“If you're looking for sensuality, you won't be disappointed in Johanna Lindsey.”. Warrior's woman by Johanna Lindsey, , Avon Books edition, in English. A classic romance novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey, Warrior's Woman boldly goes where no romantic fiction.

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A classic romance novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey, Warrior's Woman boldly goes where no romantic fiction has gone before !. Thus, reviewing this publication Warrior's Woman (Ly-San-Ter Family), By Johanna Lindsey is needed. You can be great as well as proper. Warrior's woman. byJohanna Lindsey. Publication date For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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I admit, I was skeptical about reading a "futuristic romance" but when I picked this one up I had already read every Lindsey book I could get my hands on. This was the best surprise yet! Tedra was so hysterically funny and naive, smart and caring.

I loved her character. Challen was such a handsomely described character I wish he was real. Although it would be infuriating for a woman of today to kowtow to someone like him, it was definitely good for Tedra.

And like other readers, I am looking for a sequel with their son. I hope Lindsey will be around a long, long, long time. Farden Fantastic! By A Customer This book has everything, it is just a magnificent read. It is funny, the plot is gripping, the characters are magnetic, and the love scenes are memorable. She was annoyed, thoroughly. After all, the farden slime had wanted to make a slave of her. The Discoverers are all off planet or in repair.

I got you a Transport Rover instead. How am I supposed to pilot a craft that large? My studies, short as they were, were on Discoverers. Tedra just sighed. A Rover usually takes a full crew, you know. And what about that? Is spaceport going to let me leave without one? Her heart and soul are at my new house. There are still hundreds of planets unexplored there that you could have amused yourself with.

I am a female pilot, remember. You thought it was a great idea last week. This space is so empty a blind man could navigate it. You love it, being in such control. That was really a sweet, thoughtful thing to do. Tedra laughed to herself. And Tedra had discovered it was a lot of fun, thwarting Martha. She had thought she would have to give up her hobby until it was safe to go home. But then she lay back down on the adjusticouch that had been widened so Corth could lay next to her on it.

How are you and the engineering computer getting along together? Martha was getting good at that sound. I brought the kid along so you could make use of him. That was all she needed occasionally from Corth, to be held. The Child Centers were for learning only. It was a lack Tedra sometimes felt keenly, the reason that she had bought Corth last year.

He was an entertainment android, designed to entertain a woman in every way possible. He was free-thinking to a small degree, insomuch as he could follow and participate in a conversation as long as only logical responses were required and the subject was one within his memory banks.

Aggression was not in his makeup, but spontaneity was. Tedra had only to touch him in a sexual way and he could become the ideal sex-sharer, totally devoted to her pleasure. I am incapable of hurting you. After all, as a machine, he had the strength of ten men.

And Martha really had given him a dose of aggression. And those can be turned off. If you turn me off, you go with me. Reassure her, Corth. You think too much.

This was ridiculous. His outer frame was crafted to her specifications, black hair at a moderate cut, lovely light green eyes, half a foot taller than she was, and young in appearance. She addressed the android again. How about a game of Warfare to take my mind off this unpleasantness?

Since Warfare was a lifelike simulation of the real thing, played with real-looking people on a real-looking world, the game could only be played on an imaging screen.

The one choice to make before the start of the game was the era of weaponry to use. Since imaging screens were mainly used for story viewing, the imaging computer could create a visual portrayal of any one of the millions of ancient stories in its files, again with very real-looking people enacting the stories.

Of course, all stories, even those created thousands of years ago, were updated and made modern, which was a crying shame, since seeing them in their original form would have been like seeing history come to life. So few, if any, of the older stories would make sense to them if viewed in their original form.

Tedra took one of the six game chairs before the screen which contained controls for the few dozen games available that needed an imaging screen for play. Had she got a World Discoverer, it would have been otherwise, for she had had enough training in her three years of study with World Discovery to be able to fly the small, one-manned craft by herself. On the Rover, she was left only with the job of ambassador and trade negotiator if and when they came upon any new worlds.

And she fully intended to do the job, since she wanted at least something to show for her wasted time away from Kystran. But whatever trade contracts she could secure for Kystran would not be reported for the benefit of the new Director. They would wait until Garr Ce Bernn was returned to power. I wonder why.

Maybe because he could have bested you? He would have. Face flaming, she whirled around and pushed away from him. That interfering metal nightmare, how dared she ignore a direct order?

Tedra glanced back warily at Corth, but he was merely watching her. The Martha added patience to my new programming. I can wait until you are ready to use me. Stars, how she wished Martha had a neck she could squeeze.

Right now her only need was to ignore Martha. She threw off the pillow, and immediately Bolt, her robocleaner, came out to pick it up from the floor. She barely noticed. The hundreds of little rollers and skin-pressers moved over her body from head to toe, almost putting her back to sleep, which was why the massager would open of its own accord after it had diligently worked top and then bottom muscles into loose relaxation.

Tedra kept her waiting while she dropped her sleepsuit and took a solaray bath first, leaving the Sanitary walls open in case Martha showed any signs of impatience. For such a brilliant, free-thinking computer, Martha could be decidedly one-track. She probably had, which only made Tedra realize she might as well give up.

She settled on ignoring. Tedra glanced at the console to see that the viewing screen had come on so Martha could monitor her. What remained was a clear, light aquamarine. Glancing in the mirror, Tedra smiled. What do you think, Martha? Now, how about leaving me alone so I can clothe myself in peace. Not today, kiddo. One of those long slinky things that Supply filled your closet with ought to go over well, something teal with lots of sparkling Canture gems.

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Canture does mine the best quality jewels in the Star System. You know I never wear feminine clothing that can constrict my legs and hamper my movements. Are you planning on turning up the heat Thought you might want to dazzle the prospective traders.

That is what those flashy trade-courting outfits are in your closet for. Are we close enough to Transfer yet?

Warrior’s Woman

She had chosen to wear a close-fitting, two-piece outfit of pants and long-sleeved tunic that covered her from neck to ankles, the material opalescent pearl with a high-gloss sheen to make it glow jewellike in bright light. Tedra had requested blood red in a brighter hue than the fiery red that occasionally appeared to mix with the other colors in the opalescent outfit. Her long hair was drawn severely back and coiled on top of her head, held in place by a three-inch-long pearl band that lifted it up and away from her head, to then fall in a thick tail down her back.

He got up as Tedra entered, but she waved him down, too nervous to sit herself. Just pop, and you were in a new location. Transfer was made possible only on crysillium-powered spacecraft, which the Rover just happened to be, crysillium being the highest source of energy known to man, and the only thing strong enough to allow a safe Transfer.

She might be an adult now and know that those childhood fears had been silly, but the nervousness was there anyway.

And once the Transfer was made she could relax—until she had to go through it again. And then the left top screen came on to reveal a huge blue-and-green sphere, and Tedra gasped.

I just want to see it. If you want to eat it, you have to keep away from it. So tell me. Is any of it humanoid? Anything on a larger scale would be just a jumble of noise. Tedra sighed and looked back at the observation screen. It goes with the territory. She had been going nuts with frustration, thinking about all those Kystran women being forced into slavery, friends of hers, women like herself who would fight against it, and keep on fighting until they either were killed or succumbed to madness.

They had to be rescued, somehow, and before there was nothing left of their former selves.

Warrior's woman

And here, miraculously, was the how. Asking them to fight their own kind might not go over too well, you know. I do have another reason for being here, after all. Sword-wielding can be learned with practice. She settled for a few unnecessary flashes on her display grids. I would suggest a private Transfer, a mile or two away from any settlements. No point in dropping their jaws with a pop into the midst of them. Might get your head hacked off that way. The phazor will go me a long way on stun.

And the lazor looks too much like a weapon. So go ahead and Transfer. When he set her back on her feet, he was grinning. When she opened her eyes again, she was on another world. Chapter Seven The tree limb was becoming uncomfortable to lie upon, but it would not be much longer now. The taraan was moving steadily closer, only forty yarid away now, and it was large enough that it was worth the wait. With this kill, there would be enough meat to end the hunt and return to Sha-Ka-Ra the next sunrise.

Challen Ly-San-Ter did not often find time to hunt with his warriors anymore. Since he became shodan of Sha-Ka-Ra, his duty was to remain in the city to be available to the needs of his people, not to enjoy himself with his warriors, which had been his pleasure before he was shodan.

The taraan would be his third kill since sunrising, but the two small kisrak now tied to his hataar would merely provide food for this rising. Challen was, in fact, feeling hunger pangs as he thought of roasted kisrak, and willed the taraan to approach at a more swift pace, but of course it did not. He was several reyzi from camp, so it would be a while yet before his belly could be satisfied, even if the taraan could be brought down in the next few moments.

It was perhaps his wandering thoughts of food that caused Challen to miss seeing the woman enter the clearing, for suddenly she was just there, standing in the path between him and the taraan.

How it was possible for him not to have noticed her coming, when the bracs and comtoc she wore glowed like gaali stones, he could not say. But she was there now. There was no doubting what he was seeing—just that he was seeing it, for women did not cover themselves in the clothes of warriors, nor did they venture out without a warrior at their side, yet this woman was alone. He would wager his hataar she was not of the servant class.

No servant would possess such unusual, but obviously fine, clothes, or own jewels of the like around her neck. But she was not from any city in Kan-is-Tra, of that he was certain.

The black hair was foreign to Kan-is-Tra. The clothes seemed foreign, too. Perhaps she was of Ba-Tar-ah in the far north. But what was she doing here? Boxing Girl. Pakistan woman vs Bangladesh woman 2nd T20 match highlights The Beautiful Woman- Beautiful woman with lovely hearts. Love Music. Rayford Carey. Eddy Tan. Suspicious woman has no role in PTI now: ZemTV Official. Shirley Brown - Woman to Woman Sialvi Mobile Show.Transfer was made possible only on crysillium-powered spacecraft, which the Rover just happened to be, crysillium being the highest source of energy known to man, and the only thing strong enough to allow a safe Transfer.

Edited by ImportBot. The family moved about a great deal when she was young. She settled for a few unnecessary flashes on her display grids. Do I really look like a Security? Right now her only need was to ignore Martha. He looked a happy man and likely was, if his message could be believed.

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Style and reception[ edit ] Owing to their diversity of settings Lindsey's work covers a number of romance subgenres, including medieval, Regency , western, Viking, and even science fiction. Experienced in combat but not in love, the beautiful, untouched site flies with Martha, her wise-cracking, free-thinking computer, to a world where warriors reigns supreme--and into the arms of the one man she can never hope to vanquish: Her own job was the highest-paying in her field, assigned to Goverance Building and the Director himself.