InDesign templates save a lot of time. And if they're free, all the better. This list of free InDesign templates covers everything from book and magazine templates. This InDesign template probably is the best choice for your ePubs and The Poetry Book InDesign Template Preview. Download this book cover template for free (your download will include an INDD file for InDesign CS6 and an IDML version for InDesign CS4.

Indesign Cs6 Book Templates

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We create exceptionally beautiful, creative templates for Adobe InDesign. This free book cover template includes a full front and back cover for a paperback or. If you're planning to put together a magazine, book, or brochure, Adobe InDesign is without a doubt going to be your tool of choice. Free InDesign Templates: download professional Adobe InDesign templates. layouts for Adobe InDesign CS2, Adobe InDesign CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6.

Check it out now! It can also be used to create invitations, magazines, newspapers, tickets, portfolios, catalogs, letterheads, and the list goes on.

50+ Best Free InDesign Templates

It is quite interesting that InDesign can also be used to create an e-book and digital publications, that is how it gets easier to read online for the user. It is quite user-friendly and there are many ways on the internet you can use it for. As it gets updated from time-to-time, the latest versions are the best ones to use. Yes, some are not free, but once you download them, you can use them forever and you also get the updates regularly. Research Poster Template Download A research poster is used to summarize the research done so that it can be publicized for the public to know.

Such posters will attract a lot of audiences. You can check Adobe InDesign designs online to get a better idea on what to do.

Download instantly anytime and anywhere.

Event Planning Flyer Template Download Event planning can be tough to plan which is why we recommend having this template at your rescue so that it will help you make a plan that will be of great help. Download this event planning flyer that has a neat and organized design that is pleasing to the eyes. Multipurpose Portfolio Catalog Template Download The above template is a multipurpose portfolio catalog that can be used for any purpose in case you are looking out for a job and are stuck on creating a portfolio for the post.

Download this template as it can be used for any project. One good thing that sets this template apart is that it can be modified in the way that suits the user best. Corporate Magazine Template Download The above template is a corporate magazine InDesign that will be of great help for you if you are creating a magazine for your media house. Use this recipe book cover template to feature your favorite dishes and food offerings.

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Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified on new tutorials and tips about InDesign. I understand and agree to the email marketing terms. Are you hungry, yet? Clear structure for ingredients and step-by-step instructions combined with a lot of space for images.

Your readers will be very hungry when you publish your food magazine using this template. The colors and lettering used in this template give is quite a sophisticated look — it fits an art publication perfectly. Clean, minimalist, and modern. An amazing job that gives you lots of ideas on how to use pictures in your publication. Each page looks astonishing and the content is the main protagonist in this InDesign template. Many different page templates, easy to read typography, a great solution for a landscape magazine.

The lettering and the use of space are measured so that the reader attention is on the pictures. This template works great with art and architecture magazines. Forty pages of layout combinations in this template.

Paperback Book Template

You can use it for almost any kind of publication. Quite text-oriented, the structure of this template reminds me of when, as a kid, I used to wait for my mom at the hair salon and all I had to kill time was: No kids were harmed. Amazing use of the page and the contrast between content and white space add movement to the entire design.

The attention is completely directed to the pictures and the reader eyes are automatically glued to the content. A little more space for text in this layout. The feeling is less art-oriented, and more travel. Use this template to tell a story or about a place.

A layout with a strong personality.

What’s Adobe InDesign For?

Add your text and black and white pictures for an amazing publication. My idea was to not include business cards, but while searching for other templates, I found two templates that I really liked and so here they are. If you can summarize your job with a beautiful picture, this is the template I would choose. Great example of what a corporate flyer needs. Main value proposal in the center, three pluses or insights right below, and your contact information. Are you running a sale or a special promotion?

Is the new collection ready?

This template will help you spread the news. This template works great for any kind of event.

Replace the text and the central image and you are ready to go. This trifold looks very elegant and professional. A perfect start for illustrating your business and your services. Working on a newspaper?

Create your own InDesign templates

Use the most classical of the styles and download this old-school template for InDesign. Modern, with nice layout combinations.

This template is a very nice start for an annual report or a business presentation. Very elegant template. Nice use of the main color, the templates include many combinations of layout that will help you adapt this template to your content very easily.

A very clean and elegant layout that makes your document easy to read.

A perfect template to document the progress of your organization. Very interesting use of lines and geometric forms in this InDesign template.

More dynamic than the reports above, it gives your document more of a magazine look. Dynamic, with several nice combinations of design. It's the perfect template to list your products and show them in context.

Suitable for food, fashion, lifestyle, adventure, property, and many other industries, this template works perfectly to show off your products in a wholesale catalog. A very simple layout that adapts to any need. Its structure makes it easy to use with data merge. See here how to use Data Merge in InDesign.

This catalog template looks wonderful. Very clean, with nice use of space and typography, it can be adapted to many different industries. A clean layout with many ideas on how to use your pictures.

It's the perfect template to use in InDesign for creating a fashion catalog. This template is perfect for those restaurants that offer more traditional fare with a homemade taste. I found these two ideas and I really liked them so I thought about giving them some space in this post.

These two last InDesign templates might be quite helpful if you are a freelance designer or work in an agency.

Creating a document that shows how a website or application will work is a very clever idea. This template has everything you'll need to create an astonishing presentation, make sure everybody agrees on the project and looks more professional.

Brand identity is very important, it ensures that your message will be consistent and have the same look. This template is a nice start for building your brand identity manual, and it gives you a few examples of what the document should contain. Templates are a great timesaver. You can use them as a base for your publication, or you can just gather a few ideas before starting with your own design.Modify presets Before opening a document using the preset, you can modify its settings in the right pane.

These downloads are available as both PowerPoint and InDesign files, and can be used without attribution. How to Change the Fonts in a Document. If you specify an even number such as 2 with Facing Pages selected, the first spread in the document begins with a two-page spread.

Templates Books. And to make editing these templates as easy as possible, placeholder text, placeholder images, and free fonts are all provided.

Free InDesign Templates

This template is designed to give you that smooth and approachable vibe. Yes, some are not free, but once you download them, you can use them forever and you also get the updates regularly. There are no understandings, agreements or representations with respect to the Templates not specified here.