Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. 2P4M Datasheet PDF - 2A, V, Thyristor - NEC, 2P4M pdf, 2P4M pinout, 2P4M equivalent, replacement, 2P4M schematic, 2P4M manual, data, circuit, 2P5M, 2P6M. 2P4M pdf. Download. NEC, Opto-Electronic Devices(NEPOC) Others with the same file for datasheet: 2P6M, Download 2P4M datasheet from. NEC.

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The 2P4M to 2P6M are P-gate all diffused plastic molded type SCR granted average on-state current 2 Amps (TC = 77 °C), with rated voltages up to volts . The revised points can be easily searched by copying an "" in the PDF file and The 2P4M and 2P6M are a P gate all diffused mold type Thyristor granted 2. Part No. 2P4M. Download, 2P4M Click to view. File Size, Kbytes. Page, 6 Pages. Maker, NEC [NEC]. Homepage, kaz-news.info Logo.

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