Create your own Germany travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you . booklet Tips for Green Travel in Germany, available as a free download from This self drive guide is aimed at the traveler that enjoys the . Most car rental companies based in Germany will permit travel to other European.

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Visit our website . Looking for the insider's guide to Germany? international stature, sightseeing tours with expert guides, open-air. Budgettraveller's 48 Hour guide to germany is a personal snapshot of some The German Wanderlust is part of the campaign 'Youth HotSpots in Germany. Budgettraveller's 48 Hour guide to germany is a personal snapshot of some night in DJH youth hostels and was travelling by train with Deutsche Bahn.

Aachen provides all the activities you can imagine doing. The town has a history of years, and boasts an impressive castle set on a rocky outcrop.

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download collapsible top hats on Rossplan Square, and baptise your cards at the Skat fountain: it brings good luck! Berlin Official partner Welcome to Berlin - the capital of Germany, which has changed drastically since the Wall came down, commanding global interest as a destination.

Walking through Berlin you will see evidence of different historic periods in a short time, from medieval buildings to the famous sightseeing landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and East Side Gallery. Today Berlin is a young, dynamic metropolis open to the world right in the heart of Europe, setting new trends in architecture, art and fashion.

Discover its diversity — enjoy Berlin! Bremen Official partner Bremen is a picturesque city which is happily situated along both sides of the river Weser. The world famous Beck's Beer is brewed here, and guided tours are offered to visitors year round. With so much to do, see, eat and drink, explore this guide to make the most of your trip to Bremen.. Cologne It is said that natives of Cologne who are living elsewhere always feel homesick, and visitors to this beautiful city will soon understand why.

There is much to do and see in Cologne, and with all the frequent flights and transportation options, getting here has never been easier.

Modern Dortmund is vibrant and cultural, well-known for its excellent shopping, beer and football. But there is another, altogether gentler, side to this former industrial powerhouse. Dortmund has great theatres and cultural centres, a range of fascinating museums and, with half the city given over to parks and gardens, enough green areas to sooth the senses. But Dresden has managed to restore much of its former glory. With 63 percent of its area devoted to woods and green spaces, Dresden is also one of the greenest cities in Europe.

It offers the legendary cheer of the Rhineland with all its quaint traditions in perfect harmony with all the luxuries of a truly cosmopolitan city. You are invited to discover this great city.

Frankfurt Frankfurt is conveniently situated in the heart of both Germany and Europe. Its international Airport, which is directly accessible from all across the globe, is only a few minutes from Frankfurt's main train station, one of the largest in Germany.

Frankfurt is a great walking city, and the vast majority of its downtown destinations may be reached on foot.

There is also a well-developed public transport system, which connects Frankfurt with the surrounding Rhine-Main Region, both quickly and easily. Friedrichshafen Like a sparkling jewel, Friedrichshafen lies on the shores of beautiful Lake Constance surrounded by magnificent mountains. It is believed that southern areas of the city are populated by more sociable and … Read more Munich Local residents are characterized by careful attention to compliance with all regulations and laws.

Respect for law is one of the main national features. Besides this, the residents of Munich are very attracted to new technological developments.

Maps of cities and regions of Germany

They try to get benefits from any new invention; they do not even have time to get used to new household appliances and electronics, as they are quickly changed to more advanced models. Love for technology is amazingly combined with careful attitude to … Read more Hamburg Hamburg DOM festival is known as one of the most exciting events in the life of the city.

This majestic event is very popular among foreign tourists. Hamburg DOM is considered the most entertaining and colorful fair trade in Germany. The holiday is organized three times a year - in the middle of summer, winter and spring.

During the days of the celebration the streets of the city are always full of various funny rides, carousels, beer tents and souvenir shops. Various interesting entertainment … Read more Cologne Cologne inhabitants are known as very punctual and pedantic people.

After this the whole family gathers for the holiday table, and congratulates the main person on this holiday until late at night.

The main cultural event of the city is the Museumsuferfest; this annual festival is visited by about three million tourists. The festival is held in late August.

During the feast all local museums are open until late and invite visitors to interesting excursions. Many recreational activities and colorful fairs are held during the … Read more Dusseldorf Dusseldorf is famous for its enchanting holidays, many of which appeared more than one hundred years ago.

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Dusseldorf carnival is known as the most famous celebration that traditionally attracts tens of thousands of travelers.You can also cash in your traveller's cheques here. Discover its diversity — enjoy Berlin! Frankfurt Frankfurt is conveniently situated in the heart of both Germany and Europe.

Exchanging Money in Germany Currency can be exchanged at most banks such as Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Dresdner that offer fair rates.

It was home to one of the most powerful Roman emperors, Constantine the Great, and later to Karl Marx. download collapsible top hats on Rossplan Square, and baptise your cards at the Skat fountain: it brings good luck!

Berlin, like many cities, offers a card specifically covering museum entry. Regensburg Regensburg travel guide PDF in 6 pages The streets, archways and buildings of this medieval city, which grew from remains of a Roman legionary camp, remain. A documentation centre M-F is included and there are one-hour tours Su Today the charm of Old Heidelberg is combined with a future-oriented and international focus.