Read here Read [ PDF] Download BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt Full Download. BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt is an e-book released on February 13th, , for the site Kindle, and serves as a prequel story to the game, BioShock Infinite. Written by Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder, in collaboration with input from Ken Levine, this novel offers an. Read Online or Download BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt by Joe Fielder Book For There's also other available format to download: PDF Kindle ePub. Mobi.

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Mind in Revolt does require a small amount of familiarity with BioShock: Infinite's concept, but that can be summarised as 'a city seceded from. Download BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt Read / PDF / Book / Audio. File Name : BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt Total Downloads: Formats: djvu | pdf. BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt - Kindle edition by Joe Fielder, Ken Levine, Zoe Brookes, Christopher Dare. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.

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The Collection. Fight enemy turrets and motorized patriots to get on the trolley. Beware the enemy Vox and Firemen who back 'em up. Booker fights through some hostile Vox Populi. Enter that office and look for the voxophone inside a closet opposite the locked safe. Next to the teddy bear in the upper store. The bookstore's front counter has piece of gear. Head there and open the locked door requires 1 lockpick.

Kill the marksman but proceed no further if you want to solve the secret of the Salty Oyster.

Just under the bridge is a doorway to the Founder's Bookstore. The kinetoscope is near the restrooms in the back of the establishment. Basement reading room table. Past the turnstiles you cannot go back. Once you use it. Port Prosperity Collectible Locations. Once you have the bookstore's voxophone the one from the basement reading room.

Backtrack to the Salty Oyster for phial of infusion and voxophone in the secret room. The rest of Memorial Garden will explain the second part of Downtown Emporia. Return to Sender may be found on the "lower route" to Comstock Gate. Downtown Emporia has Booker fighting enemies who are dropped in from air barges. This will be a familiar battle later in the game except motorized patriots will be dropped instead. Use the chance now to re-examine your weapons. Invest in your weapons and vigors to make the ones that work for you "work well" try the Shotgun.

The hand cannon and shotgun combo may not work as well any more due to the greater distance involved. At the same time. The last vigor in the game. Consider using your cash on Dollar Bills to refill ammo. A Handyman will end this battle. Use the sky rails and rooftops to set up proper kill zones against the Firemen and Crows. Don't expend more ammo than you need to. Downtown Emporia where you fought the enemies and the Handyman.

The voxophone is inside. The "Market District" has enemies on the street. The voxophone is in the subterranean lounge. Near the Emporia Towers the sniper patrolled mini-plaza. After Booker breaks-in. Booker returns here later. Check it out. You simply need 3 lockpicks to break inside the store. Approach the electronic lock of the "Comstock Gate" to trigger a new story mission. The voxophone is inside the art gallery.

If you're looking for items. Comstock Gate -. Don't miss the voxophone inside as well. On the street of Downtown Emporia with the pedestrian bridge there are some vending machines under this bridge.

The piece of gear is on the center counter of the store. Note that Downtown Emporia includes the sections Memorial Garden and the transition area -. Go past the gate to the street and turn left for a telescope that lets you view the Comstock House in the distance. Near Comstock Gate. Downtown Emporia Collectible Locations.

Memorial Gardens Note that Memorial Gardens explains what the second half of Downtown Emporia requires Booker to do to enter what's essentially the final act of the game, Comstock House. Before heading for the cemetary, make sure Booker has full health, salts, and ammo, as there is a tough battle with the creature called the "Siren". The Repeater, Carbine, or Sniper Rifle are good weapons to use at the creature from a distance , but keep the reliable Shotgun handy and full for closer encounters.

Shoot down the Siren as it revives enemies you can use their regenerating Machine Guns for re-supply, if you are desperate. Note that regardless of who you target, the Siren will keep reviving enemies as part of its attack pattern. Focus fire on the ghost and you can leave the cemetary. Lutece instructs you to follow the phantom trail to the three tears which results in two more fights with the Siren. Ignite the two torches at its entrance with Devil's Kiss and you can claim an extra piece of gear.

Take out the enemies in front of it and enter it. There are no enemies in the lab unless they followed you in , so take the time to explore the place for voxophones and infusions. Inside the Lutece Lab, second floor bedroom. With its characteristic flicker, the phial is hard to miss. Fight a Crow, a Fireman, and their underlings to enter without trouble. The Bank of the Prophet has some more enemies.

Kill 'em all and head towards the vaults. Note that you should be aware you will fight the Siren after you activate the second Tear, so be prepared. The Code Book you found in Downtown Emporia will come into play near the bank vault.

Take the code book there. Use the code book to open the secret room for a phial. Use the code book to open the secret room for the voxophone. Check the area next to the corpse for a piece of gear.

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Before dropping down into the vault proper, look for a money cart next to a dead cashier in the corner of the safety deposit box area past the snipers ; the piece of gear is in the cart. Booker won't have much time to rest, because the Siren will attack as soon as you step back outside the vault into the bank's main room. In the Bank of the Prophet, the second dimensional tear after it vanishes. The recorder will be on the statue's base, near Booker's eye level.

Fight the Siren, drive it away on your way back out of the Bank of the Prophet. The photography store has the third dimensional tear. Rectify it and take the recorder that appears on the table. There is a sniper rifle at the Comstock Gate chiefly for killing the Siren , and a few other tears a next to useless Mosquito and some health kits.

The enemies will be using Machine Guns, but upping the damage on the Sniper Rifle should deliver an adequate damage rating if you connect all 24 shots to the Siren's head. The battle will start automatically locking Booker into the area when you approach Comstock Gate.

This is why there are two ways around the area so you can avoid entering Comstock Gate at all if you are not ready. Fight the Siren ghost enemy for a final time and kill her ass before you run out of money; her underlings can be Bronco'ed if they are getting in your way.

After this battle, you go into the Comstock House. Memorial Gardens Collectible Locations. Comstock House Enter Comstock House and get several lengthy cut-scenes and cinematic interactions. Booker is in no danger until he enters "In Her Loving Embrace" the madhouse sanitarium , a part of the Comstock House. The chapter select menu may refer to that portion of the game as The Atrium due to all that stuff that happens handy if you are playing on Mode and need to restart from a checkpoint.

Just hop down to the ground freight hook and head into the house. Use possession on one of them and headshot them with a high powered gun Hand Cannon, Carbine, Sniper Rifle, etc.

This is one of three nearly impossible objectives in mode. The other two are: Health can also be found here.

After you've secured the pistol, walk on over toward your objective, and shoot the Boy of Silence. He's the freaky looking guy with the spotlight who's blocking your path. There's no way to avoid this fight, and without knowing this exploit, you might never make it past this point in the game. Lure the enemies that the Boy of Silence will spring on you back into the larger room you came from.

As you enter the room, turn to either the left or right, and hop over the guard rail just before the stairs. Stay on this platform, while walking closer to the entrance of the Comstock House. The enemies chasing you should now wrap around the stairs and stop just at your feet. At this location, they will be unable to attack you, yet you will be able to attack them.

BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt

An added benefit to this exploit is the use of melee to eliminate all of the enemies while conserving ammunition. You will be able to melee enemies from this location without being thrown at the enemies, due to the lip in the platform you're standing on preventing you from moving. Comstock House Collectible Locations. With ammunition at some sort of premium these enemies do not drop ammunition or money.

If a Boy of Silence believes it has spotted an intruder. The Atrium The Atrium is the enemy held area of Comstock House where the Boys of Silence there are four but the last one is in the next section. Either way works. Firing on the sentinel. Note that should you decide to explore in the direction opposite of the objective. Head upstairs using the elevator and Booker will be in the next part of the madhouse.

You can sneak by it using the columns in the hallway to avoid its baleful gaze. Warden's Office whom stand as relentless security sentinels. Booker may have to hit the intercom button behind it first a dicey.

Booker can sneak by all the sentinels by avoiding their white light gaze their vision cones. One big flurry of shotgun blasts should take down the Crow. Head for the Warden's Office after you're done here.

Sneaking by the third sentinel is basically using the columns. The Atrium Collectible Locations. It's best to watch the Boy of Silence learn its gaze pattern it will not change and opt to move when the best chance to slip by comes up.

You may trigger the enemies. Near the second sentinel.

See a Problem?

Take your time. Open the door to the doctor's office and claim the phial. Each wave is spawned by your actions in shutting down the levers.

Open the door to the doctor's office and claim this recorder. There is a locked door requiring the aforementioned 3 lockpicks between the two sets of stairs that led to the power switches on her torture machine.

Lockpick the door to the exit elevator and escape to the "Hand of the Prophet". The human enemies are patient thanks to their guns and will probably not rush you. Take your time and plan your ambushes. There is a locked door requiring 3 lockpicks between the two sets of stairs that led to the power switches on her torture machine.

Operating Theatre Collectible Locations. Hand of the Prophet Collectible Locations. Hand of the Prophet. Hand of the Prophet Fight through the pier area to the zeppelin.

Lockpick the building on the far side of the first bridge for vending machines. Use tears and minimize exposure to the enemy patriots and heavy guns. You're going to be stuck on that barge and will be attacked by enemy RPGs and mechanical patriots on passing enemy vessels. The recorder is in the back room. Note you don't need to fight as much as avoid damage. Load up on stuff in the building with the voxophone before using the police barge.

It is on one of the control consoles. Several enemies attack you. Battle through both decks of this area and use sky rails to reach one of the two doors to the inside of the Zeppelin. Enemies will spawn and attack you as you wait for the second skyrail to clear itself of cargo. Note that Booker can go from the inside of the airship back to the outside. Hangar Deck The Hangar Deck is misleading.

While the first sky rail is easy to clear. You can try and fall back a bit. The recorder is inside. RPGs are handy if you do not use Undertow to throw enemies off the airship preferably.

If you're still looking for gear. Hangar Deck Collectible Locations. The point of no return is when Booker heads to the Command Deck and confronts Comstock. Note that once you proceed to the bridge.

Engineering Deck The Engineering Deck is more like the "airship interior". Go through this interior back outside to the exterior and take the skyrail to Comstock's safe chamber the Command Deck. Make ready with weapons.

The recorder on the bed. Fight against the elite armored guards. The recorder inside is on the desk. Engineering Deck Collectible Locations. Vigor power-ups and plenty of money to resurrect yourself if you die.

It is a separate map from the "Hangar Deck". Memorial Gardens. Anticipate running through this objective more than a dozen times before you get each and every event down correctly. Head for the Sea of Doors. One of the final two will have a rocket cannon attached to the bottom of it. Lady Comstock boss fight Comstock House. There are a total of three. Know when and where to send the Songbird. These can only be defeated by calling upon the Songbird.

Use Songbird to smart bomb the larger Zeppelins not the smaller aerial barges. This spawns a constant flow of two Motorized Patriots and several infantry. Once the battle is over by having Booker sending Songbird to destroy all the pursuing enemy Zeppelins.

The list begins with enemies that are the highest threat. Enemies that aren't on the list. Since you're using Songbird to deliver the strategic smackdown on the enemy so you can end this battle sooner landing parties of motorized patriots in pairs will be a problem unless you opt to use maximally powered-up Vigors like Undertow to pull them away from your airship's power plant. Note that without Songbird to destroy the Zeppelins.

Prioritize this zeppelin over the other. Infantry with RPGs 5. Shock Jockey is useful for slowing down Motorized Patriots. Barge with Cannon. Take out the cannon on the bottom.

'BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt' Prequel eBook Announced as Bonus

Two of these will make an appearance. Motorized Patriot 4. Don't bother wasting the Songbird on these. Sea of Doors The Sea of Doors is an interactive ending. Enjoy the ending of BioShock Infinite. We're being mindful of spoilers. Go through the doors with the girl and you're done. Just remember. Curious about what happened during this section of the game?

Check out this page. At the Fraternal Order of the Raven's main chapel. Take the key back to the Lansdowne Residence backtrack over the freight hooks and open the locked chest for a second Infusion bottle. The Code Book Hall of Heroes is an optional task which lets you collect a voxophone and an infusion. The areas more like "chapters" below detail the stuff you need to do. Take the code book across the street to the restaurant. The code room not the book is in a locked room requires 1 lockpick off the side of the Plaza of Zeal..

If you didn't get it. If you didn't get the code book before stepping through Elizabeth's planar rift.. Grab the code book from the Hudson store basement near the sink and hang on to it until you enter the Bank of the Prophet. You'd best take it now. Try checking the furnace of the club's boiler room it may not be there now. Your choice. There is Code Book in the Plaza of Zeal. Have Elizabeth do her deciphering.

Cancel key. Farming lock picks will come in handy when going for all of the collectibles. A PlayStation 3: Activating it significantly increases the challenge of the game. Some collectibles are behind closed doors.

The money farming can be a big help on your mode playthrough. This is immediately after exiting the Hall of Heroes. That's okay — it's not for them. Input the following code to unlock Mode: According to Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine. You can use the money to upgrade all your favorite weapons and vigors or pay for your deaths with it. Farming the money takes some time though. This will ensure that you can access every room.

You get 40 silver eagles everytime you possess the machine. It's located just after aquiring the Murder of Crows Vigor. After you fight the Peacekeepers you can look at the portrait in the room of Andrew Ryan. There are some enemies on the platform. The machine can be possessed again and the lock picks respawn.

Walking into that building and you will find a women describing a man to a couple of Peacekeepers.

If you kill the enemies in front of the Hall of Heroes. Wrench from BioShock The Wrench. So you can keep farming without having any trouble with them. Follow the steps below: Jump down and pick up the lock pick.

It's on a wooden plank under the stairs. Super Mario On Shanty Town if you take one of the railes you can get to a high ground with this beartrap that is chained up. Reference to Super Mario's the Chain Chomp enemy. This is a self-reference to the game itself. Fortunate Son Shortly after arriving in Finktown. God Only Knows Near the beginning of the game. When approached. That's okay. Unlocking Mode can be unlocked in one of three ways: Complete BioShock Infinite for the first time..

B ["Cancel"]. Make sure to look hard for the many pieces of gear scattered throughout the game. Open the XUserOptions. Gear like Sheltered Life. Enter the Konami Code Up. A ["Confirm"] while on the game's main menu. Strategies The main strategy to beating mode is to get the most use out of your gear.

You can use the money to upgrade all your favorite weapons and vigors. Salts power the use of Vigors. The player can only use Vigors when they have enough Salts.

The player can earn eight Vigors in all. Booker DeWitt will be able to gain special powers through Vigors. Players can use Vigors by hitting the left trigger. Vigors can also be upgraded by downloading modifications at Veni Vidi Vigor Vending machines. Vigors Similar to the Plasmids of the original BioShock.

Like Eve in the original BioShock. Bucking Bronco is found in the Hall of Heroes early in the game. Bucking Bronco Bucking Bronco is a Vigor that allows Booker to briefly raise enemies into the air and hold them in place for a short time. Charge Charge is a high-impact melee hit that allows Booker to target enemies at a distance and then charge toward them.

Upgrades Like all Vigors. It can be found in Flinkton Proper. Charge can be upgraded at Veni Vidi Vigor Vending machines. The trap version is referred to as a Crows' Nest.

Murder of Crows lets players unleash a swarm of crows that will attack enemies. Possession can be upgraded at Veni Vidi Vigor Vending machines.

Possession is the first Vigor the player discovers. Possession only affects machines at first. Possession Possession gives Booker "irresistible charm" and allows him to confuse enemies into fighting for him instead of against him. Return to Sender can be found in a crate after going through the Harmony Lane gate in Downtown Emporia. Return to Sender Return to Sender is a Vigor that lets Booker absorb incoming enemy projectiles and may be upgraded to redirect them towards their origin.

Shock Jockey Shock Jockey is an electric power that offers the ability to stun enemies. Shock Jockey is also used as an artificial source of electricity in Columbia and players obtain it after finding Slate in the Hall of Heroes Gift Shop. The idea behind this is that once the enemy being shot at first dies.

Undertow can be found in The Factory. Undertow Undertow is a ranged mass-manipulation power that allows Booker to use a stream of water to pull an enemy closer to him hold the Vigor button or to push them away tap the Vigor button. Undertow can be upgraded at Veni Vidi Vigor Vending machines. On the streeet just before Raffle Square.

Past the house with the cloth looms the Montgomery Residence , there is an old-timey outdoor stage show with a green horse-drawn cart and a clockwork horse. At the Fraternal Order of the Raven's raised bar.

In the Fraternal Order of the Raven, check the dark offices away from the objective marker use your quest locator to point you in the "wrongfully right" direction. In the dark office, the desks by seal proclaiming "Protecting Our Race" has a recorder. On the skyrail tutorial, get to the gondola control station. In the entryway of Monument Tower, when Booker first enters the facility, check the staff lockers for a recorder. Go through one set of doors past the massive Siphon machine and stop.

After Elizabeth opens the tear to France, Booker will move to a third observation room. Head inside the amusement facility's servants' entrance employees. Before continuing down the hall past the ticket station, check the office opposite the direction of the objective.

Adjacent to the ticket master's office is a set of white double doors leading to a basement storage area; the recorder is in there. Behind the locked door locked by 1 lockpick. After you locate some lockpicks for Elizabeth to use, she can open the locked door in the Welcome Hall for the recorder. It is by the locked safe locked by 5 lockpicks near the racial purity seal.

The table with no one sitting at it and in front of the cashier's counter. Locate the Founder Books store on the boardwalk. The recorder is on the raised stairs behind the cashier. A locked door 1 lockpick in the Hall of Heroes welcome area has an automated turret guarding this recorder and a piece of gear see below.

In the "Tickets" building, go to the second level and find a carbine leaning against the railing and overlooking the cannon below. In the Fellow Traveler restaurant and bar, the kitchen has a recorder staked to a cabinet at eye level. In the First Lady's exhibit the area coded with "Murder of Our Lady" , there is a recorder on an extremely comfy looking chair next to a fake fireplace.

Face Slate's message on the Courtyard wall -. You may want to do this after you deal with the motorized patriot that comes out to attack you from the door above. After Elizabeth vanishes through her last tear. Check the green locker. In the Grand Central Depot. In the vault. The recorder will be on the statue's base.

This voxophone is referring to the one on the left. You'll see this easily if you were after the gear. Behind the rear wall by the fourth Boy of Silence. The recorder is next to the projector.

Rescue Elizabeth and find three lockpicks. Voxophone Before continuing down the hall past the ticket station. After you locate some lockpicks for Elizabeth to use. You may want to do this after. The "Employees Only" room in the lower floor of the trainstation. There is a recorder in a room with a working movie projector. Infusions Infusions are phials or bottles of potent formula which allow Booker to increase the potency of his Health.

If you believe there is a missing bottle. Note that the five bonus phials of infusion in the Early Bird Special Pack see: DLC are not included in this total.

Comstock Center Rooftops Note. Battleship Bay Infusion The ticket master's office can be accessed from the back. Monument Island Infusion Behind the desk where the voxophone is on in the room with the large speakers past the photography and projector rooms. Check the whole office and you will see it easily.

Go inside to the lower holding cells and investigate the cells for the phial. Go through the door and into the workshop and locate the phial in the toolbox near the voxophone not shown above.

After Elizabeth cracks the hairpin lock in Prosperity Plaza. With its characteristic flicker. Inside the Lutece Lab. Gear upgrades are passive abilities that operate similarly to Tonics in the original BioShock.

Boots upgrade locations in BioShock Infinite. Players can equip four Gear upgrades at any time in four categories: A few select pieces can be expected to appear in the same location every time you play Bioshock Infinite.Undertow Undertow is a ranged mass-manipulation power that allows Booker to use a stream of water to pull an enemy closer to him hold the Vigor button or to push them away tap the Vigor button. Edition Language. Consider lobbing a dose of Devil's Kiss to weaken the turret before having Booker charge it like a light brigade.

So, no. Enter Monument Island Gateway and combat enemies as they show up while Booker heads out on the Sky Rails towards the airship. With ammunition at some sort of premium these enemies do not drop ammunition or money.

Ammunition for the machine gun is plentiful you may want to use that temporarily to kill the human guards , but both the Shotgun and Hand Cannon deliver at medium and close range. Change the time on the wall clock and pick up this voxophone in the hidden safe.

As you move towards the baptism Vigors - boosts and aids Weapons - More information on upgrades and uses Characters - Background and story details Enemies - Background, strategies, additional info.