Arthur C. Clarke (–) wrote the novel and coauthored the screenplay for Rendezvous With Rama. Rama (Series). Book 1. Arthur C. Clarke Author. A collection of science fiction short stories by Arthur C. kaz-news.infots:Second DawnIf I Forget Thee, Oh Earth Breaking Strain History Lesson (as "Expedition to . eBooks-Library publishes Arthur C. Clarke (Sir Arthur Charles Clarke) and other It was this book that firmly established Clarke in the Science Fiction world.

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EARTH. I. 'L. Arthur. C. Clarke. A Del Rey Book. BALLANTINE BOOKS · NEW YORK the United States by Ballantine Books, a division of Random. House, Inc . Or those from Arthur C. Clarke, he of Rendezvous with Rama and A Space Odyssey: "The Deep Range" |PDF| 10 pages; "The Nine Billion Names Of Sci- Fi Stories by Philip K. Dick as Free Audio Books & Free eBooks. Comments: to my knowledge, this is the only available e-text of this book. Source: scanned and OCR-read from a paperback edition with Xerox TextBridge Pro.

The City and the Stars/The Sands of Mars

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Space Technology; Editor along with George Proctor. Clarke's Venus Prime Vol. Wrote Afterword; novel is based on Clarke's short story Breaking Strain. Wrote Afterword; novel is based on Clarke's short story Hide-and-Seek. Visions of Space; Wrote Afterword; novel is based on Clarke's short story Jupiter Five.

Project Solar Sail; Ordway III editor , Sri Lanka; Tom Tidball, Space Commerce; John L. McLucas, Wrote foreword. Hatcher Childress compiler , Wrote Chapter 1, titled "Arthur C. Clarke on Anti-Gravity". The First Men in the Moon; H.

Wells, Pellegrino, The War of the Worlds; H. Savage, The Ultimate Egoist; Theodore Sturgeon, Bright Messengers; Gentry Lee, Wrote Introduction to this novel set in the Rama universe. Wrote Tribute. Keith Allen Daniels.

Letters reprinted. Stork, Leer, Pelton, Beaudette, Wrote Foreword and is profiled in chapter 1.

The Search for Free Energy a. Ordway III, Wrote Introduction, technical advisor. The Worlds of Galileo; Michael E.

Have got an idea which I think is crucial. The people we meet on the other star system are humans who were collected from Earth a hundred thousand years ago, and hence are virtually identical with us.

October 8. Thinking of plot all morning, but after a long walk in the sun we ended up on the East River watching the boats. October Stanley has invented the wild idea of slightly fag robots who create a Victonan environment to put our heroes at their ease. November Went to Natural History Museum to see Dr. Harry Shapiro, head of Anthropology, who took a poor view of Ardrey. Stan wants our visitors to turn Man into a carnivore; I argued that he always was.

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Back at the Chelsea, phoned Ike Asimov to discuss the biochemistry of turning vegetarians into carnivores. Our E. December Stanley calls after screening H.

Much of afternoon spent by Stanley planning his Academy Award campaign for Dr. I get back to the Chelsea to find a note from Allen Ginsberg asking me to join him and William Burroughs at the bar downstairs.

Do so thankfully in search of inspiration. Slowly tinkered with the final pages, so I can have them as a Christmas present for Stanley. We were, indeed, under that delusion—at least, I was. In reality, all that we had was merely a rough draft of the first two-thirds of the book, stopping at the most exciting point.

Nevertheless, the existing manuscript, together with his own salesmanship, allowed Stanley to set up the deal with MGM and Cinerama, and Journey Beyond the Stars was announced with a flourish of trumpets. Through the spring of , we continued to revise and extend the novel, and threw away—again and yet again—whole sections which we had once imagined to be final and complete.

All this time, Stanley was also hiring staff, checking designs, negotiating with actors and technicians, and coping with the millions of other prob1ems which arise in the production of even the most straightforward movie. The rush of events became far too hectic to enter more than a small fraction of them in my log, and few of them luckily concerned me directly. My primary job was still polishing the novel, though I was constantly involved in technical discussions with the artists and production staff.

Sometimes with disastrous results; see entry for November l0, below. February 9, Fighting hard to stop Stan from bringing Dr. Poole back from the dead. April 6. Added that one character in the movie would be the Chairman of the Space Council… thirty years from now. Much excitement when Stanley phones to say that the Russians claim to have detected radio signals from space.

April Reception at Harcourt, Brace and World. The place is really humming now—about ten people working there, including two production staff from England. The walls are getting covered with impressive pictures and I already feel quite a minor cog in the works. Some psychotic who insists that Stanley must hire him has been sitting on a park bench outside the office for a couple of weeks, and occasionally comes to the building.

In self-defense, Stan has secreted a large hunting knife in his briefcase.

May 1. Found that a fire had broken out on the third floor of the Chelsea. Waited anxiously in the lobby while the firemen dealt with it… visions of the only complete copy of the MS going up in smoke….

May 2. May 3. Finished first draft of the runaway antenna soquence. June 7. Bad book review in the Tribune says I should stick to science exposition and am an amateur at fiction.

Late June.

One scene calls for four trained warthogs. On that note, more or less, I returned to Ceylon after an absence of over a year, and subsequently rejoined Stanley at the MGM studios at Boreham Wood, fifteen miles north of London, in August. His empire had now expanded vastly, the art department was in full swing, and impressive sets were being constructed.

My time was now equally divided between the apparently never-ending chore of developing ideas with Stanley, polishing the novel, and almost daily consultations at the studio. Suddenly realized how the novel should end, with Bowman standing beside the alien ship. October 1. Stanley phoned with another ending.

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I find I left his treatment at his house last night—unconscious rejection? October 3. Stanley called again later, still very enthusiastic. October 5.

Back to brood over the novel. Suddenly I think found a logical reason why Bowman should appear at the end as a baby. And perhaps the Cosmic Consciousness has a sense of humor.

Stan has decided to kill off all the crew of Discovery and leave Bowman only.


Drastic, but it seems right. After all, Odysseus was the sole survivor… October For the first time, saw Stan reduced to helpless hysterics as we developed comic ideas. There will be no one in the hibernacula: all the trainees chickened out, but the mission had to go ahead regardless.

Collected by studio car, and spent all day working or trying to work with Stan. Had a discussion with Stanley over his latest idea—that Discovery should be nuclear-pulse driven.I was on one of the test flights and can vividly remember my impressions as the Field was switched on.

Clarke, Arthur C. - Rama 01 - Rendezvous With Rama

Wrote Essay. Early influences included dinosaur cigarette cards , which led to an enthusiasm for fossils starting about Before that, we would have a series of incidents or adventures devoted to the exploration of the Moon and Planets. Moreover, while the main fleets had been engaged, the enemy had launched a daring attack on the lightly held systems of Eriston, Duranus, Carmanidora and Pharanidon - recapturing them all.

The film contains little explanation for the events taking place. The World in Color Photography;