Outgrowing your accounting software? Read the Microsoft Dynamics e-book that helps small and midsized businesses evaluate ERP solutions. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete and robust ERP system that is accompanied by a comprehensive set of development tools. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application used in all kinds of organizations around the world.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. David A. Studebaker. David Studebaker is Chief Technical Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV Kindle Edition. Been using Navision for about 12 months and need to find a book or e-book / en-us/training-courses/introduction-to-microsoft-dynamics-navr?l= . Get this from a library! Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV [David Studebaker] -- Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Related Tags. Renowned for its challenging learning curve, Dynamics NAV is a complex piece of software with a unique design structure and, for developers learning to modify or enhance it for vital business purposes, the task can sometimes be overwhelming.

This book will ease you through the complexities of NAV application development. You will learn the skills and develop the confidence to tackle your own critical NAV applications. This book will act as your experienced NAV programming mentor, helping you to become productive as a NAV developer much more quickly.

From basic NAV terminology and concept definitions, through the essential building blocks of NAV data structure and objects, you will gain an understanding of the fundamental underlying concepts of NAV. You will learn practical details about NAV object construction and the tools available, including the Table, Form, and Report Designers.

A section on software design for NAV is provided along with tips for efficient design of a new NAV application or enhancing an existing application. With its comprehensive collection of NAV information, this book is not only designed to help you learn, but can act as a reference as well. Chapter 2 focuses on the top level of NAV data structure, tables and their structures.

You will work your way through hands-on creation of a number of tables in support of an example application. You will review most types of tables found in the out-of-the-box NAV application.

In Chapter 3 , you will learn about the basic building blocks of NAV data structure, fields and their attributes, data fields that are available and field structure elements properties, triggers for each type of field. In Chapter 4 , you will review different types of forms and work with some of them, and review all the controls that can be used in forms.

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You will learn to use the Form Wizard and have a good introduction to the Form Designer. You will expand your example system, creating a number of forms for data maintenance and inquiry.

Also, you will experiment with some of the tools and continue to expand your example application.

Chapter 6 will help you learn about the General Object Designer Navigation as well as more specific navigation of individual Table, Form, Report Designers. In Chapter 8 , you will review a number of tools and techniques aimed at making the life of a NAV developer easier and more efficient.

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