Introduction to Computer Integrated Manufacturing. (CIM). 1. Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). 2. Variable Mission Mfg. (VMM). 3. Computerized Mfg. INTRODUCTION: Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) encompasses the entire range of product development and manufacturing activities with all the. INTRODUCTION. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) encompasses the entire range of product development and manufacturing activities with all the.

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PDF | 30+ minutes read | Reviews the wide range of perspectives on the nature, scope and implications of computer integrated manufacturing (CIM). Presents. CIM stands for Computer Integrated Manufacturing. In , Joseph Harrington published the initial concepts of CIM in his book called Computer Integrated. COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING Emir Berk Canpolat Eastern Mediterranean University Term Project Semester: SPRING Name.

The weaknesses and strengths of Industrial Automation in Indonesia Indonesia as a development country has many industry that create goods or service. Implemented automation in industry, especially in manufacturing process make people become easy to do work. It is because in automation, there is a system that can work by machine. The system also had programmed by computer, so it can working continuously.

Automation can decrease labor in line production because it only needs peoples to check in some field in line production. Furthermore, it can decrease the labor. If the industry only needs some labors in a part of line production it can make unemployment. So, it also makes peoples losing jobs. This is can make a negative impact in some labor and this is also weaknesses if we used automation in industry, especially in Indonesia.

Besides, automation has more strength than the weaknesses. If we use automation we will not require a lot of labor. It can benefit a company because it does not need to spend money to pay labor. The use automation also makes working become more effective and efficient.

This is the strength of using industrial automation in Indonesia. The steps to develop industrial automation potential in Indonesia The steps to develop industrial automation in Indonesia are by see the use of automation technology that has been used in enterprises in Indonesia. After that, we can analyze about the advantages and disadvantages of automation technology that had been used and we can compare with the use of automation technology that more better in other countries.

Of these we can improve and develop the automation technology in Indonesia. To develop automation technology in Indonesia, it must fit with the needs and goals that want to be achieved by each company. Management also needs to develop in industrial automation because management regulates all system that work in the industry. Research has to do ith lea i g atu e s la s.

But i dust y has to put atu e s la to o k, and this is where development comes in Moore, Development includes the many improvements in product and process that come out of the day-to-day back-and-forth exchange of information between engineering, sales, and production.

The product also needs to be developed. The product is improved and is standardized, and it becomes dependable in use and lower in price. The concrete examples of its development Automation not only used in manufacturing process in a big industry.

But, automation can be used in our daily life, especially used for equipment that we often used.

The example is automation in orange squeezer. Many people like drink orange juice because it contain C-vitamin that can increase immune system in our body. So, it made our body more health. Before make orange juice, we must squeeze many oranges to get oranges pulp.

Certainly, it need orange squeezer to squeeze the orange. As we know today, many kind of orange squeezer product sell in the market. But, not all of product has a good quality. Not all the product can work effective and efficient. In modern era like today, in Indonesia still many of people that used manual orange squeezer.

If we use manual equipment to fulfill our daily need we will require more energy to finish our work and it need long time to get oranges pulp. Consequently, we must use the technology of orange squeezer that had used machine.

This technology is more effective and efficient than manual orange squeezer. Many technology of orange squeezer that had used machine had been sold in Indonesian market. According to me, the best product of orange squeezer in Indonesia had implemented automation system in working process to get orange pulp. Automation orange squeezer had been used smart elay a d t o oto a d fo it o e e t this e uip e t use DC s oto ith oltage a d AC s motor with voltage.

It seems that automation orange squeezer can limit the time for getting the orange pulp. This equipment can squeeze orange for 30 oranges in one minute. The total power of this equipment is ,47 watt. This orange squeezer is using knife cutter in the middle of machine. It also had a filter place to hold oranges pulp which is paired under the machine. The orange enter into machine pass the top of the machine. Orange peels as waste will fall and will to hold in the place like dust bin where placed in the left and right under the machine.

This is very easily to get oranges pulp and faster than we used manual orange squeezer because we just need to press the ON button or the OFF button on the left side of machine.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Nevertheless, I think this orange squeezer can more efficient if it used the touching sensor. So, if the orange touch a part on the top of machine, the actuator will response and the machine will rotate to work as squeezer.

Furthermore, if no orange which touch the machine, the machine will not rotate. The advantages such as if we forget to press the OFF button in the left side of machine after we use the orange squeezer, we will not worried because it have actuator to response a sensor, so it will stopped.

Then, it will minimize people s o k e ause e o ly eed to put o a ge o the top of machine without press the ON button on the left side of machine. It will be more efficient than we use the ON button on the left side of machine. I think this equipment had used an appropriate technology, because if we see the work system of this equipment, it had worked more effective and efficient.

Industrial automation has been proven can increase the quantity of product, the quality of product, and make working people become easy. The automation technology can work effectively and efficiently.

In addition, the automation technology needs to be integrated to create an ideal system. So, the system able to works in accordance with the desire and goal of the company. Related conclusion to the topic According to the explanation above, we know about what is an industrial automation.

Besides, we also know about the important of industrial automation in Indonesia, how to develop industrial automation, where industrial automation is implemented, and the weaknesses and strength of industrial automation in industry. Furthermore, we know about orange squeezer as the concrete example of industrial automation development.

Orange squeezer is an equipment to get oranges pulp by squeeze the orange. In Indonesia, this equipment has used automation technology that can make people get orange juice easily.

Many ora ges s ueeze s p odu t sold i the a ket. But, every product has different quality and different price. The products of orange squeezer that sold on the market may be not all have a good quality, but there are some products whose quality is good enough and have implemented appropriate technology.

The application of appropriate technology can be seen from the automation system on the device that is able to save electric energy and the material that was used in the product is environmentally friendly. I think automation system improvements can still be made on the device.

The improvement is by using the touch sensor so that users do not need to push the button on the device when it will be used. When we look at in terms of price, high quality products do have a higher price than the product well with medium or low quality.

Hence this device need for innovation to create products with high quality but also has a price that is not too high. Bedworth, David D. Computer-Integrated Design And Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Management. University of Michigan Salvendy, Gavriel.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Handbook

School of Industrial Engineering. Purdue University: Related Papers. By najdat alrawi. By nurlaela sari.

By sushil choudhary. Computer-integrated manufacturing in the chemical industry. By Jalal Ashayeri. By Mahendra Chaudhari. Kochan explains that the importance of data transfer in computer integrated systems. Kochan, D. CAM: Developments in computer-integrated manufacturing 1st ed. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, p. But main area is production areas such as automotive, aviation, space and building industry. Indeed, CIM is also using in design, analysis, planning, downloading, cost accounting, inventory control and materials technology areas.

If there is need to be explain stages of CIM in factory there is tellable ten stages. Stage one is computer aided design, stage two is prototype manufacturing, stage three is cost and production methods calculate, stage four is automatic material orders, stage five is CAM manufacturing, stage six is quality control and virtual tests, stage seven is product assembly using with robots, stage nine is product distribution and finally sending products into markets.

Automated systems. However, only some of them can be easily detected. For example, the development of job quality, more useful information, such as the development of control are intangible benefits that is difficult to determine a specific amount. Some benefits are tangible, but retrieval of the production process and thus benefit from the design phase of the amount of money it is difficult to express them.

There are some of the benefits can be measured directly from the application of CIM systems. Figure 2 shows automoted robots which are makes processes shorter than workers. Required database project time needed to produce similar new products created in with minimizing the time, it will provide competitive advantage in the market.

Design becomes more standard.

Figure 2. Figure 2: Automated robot arms connects body parts of a car. It tells which material is suitable for production, which manufacturing technique should be use in during production process and moreover these softwares can draw out profit and loss charts. As a result, CIM programs decreases production costs in comparison with old fashioned manufacturing techniques.

CIM is also beneficial for the decreasing of maintenance cost. Thereby, maintenance team cannot get any bad surprise if anything goes wrong. Of course, it affects negatively the accuracy of products because human error always be there.

What Are the Advantages of a Computer-Integrated Manufacturing System?

It is an important case because if something measure wrongly in production line it comes with failure and if it effects human life it comes with fatality. In spite of this, CIM is eliminate the human error in production process. It is not a surprise because CIM systems has lots of accurate sensors and measuring system.

It eliminates human errors and make the measurements perfectly. Thus products are producing with high accuracy and precise.

So, high quality products are produce in this way with almost zero error. Big deal of this system is, it has benefits such as rapid mass production. However, CAM has shortcomings need to understand by any engineer or operator. This disadvantage does not mean that you should throw CIM options for a business. But it can influence on the approach to get a product on the market.

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Also if these systems are break down due to the misusage or operator mistake it could be high maintenance values for the user of this technology. Likewise, if the technology failure happen it will affect production line and it can cause halt of production.Furthermore, if no orange which touch the machine, the machine will not rotate.

Big deal of this system is, it has benefits such as rapid mass production.

We can see daily automation process in automatic washing machine, a system of automatic hand dryers, and so on. Material Design, Volume 3, Number 3. Each individual and company needs to adapt the tools described in this book to best effect. Using these kind of programs decrease the cost of production and test.

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