but a visit from a detective carrying an evidence file stirs up old hurts even more and makes him question everything he holds dear. Every time he asks his father or the board members questions about his mom's death, they shut him down refusing to provide any information at all which just infuriates him more. He needs closure to find a way to move on, but he isn't sure he can trust the club or his dad anymore and it just gets worse every time their code of secrecy shuts him out.

When Razor is in a position to help Breanna out of a bad situation, she is terrified of him at first. To the people of Snowflake, the Reign of Terror is the equivalent of the Devil and the Big Bad Wolf all rolled into one horrifying package, and their children are practically indoctrinated against going near the evil creatures who will make them disappear in the night.

But Razor shows her a glimpse of something more, and suddenly she is more intrigued than frightened by him. Thomas is truly interested in the way she thinks and is the one person who doesn't treat her like a circus sideshow attraction, and she finds herself opening up to him when even her best friends don't know her secrets.

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He believes that she may be able to help him find the hidden truth in the documents he photographed in the cop's evidence file and finds himself asking for her help, something that Razor is not known to do - ever. What neither of them realize is that someone photographs their intimate but innocent discussion.

Now Breanna is in an even worse position than before and Thomas has inadvertently placed her life in danger on several fronts. He discovers he REALLY wants to spend more time with this girl but wants to insulate her from the inevitable backlash that she will face just for talking to him, never mind if she publicly acknowledges being his girl. When Breanna is able to find the hidden answers that Razor has been searching for, he is horrified to realize the extent of the danger she will be in if anyone realizes what she knows.

To make matters worse, the situation with the picture comes to a head in an ugly way throwing her life into utter chaos and leaving her future in a state of uncertainty in all respects. Razor and Breanna are the textbook definition of opposites attracting, yet they are the offsetting other half of each other they never expected to need. Razor is definitely BBF material with his damaged bad boy persona shielding a beautiful heart and fierce protective instinct, and Breanna has an inner strength most would never expect from the quiet intelligent beauty.

As if regular teenage angst isn't enough, the bullying theme of the story is certainly relevant in today's world, and the extent of its effect on Bre and Razor's helplessness to stop it at certain points was very poignant and well told. By the time I finished reading this story, I can say without reservation I had virtually no positive thoughts about her family and my heart bled for her for that.

At the same time, living Razor's pain as he searched for the closure he needed kept adding a few more cuts to my heart along the way too.

I definitely recommend Walk the Edge and can't wait for Violet and Chevy's story to come our way! This does not affect the contents of my review. Katie's stories are intense, real, visceral. They're lovely and sweet, but they also never shy away from the ugly parts of life that are occasionally glossed over in books. And yet I admit I was a little nervous going into Walk the Edge. Razor is depicted as something akin, to a psychopath in Nowhere But Here, but that's not at all who he is.

Razor actually is a boy who is unpredictable, distrustful, and closed off, but also kind, loyal, and yes, he just wants to be loved. I fully admit the motorcycle club way of life is one that is strange to me so I empathize with Razor's inability to trust his father and other leaders of the club when they have been lying to him about the circumstances of his mother's death.

Walk The Edge (Electronic book text, ePub ed)

To me, brotherhood means trust, but it also means honesty, and in both Nowhere But Here and Walk the Edge the club has flirted with disaster by not being honest with Emily and now Razor. Razor is a good guy, one who always has his people's backs Bre, Violet, Oz, Chevy, Stone , and it's kind of disappointing to see the men Razor looks up to require him to walk outside his comfort zone before they walk outside theirs.

This is one way Razor and Bre are perfect for each other. I adore Breanna. Her voice is sweet, but she's also tough, smart, and caring. I love how she takes care of her siblings, although I hate that she has to. It breaks my heart the way Clara treats her because my sister would never be that way to me. I hate how isolated and invisible Breanna feels even in her own family. I hate how she tells her mom she needs to talk because teens are always told to talk to their parents or a trusted adult, but her mom doesn't listen and then leaves her to play house.

Dear adults, if you're reading this review: That right there is what makes teens stop talking to you and get into trouble. But my favorite line of the book, mentioned two or three times, is when Breanna mentions how "the boy everyone sees, but nobody knows is with the girl who everybidy knows but nobody sees" ARC, pages I love that they.

I also really like the cyber-bullying plot, and I feel like even more than the overarching rival gang plot of the series, this arc was a major strength of the book.

I didn't have Facebook in high school. No Twitter. No Snapchat. No Instagram. Nobody had a Youtube channel. No tumblr. I had Myspace for a couple months my senior year, but it was still relatively quiet. It wasn't yet widely known as a way to torment people.

I never had to deal with the online pressure teens face today, but thousands of teens today do. Breanna's and Violet's struggle with blackmail and cyber-bullying and sexism is incredibly relevant and important. Another character attempts suicide for fear of those consequences. Katie never pulls punches and here is the modern world all laid out:From reader reviews: Joseph Thomas: Do you have favorite book? Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type.

Razor is also seeing different sides to Bre--goody two-shoes girl, and the girl that wants to be a little bit of a bad girl. The Rules of Rebellion. The main loss in reading Book 1 second was that I didn't have as full a picture on a few of the secondary characters, particularly Olivia and Eli.

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Center Ice.