Are you excited about opening your Web store, but a little intimidated too? Relax! Web Stores Do-It-Yourself For Dummies is here to guide you step by step. By Joel Elad. ISBN ISBN Are you interested by establishing your internet shop, yet a bit intimidated too? chill out! internet. From Web Sites Do-It-Yourself For Dummies, 2nd Edition . Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, one of the largest providers of ecommerce on the Web, kaz-news.info com.

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of online stores around the world wide web, and according to some estimates, you'll learn about what goes into creating your own do-it-yourself (DIY) .. Starting an Online Business All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies. Ebook Web Stores Do It Yourself For Dummies By Joel Elad currently available at kaz-news.info for review only, if you need complete ebook Web. Plumbing Do It Yourself For Dummies Us Version By Donald R Prestly online. Plumbing Do It Yourself For . for going to book shops. Your ideal publication's.

While in the dashboard, go to Pages to see which pages you have on your website. About Us page About Us is one of the most important pages on your website. It will help you build a relationship with your visitors and instill trust in them. Use it smartly to introduce yourself to the visitors. Be open about it. Tell them what you do, why you created the website, and what your plans for the future are.

If you offer some products and services make sure to mention them. Make sure that everything you write is easy to understand refrain from technical terms and jargon. Keep it real by being creative. Use this page to show you and your business personality rather than a formal and general one.

The next thing you want to do is to include images. Images of you and your team if you have one will help you build trust. Putting a face on a cyber-entity will help your visitors relate, and serve as a credibility boost. Contact Us page The Contact Us page is not only visited by the users who intend to contact you. Suspicious people like to check it out to make sure that your entire website is not just another way to scam a dollar from their pockets.

How to Make a Website

Besides the regular contact form, this page should also contain: Your and your business name Your email address Physical address if you have one Privacy Policy Open hours Availability of support If your theme allows it, try to incorporate as much white space and text blocks as possible to make the content more readable and easier to find.

Adding a minimap with your office location is also a convenient addition. The rule of thumb goes like this: Include high-quality photos of products from different angles. If you support numerous payment options, this is the perfect place to inform your potential customers about them.

Blog Blog section on your website has the potential of becoming your primary lead magnet and converting tool. Since a lot of people have trouble deciding what to blog about, we suggest that you read our insight on choosing the right content type for your blog. Your blog is the place where you can shine.

You can share your own personal insights on the topics that your website visitors want to read about, write comprehensive guides, and how-tos, or share industry trends and data.

You should always aim to enrich your content with high-quality relevant images and infographics. If you have decided to go with a blog that has a comment section, make sure to stay active. Blog content plan Mastering the craft of content writing is not an easy one. But this is not the only challenge that you will have to overcome. You need to be consistent with your blogging activities. This is why you should make a content strategy and devise a content plan.

The content plan is not just important for improving the downloader journey. By consistently delivering valuable content to your readership, your website traffic will grow and you will be able to monetize your online presence more efficiently.

So, what is this content plan all about? This is why you need to learn how to promote your website. By promoting your content, you will be able to increase traffic, start generating revenue and capture more leads. Your next stop — social media platforms. The go-to tactic is to create a buzz by announcing your new blog posts and follow up with a post that has a link to your new content. To get the biggest bang from your social media campaign, you will also have to post at the right time, share relevant posts from other blogs, utilize compelling headlines and hashtags, and thank your followers for being such a nice crowd for reading, liking, and sharing.

Recommended reading: How to Promote Your Website and Its Content Make money with your website Once your website becomes a traffic generating engine, you can consider monetizing your efforts. Here are several very effective ways to do it. Affiliate marketing There are dozens of affiliate marketing platforms out there. Each one of those offers you an opportunity to earn a commission for helping them sell their products.

Let your blog and all around website niche help you decide which product category to aim for. Also, make sure to inform your readers about your new actions and be upfront about the affiliate links on your website, especially if you decide to start writing reviews and comparing products.

Option 1: Use a Website Builder

Ad space That white space on your website can turn into a money generating machine once you have enough unique monthly visitors. Many website owners already use Google Adsense as one of the major sources of income.

This is a convenient way to handle and automate this revenue stream. If you decide to pursue this tactic, make sure to disclose your traffic stats, such as Google PageRank and Alexa, so that your ad downloaders can make an informed decision and assess how much their investment is worth.

This is why we suggested going with a theme that supports ECommerce integration in the first place. Invest in a reliable and secure payment gateway, enhance your website security, and start selling directly to your website visitors. Creating online store with WordPress using Woocommerce WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin which is designed to serve you as your online store.

The plugin is completely free, but it features many extensions and dedicated themes which may be free or can come in the form of premium plugins. This eCommerce system allows you to create a shop, modify items, manage paying and shipping methods, and much more.

With WordPress and WooCommerce, creating a simple online store has never been easier. Still, creating a good online store that your customers will happily visit requires more effort from you. You will have to design your store, add all the necessary features and entice visitors to become customers. WordPress is user-friendly, so small businesses can use it without investing too much time into learning how it works.

But WordPress is robust enough to be used even for large corporate or commercial websites.

Note 2: Because it is so prevalent, there are a lot of developers, programmers, and coders who work with WordPress, and there are a lot of tech-savvy people who continually design themes, eCommerce plugins , and new features to add to your WordPress site. Launching your website is an exciting process and people eager to get it live as soon as possible.

With all the excitement, often people ignore the testing step. The testing process can seem overwhelming, and you are not sure where to start. Design related elements images, fonts, etc. Web development items live URLs, broken links, etc. Search engine optimization details title tags, meta data, etc. Network administrator areas hosting, backup system, etc. Once your website goes live, you need to have a strategy in place on what to do next and how to maintain your site.

How To Make A Website

Here are some basic things to consider: Prepare your site for promotion. Prepare to measure website stats. Find maintenance if and when needed. Make sure you backup your site.

Frequently Asked Questions How can I create a website? According to a BigCommerce and Square study, high shipping costs are the number one reason for cart abandonment. You can actually increase your average order value with free shipping or by offering free shipping at a minimum order amount.

Getting something for free has a huge impact on the psychology of making a download. Also, if you can provide local pick-up as an option, you should. On the back end, you need to plan and organize your order fulfillment process. A lot of new merchants neglect this step, and that can be extremely detrimental to your business as you grow. If your products are sprawled across your coffee table right now, you have work to do.

Even if you only carry a few items, you need to work drafting up a procedure for what happens when an order come in. Here are the questions you should answer around fulfillment: How do you know you have an order?

How do you print the invoice? How do you print the packing slip? What packaging materials do you need? What information goes with the product in the box? Directions for assembly or use, batteries or additional parts? Maybe a thank you note or coupon? The options are endless. What does the presentation look like when opening the box?

Does the look and feel of your packaging reflect your brand? How do you organize products that need to be shipped?

Are they in bins, refrigerators, rooms or a warehouse? Can you place the product location in your online store so it prints on the invoice for a more streamlined approach? Setup taxes properly. So this step is pretty short and sweet — talk to a tax professional.

Shopify Tutorial for Creating an Online Store

All of this can vary from location to location. Choose a great domain name. Picking a domain name is critical.

It is your web address as well as your brand and an important marketing tool. Your domain name will serve as a way for potential customers to find you and then come back to download more. So keep it simple. Resist the urge to include difficult spellings or unknown acronyms. Choosing a credible domain will instill confidence in customers and build customer loyalty, so take your time. Your domain name is important for a variety of reasons — but likely the most important reason is because it is the URL off which you will build your entire brand.

And that means it is the bedrock of your SEO strategy. Learn more about SEO best practices in the guide below. Set up analytics to measure your success. You need data and benchmarks to grow your business. At the minimum, your platform should be able to help you with basic metrics like: Unique visitors Most popular products Average revenue per customer Also take a peek at platform options like in-store site search that could provide you with valuable insights into what your customers are looking for.

This will help you understand what the search giant sees happening both inside and outside your store. Google Analytics can give you the following insights to help you expand and improve your business: Get to know your target audience Track where shoppers come from, where they go and where they leave Track how your visitors engage with your store The ability to annotate your efforts That last one is my personal favorites.

You can tag the important actions or events on your timeline, like adding new products or a sale, so you can see the impact they have on your store. Talk about efficient! Analytics in general are a key element in helping you act on facts rather than assumptions about your customers and business. Many open-source platforms are free, but can have steep learning curves and added fees for functionality.

To expedite online store setup, SaaS solutions are often a better option because they have all necessary functionality and a free trial to test the software , but do cost a monthly fee. How easy is it to create an online store website? Setting up an online store has become easier because it no longer requires advanced technical knowledge.

For example, many platforms allow you to use well-designed themes, easily add products, set up payments, shipping and other necessary functionality to quickly launch your store. When should a business start creating an online store? Businesses that do not sell online have are at a huge disadvantage because online sales are rapidly increasing each year.

A business should launch an online store ASAP to take advantage of this growing trend and add additional revenue to their company.

How do you set up an online store quickly? Time is money when setting up an online store. Shopify will ask you to confirm that you want to install the theme. You can always change your mind later. After the theme has installed, Shopify will let you know and will give you the option to Go to your Theme Manager. Your theme manager shows published themes the one you installed or activated most recently and unpublished themes below previously installed themes.

These stores are all built using the same theme. On this page you will see your live theme in a box at the top, in the top right corner of that box will be two buttons. The first one is of three dots, which gives you some basic settings changes. One of these allows you to make a duplicate of the theme. If you click it you will be taken to a page that controls all the basic functionality of your store.

This is a great time for you to have a thorough play with the settings and test out all the features so you can find out what your site is capable of. Your themes custom settings. Changing colors in your theme. The most common features will include: uploading logos uploading slides to a homepage carousel adding related item functionality to product pages choosing how many items appear on each line of the collection pages color schemes font choices.

Some themes will also allow you to reposition elements on pages such as showing product images on the left, right or center of the page. Use the following screen to add as much detail as needed about your products.

Include as many details as possible to help inform the customers about your items. This is the screen where you upload product pictures. The Product screen. Make sure you fill out as much information as possible.

Product images can make a sale so make sure you show your products off to their best and highlight any special or unique features with close up photos. To keep your store looking tidy we suggest you keep all images the same dimensions.

Unless you plan to make your collection pages look like a Pinterest board. Set up collections groups of products A collection is any group of products that have some feature in common that customers might look for when visiting your store. For example, your customers might be shopping for: clothes specifically for men, women, or children items of a certain type, such as lamps, cushions, or rugs items on sale items in a certain sizes or colors seasonal products such as holiday cards and decorations.

Products can appear in any number of collections. Usually, you would display your collections on your homepage and in the navigation bar. The Collection set up screen works in exactly the same way as the Product screen Manual and automatic collections When you add a new collection, you can select how products should be added to it.

These are the two options: Manually - You add and remove products in a manual collection individually. Automatically - You can set up selection conditions to automatically include products that meet certain criteria. Payment gateways A payment gateway allows you to take payment from your customers via your website.Review their Terms of Service and Privacy Agreement, click the check box to agree to those terms, and then click the Next button, which should now be clickable, to proceed.

Xenocode Browser Sandbox, www. You can test the retail arbitrage strategies that are laid out in this post in just a few hours, and going through that process should be eye-opening. You can go to Domaintools and check if the domain you want is open for sale.

The design of your website is essential, and people will form an opinion about your business based on the look and feel of it.