Katy Evans’s USA Today and New York Times bestselling series strips away everything you’ve ever believed about passion—and asks the dangerously enticing question, “How REAL is what you feel?”. Praise for Katy Evans and REAL Remington Tate, the unstoppable bad boy of the. Katy Evans. Nenhuma oferta encontrada. ISBN ISBN Ano: / Páginas: Idioma: inglês. Editora: Gallery Books. Get Free Read & Download Files Ripped Real 5 Katy Evans PDF. RIPPED REAL 5 KATY EVANS. Download: Ripped Real 5 Katy Evans. RIPPED REAL 5.

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Ripped (Real, #5) by Katy Evans - Goodreads — Share book Ripped (Real, #5 ) RIPPED (Real #5) - Katy Evans - PDF Free Download. The fifth book in the. Ripped book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The fifth book in the New York Times new adult series that began with Real. ripped (real, #5) by katy evans ripped (the real series) by katy evans pdf list of the real hustle episodes - wikipedia ripped the real series book 5 - paperbagore.

He left anyway. Mackenna was a secret, you see. Especially not my mother. He knew it. I knew it. But we always managed to see each other anyway. As far as I was concerned, he was it for me, and I for him.

He was my best friend too. My world broke when I heard he left Seattle. I thought that with his absence, the wound would heal. But the wound is still there.

I gave the motherfucker everything that was in my young, stupid heart to give, and he ruined me. Well, fuck him. He and his mashers are in town and everyone is going. Bach, Chopin, the masters. The result is a rock band symphony that runs through your body and curls your toes. And if you add in his vocals. People choose to fall in love because it makes them feel good.

Love makes them feel protected, safe. Not me. I choose hate. It makes me feel good. Protected and safe. Hating him is all that keeps me sane. I can still feel something. I am not yet dead, because I can feel this hate corroding me.

Stopped me from being the woman I could have been. He was my first love and my first everything, including my first heartbreak. The tickets are expensive. I spend most of what I make helping my mom care for Magnolia. But three little clicks on site is all it would take. Three little clicks and I can go up that last notch of debt on my credit card and see this asshole again, in the flesh.

Totally worth it, I decide, and go online and download two of the most expensive tickets site has to offer. Opening my calendar, I find the day and mark it with an X. Get ready, asshole. Not if I can help it. I liked red, and I liked blue, and somehow really liked yellow. Hot pink and purple were good too. But then colors began making fun of me. They felt too happy. So nothing could have prepared him for the blatant hatred in her eyes, or her unrepentant desire to humiliate him in public.

Let alone her willingness to agree to go on tour with the band in an effort to humiliate him even further and keep giving him hell. My nightmare, my dreams, my walking, talking fantasy. You already took it. You took it, and now I have nothing left to give to anyone. They were full of contradictions and the holes in their character development stopped me from enjoying their story.

Or often make sense of it. And even returning characters from previous books acted oddly and did not seem themselves at all. The flow of the entire book is splintered by rough transitions, awkward random monologues that felt repetitive and unnecessary, and by obvious gaps in the story itself, greatly affecting the smooth pace and progression of the storyline.

Personally, it felt to me like this particular scenario had all the foundations for a great, unforgettable story, and it kept building itself up, more and more, but continuously failing to capitalise on everything it built up, and eventually crashing down like a house of cards without even offering the reader a true climax. I wanted to love this book, I would have been happy even just liking this book, but I found myself unable to do so because this story could have been so much more.

Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! site US: View all 7 comments. Nov 12, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: I know there are a lot of negative reviews towards the Real series. I get it, many thought it ended and why do spin-offs? Well, I love additional characters. I love reading not only new characters, but different ones. Summary 6 Years ago Pandora and Mackenna had a crazy relationship. Mackenna is now a famous sexy rocker and his band is in town.

Pandora is going to the concert …. For revenge. Mackenna and Pandora had a plan. They would met up and go off to the sunset together, but Mackenna never shows up.

I feel for Pandora. I would be angry too. He took her V card! So she wants to show up at the concert and she does, but when she leaves, she leaves signing a contract. She now is going to star in a reality movie with Mackenna. Crazy right? I really like the plot. He plays for a band called Crack Bikini I know I cringed a little too , he smokes e-cigarettes, wears make-up and wears wigs.

I had to look past the superficial stuff to get into him. Mackenna is very complex, his dad was into drugs and even though Mackenna is super rich and famous, he still feels like a shell.

Both hate each other and the banter is very comical and adds juiciness to the storyline. Despite the hate, they both are very attracted to each other still, so you can imagine the steamy scenes. I liked when Pandora and Mackenna got more into the past and we start to piece some of it together. You get a little bit of both sides. A lot is revealed. Both characters did frustrate me at some points, but it added some nice tension. If you are a fan of the series, you will like this one. View all 10 comments.

I had such a good time with this one and to be honest i wasn't so sure at the beginning. After Mine and Remy, my expectation weren't too high, but i'm glad to say Katy Evans did a great job in Ripped. Kenna and Pandora share an amazing young love that of course ends in a gruesome, life-altering and heartbreaking way.

Their break-up is anything but clean, it's mind-numbing and painful even after six whole years. But maybe now is the right time for a second chance finally. Kenna became a b 4,5 Stars! Kenna became a big rockstar with many vices and solely depending on his coping mechanisms, sex and alcohol being the two most notable of them.

The same happened to Pandora, she became even more closed off, darker and distant. She rarely smiles nowdays. But when Kenna and his band have a huge concert in Seattle, Pandora is ready to get her revenge by doing something reckless in order to humiliate him the way he humiliated her and ridiculed their love with his stupid song, Pandora's Kiss.

But she will get more than she ever thought possible. Some explanations for starters that are way overdue, a chance to kiss and fuck him out of her system and in the end even more. I personally loved their young romance, it was so sweet and beautiful, tender and pure. The book has a good pace and the arc is very entertaining. All in all it's a fleshed out story, with many sexy times, a hot main hero and an interesting heroine.

I definitely want to know more about their future and if we are lucky the next book will feature someone close to them, so we will find out more. They fell a little short at first but they managed to pique my interest in the end. I definitely want to read their stories. View all 3 comments. The covermodel looks like a weird vampire-wanna-be-rocker Kenna is all tanned and has no strange facial hair and the tattoos are missing too.

I always like it better when the people on the cover look at least somewhere close to the characters Highschool sweethearts. Six years later they meet again. She has soo much hate for him - but of course she still loves him. It was so beautiful to watch the two of them fight through all the hate and guilt and whatnot And we got to see our beloved Remy and Grayson again too.

I was kind of hoping and thinking that the little cousin was their daughter - right from the first time she was mentioned I was a bit disappointed that she wasn't in the end: That would've been perfect.

Her mom could've hidden the truth from her with her lawyer ways and Pandora would've never known, but then once she got back with Kenna her mom would've told her View 2 comments. I am a big fan of Katy Evans, her books and the Real series in general. The writing in Ripped is still top notch, Katy has a style that can at times be quite fast paced, almost lyrical in its delivery that pulls you in and keeps you reading in an almost poetic way.

What I liked. The writing mainly, and I enjoyed the snarky banter bet 3 - "I heard you the first time. The writing mainly, and I enjoyed the snarky banter between Mackenna and Pandora initially. What I disliked. Remy had deep mental issues and you could empathize with his need to act and behave certain ways, as well as the repetitiveness of certain aspects of his personality and nature in general.

Grayson was the same in that he liked control and dominance and I loved him too. I think this is mainly because he had a strong partner in Melanie, like Remy did with Brooke, and that strength and confidence worked in the respect of the building of their stories and relationships in general.

I found her actions, behavior, internal monologue and decisions to be childish for the most part, apart from the sex it was more like reading about a teenager having a perpetual tantrum most of the time, and as the book progressed it got pretty bloody annoying.

There are people who have an effect on your life. And then there are people who become your life. I would like to see Katy sink her teeth into something different now; let the characters that were born in Real and that have developed over the last five books rest. There is no doubt that she has firmly established that she can write a hot alpha male.

But I think this recipe that has been cooked up in its various forms in the last 5 books needs have more than a few ingredients changed for future stories. ARC generously provided by the Publisher, in exchange for the above honest review. December 9th. May 05, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Love blooming in the most unlikely place. What happens when love has bloomed and then been trampled on and left to die? Throughout the Real series we have read about the damaged goth friend Pandora.

We have sympathized with her, been annoyed by her, and watched her envy her friends as they found their prince charming. Why is Pandora the woman that she is? Ripped is the story of wha "To second chances, especially the chance to do it right.

Ripped is the story of what happens when love goes wrong. As the story begins, Pandora drags Melanie to a packed rock concert. Armed with rotten tomatoes, eggs, and other paraphernalia Pandora wants to get revenge on the lead singer Kenna. He broke her heart many years before. She wants to humiliate him and make him pay. Kenna was her first love. He left her. When he left, she became so broken that she has yet to recover from the loss.

Because Kenna has written a hit song about his romance with Pandora, she is quite a legend. The world will have the chance to witness the heartbreak romance of Kenna and the infamous Pandora. The financial gain for Pandora is so great that she doesn't hesitate to take the offer. Before she knows what has hit her, she is touring with the band. She is forced to spend time with the one man that stole her happiness away. Kenna is a bad boy with a filthy mouth. He makes no apologies for who he is.

We recognize it as the love he still harbors for Pandora. After all of these years, the heart break, the hurt, the tears, Kenna decides that he wants Pandora back. No matter what happens, Pandora refuses to let him in. She has been burned to badly to open herself up to him again. I thoroughly enjoyed the dual POV that this author gifted to her readers.

I found it critical in order to understand both Kenna and Pandora. It is so important that the reader remain neutral as events are unfolded and things begin to fall in to place. The story also shifts in time from the past to the present. I tend to get annoyed and confused when books time warp.

However, in Ripped I thoroughly enjoyed the reminicsing that took place between these two characters. It felt like being swept up by a storm.

Disheveled and destroyed inside on some level I never recovered from. When we were done, she was softly crying in my arms. I felt as unhinged as a building shaken to its foundations.

You want these two characters to just sit down and fight it out. The reader is left dying to know what happened! How did these two ever break apart? Kenna deep down just wants a normal life.

The writing style of Katy Evans is fluid and easy to live in! Kenna and Pandora are both beautiful characters. I do not want to give anything away regarding the outcome of the story. I only wish to say that I highly recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of second chances, steamy sex, high tension, and a ton of verbal sparring. I can honestly say that the theme has been explored in numerous books before. However, the execution of this story will leave you breathless.

View all 18 comments. May 03, Kasumi Ren rated it did not like it. After reading the blurb, all I thought about was Is that a hole in your swimsuit? Their band name has no appeal whatsoever and I can't even imagine listening to their music in real life. Next, this story should have been written as a different series not as a continued sequel of Remy. Remy's story is all about being a fighter then we get a hero who's a singer?! It's not even in the same league.

I was so excited to read more of Remy but hey, we get Cra After reading the blurb, all I thought about was I was so excited to read more of Remy but hey, we get Crack Bikini instead. View all 4 comments. Katy, totally hit it out of the park with Mackenna and Pandora!

Ripped is a second chance romance about Brooke and Melanie's goth friend Pandora Stone. She's a tough, feisty, closed-off and mysterious chick. Her heart was once broken when Mackenna Jones , the lead singer of Crack Bikini.

Their paths crossed again during his band's concert as Pandora and Melanie made a scene by throwing tomatoes at him. It's funny and quite immature. As a deal, Kenna and Pandora must reunite for a movie to increase the band's publicity.

This wasn't Pandora's original plan.

She wants a closure but there are lots of unresolve issues that needs to be addressed. Their feelings resurfaced and the sexual tension between them blazed. Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of Pandora in the beginning.

She's always mad and I want her to chill down. The anger she felt runs down deeper than I thought which was revealed later on the book. It's heartbreaking and I pity Pandora but I admire her strength getting through it. Kenna doesn't need to prove anything.

He's a good and devoted man to Pandora. They committed mistakes in the past and I'm glad these two found their way back for a fresh start. I like their story even though some parts irked me. Here's my favorite passage: But with time, with effort, it takes a little longer, but you can make it. There's something about someone knowing your deepest, darkest secret and still loving you despite what you did that gives you hope. That makes you want to be better.

I sit on the ground, the scent of damp grass surrounding us as Maverick sits beside me. His face is open, friendly, his smile captivating.

(Real #5) RIPPED - Katy Evans

But his eyes are guarded, careful. I try to keep my voice indifferent. He nods. And Oz. But a genuinely appreciative smile touches his eyes.

He makes me feel impulsive. Did I just spew it out like that? Thank god he takes it in stride with an attractive little dance in his eyes. I shrug and shake my head, not really wanting to get into that. When he does nothing to fill the silence that settles between us, it leaves me with nothing to do but look up at him.

Wisps of hair tease my face, and I push them away, feeling really restless under that stare. He shakes his head with playful stubbornness. I still owe you. His voice sounds a little more harsh and textured all of a sudden. His eyes are gloriously intense, and I am utterly dazzled and confused by this feeling of being utterly dazzled. My ears hot, I look down at the penny, then up at him. What I did for him was nothing, really. It looked like he really enjoyed working out, and I could tell he had talent.

But his eyes are roiling with something forbidden and almost pleading. He needs me to take this penny. He needs to know he can pay me back in some way.

My chest aches a little. When I go back home, I want to download a new dress, one size smaller than what I wear. And I like being here. I really like being here. That night, the gym is completely empty. An odd something is in the air. It crackles between us. Around us.

The silence only seems to magnify it. Maverick unzips his hoodie and then, unexpectedly, takes off his shirt. He waits a moment, then walks to set his T-shirt aside.

I stare at the body art on his back, transfixed by it. The lights are dim, but I can make out the shape of an open-winged bird. A piece of art on your body that identifies who you are, what you believe in, even what you mock. He turns and looks at me. He seems to be waiting for me to say something. He is perfection in an all-male way. He is surreal, like from a different species, exuding an air of a rebel and of someone implacable who will not be stopped.

Then he smiles to himself and turns around. Am I missing something here? He throws me a set of gloves. I put one on, and then struggle with the other one. I could touch him from here. He turns away, exhales softly, then stalks to the bags. I see his tattoo again, amazed by how much of his back it covers. A glimpse of something no one in the gym has ever seen. He seethes with energy, mounting with every hit.

And Maverick.

Remy (Real, #3)

And my dirty thoughts about Maverick. I hate the thought and scowl at myself. But there is no extra space in the whole gym. It seems like he takes up more than his body occupies—a world more. Pow, wham, pow.

I decide to test myself against a speed bag, all the while wondering where he gets the force that drives him. I work out on the bag for about half an hour, then come settle down on the bench closest to him and lie down on my side and sigh, close my eyes in exhaustion, and hear silence.

He looks away and exhales. When he starts back up, his hits become fiercer. My brain fixating on the way he moves. The lock of hair that falls on his forehead when he slams. The way he braces his feet and swings. The look on his face that makes me imagine him being this concentrated doing something else. Doing something to me.

I get up on my feet, surprised that my body feels as substantial as liquid. He scans my chest and then jerks his eyes upward, with a flash of frustration sparking in their depths.

Right in front of me? I guess. Teach me how to remove the first glove with both on? He smells delicious. Of sweat and guy. Like he just took a shower and now with the heat of his body, his soap and shampoo smell strongest.

I inhale deeply, looking at his face to see him staring at me. God, did he notice? For a moment there, I think I see heat in his eyes. He speaks then, his voice low. Tuck the glove under your other arm and pull your hand free. Neat trick. I step out of the gym and look inside, but the windows are frosted, blocking him from view. Performing the same action and getting different results, a positive and a nil or a negative, causes people to more compulsively perform the acts in search of another positive.

But have I used any of that? And look for him. At the door, waiting for me.

Inside by the speed bag, the heavy bag, the ring. But nothing. Wondering why the thought makes me so sad. Like I lost something. A pair of jeans, a black crew-neck T-shirt, and a whole lot of Maverick Cage. I try to ignore the feeling of his thigh against mine.

His shoulder against mine. How can this guy sit here, without saying anything at all, and grab my attention more than all the noise?

So near. And I wonder if he can feel me. Forever passes, and neither of us looks away. What is he thinking? And is it true the one who looks away submits? Maybe, once I know, my mind will stop with these constant thoughts about him already. His eyes seem starved for my face. I feel starved, but not for food, or anything else. And I have never wanted before. He ducks his head closer to me, his voice dropping an octave. Ask me out. Or to the park. We leave in three days and I get the sense I might never see him again.

He smiles too and straightens in his seat, but his eyes darken a little as he shakes his head. My ears get a little hot, and I drop my gaze to his chest. I need to change the topic, fast. I flick my eyes back up to find those metallic eyes watching me.

Instead, he begins to frown and then is jerking his hard jaw in the direction of Twister. And my heart is behind steel walls, promise. So rather than promise, I frown and push him away as we both head to the exit. Go bust your bags. I watch him cross the street to his hotel, fighting the urge to call out his name. Maverick briefly glances back at me as he hits the opposite side of the street.

He lifts his index finger in the air and circles it, and I realize it means—tomorrow. Feeling a kick in my heart, I lift mine and do the same move, suddenly excited. Something like. Whatever it is, go, Reese. Or maybe fearing who I can become. Finding a penny is supposed to be lucky. I look at the little copper coin in my palm with a happy prick in my chest. Not like that at all.

My heart speeds up when I see him leaning against the gym windows, in dark sweatpants and an electric-blue hoodie, waiting. He lifts his head, and under his hoodie, I see his eyes light up a little when he sees me. We smile. And I swear this smile of mine comes straight from my heart.

Népszerű idézetek

One word in that deep, dark, deep, thunderous voice, which activates all my brain receptors and other, more embarrassing ones. I nod, and when we walk into the gym, our shoulders brush a little and my receptors flood with something warm and hot and uncontrollable. The sparring ring is busy, so I head to the treadmills and he heads to the mats. When I finish and go gather my things, he comes over. Our eyes hold for forever and a half.

Then Maverick gives me that slow, cocky nod of his, like he did the first day I met him, a nod that seems to mean thank you, and when he smiles at me with those lit-up metallic eyes, I smile and duck my head when my ears get a little hot. I turn around and walk away, feeling happy for him and unexpectedly sad for me.

Good ones.

Miles texted recently. He wants to come visit. Taking me for granted and now missing me. I was in private school. There were a total of students enrolled, from middle school to high school.

Every year was littered with circles, circles that I never quite fit into. They mistake shy with uninterested or boring. Quiet with having nothing to say, and equating that with having nothing to feel. They saw me, quiet as a lamp, so I was a lamp to them. I never thought of myself as a lamp, maybe the lightbulb. But I never managed to find the switch until now.

I never thought there was another human who could be quiet enough that I feel like he can hear me. I never thought anyone else could help me find the switch but me. Why he makes me so aware? Of him? And me, my body? My heartbeat, my breath, my. He hijacks everything.

Miles and I would work. And there were plenty of opportunities for sex before. In junior year. Sophomore year. Even in freshman year, and definitely in senior year. Some guys have wanted to sleep with me, Lex Kent, and Julian Parrish at senior prom. I wanted to be understood, and I wanted to be known.

And I wanted to be loved. Remy is hardly home. Hug him for me. When Diane starts making dinner, she, Racer, and I are the only ones home.

I smile. Tell me about all this. The entire kitchen smells like a mix of rosemary and peppers, and I like the way it makes my lungs feel clean when I take a breath. With all its ups and downs, I guess. He just has his moods. Brooke can handle him well though. A boy back home? Finished crushing the basil, I then go wash my hands and towel off.

I believe in making things real. In making a conscious effort to make things happen. Which means that maybe, right now, I should be texting Miles and finding out why he really wants to come. But just maybe, he should miss me some more. Maybe he should be the one to text me. No one watching. No one interrupting. No one distracting me. First, jumping rope, forward, backward, sideways.

Flashes of my father. I see him in the hospital bed. Flashes of my mother. Her, at the door when I left home.

Planks, push-ups, pull-ups, ab work. And flashes of her. Flashes of her. Good luck, Maverick. Right after he swings, he is invisible; one second there, the next gone. You never fucking take your eyes off him, you hear me?

Tate in his crimson-red robe, heading down the concrete walk leading to the arena and the ring. Clad in yellow, Apocalypse follows. They touch gloves. The bell goes. Apocalypse jabs. Tate moves his shoulder, evading.

Apocalypse jabs again, high. Tate swings at his head, frowning. Tate throws a left, a straight jab, then a right that cracks on jaw. The blows stun Apocalypse. He starts blocking, backing away. Ribs, gut. One last hit. Apocalypse is about to fall. Tate backs off and takes his stool and gets a spritz of water. Apocalypse takes to his stool too, bloodied, shaking his head at his coach. The announcer starts yelling out the victor. Just one.

The Tates wanted easy access to the inaugural fight, so they booked us at a five-star hotel downtown. Apparently there are many fighting circuits.

Spring and fall are for training. The fights take place at different sites—starting with the inaugural, happening tonight in Seattle, up to the final fight, which is in New York this year.

During the season, fighters drop out due to injury or losses. Every night, if a fighter wins, he has the opportunity to fight another opponent, and then another, until he steps down or loses. The good rookie fighters can climb their way up to fight the top dogs. Remy Tate. The suite is eerily silent as the whole team except for Diane, Racer, and me has gone to the inaugural fight. I almost fainted when Remy came out with his duffel and his sporting gear.

Remy Ebook Download

I try to watch TV. I set the remote aside and stare at the window when, hours later, I hear the team shuffle back into the suite. I want to eat his dimple and take his chubby cheek along with it too. Remington is soaked as he stalks straight to the kitchen to guzzle and hydrate. When she goes to check up on Racer, I hang around the men, wondering if I should ask. Coach scratches his bald head.

They are talking about him. They are talking about my Maverick. My Maverick? No, not mine. At all. But my friend. Maybe my friend. You saw his mark? I touch the penny in my pocket. I get a horrible pang for chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I head to the kitchen in search of something to fulfill my craving. One scoop? Or two?Feb 02, Phrem Smut Junkie marked it as to-read. That would've been perfect.

Maverick, however, has never fought in his life until tonight. His eyes seem starved for my face. Possessiveness and pain. They look at peace, and happy. Some people think Twister is a contender. Armed with rotten tomatoes, eggs, and other paraphernalia Pandora wants to get revenge on the lead singer Kenna. The chemistry between Pandora and Mackenna is HOT, they may have been through tough times together in the past but it's clear those feelings are still there even when one wants to deny them.

Preview — Ripped by Katy Evans.