And for all this, they are using Ebook WordPress plugins. These plugins help them in selling books online either in physical form or e-form. Do you want to add ebook downloads to your WordPress site? WordPress makes it easy for you to upload your ebook files in PDF format and make them available for download. The direct Ebook download method allows you to upload your ebooks and add a link to your WordPress site allowing. With E-Paper-plugin you can easily integrate your e-paper (created with FlipViewer Xpress) into your WordPress David Nellessen + active installations.

Ebook Wordpress

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Description. Ebook Store Plugin for WordPress is a tool that allows you to sell, watermark, encrypt and deliver by email and/or download ebooks to your. Ebooks are a great way to learn WordPress in greater detail. With eBooks, you can dig deeper into the functionalities of WordPress and equip. WordPress ebook plugin software enables users convert static PDF into attracive and interatcive eBook plugin in minutes!.

Ultimate Guide: January 1, Updated: May 1, Jump straight to the instructions for the method you need: Method 1 — Create an eBook library with downloadable books, e.

PDF links This is a non-ecommerce option, as people can download the eBooks directly from the list, without having to download them individually.

WordPress eBooks

Method 2 — Build an e-commerce eBook library This is a full e-commerce option, where people can view your eBooks in a table and download each one individually.

They will then receive a protected eBook download link. You can choose between two popular WordPress eBook store plugins: WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Perfecting your eBook library Whether you use Method 1 or 2, use this section to add the finishing touches that will make your eBook digital library a success. Method 1 has two straightforward steps: Use this to create a custom post type for your eBooks: This should be 1 word lowercase, e.

This adds a useful extra field which you can display in the digital library using the WordPress eBook plugin. Tick the options that you want to use to sort and filter the contents of your eBook library. For example, if you intend to organize your eBooks using tags and categories then you need to tick these boxes.

Add each eBook as a separate post in this section of WordPress: Title — add the eBook title to the top of the page. Categories and tags — add any categories or tags that will let people sort and filter the eBook in the digital library. This will probably be an image of the eBook front cover or author.

Content — I recommend using the main content field for adding a downloadable link or button to the eBook. You can display this using the WordPress eBook plugin in Step 2.

This will add a clickable link to the eBook into the content field. The link text will be the filename — you can reword it to anything you like.

Your theme might include a button shortcode that you can use, or you can create buttons using a plugin such as Shortcodes Ultimate. The WordPress eBook plugin can include this as a column in the table.

Method 1 – Create a WordPress eBook library with downloadable eBooks

Create any extra fields for your eBook library If you need to include any additional fields in your eBook then you can do this by creating custom fields and taxonomies. Posts Table Pro Create your eBook digital library or store today! Walter January 3, Reply. Prabhu Ganeshan January 8, Reply. Sajeesh August 14, Reply. Husnain August 16, Reply.

Katie Keith August 16, Reply. Katie Keith November 14, Reply.

WordPress PDF eBook Plugin

Mohammad AlShatreet December 5, Reply. Katie Keith December 5, Reply. Daemon Harry February 21, Reply. Katie Keith February 22, Reply. Dotun March 14, Reply.

Katie Keith March 15, Reply. Cris March 31, Reply. Katie Keith April 1, Reply. Please share your thoughts Your email address will not be published. FAQ What is the flow? How do I use this? Is there a quick guide? Is there any limitation on how many sites I can use it when I upgrade? No there are no limitations.

How does it secure my PDF files? I had a problem with getting my ebook files to upload, and through my own error, we spent like 2 hrs on chat and he walked me through everything.

Even made a video showing how to upload the ebooks by the way when you chose a file it won't upload until you hit the UPDATE button, which in my defense isn't how any else is uploaded on wordpress This man deserves a bonus!!!!

He also has his own hosting company called Motov. I might've even made his X-mas card list this year that as soon as my contract ends with GoDaddy I will be switching.

How to Add Ebook Downloads in WordPress

The display is awful. The blurb is only visible after clicking on the little link which is very difficult to see under the title. And it overlaps the title which makes both impossible to read. Also, the plugin seems to significantly slow down my development environment MAMP.

Title says it all. With all that functionality comes lots of possible gotchas. Fortunately, if you do come into something you aren't sure about -- which happened to me - support was responsive and quick.

The Ebook store plugin was great for us because it integrated with WooCommerce when the time came to expand our store. And Deian the plugin's dev has been incredibly gracious and patient whenever we bring up any issues we see. He makes sure to push the fix ASAP, and we are truly thankful that he is so passionate about his product. Well worth the premium price, if not more!

Thanks so much for all of your continued hard work, Deian! I like to take the time out to say a special thank you to this plugin author and the team behind it. They are really awesome people.

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I had a serious issue and contacted the plugin developer more than once on helping out by adding specific features to the plugin which he has responded positively already implementing one and promised to do the other. The speed of response is another thing and he doesn't even argue just a simple it would be added on update or so. And that's all. Awesome job!!! Best experience with a plugin author yet.

This proved to be an excellent decision. The plug-in works very well. It encrypts our files and adds a QR code to identify each unique downloader to help reduce the risk of online piracy. This is really an excellent plug-in and worth the money to download an upgraded version, which is what we did.

Contributors motov. Interested in development? Changelog 5. Fixed a problem downloading bonus ebooks with woocommerce orders.

Added online reading mode instead of download for woocommerce. Stripe now included for direct credit card payments in Business edition of the plugin, you can find it here: Ebook Store Pricing Added online reader mode.

Automated registration feature for cutsomers so they can re-download their downloads. After WC 3. Added a feature to require specific order status before showing download link for the ebooks on order received page using woocommerce integraiton.

Added feature to delete certain formats Compatibility updates 5. The whole design setting is also on your control.

As for the reading options, Flip PDF allows users to create downloadable ebooks for the readers. It means that the digital ebook are available to read both online and offline. It is said that the key to self-publishing success is to make ebook available on all popular devices and platforms. Also, our digital publishing software succeeds to make WordPress ebook compatible with the most popular platforms. As a result, the readers can enjoy the wonderful ebook across any device without limitation of time and place.

For readers, the best content should be sharable.

By integrating with the popular platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, your page turning ebook can not only be read easily but also be shared conveniently. If your ebooks on the WordPress website is for sale, Flip PDF enables you to protect their commercial value by adding password to specific pages.

If the ebooks involves your privacy, you can add passwords to all pages. In this way, you control the access readers to keep your ebook in safe.You can also select how you want your ebook to be linked. Encrypted Order Link http: If you only want them to be able to find the page containing the table listing your ebooks then it's fine to noindex the individual ebook pages, or nofollow their outbound links. Thank you page template editor, you can redesign it as desired.

Once you have done that please make sure you have filled in your PayPal account where you want to receive the payments. Then you can publish attractive flipping ebook for your website easily.

The Ebook store plugin was great for us because it integrated with WooCommerce when the time came to expand our store. Great instruction, thank you! It comes with 29 training videos that elaborate each of the chapters and a custom WordPress theme to get you started with your WordPress website. WordPress Tutorials 0.