Liber Azerate (semi-english) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A sloppy Google translation of the currently circulating. az«*a m KHura 51 p 9 \\i\eroc 9 \ Xaoca Contents MLO «Liber Azerate» 3 Traditional anti-cosmic Satanism 5 Litany 7 aeonic Black Magic Liber Azerate: The Book of Wrath​ful Chaos. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it.

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Generated by Foxit PDF Creator Foxit Software For Liber Azerate enables you to find the magic system c MLO, eclectic in its. Download Liber Azerate in English download document. Generated by Foxit PDF Creator Foxit Software For evaluation. Title Slide of Mlo liber azerate [svenska] Liber Falxifer - N.A-A - PDF. Johann Fabián Pereira Castro · English · Español · Português.

But Hitler was immune to the energy directed through it, and the result was arrogance, extravagance, and, ultimately, the fall the Third Reich. The fact that Hitler was influenced by the dark forces also explains why Kabbalah is used by the enemies of Satan's orders, was prosecuted and destroyed under his rule. Therefore, considerable interest to the anti-cosmic Satanists is strategic search elect politicians who in the future would be aeonic suitable candidates for their subsequent use as a point The anti focusing rituals in order to open the gates to the physical chaos.

In the case of Adolf Hitler, it is his personality and his mental ability made him a suitable candidate, and not the political form, which He prizyval. Sama Swastika, a former symbol of the Third Reich, is one of Satan's characters common in the similar form. Left-hand and turned against clockwise sun cross symbolizes the end of creation, and a return to chaos.

This symbol is not directly related to the political ideology of National socialism, but was used by black magicians to communicate with Hitler in order to increase control, and the German people. Therefore, the creation and filling of the power and potential of new aeonic Character is an important part of the work of Satan, which facilitates the direction dark acausal energies. For example, most of the potential symbol is used MLO "Open Pentagram", showing the coming dark aeon.

It has eleven corners, symbolizing and embodying the gates to measure the Wrathful Chaos. Open Pentagram, or "seal of the eleven angles," as well as the character called, is a good example of how a Satanist and prochuvstvovanie comprehension of the famous magical symbol, making full use of its symbolic content can supplement it with other energies, initially he was not inherent.

Liber Azerate in English

It also leads to disruption, transformation and redistribution of the original power flow, the inherent character in the right direction. That is why the Satanist must use the symbol of the coming of the infinite eon in his magical work, and in the decoration of his church, instead of use the old obsolete archetype that can not blend in with the aeonic contemporary work.

Music can also play an important role in aeonic work when Satanist at by the atmosphere and the mood is capable of transmitting voice and feeling in harmony with the dark aeon and adequately embody the new forms required satanic Power for the operation at the causal level. What is not in harmony to chaos, chaos is destroyed. Blessing of the strong - the curse of the weak. All forms have the illusion, but the illusion can be used to release and the full realization potential of the black flame, acting as Tool direction and overcome the boundaries beyond which - immense chaos and pristine.

That's why aeonic black magic is one of the highest forms transcendental magic. Vocamus Te Aeshma-Diva!

We urge you, Aeshma-Diva!. I believe in the fight and in the goal - the end of the aeon, so I'm willing to sacrifice his enemies and, if necessary, their own blood to accelerate the onset of the new century.

I believe in the courage, strength and power, and therefore reject pity, compassion, and cowardice - the shackles of the old Aeon, which hold the weak enslaved. I believe in discipline and loyalty.

For the time our goal - the chaos in our Order order must prevail. I believe in the formula for endless dark aeon Chao ab ordo 4" and foresee the destruction of the ruling of the cosmic order.

I believe in the essence without form and effect without borders, and therefore ready to bring all bloody sacrifice on the altar of freedom. I believe in chaos, the beginning and the end of everything, and recognize his avenger and messenger Satan as the external aspect of my inner strength. Therefore, I praise Satan with all my heart and soul. I am happy to see ahead the final battle and the coming victory.

Hail Satan! Glory to Victory!


Glory to Chaos! For centuries there were thousands of theories pentagram, describes its essence, however, this work does not consider the theory "Ghilik" uneducated of this powerful symbol, but sets itself another purpose - to provide a basic understanding of decagonal sigil Order MLO.

On the exoteric level pentagram can be described as a symbol of the five elements spirit, fire, air, water and land , but on a more esoteric level, it is an amorphous black flame or chaos , the spiritual, mental, astral and physical plans. To understand the particulars and understand cht contains a form and the essence of the pentagram, you have to start to realize: pentagram correctly rotated - Is one in which the beam, symbolizing the spirit, pointing down.

Only on the basis of lack of knowledge and stupidity "pravoputnye" slaves could in the past millennia insist on turning the pentagram signifying the spirit upward, He pointed to aimlessly into the sky, and then have the audacity to call it a pentagram Original form of "inverted pentagram"! The oldest image pentagram found by archaeologists, including ancient Sumer and Egypt were correct images, "black magic" pentagram, whose spirit designating beam pointed downwards.

Drugoe chaos of essential knowledge about the pentagram - how in the five corners pentagram can be placed five "elements". This is shown in the following Image: The five elements that make up the pentagram can be divided into two category. Formed elements are created in the spirit of free the following order: first create a spirit of fire, and it creates the air out of the fire of air and water generated from the water creates finally land.

For each of the emanations of the spirit allocated and spent formless and soulful essentially-filled substance, and the last emanation, the land becomes completely devoid of spirit, completely losing the essence. So there were four "form" element that demiurge used, leading of the Spirit, oppressing, suppressing and capturing an amorphous black flame.

Thus was created a comfortable space where before there reigned an amorphous chaos. Pentagram with its ten corners reveals in himself, as arranged barriers of space and how many there are steps that must be completed for going beyond the formative elements and the liberation of the spirit.

For this potential locked up to ten 10 , should be released by the eleven The fact is that the knowledge of the decagonal sigil, also helps to understand the liberating power of the Eleven Corners is open Pentagram.

The existence of the demiurge and orderly universe - the delicate balance that hangs on the five elements and ten corners. Therefore we can by opening decangular sigil, violate the cosmic balance and direct the energy of chaos inside through eleven angles arising therefrom cognition eleven angles discussed elsewhere separate publications MLO. While the spirit is suppressed by the five elements, which, among other things, symbolize the material and formed, it is still able to have the power to order to control the other four, and change them.

For only the soul is eternal and immortal, while While all formed elements destined eventually be re absorbed and eaten shapeless flame spirit. Through the awakening of the spiritual black flame within us, we can also awaken their power to control or release of all that surrounds us. To be able to finally free the spirit and break all the shackles of the cosmos, we dolzhnyunichtozhat physical and spiritual obstacles demiurge, separating the elements of each other, following our path.

We, the enlightened light of Lucifer, have themselves microcosm, and we are made up of the same five elements that make up the space.

We have have a physical body, which corresponds with the element of earth, we have an astral body, correlated with the element of water, we have a mental body that correlate with the element of air, we have a spiritual body that correlate with the fire element, and, finally, we have a hidden, unformed, driving the inner essence that a black flame that corresponds with the fifth element, which is the spirit.

Our main weapon is placed on the altar, as follows correlated with the five elements pentagram that are both within and outside ourselves. These spiritual, philosophical and magical form - good tools and external tools that are used to focus the Order, the opening of channels and the awakening of acausal nature - chaos, located on the other side of each causal form.

These forms for example, mythology, ideology, rituals, symbols in the MLO works with completely different content than that with which they usually are associated.

Liber Azerate (semi-english)

They form the same methods as the existing form of exoteric, prokosmicheskogo and nedinamichnogo "Satanism" - something that they are the antithesis. This is due to eonicheskoy strategy Black Logos, which partly comes from the creation of dynamic forms of militant neognostitsizma with Satanic overtones. MLO , ,. This is done in order to spread certain ideas creatively strained and terms to be in the foreseeable future to promote darker and more concentrated form of Satanism.

Liber Azerate ,. Liber Azerate - this is the first of eleven books, which should serve the above purpose. Only in the darkness of Satan can we find our inner light of Lucifer!

Incipit Chaos! Ecclesia Tenebrarum Translation Ecclesia Tenebrarum Compared with the linear time-space dimension, chaos is eternal and thus not limited to time, having only one dimension. Space is causal, that is restricted by the law of cause and effect, while chaos is absolutely akauzalen vnekauzualen and free from any restrictions. Chaos this is a permanent establishment in February , is an active and dynamic forever. Chaos was chaos there, chaos becomes simultaneously everything and nothing.

Thus, the chaos - the only true freedom and primal essence out any forms.

In the boundless chaos there any possibilities, among which also present the possibility of space exploration. Part of the chaos surrounding space, is antikosmicheskoy as multidimensionality and the formlessness of the nature of chaos is the very antithesis formed, bounded and causal structure of the cosmos.

That is why the chaos, invading space manifests itself destructive, dissolving and absorbing. Terminating the limited structure and shape of the cosmos, chaos argues instead formless and infinite acausal, which is the beginning and end of everything. Chaos can be found in all things, in the largest and smallest.

Chaos is present throughout the universe. It exists in absolute nothingness, the nothingness, which a man can not even imagine.

Chaos at the same time multi-dimensional and devoid of measurement. It is present time and timelessness, space, and its absence.

MLO Liber Azerate

He - the beginning of everything, everything was created out of chaos. All came out of chaos, it all and nothing simultaneously. Chaos has its own beginning and its own creation, which in its infinite formation creates and destroys.

Chaos - this is zero dimension, and besprostranstvennoe bezvremennue first principle. Zero dimension, which contains in itself all manifested and unmanifested dimension.

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Chaos - the eternal and lawless becoming development that space wants to stop using its limited form. Lawless chaos is not constrained by the laws of causality, stability, and limited structure of the cosmos. With haognosticheskoy standpoint, lawlessness means unlimited freedom outside the shackles of the cosmos. Evolution - a means to expedite the return of chaos, just chaos, while the stagnation - a means of space to keep everything in its limited form, the law and structure.

Our "I" ego, ego formed by the restrictions of space, whereas our "true self" itself, self , the fullness of our being acausal forces is beyond our human form and any restrictions. Therefore, the "true self" is identical to the hidden dark force, which we call the inner black flame.

Consequently, the "true self" - a dark and hidden essence that binds us to the abyss. Looking into the abyss of the "true self, you can find the gates leading into chaos. By opening the gates of the unconscious, leading to the acausal "true self Azoth , you can increase awareness of the "true self" in our existence, to direct the focus point - "I" - the direction of the inner fire of chaos and create a synthesis of "I" and "true I am.

This, in turn, increase the flow of acausal flow in consciousness Atazoth , will open the eyes the dragon and free the multidimensional "true self". Lower spiritual point satanic pentagram symbolizes the "true self", which is constrained and repressed four-forming elements elements , symbolizing the "I" ego.

After the return of four elements in the absorbing flame akauzualnoe spirit of "I" returns to the "true self", which again is released and becomes one with the eternal chaos.Kingu, a top-ranking demon of Tiamat, was captured and imprisoned by Marduk and his forces. Elixir - charged alchemical substance mixed male and female sexual fluids.

I will swear myself to the anti-cosmic gods.

Liber azerate pdf english

Dahak Persian. They are as follows: Energy towers Bearer Nothing sent to the killing of his Satanist causal "I" that in accordance with the will of acausal strengthen the consciousness of the self and create a satanic personality. Zero dimension, which contains in itself all manifested and unmanifested dimension. Satanic Curses! Torches does not agree with everything above, this is not out of any disrespect, but merely stemming from differing ideas.

Jesus represents failure, weakness, and incompetence.