Rule (The Marked Men, Book 1) by Jay Crownover (ebook). Built (Saints of Denver Series #1) New York Times and USA Today BestsellerFrom the New York. Rule. Marked Men (Series). Book 1. Jay Crownover Author Sophie Eastlake Narrator (). cover image of Acceptable Behavior. Get Free Read & Download Files Rule Marked Men 1 Jay Crownover PDF. RULE MARKED MEN 1 JAY CROWNOVER. Download: Rule Marked Men 1 Jay.

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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Easy by Tammara Webber Rule by Jay Crownover Hopeless by Colleen Hoover Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens. Get Free Read & Download Files Rule Jay Crownover PDF. RULE JAY CROWNOVER. Download: Rule Jay Crownover. RULE JAY CROWNOVER - In this site. free ebook and pdf downloads - description: rule pisode 3 marked men 13 by jay crownover ebook pdf:start by marking rule pisode 3 marked men 13 as want to.

Automatyczne logowanie. Rule By: I try and write what I know, just a more romantic and idealized version of it so this is also for all the real life tattooed boys that have been in and out of my life over the years that served as inspiration for my heroes.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Epilogue Chapter 1 Rule At first I thought the pounding in my head was my brain trying to fight its way out of my skull after the ten or so shots of Crown Royal I had downed last night, but then I remembered that it was Sunday and no matter how many times I told her, or how rude, or whatever kind of debauched and unsavory condition she found me in she showed up on Sunday morning to drag me home for brunch.

I ran a hand over my face and swung my legs over the edge of the bed just as the bedroom door swung open. I never should have given the little brat a key. The girl on the other side of the bed rolled over and narrowed her eyes at the new addition to our awkward little party. She was pretty, had a nice body from what I could see and I wondered what kind of game I had thrown at her in order to get her to come home with me. Normally my roommate would be around so you could hangout for a minute but he had to go to work so that means you need to get that fine ass in gear and get out.

Not even a thanks for last night, you were great how about lunch, just get the fuck out! That was probably what attracted me to her in my drunken stupor in the first place. I silently cursed at Nash. She fluffed up mounds of clearly dyed blond hair and glared at me out of eyes now smudged with worn mascara. I shrugged a shoulder at her and waited while she walked in front of me, hopping on one foot to put on a pair of heels that just screamed dirty sex.

She glared at me and tapped the toe of one of those awesome shoes. I spit the toothpaste in the sink and gave myself a once over in the mirror. I looked like hell. My eyes were watery and rimmed in red, my skin looked gray and there was a hickey the size of Rhode Island on the side of my neck. Mom was just going to love that, just like she was going to fall all over herself about the current state of my hair.

Normally thick and dark, I had shaved the sides of it off and dyed the front a nice, bright purple so that it stuck up straight and looked kind of like a weed-whacker had been used to cut it.

Both my folks already had an issue with the scrolling ink that wound around both my arms and up the sides of my neck, so the hair was just going to be icing on the cake. There was nothing I could do to fix the current shit show looking back at me in the mirror so I prowled out of the bathroom and unceremoniously grabbed the girl by the elbow and towed her to the front door.

I needed to learn to go home with them instead of letting them come home with me; it was so much easier that way. I hope you had a good time last night and you can leave your number but we both the chances of me calling you are slim to none. She was impatient and would take off if I wasted anymore time.

I hated this car and hated that it suited the driver as well as it did.

She was used to the little scenes chicks liked to throw when I bailed on them the morning after; I had even had to replace her windshield once when one of them had chucked a rock at me and missed while I was walking away.

I adjusted the seat to accommodate my long legs and settled in to rest my head against the window. It was always a long and achingly silent drive, sometimes like today I was grateful for it, other times it grated on my very last nerve. One would think with all the history, both good and bad between us that we could make simple small talk for a few hours without it being difficult. It was all cigarettes and whiskey, while she was all champagne and silk. I had always liked her voice, when we got along I could listen to her talk for hours.

I closed my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. She was pale, had snowy white blond hair and big ole green eyes that looked like a Granny Smith apple. She was tiny, an easy foot shorter than my own six three, but had curves for days. She exuded unattainability like some other girls oozed come and get me.

She blew a breath out and I watched as a strand of hair twirled around her forehead. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and I stiffened up when I saw how tight her hands were on the steering wheel.

The same girl who had loved him ever since she first laid eyes on him Shaw Landon Crazy ex. Secrets and lies. Family issues. You have to promise to just wait it out until I can find my way back. Is there really a light at the end of the tunnel for Rule Archer? Want to find out? R emarkable. U ndeniably addicting. L ovely. E ngaging.

This book has got it all! It's like I'm watching a soap opera. And I loved it! Like seriously, Tattooed, pierced bad boy who also had a troubled past? Nothing new, right?

But who cares anyways? I love how the story unfolds and that for a change, what happened to Shaw and Rule isn't insta love, and I love how their love story blossomed. Halfway through the book I was thinking "you know what, I think it would be the best if the author writes a book for Ayden and Jet because he's a rockstar and everyone loves a rockstar!!! I think the only problem I have with this book is the typos.

I have to admit, I have to reread some words again because sometimes, the sentence doesn't make sense so this book clearly needs editing, but if you just disregard that, this book is perfect. Also, the thing about Remy's "secret", I figured it all out and guessed it right that I'm starting to think I'm a genius.

My first thought after finishing it was Rule was one of the books I'd had on my TBR the longest without having read it. I literally bought it the day it was first released as an indie back in !! The funny thing is that I actually always thought I'd like it. Maybe I was subconsciously saving it for desperate times?? Who knows Everything about it just screamed WIN!! The story is about Rule and Shaw who were about as polar opposite as you could possibly get. He was a hot headed, rebellious, man-whoring, tattooed and thoroughly pierced!

They'd been in each other's lives since they were young teens but as far as he knew, she was also the love of his late twin brother's life. But what he didn't know was that she'd always and only loved his twin like a brother and had always been secretly in love with him I absolutely loved their banter. It was fun and so snappy! When are you going to stop acting like an indulgent teenager? My eighty-two-year-old grandma has more of a social calendar than you, and I think she's less uptight.

She's feisty and won't take crap from anyone. You could learn a thing or two from her. Isn't that your philosophy on how to live a rich and fulfilling life? Everything about it was fun and addictive. And it was so much more than just a bad boy romance too -- there were deeper things at play Rule really stole my heart.

He was such a misunderstood character I think. Manwhore of the Century, seriously trying to give me relationship advice? At times, it was actually hilarious The way his family treated him was so unfair and I just wanted to reach in and hug him and tell him that it would all be ok.

And given all of the things he'd been through, it was an understandably big step for him to open up his heart to anyone. I feel like the external issues in both Rule and Shaw's lives brought a lot of dimension to the story. I didn't actually expect that and it was a pleasant surprise. And I also loved that even though the focus of the book was clearly on Rule and Shaw, the few pages that each other character graced were enough to connect me to them and have me interested in their lives as well.

Especially Rome -- omg, I'm totally crushing on him shhh, don't tell Rule. Taking a little side moment to gush about Rome here I'll hold off on the rest of my Rome-love until his book. Back to Rule now The story was well paced and it kept my attention the whole way through. No slow or sticky spots. And, for the most part, there was a lot of what I love most in books which is two people trying to work through their issues to figure out how to make their relationship work.

And I really have to give Rule credit -- he may not have made all the right decisions but that man sure knew how to give an epic apology and grovel. He was impossible not to forgive. The things he said just melted my heart and I loved how, once he's sorted out his feelings, he was bound and determined to make sure Shaw knew how he felt.

Rule: A Marked Men Novel by Jay Crownover

I really loved seeing Rule and Shaw work through things. They both were dealing with a lot of respective external drama in their lives but I could see them improving as they went. And after starting and stopping no less than four books this week that just weren't working for me, I was starting to wonder if maybe it was me, y'know?

Like, what's the likelihood of that many books not working out? But then I started this book and just instantly connected.

Total book magic. The best word I can use to describe this book would be 'addictive'. This is definitely a must read bad boy romance. It's fun, flirty, and sexy, but also has a lot of depth and a great core group of characters I can't wait to read about.

I highly recommend it! The original indie version of this book had a lot of errors in it that some readers were complaining about. But since then, it has been reedited so I just want to assure you that the version available now is totally clean and reads without any issues. Oh and here's my casting for Rule View all 97 comments. Jan 11, xrysa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Can you change for someone? Will you ever be able to realise that the most beautiful things in life are moments?

Can you love truly love someone that you didn't like? Rule Shaw Rule is the guy that will have a one night stand with you and toss away in the morning.

But staying away from Rule isn't easy. She has to pick him up every weekend and make him visit his parents. This is a turture for both of them. Rule hates her because she's the rich girl that had invaded in his family a few years ago. Shaw can't stand him because every time she picks him up he is half-naked or naked with a different woman in his bed , and this is painful for her.

We should never give up our hopes or on our undying loves Something might happen He gave her a perfect birthday present.

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She walked away She didnt want to become one of those trashes he used to spend his night with. He went after her so they would figure out what to do with each other. Her dream came true After all these years he was hers. However, dealing with Rule and your ex at the same time is not easy. Have you met your brother, right? Mr I'll bang anything with big boobs and negative IQ The girl has money and status written all over her , you have nothing but ink and a good time spelled out bright and clear all over you.

Rule is determined to change for her and he does. It is scary to know how easily I could hurt this girl and how desperately I didn't want that to happen. She was different. With her I was different. She gave meaning to his life. She taught him how to love.

Still , no matter how a perfect match they were , he was insecure about their relationship. Why I loved Rule: He was funny , though and smart.

He wasn't the fucked-up character who didnt want to hurt any girl. He was a jerk! Just imagine that he considered a relationship as a monogamy thing. Why I loved Shaw: Pride comes first from everything.

Beautiful and smart. She knows how to handle him and how to treat him. View all 70 comments.

May 26, Samantha Young rated it it was amazing. Rule is my weakness in New Adult. I love a hero who can be a bit of an arsehole but underneath has an ample amount of redeeming qualities. I loved their back story, their rich, complex, and tragic history because it gave them both so much room to grow. Jay did a fantastic job on character arc and journey with Rule because this is a true coming of age story for both Rule and Shaw.

The Marked Men series is truly addictive reading! He is my latest book boyfriend crush. I loved Rule like it was my mission in life. I loved him like it was inevitable… So the first thing I noticed right away is the cover. I mean, have you seen him? And those tattoos? After I finished this book, I had to Google more tattooed hotties. I engulfed this book. Today was my day 4.

Today was my day off and I was determined to be lost in a book. This was just what the doctor ordered. I never thought that was something I would be into, but you sure make it work. Is it hot in here?

Anyway, I digress. The way his parents treat him, especially his mother, makes him feel unworthy of being loved. He has never had a serious relationship and goes from one fling to another. Ever since his twin brother, Remy, took her home, everyone in Archer family welcomed her with open arms. Her own family has never made her feel as welcome as the Archers did. She never did belong her parents' world of the privileged and rich.

They even tried to push her towards a man like Gabe, a man of good breeding, but completely psycho. Shaw has always been a fixer. Every Sunday, she picks up Rule from his apartment to drive him to visit his parents. She constantly finds him sprawled naked with his flavor of the week next to him, but she does it; no matter how much it hurts knowing that Rule never really sees her. As for Rule, he hates Sundays, but he always reluctantly goes. Little did he know that she would do anything for him.

She always puts up with his bullshit without a hint of complaint. Rule could be such an asshat sometimes, but I loved that he was trying. He wanted to be the type of man Shaw deserved. All Shaw ever wanted was Rule, flaws and all.

The angst was kept at a minimum, but the drama was all there. This book needed some serious editing. This version I have is supposed to be the tweaked out version, but they need to go over it again because the slight mistakes they missed made sentences long and drawn out.

It even made it confusing at times. The separation between Rule and Shaw towards the end seemed a little drawn out. Aside from that, I really enjoyed this and I cannot wait for the next book that stars Ayden and Jet. View all 43 comments. Aug 24, Pearl Angeli rated it it was ok Shelves: I picked this book out of so many New Adult books in my tbr because it seems promising. And seriously, I love books that are with male protagonists with sexy, bad-boy image.

Given the fact that this book also has high ratings, why not? Rule is the first book of Marked Men series. We get to be introduced by the sexy, tattoo artist named Rule here-- a guy who grew up with family issues because of the tragic history that happened to his twin brother Remy.

Then there is this girl named Shaw , a medica I picked this book out of so many New Adult books in my tbr because it seems promising. Then there is this girl named Shaw , a medical college student who always had a thing for Rule since she was The thing is, she was close to Remy and everyone in Rule's family assumed that she and Remy were sort of an item-- not knowing exactly that Shaw is secretly in love with Rule.

This book is potentially good, I guess If only I have no issues.

But then, I simply could not totally like it. It's because of the characters. First, let's talk about Rule. This guy is sexy as hell.

With all those tats and piercings-- well, he's a guy every girl in the corner wants to hook up with. At first, I really adored him.

But when I've read more and more chapters, my adoration for him slowly died. He's so not worth it! I don't like the way he's so full of himself, like "hey, I'm bad and sexy, girls. Come and get me" I have nothing against man-whore male leads but then this guy-- he just ruined my good impression on him.

He's total jerk in a literal way. And so immature. All right, he has some issues I get it but to text his girlfriend "I kissed some chick last night"? If I were Shaw, I would not only destroy my phone after reading that text from him.

I would freaking destroy his face! And oh, I hate it when he always compare Shaw to his previous conquests. Like, how Shaw is much better in bed than his previous one-night-stand girls, and how she's even sexier. Alright, Shaw is sexy and perfect and that should be it. Why bring up the EXes? And now on to Shaw. Shaw is what you can consider an ideal girl. Pretty, smart, rich, decent, and a medical student at that. But then, she constantly disappoints me. All throughout the book I was groaning inwardly or rolling my eyes because she's such a love sick woman who is willing to cross everything just to be with Rule and it's just not right.

She's playing martyr which does not sit well on me because I think she's too good for Rule. And when Rule openly admitted to cheating on her and she just instantly forgive him? And here's her line that made me raise some serious eyebrows: That guy has serious sexual histories with different girls-- night after night-- and you could say THAT?

You mean, you're ok getting STD because he's worth it? Oh, no! Because of that, the book did not gain thumbs up from me. I was mostly busy rolling my eyes at the immaturity of them. Maybe the next books of this series are better but I'm not so sure if I will pick them up soon.

Maybe-- maybe not. I still give it 2 stars, however, because I enjoyed the first parts of it. View all 37 comments. Feb 24, Tina rated it did not like it Shelves: Be warned: This thing which I refuse to call a book has to be deleted off the face of cyberspace or any other space that it may inhabit. Author, you may have great ideas that I doubt but will never know for sure, as even I'm not that masochistic to make myself finish this thing. What you obviously don't have, however, is an editor.

This piece of shit 'literature' so desperately screams with t Be warned: This piece of shit 'literature' so desperately screams with the need to be edited, that I cannot force myself to continue reading, and it pains me because with each word I can feel the English language dying a slow, excruciating death.

And one more thing: I usually don't rate anything before at least making it to the middle, but this is too much for me to bear and people need to be warned. View all 5 comments. Why the hell did i read even most of this? I am not even going to rate this, and I will deny reading it to my grave.

View all 18 comments. Thankfully my year-old girl has managed to avoid it, and my year-old son has managed to steer clear of hormonal, high maintenance girls. But that said, there was something different about Rule. There was something about it that drew me in and kept me reading, even though there were times I wanted to throttle both Rule and Shaw. Their immaturity, their lack of communication, the way they reacted to one another But the more I read, the more I invested in them and wanted to see them grow as individuals so that they could make it work as a couple.

What does this mean for me? The bottom line: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Rule. My thanks to Avon Books and Edelweiss for providing me with a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. View all 55 comments. Jan 03, Debra rated it liked it Shelves: I guess this was another one of those "I liked it but didn't love it" type of books, mainly because there was so much: Don't get me wrong; there were some definite 4 star-worth scenes.


What's not to like about all of that, right? Well, there's also the fact that the book at least the version I had of it needs some major editing. I don't mind it at all when there are just a few spelling mistakes, but when they appear on almost every other page and when there's a huge lack of punctuation, it becomes a bit distracting I think, if I'd read this book a year and a half ago I would have probably enjoyed it much more.

But now it seems as if I've read so many NA "good girl falls for tortured man-whore hero" stories that it takes a lot for me to be blown away by one Still, it was overall a fun read and I'll most likely continue with the rest of the series Jet, Rome and Nash have already sparked my interest so I'm looking forward to read their stories ; My favorite quote: View all 46 comments. All right!!! That book was freakin' A. I'm so glad that i read it, but so sad that i didn't do it earlier!!!

Oh, my Gosh!!! That book was mind blowing I thought i was about to catch fire when Rule and Shaw were together in the same room, even though the things between them didn't seem so good in the beginning!!! But what i liked more than the sexiness and the steamy hot atmosphere was all the background story and not only that Did i mention that i love Rule???? Or that i love All right!!!

Or that i love Shaw???? This guy was so extreme and complicated, but that girl even though she seemed so preppy and cold, she literally rocked!!! Yeah, man!!! Those two people was so opposite in every possible way but in a strange way they were so perfect for each other!!!

Their story managed to earn a special spot inside my heart And i can not wait to find out more about all the others But let me talk to you about Rule and Shaw first What can i say about Rule??? Rule was the ultimate badass, womanizer type He was covered all over his body with tattoos and many piercings But don't let his appearance to trick you Inside of him was more depth than that!!! And what was the deal with all these tattoos??? First of all, he was an artist He liked to hook up with random girls and to get buzzed from time to time with alchool He was in distance with his own family and not without a reason!!!

Three years before he was having a twin brother, but not anymore His brother was the good guy, the guy that everybody loved They were so similar in appearance, that's why he started to marking his body To difference himself from his brother that loved so much.

His loss cost him, and that loss was the reason that the relationship with his parents turned out to be an awful thing The only person that tried so hard to built a bridge between him and his family was a girl that he barely could tolerate Shaw loved the Archer family like her own No, more than her own!!!

When she was thirteen Remy Archer saved her and took her under his wings and from that moment they were inseparable So everyone around them assumed that they were a couple, but Shaw's heart was beating hard for his twin, Rule Even though he was so untamed and independed Even though he rarely acknowledge her presence And even though she lost her best friend, she still remained beside Rule and tried to make everything better for him Even though her heart was breaking every time that she discovered a different girl in his bed or that he didn't want to have any kind of contact with her In that point, i would like to tell that Shaw was a great person with her own problems Her parents were living in their own worlds and they only demanded things from her.

They never show her love, they only made her do things that they wanted for their own good. So Shaw was dressing and acting like all the others wanted from her to do.

And that was exhausting The only thing that she ever wanted for herself was Rule!!! And one day, she claimed him and she managed to earn that battle But then started the problems Problems with the parents, problems with her ex that he was the favorite person of her parents, problems with Rule You see, something started to change when Rule started to acknoledge her present as a woman But Shaw knew him so well and she always accepted him the way he was Something that nobody else was doing except her and his friends The journey of their relationship was long and sweet and difficult A ride that i enjoyed so fuckin' much!!!

My only thorns in this book was that psycho ex of Shaw and Rule's mother What the hell was going on inside their minds???? That was unacceptable!!! So, now Rule is over and i'm really wondering what else Jay had prepare from the rest of the guys!!! I can not wait to find out!!! View all 16 comments. I don't usually do "casting" but I couldn't resist this time. Rule Shaw I didn't know what to expect going into this one, but I'm so glad I took a chance on it. I loved Rule and Shaw.

They were great characters. They were both battling some hard won demons, but managed to stay so appealing. Rule is a hot bad boy.

In some ways he reminded me of Brian from Rock Me. Tattoos artist, piercings, totally determined to live life in his own terms. It's just something about that angsty, moody swagger he has that makes you want to cuddle him up and make him feel better. Where he could care less what anyone thinks, Shaw spends her life trying to please everyone else. Where Rule is all angsty and out of control emotions, Shaw is reserved, and a peacemaker.

Rule is afraid to let anyone in. His "relationships" consist of a series of one night stands, which he uses to try and exercise his daemons.

Shaw and Rule have been connected for years though her relationship with his twin brother Remy. Three years after Remy's death, Shaw finally has the opportunity to have the one thing she has always wanted, just for her.

What follows was a beautiful story of two people finally growing up. Shaw finally learns that she needs to live for herself, and Rule learns that shutting everyone out and living only for yourself is the path to loneliness.

I loved every minute of this story. Neither of them were perfect. Both of them made mistakes. There was nothing easy about their relationship from having to battle their own issues, to crazy Ex's and family problems galore, but it was beautiful all the same. I can't wait to read Jet's book next, and I'm really hoping that Rome gets a book of his own too. Highly recommend. View all 21 comments. Jul 13, XxTainaxX rated it really liked it. Honestly, y'all: Rule is a douche and a player.

He tries his best to be everything his deceased perfect twin wasn't to the extremes. He sleeps with a different girl almost every day. He has his sexy body pierced and tatted personally a fan of this rebellion: Shaw was his brother's best friend and Rule put her firmly on the off limits section. Except, he had no idea Shaw has loved him since she was A drunken night makes al 3.

A drunken night makes all those walls he has built to keep her out crumble to the heat they generate. These two have fantastic sexual chemistry.

After it's all said and done, I was pleasantly surprised to read Rule bring the initial pursuer: Dear Rule, however, is also learning to be in a relationship and goes about coping with his feelings in a very bad way. Almost as much as Shaw forgiving so easily. After that, they start to develop as a couple but hit a few big bumps along the way. I wasn't a fan of Rule's methods for coping, which consisted largely of ignoring Shaw or trying to change into what he thinks she wants, but it felt like a part of his flaws.

I was really glad to read him finally come into himself. He shows good growth. I liked Shaw and her big heart. I wanted to put her in a bubble to protect her from the hurt that her family, ex, and sometimes Rule out her through. All in all a good read with a few cringe-worthy moments and plenty of steamy sexy times. H kisses a OW. No rape. Yes to abuse but not by the H. Started this in audio and finished in ebook. View all 7 comments. I loved him like it was inevitable, like no matter how many times I was shown what an awful idea it was, what a bad match we were, what a callous asshole he could be I coul 4.

She picks Rule up every Sunday for brunch with the family to make sure he goes. Each time she does, her heart breaks a little more having to witness the string of one night stands paraded in front of her every time. Rule has no idea that Shaw has loved him so long. He always assumed that Remy and Shaw were a couple, so he never paid much attention to her.

Plus, she is the polar opposite to Rule. Things get interesting when Rule finally wakes up and notices Shaw. Knowing Shaw had feelings for Rule for ages made my heart break for her.

I always want unrequited love to get noticed and returned, so it was very satisfying to see this come about. I loved the passion and intensity both Rule and Shaw showed to each other, and I liked seeing Rule figure out what he was missing all these years. There were lots of smoking hot scenes and sizzling chemistry that were such fun to read. Plus, there was suspense that had you clicking through the pages worrying about what would happen next.

That was one crazy ex! Thanks for the giggles and gossip, Bethany, Laura and Jenn! You can find this review and more at The Readers Den. View all 60 comments. Jan 05, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing. Being that I like to look into the source or beginning of a series even if they are stand alone So off I went to meet him, his family and friends. Well, I was in for a treat. I met a fella who was tortured, hot, confident in spite of everyt 4.

I met a fella who was tortured, hot, confident in spite of everything and had that special something that made anyone with a vagina want him He was part of a family which on the surface functioned before tragedy happened killing his twin, Remy.

This family had Rome, the eldest and keeper of them all in line; with Remy the "good, amiable, peace-keeper twin and Rule fulfilling the slot of difficult, stubborn, marching to his own drum and banging it loudly. The parents of these children were everyday people This shy, emotionally poor girl from a the ultra rich parentage was found by Remy when she was But what was the most precious for her in meeting these people was Rule Remy knew she did So they grow up together.. Tattooing, a career and man whoring for Rule; Rome deciding the Army and protecting his country for him; Remy finding his place and him encouraging Shaw to come to Denver and college to be close to him and Rule.

Then that tragedy I mentioned happens Remy dies driving to pick up Rule because he is drunk So we meet these people at this juncture Rome in the Army dealing with seeing all of his buddies dying around him and just trying to keep it together Shaw is the glue that is holding everyone connected by the tenuous threads left.

She picks Rule up every Sunday in a war dance they have perfected; she coming and puling him out the bed no matter what the flavor of the night was Her actual parents either wish to pawn her off as a political prize to this Judge's son, Gabe They hold her tuition over her head to make her stay in line and Shaw wants to be an ER doctor She loads herself up with all of the classes, study groups and a job just to get by.

She doesn't pay attention to the fact she is stunningly beautiful This book was a eye opener for me My children are grown and yes, there were times all of us were frustrated with each other I sometimes forget that is not always the case.

I forget When these two connect Every time, the telling of their meeting together works Shaw was a great character She really saw him and his loyalty to his friends and brothers This story has all of the elements to love This book was an all niter for me I started it in the late afternoon and before I realized it I just couldn't let go of the ride I was on. Thank you Lisa Jayne and Lili For more reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways I recommend it to everyone.

Let's all read this! The story is all about our hero, RULE. He's every mom's nightmare. He has so many tattoos since he's also a tattoo artist himself. He dresses the part too, complete with the mohawk and crazy hair colors. He lives his life the way he wants to and that's always how it has been. Rule may look like and act like the world's big stars!!!! Rule may look like and act like the world's biggest badass, but he has his demons. His twin brother died 3 years ago and his mom blamed him for it.

Even though he was always second best to his twin, they had a good family back then, and now they didn't. Their mom is practically batshit crazy now because she's as Shaw says rewriting an imaginary history wherein Rule is the villain. As expected, Rule didn't take this lightly. In fact, he always doubts people's feelings for him. They always gotta prove that they care for him. Enters our heroine princess, Shaw.

Yes, I'll call her princess, and that's a real compliment because she's just too good to be true! I mean, I love her character because hell yeah, she's rich, but she's not a snob. She doesn't rub her money on another person's face.

She's very patient with everyone, she's kind, loyal, headstrong and she loves as hard as she can. She has been in love with Rule ever since she was Unfortunately, Remy, Rule's twin, used her as a pseudo-girlfriend in the eyes of the Archer family view spoiler [ since he was gay and didn't wanna come out hide spoiler ] so Rule has been seeing her only as his brother's girl.

One night, sparks fly and suddenly, Rule is looking at her in a different way. He was even willing to KINDA date her, which was in his case, such a big deal because he didn't really date. Rule knows that a relationship with Shaw changes everything and she couldn't be just one of "those girls".

On the other hand, Shaw has been struggling because she couldn't tell Rule that she loved him A LOT. And that's where the complications rise. It was beautiful, even with the complications. I love how the author showed both of their imperfections.

I love how their redeeming qualities also showed after everything. I love how Rule has been taught by Shaw that he could be loved just like everyone else. This novel not only shows how two completely different people could totally fall for each other, it also shows how people deal with grief, and that is a beautiful thing because it's proof that we're all human. Rule's mom admitted something in the end and that made a whole lot of a difference for my Rule. I just bet he needed that the most!

The ending was really good. I love their getting-back-together scene! It rocked and y'all should look forward to it! I applaud for this book! Jan 12, Dilek VT rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really loved it so much!

It was just my favorite kind of romance. Emotional but as realistic and convincing as it can be, nothing cheesy or over the top! The characters were well-written and the dialogues were superb. She was an awesome character. Rule an interesting name! He has such a beautiful face with dark hair and blue eyes but the tattoos, the wild hair styles and kick-ass piercings on his face and body make him someone irresistible for all the girls around.

So, he is the man-whore of the century! Only, Rule was rude and cold to her. Everyone in the family thought Remy and Shaw were soul mates and were destined to be together no matter how many times Shaw said they were just friends.You're the only one I've ever wanted to give it to. Kindle Edition , pages. She's very patient with everyone, she's kind, loyal, headstrong and she loves as hard as she can.

I needed to learn to go home with them instead of letting them come home with me; it was so much easier that way. The brothers were fairly evenly matched in height, even if I knew Rule had his older brother dead to rights in the bad attitude department, but Rome was undeniably taller and built like a beast.

Rule may look like and act like the world's biggest badass, but he has his demons. The Marked Men series is truly addictive reading!