Sixguns, Elmer Keith, Wolfe Publishing Company, , , , pages. By ELMER KEITH. ANY Colt or Smith & Wesson fixed- able. This type of sight can also be cut part of the band cut away so it will fit just sight revolver can be. Notes: This is a comprehensive, in-depth study of Sixgun revolvers, primarily used in the wild west during from the mid s to the early s. Originally.

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To most firearms aficionados, Elmer Keith needs little introduction. bullets in a Sixgun was a No-No and the importance of proper bullet sizing on performance. the following is the link to the entire Sixguns, by Elmer Keith. .. Gun Digest 3- DVD Set contains all 65 editions from in PDF format. Sixguns: Edition [Elmer Keith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For more books like this, please visit www.

I never could get much penetration with factory or loads from a sixgun, and soon came to prefer longer, heavier bullets that would give better penetration on stock or big game when the necessity for such use arose. A factory load almost cost me my life while monkeying with a wounded bull elk. Had the cylinder not been loaded alternately with heavy black powder loads, that bull would have ended my hunting.

With both cartridges, the case body is large and the neck short for short bullets. The charge must be held down religiously to safe pressures or it will bulge the bolt cuts in the cylinder.

I much prefer the 44 Special and the 45 Colt cartridges for sixgun use. For the handloader, the 44 Special is by far the best of all sixgun cartridges for serious work, either target, defense, or game killing.

The cylinder walls are thicker over the case body than in the 45, and the cartridge is superbly accurate. The old black powder loads with , , and grain government bullets and 40 grains of FFG black powder gave feet in the 45 Colt and would surely penetrate. On broadside shots on both elk and goats, it went clean through unless heavy shoulder bones were hit.

The and factory loads stopped under the skin on the off side on lung shots on elk. With the heavy grain handload, penetration was excellent. Another 45 Colt load that gave excellent accuracy and penetration was the Winchester grain lead bullet sized down to.

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It killed mule deer and wounded elk well and was very accurate. I once had a case head separate with this load, blowing the loading gate out of the gun and cutting through the side of my trigger finger. That case had been reloaded many times, however, and the load was safe enough in good cases. The factory 45 Colt pointed bullet punched a rather small hole through game and would not expand unless it hit a heavy bone. With that bullet I shot a great many grouse with little damage to the meat.

In search of the best sixgun bullet, I designed a blunt-nosed bullet No. First in 44 Special, grain solid and grain hollow base or hollow point, then in 45 Colt grain, later in 45 semi-auto rim grain, and still later in grain solid and grain hollow base or hollow point 38 Special, these Keith bullets have proven ideal, for me at least, for all sixgun work in twenty years of continuous use. They cut full caliber holes in anything and penetrate almost as well as the old pointed 45 Colt black powder load in solid persuasion.

In hollow-point design, they will expand at velocities of 1, feet or more, and at 1, feet are very destructive to all game and ruinous to small game. The Keith grain 38 Special hollow point, backed by The legs and neck will fly off at all angles when the bird is centered.

The Keith grain 44 Special hollow point, backed by He said the hollow point was much the best for a chest or lung shot and the solid bullet best for shoulder shots to break the big cats down so that they would not fall out of the tree full of fight.

One heavy 44 Special or Magnum or 45 Colt in the same place would have done the business. I stopped then knowing something was wrong. The upper half of three chambers was gone. Also one cartridge and half of another case. Also the top strap over cylinder. My ears were ringing otherwise I was all O. Before that first article was written, Keith had been using heavy.

The old blackpowder Colt finally gave up and Elmer Keith switched to the.

Sixguns Keith

It is hard to believe that Keith was using. I need a.

Know of one? The regular one on tool no good, makes them oval.

Need a seperate one or a base first die for No. We take a lot for granted these days. It is interesting to see that reloading was really in its infancy in with Keith loading his ammunition with the Lyman hand tool, and he had not even seen a.

Anybody want to go back to the "good old days"? It is also quite significant to see how much Keith did not know in and how much he subsequently learned. If that old Colt had not blown its top strap and cylinder, Keith may have spent most of his life ranching and shooting his old. Instead, Elmer Keith was the premiere influence on sixgunners and sixgunning for nearly fifty years. From the time his first letter to the editor was published in , until well into the 's, Keith was the foremost voice on big bore sixguns, handgun hunting, and long range shooting.

He also wrote a dozen books covering rifles, shotguns, sixguns, hunting, and his interesting life.

From the late 's until , Keith continually promoted the. As a result of Keith's many articles, books, and letters on the. Elmer had been beating the drum for a sixgun and load combination of a grain bullet at fps.

Sixguns – Part 2

He got even more than he had hoped for, a grain bullet at a full fps. His dream had come true. Over the years Keith always featured his sixguns in his articles, and as a teenager I downloadd a copy of Sixguns, subsequently spending many hours carefully studying the pictures of his many custom sixguns.

My habit had been to haunt the newstands looking for magazines that had anything about handguns. Now everything important, at least to me, was available in one book. Other teenagers were interested in the new rock and roll music, movies, and fast cars.

My passion was sixguns. Keith covered everything: longe range shooting, gun fighting, DA shooting, quick draw, holsters, trick shooting, and reloading.

Elmer Keith

I read and re-read Sixguns until my first copy was dog-eared and had to be replaced. The pictures of the beautiful sixguns were referred to over and over again with the impossible hope that someday I too would own such guns.

After I met Keith for the first time, he supplied me with a list of all of his old sixgun articles from The American Rifleman and I was able to add all of those to my file. Keith was not satisfied with stock factory sixguns and enlisted the help of some of the top gunsmiths and engravers in the country to customize his sixguns.

Little did I realize that someday I would have the pleasure of handling all of his famous sixguns.

I have had the pleasure of handling all of Elmer Keith's sixguns, and in fact, unloading many that had been loaded since before his stroke. At the time I could scarcely believe it! There before me were all the famous sixguns that I had read about and seen pictured over the last thirty years.

Sixguns Keith

All four of these are still part of the Keith Collection and I noticed two things: the obvious quality of the custom work that had been done on three of them, and the varying stages of use that each had received. The four Colts, all. Colt 1 was an obvious favorite as it showed the most use. Since the ivory grips have a Colt medallion inset in them, I assume that they are original Colt manufactured stocks. Colt 2 has been kept as original since it is the only.

Its finish is all blue with "eagle-style" hard rubber grips. It also shows much use. The title for the article comes from the fact that this revolver was designed as the epitome of the single action sixgun. Every possible improvement was incorporated in The Last Word sixgun and Keith tried to interest Colt in making it a factory offered single action but to no avail.I have also shot a and a a great deal.

To me he is a hero; I grew up reading everything he wrote. One heavy 44 Special or Magnum or 45 Colt in the same place would have done the business. I used to use No. Another 45 Colt load that gave excellent accuracy and penetration was the Winchester grain lead bullet sized down to. Its finish is all blue with "eagle-style" hard rubber grips.