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Alexander Hansal. Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Installation and Management. Packt Publishing, - p. - ISBN: Install, configure. Online Source Download and Free Ebook PDF Manual Reference. Oracle-siebel-crminstallation-and-management-alexander-hansal. Ebook Pdf Oracle Siebel Crm 8 Installation And Management Alexander Hansal contains important information and a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf.

You should have a basic familiarity with Portlet Factory version 6. That are available on most Siebel 8 systems. If Siebel could be visualized as human body then configuration has to be the. November20, at 8: 33 pm. How to learn Siebel Open UI? In this website you will find most of the topics you need to get started with developing SiebelCRM. Choose topics starting from basics of Siebel CRM to.

The Sybase database engine is delivered as part of the Siebel client installation. Installing with administrative user rights The user account that is executing the Siebel client installer must have administrative privileges on the Windows machine. The way to set these rights differs depending on the technology used for user administration and the version of Microsoft Windows.

Basically, the user account must be a member of the local Administrators group. This can be achieved by adding the user to the group in the Microsoft Windows Computer Management console or by temporarily granting administrator privileges when prompted at the time of installation.

Internet Explorer security settings Apart from having the appropriate version of Microsoft Internet Explorer available on the client machine in order to run the Siebel client in High-Interactivity mode, we have to verify the correct browser settings.

Because the Siebel High-Interactivity mode relies on ActiveX technology, we must adjust the browser's security settings in a way that allows automatic download, installation, and execution of ActiveX controls. The easiest way to do this is to add the local machine's host name to the list of trusted sites. The trusted sites, security level should also be set to Low or Medium-low. In addition, we should take care that popup windows are allowed for web pages that originate on the local machine.

If our company does not deploy any of this special functionality, installing the JRE becomes optional. The version of the JRE should be current but at least 1. Adjust settings and download and install additional software if necessary. Additional software recommendations Depending on how our company has implemented its business processes, several other software products might have to be installed on the client machine.

The following table describes some additional software products that might be needed to allow end users to complete their business processes: For working with Word documents generated by the Siebel Document Server or attached to Siebel records.

For working with data downloaded from Siebel list applets. To enable client-side integration between Siebel CRM and Outlook to synchronize calendar and contact data. The above list is not complete. Depending on the business decisions, other software installations might become mandatory.

The process of downloading and extracting Siebel CRM software installation images is described in Chapter 2. While Siebel CRM versions 8.

When we select "Mobile Web Client", the installer asks for the host name of the Siebel Server where the Synchronization Manager component resides. When we select "Developer Web Client", additional parameters such as the database vendor and database server connectivity information are required. We must emphasize here that even if we intend to use both the Siebel Mobile Web Client and the Siebel Developer Web Client on the same machine, we only have to run the installer once.

In the following we will describe the installation process for the Siebel Developer Web Client and above. We start by double-clicking the oui. The following table provides details about the installer's dialogs and example parameters. During the installation, we will select "Developer Web Client" as the client type.

Later in this chapter, we will learn how to apply the necessary configuration settings to be able to use the client as a Mobile Web Client. The directory should already have been specified in the planning document. Verify that all checks are passed successfully. These values come from the planning document.

This value comes from the planning document. Enterprise Server: This is a logical Siebel server name, not a host name. Click Install. When the page displays The download is complete we can close the browser window.

An important detail of the Siebel Client installer is that it launches the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser during the installation process. The browser is directed to the predeploy. The purpose of this file is to download and install the preconfigured ActiveX controls. Administrators can modify the predeploy.

The file can also be used to prepare end users' workstations or laptops for the Siebel Web Client if their user accounts do not have the necessary privileges to download and install ActiveX controls.

In such scenarios, administrators would have to provide a script that runs with administrative privileges to open the file once the Siebel client installation is complete. The next verification step is to launch one of the application shortcuts.

The login dialog should be displayed. The Connect to dropdown box allows us to select from a list of predefined data sources. Note that logging in to the Server data source requires a complete installation of the Siebel database as described in Chapter 4. If any prerequisites such as browser security settings are not properly met, messages might pop up indicating the necessity to download and install certain ActiveX controls.

We should allow these interactions and adjust the browser security settings as described above to avoid this behaviour in the future.

Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Installation and Management Book

The following screenshot shows the correctly loaded Siebel Pharma application in Microsoft Internet Explorer: Note that the site icon in the lower right corner of the browser's status bar indicates that the local machine is a member of the Trusted sites security zone.

If the verification fails because of database connection problems often indicated by a Wrong username or password message we must verify the installation of the RDBMS client software and the entries in the Siebel Client configuration file.

The next section describes how to access and modify the configuration file.

If this is the case, we must verify the browser settings as described earlier in this chapter. Using the information provided so far in this chapter, install and verify the Siebel Developer Web client on your demonstration machine. In order to test the Developer Web Client, you will need to have a complete Siebel server database installed as discussed in the previous chapters. About the Siebel Client configuration file When we right-click and select Properties on the Windows start menu shortcuts to inspect them more closely, we find that in each of the shortcuts that launch a Siebel application the same executable siebel.

The difference between the shortcuts lies within the path to the configuration file with a. Each Siebel application has its own configuration file.

For example, to invoke Siebel Sales we would need to point to the siebel. We can open the configuration files with any text editor of our choice in order to inspect or modify them.

Before applying major modifications, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the file. The following screenshot shows the epharma.

The ApplicationTitle and ApplicationSplashText parameters define the text in the browser's title bar and the login dialog respectively.

Next, we will discuss one of the most important sections of the configuration file, namely the [DataSources] section. About configuring data sources for the Siebel client The typical preconfigured configuration files for Siebel clients contain four data source definitions, which are listed in the [DataSources] section.

The following screenshot shows the [DataSources] section of a Siebel client configuration cfg file: For each entry in the list, a separate section named after the text to the left of the equals sign exists below this section. The text on the right-hand side of the equals sign is displayed in the login dialog as values in the Connect to dropdown box.

The following table describes the default data sources and their purpose: When this data source is selected, the client is called a "Mobile Web Client". Default data source to the preconfigured Siebel Sample Database discussed later in this chapter. The sample database is a Sybase database as well. This connection is configured during the installation of the Developer Web Client and allows for connecting to the server database defined in the installer dialogs.

When this data source is selected, the client is called a "Developer Web Client". Enables the Developer Web Client to connect to the Siebel Gateway Name Server to give developers and administrators access to the Siebel enterprise configuration and management data.

Configuring the Local data source for the Mobile Web Client In order to enable a fully operational Mobile Web Client, the following parameters in the [Local] section must be set correctly: The other parameters can usually keep their default values.

The following screenshot shows the correctly configured [Local] section of a Siebel configuration file as an example. The ConnectString parameter points to a path where the local database will be created during initialization of the Siebel Mobile Web client.

Creating local databases will be discussed in a later chapter. The following parameters must be correctly set in the [ServerDataSrc] section of the Siebel configuration file to accomplish connectivity to the server database and the file system: SqlStyle A database vendor specific identifier.

The user must have read and write permission on the network share. PrimaryEnterprise The name of the Siebel Enterprise. This allows us to access data in the Siebel server database and the Siebel File System even when the Siebel server infrastructure is not available. Siebel server administration scenarios will be discussed in a later chapter. Setting up additional data sources As a member of a larger Siebel CRM implementation project, we might feel the need to connect the Developer Web Client to different server databases, such as those that support the development, testing, training, or production enterprises.

This can be accomplished by simply copying the existing [ServerDataSrc] section and renaming the new section. The name should reflect the purpose, so we could think of a new section named [TestDataSrc]. We must also register the new section in the [DataSources] section where we would add an entry like the following: In the new data source section, we must adjust the following parameters to point to the correct server database.

Integration Platform Technologies: For Oracle databases, we set this parameter to a valid TNS name entry. This parameter must be set to the name of the table owner user for the Siebel database. The following table entails the correct settings for the different support database products: To bypass the login dialog and to launch certain application configurations faster, we can create Windows shortcuts or batch command files.

This will be discussed in the following section. The following table lists the most important parameters and provides examples: The value to the left of the equals sign must follow the parameter. Useful if Microsoft Internet Explorer is not the default browser on the machine or to test Siebel Standard Interactivity applications with browsers other than Internet Explorer. The respective language pack must be installed.

Only to be used under specific circumstances. This parameter is supported in Siebel and above. It allows running the siebel. Additionally, the SQL statements generated by the application will be written to a text file in the D: Use the techniques described in the previous section to create useful Windows shortcuts to Siebel applications on your desktop. Installing the Siebel sample database Oracle provides a sample database that allows us to explore and evaluate Siebel application functionality and usage scenarios.

This database is delivered as a Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere database, which is the same type used for local databases for Mobile Web Clients. For the purposes of evaluating the standard Siebel application functionality against a set of sample data, it is sufficient to install the Siebel Mobile or Developer Web Client and the Siebel Sample Database.

No other software installation such as Siebel Server or database software is necessary. The Oracle Siebel Business Applications Bookshelf Documentation Library contains the Demo Users Reference document, which unveils the various predefined user accounts and roles that can be used for evaluation or training purposes.

The Demo Users Reference document for Siebel 8. After extraction, we can locate the install. The following table describes the procedure of installing the Siebel Sample Database.

It is worth mentioning that the sample database can only be installed after a Siebel client and the installation folder must be identical to the client's root directory.

English Click OK. In the Destination Folder section, click Browse and navigate to the Siebel client installation directory.

Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Installation and Management Book

Unselect Sample Search Index. The installer will create a new Windows start menu folder with demo shortcuts. Leave the installer window open and wait for the process to finish. The following screenshot shows the Windows start menu generated by the Siebel Sample Database installer English and German language packs were selected.

More shortcuts can be created manually using the technique described in the previous section. The demo shortcut command lines use demo user accounts to provide the launch of the application at a single click. The demo user Marion May is logged in automatically. The following screenshot shows the home page view for Marion May in the Siebel Marketing Demo application.

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Are you sure you want to claim this product using a token? Alexander Hansal August Quick links: What do I get with a Packt subscription?

What do I get with an eBook? What do I get with a Video? Frequently bought together. Learn more Add to cart. Paperback pages. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introducing the Siebel Web Architecture. Chapter 2: Planning and Preparing the Installation. Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Configuring the Siebel Web Server Extension logical profile. Verifying the successful Siebel Enterprise server installation. Installing and configuring Siebel server software in unattended mode.

Chapter 5: Verifying the successful Siebel Enterprise Server installation. Chapter 6: Installing Siebel Client Software. Prerequisite software and configuration settings for Siebel Web Clients.

Chapter 7: Installing Ancillary Siebel Server Software. Installing and configuring the Visual Mining NetCharts server.

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Chapter 8: Special Siebel Server Configurations. Chapter 9: Siebel Server Management. Chapter User Authentication. User Authorization and Access Control.Creating local databases will be discussed in a later chapter. In earlier versions of Siebel CRM, it was also referred to as "Dedicated Web Client" and many developers refer to it as the "fat client".

Remember Roaming? All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property. This value comes from the planning document. Deep Learning. Another benefit of this book is that it teaches administrators how to establish system monitoring strategies to identify and avoid performance bottlenecks.

As this chapter discusses the installation of both varieties of the Siebel client software, we try to distinguish them as follows. The following screenshot shows the Oracle Universal Installer dialog for specifying the home details for the patch installation: