ARO MATE JVC and SVC Capping. likes · talking about this. this page is meant for capping and not fun. Supreme Vikings Confraternity. PagesOtherBrandWebsiteComputers & Internet WebsiteNorsmen orientation - aromate capping. Beliv on how u rugged jazz nd sail ur ship 4 Iceland we must sight. Aro mate it is writen in de book of odin chapter ruged Vs wosky nd it is cap a day shal com wen de moon wil rise no more nd de sun wil shine no more nd.

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For it is cap in d book of odin chapter eleven verse twelv no b only mad man my children shall b many like a sand bt by the word of Orientation they odin na echo,aromate aromate there was no respond he na cap and say. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on aro baggars orientation related I need o.t book of aro mate Questions & Answers. These pages are transcripts of question and answer sessions with Aro Lamas. Some are drawn from recordings of spontaneous.

Many have asked for the wisdom of the waters, but not one has yet agreed to pay the price. He was glad to leave the wise but fierce giant and walk on. The path was stony, and there was a bitterly cold wind and rain so that his cloak was soon wet through.

He fingered the clasp and whispered the rune: his cloak dried, and the weather improved, but the path was still rough, and he had to be very careful where he put his feet. It was depressing, especially when Odin thought about the eye he would have to lose forever. And about the terrible pain.

For when the gods were in Midgard, the Land of Men, they had to feel what men feel, and suffer what men and women suffer.

But Odin knew he would have to forfeit his eye to gain the Wisdom he needed to save the World. Odin continued his journey. It was indeed a wonderful and a beautiful tree, very tall, and very deep-rooted, as ash trees generally are.

20 Cultists Rape Year-Old Girl During Initiation (Pictured)

Its deep roots drew wisdom from the four corners of the earth. And near the tree Mimir stood by his Well. No one has yet agreed to my price. His pale blue eyes were the colour of the sky on a bright winter's day, when the frost is hard on the ground. His eyes could pick out the tiniest bird miles and miles away across the frozen tundra.


If a human, or even a god, looked him in the eyes, they could not but feel a kind of awe. But in the end, he did have two of them.

Questions & Answers

The pain was searing. He gave it to the guardian of the Well. Mimir handed him a horn brimming with the waters of wisdom.

Odin took a deep drink. Immediately he saw everything that had happened and everything that was in the future. But some people do and try to find it out, one way or another. Usually it does them no good, and my advice to you is to keep away from fortune tellers.

But Odin was not a person, he was a Norse god, and when he saw the joy that would come to him, he laughed with happiness. But seeing all the sorrows and troubles that would happen to humankind, he also knew what he could do to help. For even though the gods really have no need to trouble themselves about us mortals, and our puny lives and petty sufferings, they do actually care - at least some of the time.

De Norsemen Kclub of Nigeria

Ifechukwu was among 75 suspected cult members who were rounded up by Anambra State Police command on July 3, According to the state Commissioner of Police, Hosea Karma, the police acted on an intelligence report that the cult members and their new entrants were in a bush performing some rituals.

Part of their ritual, he explained, includes sleeping with female intending members.

He said they do that in order to secure their oath of secrecy. It was during the raid that year-old Ifechukwu was arrested. I was given a sedative so as not to feel what they were doing. Her parents, who are from Anambra State, are still alive. She assured me that all the connection that I needed in this life will be made if I joined the group.

The loyalty of a man belongs to his family, his jarl and his king or althing , in this order. This order of priority can be modified by an oath of personal loyalty - for example, a huskalar will swear loyalty to his jarl, whose command will become his main priority. The duty of a follower is to do anything that his jarl commands him to this includes dying and to place the interests of his jarl above everything else.

The Jarl, from his part, is duty-bound to his followers and, in many cases, this is a more difficult role. He must behave in a good manner and be a just leader if he means to have men following him.

Cunning: This is the most curious rule of behavior. Using artifices that deceive an opponent is much appreciated, as they demonstrate the intelligence, wit and malice of the Viking people. However, this type of trick must be applied only against those opponents who prove undeserving of respect. The line between cunning and cowardice or disloyalty is narrow and not quite defined, and the reputation for cunning can be changed into notoriety for lie, deception and cowardice.

To be smart is a risky move. Luck: Without luck a man can be honest, hospitable, courageous, loyal and smart, without ever obtaining anything, and without earning reputation or fame. A man can be born rich and lose everything, but a man born with luck never goes hungry.What is Mind Control?

The hundreds of thousands of families whom cults have torn apart and the millions of individuals whose rights and integrity they have violated testify to the gravity of this threat. In certain special situations, such as joining the army or joining religious orders, individuals choose to relinquish some of their autonomy. I have used the past tense in describing deprogramming because it rarely occurs today, partly because of legal risks, but mostly because workers in this field have become more skilled at helping family members persuade cult-involved relatives to participate voluntarily in exit counseling.

Rugged ORIENTATION From Supreme VIKING Arrow Mate Confratanity ( VERY RUGGED )

Cults go to high school: A theoretical and empirical analysis of the initial stage in the recruitment process. Parents learn to surrender control as their children learn to assume responsibility.

Anyanwu, who regretted that cult activities had increased in the state in the last few months, said the command would embark on sensitization campaign to various schools in the state to enlighten the students on the need to shun cultism.

Their growing professionalism is a significant development for cult-affected families.