jaiib made simple legal & regulatory aspects of banking JAIIB MADE SIMPLE ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE FOR BANKERS (JAIIB PAPER -2) Version (A . Note: The study material given below are not my own creation but collected from For copying/printing these files, just click on the link or pdf/word/ppt image. JAIIB COMPLETE MATERIAL has members. CAIIB AND JAIIB Aspirants GET The material which kaz-news.info PPB-Short Notes by kaz-news.info

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career forum. Ask the education and career counselors, CCC Material. JAIIB Principles & Practices of Banking - BANKING TECHNOLOGY PDF. Posted on. Teat Yourself based on latest IIBF syllabus for JAIIB examination. I wish you all the best for the written test & hope the study material will help. Clearing JAIIB exam within 15 days is slightly a difficult task. Even if you clear the exam you Study materials Anyways, first you need to download macmillan.

Srinivasan Module A , R.

Malayarasan Module B , V. C, Rao, Asst.

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Glossary prepared by Mr. The author s of the book hashave taken all reasonable care to ensure thatthe contents ofthe hook donot vielate any existing copyright or other intellectaal property right of any person in any anner whasoever.

Retail Banking: Approach, Products, Marketing, etc. Manoj Kumar. Avinash Shahi.

Ankita Joshi. Karthick Csk. Pervez Khan.

Amit K Puri. Premdeep Singh.

Joel Fuhrman - Eat To Live

Akankshi Goel. Adi Swarup Patnaik. Anonymous 5WhnR4n.

Alexander Weaver. Praveen Kumar.

Shobhit Undefined Fundamentally. To know how assistive technology helps blind and low vision people at work place, visit the link. Assistive technology for VI.

Accessibility of Finacle. So, we put together a compilation of actual job roles and activities performed by various blind and low vision persons in banks.

The inputs were gathered from the persons who actually do those job activities. The document is a work in progress and is a potential guiding resource for VI employees as well as sighted managers who are struggling for proper job roles for VI.

jaiib paper

It can be viewd at:. Jobs in banks for vi by vibewa. VIBEWA also focuses on protection for visually challenged employees against unwarranted transfers, removal of illogical impediments in promotions, securing reservation in promotions, provision of adequate disability related allowances like special conveyance allowance, etc.

The minister positively assured to examine the report and issue necessary instructions.

VIBEWA intends to help visually challenged candidates aspiring for banking jobs by disseminating information relating to job notifications, syllabus of entrance examinations, tips for writing examinations and facing interviews, etc.

In addition, through VIBEWA , they will also be able to seek guidance from experienced bankers on passing the exams and facing the interviews.Offer document means an offer for sale and letter of offer in case of a RI. In book-built issue, price cannot be determined until the bidding process is completed.

VIBEWA comprises visually challenged bank employees, those aspiring for banking careers, and volunteers who are motivated to help their visually challenged friends.


Rights Issue is when a listed company issues fresh securities to its existing shareholders as on a t. With the help of their experience, they have carved out the JAIIB and CAIIB study material which is simple and easy to understand even for someone without any background knowledge in commerce.

With this you can attempt the questions and also check the result at the same time.