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Jogo perigoso by Stephen King is Horror Talentoso contador de histórias, Stephen King captura o leitor desde o primeiro instante também. 6 days ago 3. By: Adam Nevill. Jogo perigoso. By: Stephen King. Talentoso contador de histórias, Stephen King captura o leitor desde o primeiro instante. By: Stephen King. Stephen King, ability indiscutible del género de terror, se supera una vez más. En Heaven . Em "Jogo perigoso", é preciso.

We looked at a lot of options, and finding an actress brave enough to take on the roll was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.

Ultimately, we couldn't have been more fortunate than to have Carla Gugino step into the part. She really owns that character, and the whole movie was elevated by her presence. Lilja: Was it a conscious decision to put Henry Thomas, as a lot of people know as the cute kid in E. Either way it works great.

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He is creepy as hell if you ask me. I knew this would be putting him in a very difficult place, and working against decades of goodwill with audiences, but he was perfect for it. I've been fortunate enough to work with Henry a few times now we're doing a TV show together right now, along with Carla Gugino and I was amazed by the work he did in this film.

We would joke, going in, that it was going to destroy his image I think he said at one point that we were going to ruin E. But man, what a wonderful and horrible performance. Lilja: Was it very different to do it for Netflix instead of a theatrical release?

Mike Flanagan: It was, but in a very goo way. Netflix was the only studio brave enough to let us make the movie the way we wanted to make it.

No one else would have had the guts, especially if it had to be put through a theatrical release. Once you go theatrical, you put yourself at the mercy of focus groups and marketing departments who are trying to make the film as appealing as possible to the most people. It's a bummer not to see it in theaters, for sure, but I'm grateful every day that Netflix had the conviction and courage to make the film properly.

Without them, this movie never, ever would have been made at all. Horrifying, hypnotic, terrific. Mike Flanagan: I almost fell off my chair. He can be very tough on his adaptations ask Kubrick and I really wanted him to be proud of the film. Seeing that tweet was one of the biggest fanboy moments of my life. Lilja: If you could pick another King book to film. Which would you pick and why? Mother goose club twelve days of christmas.

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