The quintessence of love, Life and Dream on is to make us believe in our dreams . It's about the details of those details of our lives which we really do not care. Love, life and Dream on - Kindle edition by Animesh Verma. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ Love, Life and Dream on is a late about the magic hidden power of love and friendship, the strength of being together with your loved ones. It's a story about the.

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This story takes place in the summer so time is abundance for Abby to explore new things and take care of her family. This book is very well written. I love how Abby sat down with her family and brainstormed together a list of challenges.

The challenges that Abby face can be relatable to many readers. Read this book if you are looking for motivation! Just read it for sarcastic humor because they are great!

Many thanks to the author Kasie West, publisher HarperTeen, and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review. Please be assured that my opinions are honest. Is this now my favorite Kasie West book????

View 1 comment. Nov 24, Jen Ryland rated it liked it Shelves: I loved Kasie West's pararnomals but have had mixed results with her contemporaries. Sad to say that overall I thought this was just okay and that some aspects of it really bothered me. Abby is secretly in love with her best friend Cooper. A year ago she told him this, but when he didn't seem to return her feelings, she quickly claimed she'd been joking.

Now she hangs around him all the time, silently pining. Abby's also an artist who's hoping to get her work included in an upcoming art show. Wh I loved Kasie West's pararnomals but have had mixed results with her contemporaries.

From where i cn download free pdf/ebook name "love life and dreams on" by animesh verma?

When the director of the show tells her that her work is technically proficient but flat and lifeless and that more life experience will make her a better artist, she takes his advice very literally. She and Cooper make a bucket list for the summer.

On the positive side, the book had some subplots and secondary characters that I appreciated. Abby's dad is deployed and her mom is agoraphobic, and Abby worries a lot about all this. Abby also has a great relationship with her grandfather. On the negative side, Abby and Cooper's relationship had a dynamic I didn't enjoy.

On the surface, their friendship seemed so cute. I just thought the 1 thing on their bucket list should have been "spend the summer apart. I'm not always anti-triangle but this was a case where I thought some of the people involved were badly treated. I was very disappointed that Abby and Cooper got together in the end. Cooper was cute and charming but I felt zero chemistry between the two of them.

The story never let us see their relationship grow from friendship to love. The low point of the book for me was the scene where Iris calls Abby out for sabotaging her relationship with Cooper and Abby tells Iris that "getting on my bad side is not a smart move" then forces Cooper to ditch Iris in the shake shop. I just wish Abby had shown a little more of it.

Abby's bucket list did help her break out of her comfort zone, which was great. But I would have been able to root for Abby more- romantically and as a person - if she had taken her own growth a few steps further. As mentioned in the spoiler above, I saw some behaviors in her that I found disturbing and that seem to go unacknowledged in the story.

Read more of my reviews on JenRyland. I received a free advance copy of this book from the publisher for possible review. View all 10 comments. I really don't know that I counted this as a romance Like it was for me. Oh yes, you heard me correctly. Grandpa went straight to the kitchen sink when he walked in the door and began scrubbing his hands with soap and water. Is that a young-person phrase for something earthmoving? Has your earth moved, Abby?

This story bothered me if only because I felt like it was too breezy. Too easygoing. Our MC was essentially a doormat and it bothered me on a personal level. Or this amount of hatred toward Cooper. So maybe this would help me paint emotion.

And not the good kind of pain, the kind that makes you cringe. Everything felt short, the list too contrived, the list moments almost a backdrop… But to get through these painfully awkward moments, there was sarcasm. It was cute, it was witty, and it was right up my alley.

I actually even laughed through the whole book, to be honest. I love when I can identify with the main character in this way. But, sadly, it wasn't enough. I wanted to be done. And I wanted more. But then, out of nowhere, our spineless heroine grew a pair and became my own personal version of a female YA contemporary hero. But anger still glowed in my chest like an evil that needed to be exorcised. Then there was true pain-out of nowhere. It was real. It was raw. It broke my fucking heart-because I felt it.

I felt every emotion she felt. And frankly? I didn't know what I wanted to happen. Did I want a HEA? Did I really??? I have never felt this emotion. My stomach was in knots-HUGE knots. My heart twisted beyond comprehension and I couldn't get the bitter bus to go away.

I just I felt like this book , out of nowhere, grew its spine , right alongside our sappy, lovesick, clueless MC. This book may have been about a list of firsts Come on, now. It was a real deal definitive end. And I loved it.

But, hey. Still a short end…but I kinda tend to like those rather than long drawn out endings that prolong what's supposed to be a short story I want caffeine. You said it quite dramatically, in fact. And then you said, keep me honest, Cooper. Imagine how booked they are for that day. But quartets, I think.

Unless they can only sing patriotic songs. Then the cats. And I never ignore what my heart's praises sing. You owe me. I owe you nothing. He sent me back the pile of poop emoji and I laughed.

Eh…I folded. I folded like a cheap hooker the minute my heart melted-and that's all there is to it.

Love, Life And Dream On

His face went serious. I feel very played I lost. My heart won and Kasie West stole my heart [again] after a couple years of waiting for her to reappear like her old self. I thought she and I were parting ways, but alas-She is here to stay. And I don't mind that one bit. For more of my reviews, please visit: That was so dang cute! Kasie West is the queen of YA romances, I always enjoy her books. This is the perfect escapist novel! Be sure to read it if you want a break from reality like meh!

Feb 19, Jiana rated it liked it. That was so cute! But also boring. Also, I love Cooper Wells. Aaaand this book did not cure my slump. How sad. I am in a slump. Therefore Kasie West will cure me from said slump.

Buddy read with Critical Reader. View all 11 comments. If I haven't been distracted by other books, I would have finished this last month.

I'm desperate for a fluffy read after finishing two consecutive emotional books. Anyways, I haven't kept up with Kasie West's books and you all know I adore her books so much. Love, Life and the List is by far the chunkiest book she has ever written.

It's a good contemporary book but I had issues with it. I wasn't a fan of the protagonist, Abby Turner. She's immature and sarcastic. She's quite annoying but I guess If I haven't been distracted by other books, I would have finished this last month.

She's quite annoying but I guess I had a wrong impression on her sarcasm for being disrespectful. Abby is a painter who wants to be part of the art show in the art gallery she's working with. Her artworks are rejected for lacking depth. So she created a list that'll help her find inspiration for her future paintings. I really like her character development and I appreciate it. The let down of this book is her best friend and crush, Cooper Wells.

He's my least favorite hero among Kasie West's books. It took a while for him to declare his feelings and I feel like he strings Abby along. I felt bad for her and I wish she picked Elliot over him.

Though he groveled and redeem himself, I'm still turned off by his actions. Final rating: Cooper, the boy she professed her love to the summer prior but then brushed it off as a joke to save embarrassment at his daunted face.

To make matters worse she has been told that her paintings lack heart. In an effort to add more life to her art, she compiles a to do list to help inspire her work.

Through the list she learns more than just her love for her family and friends is needed for inspiration, but also to experience feelings outside of her comfort zone. The Story I am sucker for the in love with your best friend trope.

Okay, I am a sucker for a lot of those cheesy tropes, who am I kidding. Needless to say I adored this book. But, there is something to be said about a book that can make me shed a tear. I have cried in three other instances that I can think of: I mean it was, but ultimately, Abby was trying to enhance her skill as an artist. Unfortunately, there was a small thing about this that really irked me, which I will talk about later.

I am always happy to see characters having development by reaching outside of their comfort zone, especially when the means are within reason. The Characters The characters in this book thankfully acted their age….

Though there were many instances when I thought he was a tease and HAD to know what his friendly touches met. This is supposed to have two more standalone books that accompanies this one that has some of the same characters, and I am really hoping that Elliot gets his own story in the spin offs. The fact that she kept in contact with her dad so much while he was deployed was really sweet.


The banter she had going with her grandpa was super endearing as well. In fact he was one of my favorite characters in the book. With that, she was also willing to include said new friends with her new friends as well. There was at one point a part where the book could have gone incredibly petty, and I am really glad that Kasie steered clear of that.

For being a millennial you would think she would understand the concept of selling her art online, specifically on sites such as Etsy. I kept thinking to myself, is this really necessary? For example, we do not need extra play by play in some scenes. For example: Then I patted dry with a hand towel. Those two sentences were not necessary. This is just one small example. And for once I finished before her. Blog Bookstagram Instagram Twitter Nov 15, Stacee rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was exactly what I wanted to read.

I love their snark and banter and her art and his goofiness. Plot wise, it was slow enough for me to savor and quick enough to satisfy. I loved the idea of the list and how everyone in her family wants to help. Her grandpa is espec This was exactly what I wanted to read. Her grandpa is especially sweet. Overall, it was classic Kasie: HarperTeen Publication Date: December 26, Rating: ARC sent by the publisher Summary from Goodreads: Everyone knows Abby Turner is in love with her best friend, Cooper Wells.

Including Cooper Wells. She is determined to change his mind and earn her way into the upcoming exhibit at the gallery. When Cooper decides to complete the list along with her, she realizes this list is expanding her heart in more ways than one.

Maybe she needs to start another project. Love, Life, and the List is about a girl who, in an effort to bring more emotional depth to her art, compiles a list of soul-stretching experiences to complete with her best friend—a boy she also happens to be in love with. What I Liked: I'd seen early reviews of this book and for some reason, I thought I wouldn't enjoy the book. I've read all of West's books. It was sweet, thought-provoking, and very shippy.

Abby has the whole summer ahead of her, and she plans to work at the art museum, and hopefully ask the director to feature her paintings in an upcoming exhibit gallery for which she technically doesn't mean the requirements. But Mr. Wallace tells her that while her art is good, it lacks "heart". And so begins the Heart List, which includes ten things that Abby will try to do give her more experiences and depth. With the help of her best friend Cooper, who she has been in love with for years, she hopes to gain new experiences to be able to improve her painting, so she can paint five new paintings for the exhibit - if Mr.

Wallace lets her feature her work. But in trying to expand her experiences, she also opens her heart. This is probably West's longest novel, clocking in at pages. It takes place over a summer between junior and senior year of high school.

Abby is one fourth of a friend group, including herself, Cooper, Rachel, and Justin. Rachel is off to Europe with her family, and Justin is doing religious work in South America, and that leaves Abby and Cooper. This sounds great in theory, except a year ago, Abby declared her feelings for Cooper So she played it off as a joke and a year later, they are still friends.

But the more they hang out, trying to cross things off her Heart List, the more she feels herself falling for him like she ever stopped to begin with. Abby is driven by her desire to want her artwork showcased in the exhibit, despite her not meeting the age requirement. I liked seeing this drive in a Kasie West heroine - oftentimes, the heroines are kind of go-with-the-flow, not terrible driven. Not wrong with that, but it was nice to see things shaken up, even if Abby was laid back in various regards.

I liked Abby; her determination to improve her painting was really respectable. Her persistence in getting her work showcased was admirable. And her ability to stay friends with the guy she has been in love with for forever - very remarkable. Abby has the trademark sarcasm and wit that most West heroines have.

She is hilarious and definitely someone I would get along with. I love her interactions with Cooper. Both of them are witty and funny, and their senses of humor mesh well. It's so clear that they are meant for each other! They make great friends but they care about each other so much, and they get along so well. I love seeing that kind of friendship but it's even more fun when that kind of friendship becomes more. I suppose, in terms of the romance, you can kind of infer what happens here.

There's unrequited love on Abby's part, as Cooper sort of shut her down a year ago, with everything he could have said but didn't. Abby wants to get over Cooper but he always had a hold on her heart. This was a bit heartbreaking to watch because I've so been there with a former best male friend, and I know how it hurts. Still, I found Cooper and Abby's friendship really fun and sweet, and to me it always seemed like they had great chemistry. I thought Cooper was fairly swoony!

Even if he did have his mouth shut during the entire book, in terms of the romance. I won't say more on the romance but I promise it's cute! It's very slow-burn and definitely worth the wait.

I had a feeling things would work out as they did and I'm not complaining. There isn't a ton of drama in this book, though there were times when I wasn't sure how the romance would end, or how the book would end in general. Trust me when I say that any "drama" in this book is very minimal and doesn't affect the romance. As with most of West's books, there are some "tough issues" in this story that are important but don't bog down the story.

Abby's mother deals with anxiety and it becomes a key point in the book, when Abby's mother does something that ends up making Abby really upset. I thought West wrote about the mental disorder well, and the resolution was good too.

I loved the ending! It's so sweet. Things work out for Abby, for the Heart List, for the paintings, for her relationship with her mother, father, and grandfather, for her friends. I have no complaints about the ending! I love a good HEA. What I Did Not Like: I always want more physical swoons in West's books!

I think that's something that I always say in my reviews of her books. No one does swoony contemporary romance like she does! But I always want more kissing. Would I Recommend It: I really enjoyed this book and I definitely recommend it! I didn't have issues with it like some others might have. It's a sweet, swoony read and I breezed right through it so it's also a quick one.

I was so relieved when I liked it because I didn't want to feel meh about yet another West book! My faith is restored!

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I absolutely cannot wait to read more by West, like Listen to Your Heart. I believe there will be books to follow this one Love, Life, and the List that feature crossover characters, so I'm excited about that! Hopefully Rachel, or Justin, or Lacey, or Elliott.

Or some combination of them! This was rlly fluffy n cute n sweet. Like almost too much. It's about summer and teenagers and best friends and art! It was fun. Abby was a cool chick! She actually had a personality and hobbies! And best of all she acted like a real seventeen year-old. They all did!

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