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The book We are Human Angels, with its unique story, is the book Because of this, We are Human Angels has not been given the usual. ebook, 1st. Published To ask other readers questions about We are human angels, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about We are human angels . If you have overcome difficult trials in your life.. You are probably a Human Angel and you are just trying to remember. "We Are Human Angels".

You will not find our "real names" as we have chosen to pen our books as Human Angels, a collective identity that heartily welcomes, embraces and transcends our individuality and belongs to all those who have chosen to live with Unconditional Love in the Oneness. We Are Human Angels: A Crash Course for Angelic Humans.

Human Angels. Are you a human angel? Find out why this course can change your life. Have you always suffered because of your sensitivity?

Have you always had the feeling of being out of place here on earth? Have you, from the very beginning, believed to be born for a greater purpose even though you did not know until now which one it could be?

By taking this course you will find all of the answers to the most profound questions about who you are and the meaning of your presence here on earth. We aid you in discovering your own life and its varied aspects through our live channeling presentations with audience participation. When you explore your own psyche you learn to grow, develop and expand in new ways not thought possible.

You become own ascended being, joining in the ascension process and become a more fully realized human being. We assist you in understanding the afterlife, how are lost loved ones are doing in Heaven, and how we are all soul beings, living on Planet Earth. We help you understand how to attract the perfect mate, job, abundance and circumstances into your life and how you can live in peace, contentment and harmony.

We offer channeled books, videos, audios and more with loving support and guidance, as well as divine wisdom to help you with your own spiritual journey work. We post daily original channeled messages on our Facebook page and other social media; post a variety of inspirational videos on our YouTube channel and provide informative blogs and the occasional newsletter.

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Clarity, healing and insights - it's what a reading does for you! Head outdoors and connect with the faerie kingdoms!

You are commenting using your Twitter account. We are Human Angels can now count on many different translations and other translations are yet to come and has become the benchmark for the steadily increasing community of Human Angels in the world.