Luis Fuentes is a good boy who doesn't live with the angst that his big brothers, Alex and Carlos, have always lived with. Luis is smart, funny, and has big dreams of becoming an astronaut. But when he falls for the wrong girl, Luis enters a dark world he's never known, and just. perfect chemistry simone elkeles 2shared, how to ruin a summer vacation simone elkeles, chain reaction pdf simone, chain reaction free, perfect chemistry. DownloadChain reaction by simone elkeles pdf. We recommend using this to make a few basic Before using, make some simple settings for the BD player.

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Chain reaction. by Simone Elkeles. Publication date For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. Simone Elkeles is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Perfect Chemistry series, Leaving Paradise cover image of Chain Reaction. Simone elkeles - 3 chain reaction (pdf) - plik 'S > EBooki'. Inne dokumenty: S, EBooki, Beatrycze

I read the first book and…. I read this second book and I liked it more than I am willing to admit.

This book? I think my dick just twitched in protest. Mate, what does that even mean? A flame full o Warning: A flame full of testosterone? What is his dick twitching in protest to? Being hit with a bucket of water?

I just…. This book…. This book… This book slammed into my intelligence like a bucket of water on a flame full of intellect.

I think my eye just twitched in process. If something brings you pleasure, why should you feel guilty? This book did not bring me pleasure, not matter how much this Fuentes brother tried. Luis Fuentes- come on dowwwwwn. Seriously, I have a lot of tolerance when it comes to the Fuentes brothers. All the girls love the Fuentes. With your washboard abs and your violence and your sexually aggressive tendencies. But you, mi chava, you were so dull and infuriating at the same time.

Speaking of lady loves… Nikki- come on dooooowwwwn. I wanted to like you, really I did. I relate to you so much. I have no idea what half of this book said. This book made no sense. The characters and story lines were just flung together in the way I imagine the ingredients would be if I were to ever make enchiladas. I have so many questions. Why was Luis in a gang? Why did Nikki hate boys so much and then kiss them in pool houses?

Or… OK, fair enough…. A bit of a distrust but why did she think that Luis was going to be the same as Marco? Not every Mexican boy is the sa- Wait….

I have more questions but I get too angry to ask them. I would love to have seen Nikki completely sass him is that a thing? Oh and character assassinations of people that I loved.

Simone Elkeles

Carlos… crying? Out of Reynje, Flann, Trin and I Who said what? I would vomit on someone if they proposed to me like that. Because all gangbangers are awesome at sex and not one of them ever was not anything less than a facepunch of sex-awesome, according to Elkeles. I couldn't stop laughing thinking about driving over there and just picking up a Mexican guy for sex.

I always think of other boys when I'm in bed with a gangbanger. This is so tense you guys! I hate it when my boyfriend's beautiful mesmerising eyes pierce my soul. If someone got gangbanged, I'd think they were in a porn video rather than in the hood. The way the Elkmeister uses it is such a secondary meaning for everyone.

And it makes me chuckle every. May the gangbangers ever be in your favour. As much as this review is full of snark and negativity, I want to reiterate something: I finished this book. Yep, I finished this book. Thus the power of Ms Elkeles, she will always get the last laugh. And it seems I am, and always will be, a sucker for gangbangers. You can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog, Wear the Old Coat. View all 29 comments.

Ay carajo! There are only so many times you can enjoy the same old story.. I loved the first book because of the characters, and the chemistry and the action and I enjoyed enormously the humor in the second one, but when it comes to this one I am terribly sorry to say that it was such a big disappointment. Please Simone Elkeles, I know you can write better than this, I've seen it before, just come up with something new the next time.

I just feel like Ay carajo! I just feel like I've seen it all and I have no interest in reviewing the same story from different angles. One thing that I liked is the cover - yes it's hot - but can someone please tell me where the hell did the scene from the shower go?

Did I get the wrong copy or what? I was expecting it, damn it! The only shower I've read about is the one from the chemistry class.. Another thing I was expecting is a "bad girl vs. Am I the only one realizing that there is no such thing? I know Simone had to rewrite the whole story, but I didn't think that this was suppose to change too. Because there is the same good rich girl, now called Nikki the only difference from the previews books is that she is suppose to be Mexican, but she doesn't know Spanish and for And he was suppose to be smart so why, I mean WHY did he do the same mistakes like his older brothers?

The I-must-be-with-the-Latino-Blood-to-save-my-family crap is getting so old I want to scream, so is the fact that he must lie to his girlfriend and his brothers because they would not approve Didn't you wonder why?? Now the characters are the ones that really got on my nerves. They change their mind and they switch principles like really dirty socks ten times a day.

I didn't feel like they were the same ones through the story. It was like they had no personality at all, and they simply went with the flow changing their mind for convenience - I am mostly talking about Nikki and Luis, but it is the same with the others.

Minor Spoilers: I wanted to shoot Luis and Alex at the wedding I suppose you know about the wedding between Alex and Brit so it is not much of a spoiler - it happens right at the beginning - it was suppose to be sweet and romantic and it ended by being really embarrassing. Then I wanted to shoot Nikki's parent for liking Luis a moment and being against him the next one.

Then I wanted to shoot the Chemistry teacher - why did she had to change her personality in this book? What's wrong with these people? Well, I'm out of bullets, so I didn't end up by shooting myself because of this big disappointment. To end on a good note, I feel that I should tell you that there are also a few funny or sweet moments, and also there are some hot scenes between the main characters but I was too annoyed to enjoy them - so I don't know, just read the book if you want to, and judge it by yourself.

Maybe you will love it. View all 27 comments. Aug 16, Arlene rated it liked it Shelves: Rating Clarification First half: Seriously, was that necessary? Well, unfortunately for this series the third time is definitely not a charm… Bummer… I was so looking forward to this final installment, and I was probably one of those raging fangurlz that was climbing up the wall when the release date was pushed out. But, I will Rating Clarification First half: But, I will be generous and give it 3 stars because I have to admit, Luis was fun to read about at times, but if he called the other protag mi chava one more time, I was going to screech.

I mean I love nicknames and endearments. Love them! However, that one made me cringe every time he used it. There were a few scenes too that almost killed it for me. Luis joining the Latino Bloods. That was a nice combo for the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. It was a disappointment to see Elkeles go with the same formulaic storyline as the other two books, but I finished this in one day, so it did keep my attention and at times had such cheestastic moments that I was forced to grin.

Now the cover was a huge let down.

I was really looking forward to reading the scene that went with that cover. She could have done better than that. And my only regret is not stopping before the Epilogue. View all 57 comments. Oct 11, Ayla rated it it was ok. Definitely NOT good.

Chain Reaction

I don't understand how the author made first two so amazing, and now this one But, of course, I had to read it in order to have some closure. My advice? Read the first two, and then go into a bookstore and pick up this book, read the epilogue at the back of the book, put the book back on the shelf and walk out. View all 5 comments. It lacked that 'spark' previous two had.

See a Problem?

I did not like Luis and Nikki. I couldn't felt their love for each other. Luis was too much of a good boy for me to even think about him as a person who would join a gang.

Nikki,what to say about Nikki? I had a feeling she was depressed all the time. Where is the sassy Latina? And suddenly near the end her behavior changes drastically when she's like I'm gonna fight for my man.

After I was done with this book the only thing I kept thinking was How am I going to rate this one? I refuse! View all 39 comments. I went into this book with good intentions.

Please note my enthusiastic hashtagging in honour of the Fuentes boys, along with my fellow readalongers, Flannery, Jo and Trinity. Alas, I did not like this book - as the following review states. I expected something similar from Chain Reaction, if a slightly different take on the previous formula of bad-boy meets girl-from-the-right-side-of-the-tracks.

Those were the days.. Reality Luis is basically a hybrid of Alex and Carlos — which makes him what? The Ultimate Fuentes? An intelligent, tough, risk-taking, wannabe-astronaut badass with perfectly ripped abs who sets fire to the underwear of all girls in a 2 mile radius without even breaking a sweat.

His key differentiator appears to be his perfectly spiked hair. Luis sets his sights on Nikki, super-hot girl-from-the-right-side-of-the-tracks- with-a-secret! Throw in some gangbangers, a scabby dog, a game of panty discus, a plot that defies logic, and ridiculousness ensues. Things get straddled.

Mostly furniture, though. Characters make absurd decisions. We are told plenty of things about the characters, but not really shown anything.

Terrible poetry is written. Misunderstandings are rampant. Alex and Carlos bust shit up. Luis gets busted up. Nikki view spoiler [totes a gun and saves the day hide spoiler ]. Carlos cries , which apparently redeems him from acting like a total ass-hat.

Credit where credit is due — I actually liked the beginning of this book. I felt empathy for Nikki and I thought I understood her motivations. I had high hopes. Then everyone started acting out of character and the believability I initially noted went out of the window, along with the plot, apparently.

It feels like a vanilla? Anyway, the moral of the story appears to be: Or something View all 28 comments. Aug 14, Emily May rated it really liked it Shelves: I am terribly sceptical when it comes to books that define themselves simply as 'romance'.

I like romantic subplots in science-fiction, in historical-fiction and in mystery - in fact, in just about anything - but straight-up romance? Can't say I've ever been a big fan. But there will always be exceptions, like Anna and the French Kiss for example. This is one such exception. This is mindless, sexy teenage fun. With emphasis on the sexy.

That cover look steamy to you? Wait until you see what this I am terribly sceptical when it comes to books that define themselves simply as 'romance'. Wait until you see what this has inside. No joke, this book is seriously hot, if you're put off by anything more than kissing and holding hands then you're nothing like me better off finding something else to read. The two main characters are interesting, likeable and relatable especially Nikki , and best of all: I don't know how many times I've read both adult and young adult romances and the characters are all flawlessly charming - though, naturally, Luis is sex-on-a-stick ; Also, this story follows a similar theme to Perfect Chemistry , and probably Rules of Attraction too but I haven't read that one yet.

If you liked the first then you will probably like this book, and personally, I much preferred this story. In Perfect Chemistry I wasn't too impressed with the ridiculously over-cliched characters: Chain Reaction had more original characters.

Luis, a science genius who longs to one day become an astronaut if he can only break away from his family's violent past and gang involvement; and Nikki, a girl who was knocked up and dumped by a guy who left her to join the mexican gangs, and who now fears relationships with boys, particularly those with connections to the 'Latino Blood'. This is definitely my favourite of the two books I've read in the series, though I intend to read Rules of Attraction pretty soon. This book is for those looking for something pleasant and light with an inevitable happy ending.

Many thanks to Lindsey for letting me borrow this: View all 8 comments. Jul 29, Ari rated it really liked it. Edit After reading august I was seriously debating giving this book three stars, but my loyalty to the author stopped me from comitting the crime C'etait genre un peu forcee. And it had un uncanny resemblance to Alex and Brittany's story.

It was still good, and they're were still awww moments, but I think it was the worst one. After you read it tell me what you think, okay? Si Edit After reading august I am gravely disappointed especially since I read the first two chapters Simone Elkeles send me this in an e-mail: The third novel in the Perfect Chemistry series will be about Luis Fuentes, the youngest Fuentes brother. Luis is smart, funny, and has big dreams. View all comments. Oct 11, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: Rating clarification: Altogether a real disappointment.

I guess my expectations were just too high Oh, and the shower stall scene was SUCH a rip-off. View all 18 comments. Wow, could this book be any cheesier? I is disappoint. I remember reading about Alex, absolutely unaware of how my clothes had spontaneously combusted while I was sitting there, completely engrossed and hanging on to every word.

Chain reaction

I re-read certain parts again and again, feeling my stomach to back flips and various other tricks that you only see in a Cirque Du Soleil performance, but Chain Reaction I don't know, I'm still kinda waiting for some reaction. The most exciting thing ab Wow, could this book be any cheesier? The most exciting thing about this book is the cover and that thing is a complete lie. I spent so much time looking forward to this. What a waste.

View all 19 comments. Oct 11, Abbi Glines rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have read all three books in the Perfect Chemistry series. The second one was good but it just didn't compare to the first one. Alex and Brittany were hard to compete with.

A definite must read!!! View all 3 comments. Aug 09, Kaya Dimitrova rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 12, Teodora rated it liked it. Bulgarian review: The final book in Simone Elkeles' trilogy was, of course, cute and lovely but this time it dealt with some even more serious problems.

I really enjoyed the story, i liked Nikki and Luis' relationship, but they are definitely not my favourites. I found both of them a little bit annoying at times, especially when Nikki wouldn't believe Luis when he was obviously telling the truth. I understand why they had these issues, but i still feel lik Bulgarian review: I understand why they had these issues, but i still feel like they could have been dealt another way.

I still liked it though and i will always love the way Simone Elkeles' books make me feel - happy and loved. Jul 27, Kristi rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm sad to see their stories come to an end. I will miss them. If you have not read this series Luis was the brother that you didn't really see much in the first two books, he was there and made a few small appearances but he wasn't what I was expecting.

Luis had always been described as the "smart" brother Luis was a lot more cocky and full of himself, and although that usually turns me away, he had a good heart underneath it all, so you couldn't help but love him. And poor Nikki, she had been through so much she shouldn't have had to deal with at fifteen that you can't help but want to wrap her in a protective cocoon You will love these two characters!

It was difficult to watch Luis and his internal struggle to stay uninvolved with the gang, though it doesn't work out for him exactly as he hoped. Old habits and friendships are hard to break. Their were hints and clues to and and almost confession if I'm remembering right It didn't exactly come out how I was hoping This is just a great series, that I've thoroughly enjoyed reading. I've loved them all! On a side note you should stop by Simone's website and watch the book trailers too!

They are so fun! View all 14 comments.

Sep 07, Alyssa rated it liked it Recommends it for: Hopeless romantics who pray for Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl to just get it on for good. Chain Reaction could have sated my lust for love, and yet, like its prelude, it fell flat in all the important areas.

Luis Fuentes is doing his best to stay on the right path, and when he meets Nikki, the girl with the angelic face and beautiful soul, he thinks his life is finally starting to come together for good. Sounds familiar, right?

Chain Reaction is basically the same thing as its lead ups, but just with different characters and a few plot strings ripped off from Gossip Girl.

He was everywhere with his emotions and thoughts. He is the shady guy Nikki suspects him to be, and a lot of the time I found myself questioning his motives, which was ridiculous because while doing so I was reading from his POV. Because, yeah. When we start off the book, Alex is getting married to Brittany and all is good for the whole wide freaking world.

I got the feeling that Elkeles got stuck in her Hot Boy Wonderland and just decided to ignore how real boys actually speak, because something happened to her male characters that seriously scared me into taking a break from the book.

I think Simone Elkeles has the ability and potential to write solid main characters.

Case in point, Nikki was much stronger and more relatable in comparison to Brittany and Kiara, and I could actually see myself being friends with her. Chain Reaction was romantic, but it was more steamy then anything else.

It was refreshing and fun to simmer in the heat in the chemistry between the characters. This book — nay, this series - could have been so much more, but this trilogy really did make me happy at points and made me a fan of Elkeles.

Something very, very new. View all 16 comments. Feb 21, K. This book is like a really bad last minute paper at the end of a hectic term; when you've used up all your braincells for other essays and exams and you're running out of time but you have to hand something in.

I wouldn't normally bother with a book as bad as this, but I'm shockingly disappointed because I liked Perfect Chemistry well enough. Seriously, though. Chain Reaction might as well have been done in point form, as there is absolutely no supporting evidence of sincerity, both from the char This book is like a really bad last minute paper at the end of a hectic term; when you've used up all your braincells for other essays and exams and you're running out of time but you have to hand something in.

Chain Reaction might as well have been done in point form, as there is absolutely no supporting evidence of sincerity, both from the characters and the author, herself. She tells us everything we need to know, taking no time to actually show us why we should believe her. Luis and Nikki are weak, fleshless, glossed-over characters. There's no reason to sympathize with them. Oh sure, they have problems but the focus veers towards the inane that you just end up wanting the story to end which isn't hard - just put the book down, right?

Let me summarize: Luis is a cocky adrenaline junkie who happens to be a gorgeous, straight-A student with ambitious plans of becoming an astronaut. Nikki is a sexy Latina who volunteers at the animal shelter but who acts like a judgmental bitch to ward people off, especially boys, except it only makes her even more desirable. Luis wants to bang Nikki because he's a "daredevil" and she's a "challenge". Nikki wants to bang Luis "to prove" they have no chemistry and that she can be "emotionally detached" with anyone Furthermore, people don't speak like this.

If anyone pulled any of these lines on me, I'd throw up in my mouth. And the italicized Spanish got old real fast.

It wasn't cute; it was demeaning. Its like the Pavlov effect I'm now damaged goods. Characterization done, onto the plot Plot done, onto the conclusion This book is juvenile, lazy and dispassionate. It does nothing for its genre, offers nothing to its readers and is a disservice to young people.

This paper gets a D, if only for the few funny lines that actually managed to make me snicker. Okay, I just re-read this and think, perhaps, I might have been just a tad melodramatic Jul 19, Sita rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, onto the review So a summary of the book, well I can't be stuffed to write one up, i'm falling asleep at my laptop. And you can read a summary anywhere. So, it basically has the same plot line as the other books in the series, except this one had so many recurring characters.

We got to see how people were going and how everything ended up. I a loved the twists in this book, the romance was by far the hottest out of the whole series. And it just kept you guessing especially at the end. Well now I plan on going to bed because I have school tomorrow.

But what can I say this has got to be the perfect end to the series, it wrapped everything up so perfectly. Did I say I loved it? Aug 12, SimBim added it.

Oh My God, the cover It might be my imagination, but I think my hand is starting to get numb. My foot slips. Then my hand, the one without two puncture holes in it, starts sweating all of a sudden and I lose my grip. I slip down the side of the rock face and hear the gasps and screams of my friends below while I scramble to get a foothold or a hand on something solid.

I figured saying I love you as a conversation starter would be easier than saying I might be pregnant. It was cowardly not to look into his eyes and tell him everything, but saying those three words is a start. I breathe out slowly and gather up the courage to look up at my boyfriend of a year. We lost our virginity to each other a month ago when his parents went to Mexico to visit his grandmother.

Okay, I said I love you. Your turn to say it back, like you whispered in my ear the first time we made love. Well, kinda. I was going for affection and adoration—signs that it was okay to tell him my secret. I wrap my arms around myself. I do expect Marco to say it back to me. The first time he said it was after the homecoming dance back in September.

And my birthday. So many nights I lie alone in my bed and think about how our love will last forever. After school, we usually go to my house and just … be with each other.

And now we might be having a baby.

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How is he going to take the news? Today is the last day of our freshman year of high school before summer break. Marco suggested we go to the beach after school when I told him I needed to talk.

It makes sense, really. The beach is our special place. We had our first kiss on the beach last summer. He asked me to be his official girlfriend there the second week of school. We made snow angels on that same beach back in January when we had a snow day.

Marco has always known guys who were heavily connected.She nods. And my birthday. Until a slow song comes on. I love this aspect of the series! We had our first kiss on the beach last summer. Imeant to knee him where it counts. But she feels a strong connection with Luis. This story needed to be told in Chicago.