Sudeep Nagarkar - That's the Way We Met - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Must read novel by Sudeep Nagarkar. Since their accidental meeting two years ago, they have been inseparable until an unexpected tragedy promises to change the course of their lives forev. Pdf by Author: Sudeep Nagarkar Just click on the below link to download That's the way we met kya life hogi set? Pdf.

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You can find book that the way we met by sudeep nagarkar free in our library and other format like: that the way we met by sudeep nagarkar free pdf file that the. Also by Sudeep Nagarkar. Sorry, You're Not My Type. It Started With a Friend Request. That's the Way We Met. Few Things Left Unsaid. Read "That's The Way We Met" by Sudeep Nagarkar available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first download. Can you ever forget .

An emotional love story of aaditya and Riya a couple who cannot imagine themselves without each other how get seprate. Mar 13, Brinda rated it it was amazing.

Just an awesome book I have ever read. Content was an amazing. The way story narrated was absolutely amazing. I had just finished my reading in 7 hours in one shot. Nov 02, Ibrahim Moosa rated it did not like it. Total shit Do some homework Sudeep. Mar 02, Amith Ghosh rated it it was ok Shelves: Really the book bore a stuff which is absolutely meaningless. No plot, author is least bothered about the concept of the book May be, the author would have initiated the tag line " for the romance and love freaks" along with the title.

Does he think the romance is all what Indians expect from Indian authors Sarcastically, one thing what the author wants to prove to the reader is that he knows each and every road on Mumbai and that is all Really the book bore a stuff which is absolutely meaningless.

Sarcastically, one thing what the author wants to prove to the reader is that he knows each and every road on Mumbai and that is all he is good at..

Nov 11, Dipali rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is the second novel by Sudeep Nagarkar.. The story of Aditya and Riya moves further with different twists and turns by virtue of destiny in it…. Now my Positive viewpoints: This is the second novel of Sudeep Nagarkar, who has done a good job and justification to this love story.

He has explained the beauty of Manali, Rohatang Pass and other places. Also a lavish Punjabi wedding is a very well explained phase of the story. Some suggestive points: This is just a suggestion…. Final words: Overall if asked I would say He has written that so well, but this time I am quite disappointed.

The Story has nothing different. Try to be Nicholas Sparks is far away with such dramas. Not a bit of interest it has created in me while reading it. Moreover to this, it is a epitome of Typographical and editing errors, that ever have seen in any book from Random House Publication. Also, the grammar is poor, or more correctly could be defined as worst. This ruined the whole of fun, I thought, if I read something from him.

Not a bit close to a normal drama. Waste of time at all. For me it deserves: The story revolves around Aditya and Riya. In their initial days of relationship they both used to fight over small things just like idiots ,silly reasons that would culminate into stupid arguments. Their love meant to be forever and nothing ,no one can separate them. Aditya loved Riya deeply, madly and passionately.

Life without love is like a scorching desert craving for rain. Riya came in his life and cured all his pain. Whats happens next? The book held me from the very first chapter and let me go on the very last line of the book. The story has so much emotions. In short, this is a must read story which will keep the readers glued till the very last page.

This book is worth a read, then do grab a copy of this book now. Feb 07, Divya rated it did not like it. One train ride. Three novels. This was the third which would never have been read by me had it not been for the train ride. It's only purpose was to entertain me for sometime and it could not do even do that.

It was a typical Indian story of a guy and a girl in love, confident about their future until fate intervened. May 18, Saurabh Gangwal rated it it was ok. First things first, the writer is simply unaware of the fact that there exist some concepts of editing and proofreading before publishing any book.

The book is written in some trash-blog-form of English without any spell and grammar checks. Let's move on to the story now. The protagonists are immature and childish. There is no pace in the plot. The events happening seem very superficial and uninteresting.

The emotions in any love story must be its strength but, here it's more of an SMS form so, First things first, the writer is simply unaware of the fact that there exist some concepts of editing and proofreading before publishing any book. The emotions in any love story must be its strength but, here it's more of an SMS form so, it lacks the depth and catch for the reader.

Finally, it seems like the author is another wanna be Chetan Bhagat in making. The sole reason for 2 stars is for an honest attempt at just-another-love-story gone terribly messy!

May 31, Swathi rated it liked it Shelves: This is the first book that i read of Sudeep. I like Indian love stories for the simplicity in English. Aditya and Riya are madly in love with each other but are not ready to tie the knot yet. A subplot involves Aadi's friend Mohit and Riya's friend Sonam getting hitched.

They happily get married. Aadi and Riya too wish to get married now seeing the fun in marriage and on the day of their wedding Riya goes Missing. Where is she? What happened is the story all about. There is not much of a differenc This is the first book that i read of Sudeep.

There is not much of a difference in this book as compared to other novels but being a true story, it does have an impact on the readers. A haunting love story that will surely leave you in tears when you reach the final few pages. Jan 22, Chintan Mistry rated it liked it. That's The Way We Met.. The Twist Was Good. Positives Of Book- 2nd Half Wanted To Give This Book 2. Sep 13, Prapti Bala rated it it was amazing.

I got to read the book recently and I became a huge fan of the author. I love the book as it left in a confused state with tears. I agree with the phase "love is pain, love is pure, love is sacrifice". And I love the last para " Today we are not together, today we are living our own lives: There was few mistake but the emotions which were bound to the story made them disappear. Even though I have read it 2 times and can spend a few mor I got to read the book recently and I became a huge fan of the author.

Even though I have read it 2 times and can spend a few more time with it rereading the book's each word. Thanks for such a wonderful book The question that loomed large over his head was whether he should look for Varun or and give up on him.

Twenty hours later, Varun stepped on Mumbai soil, a city where he would build his dreams. Varun called Ahana upon arrival and informed her that he was taking a cab to her house and would be reaching in an hour.

Ahana shared the news with Malvika and Garima. Within a few days, Varun not only got admission to the college he had applied to, but also made friends with the other two flatmates—Malvika and Garima. Varun was slightly more comfortable with Malvika than Garima and loved spending time with her, and Malvika too loved his company.

As days passed, he started looking for a part-time job to pay for his monthly expenses. The cash he had brought with him was slowly running out. She had helped him a lot with the accommodation already. All of them had their share of troubles and sorrows. But all of them had their dreams to chase and were passionate about them. Garima meanwhile just wanted to live a happy, independent life, the kind that had eluded her so far. For these four, the moment had not only clicked but had framed a picture-perfect image.

Varun had just come home from college and was about to go for a bath when his phone rang. It was his dad. He picked up the call. And where are you? Why do you care? Malvika came into the room running. There was no one at home apart from the two of them. Ahana and Garima had left for college.

Malvika had stayed back to prepare for an upcoming test. Varun nodded and told her the reason for his anger. He told her how his dad used to beat him even for the slightest mistake and used to abuse him every day.

While narrating the entire story, he got extremely emotional. Malvika held his hand to convey that she understood how he felt. Varun felt a sense of security, the kind that he had missed his entire life, as Malvika sat there listening to him. Varun got up but Malvika caught hold of his hand and pulled him back.

After your mom passed away, your dad must have felt lonely as well. Did you ever try consoling him, telling him that you were going to be his strength? You could have shared whatever he felt. You could have tried being a friend rather than a son. You could have broken the ice, extending conversations beyond sports and news. Did you ever try this with him? He was dumbstruck.

No one had ever explained things to him the way she did and he felt a deep connection with her in that moment. The best conversations occur when people talk with their eyes. Both Varun and Malvika were silent for a few seconds, just looking at each other. Varun wanted to hug Malvika for trying to explain the situation but he knew it was too early for them to share a hug. Malvika just smiled and went into the kitchen.

Varun had a shower and changed into his boxers. Giving him a cup of coffee, Malvika went into her room. She was suddenly not feeling too well. Varun was contemplating whether to enter her room or not. It was not as if he had never walked into her room but today there was no one at home.

He finished his coffee and knocked on her door. Are you fine? You look dull. There is something charming about you that can awaken even a dead soul. The way you explained things so beautifully to me, it was incredible. Your parents are very lucky to have a daughter like you.

The best way to impress a girl is to praise her for her qualities and not just her outwardly beauty. Malvika blushed and they talked for a couple of minutes more before Varun realized that he was still standing at the door.

Or is entry for boys banned? He settled himself on her bed and they continued to talk about various topics including professors, sexy girls, hot guys, celebrities, sex and relationships. He felt the urge to touch her, not physically but to touch her heart and soul, to discover the things that she kept locked within, to be one with her thoughts. He wanted to understand her as a person. Somewhere, somehow, in some nook of his heart, he knew that he had fallen for Malvika. A slight mistake would have cost him either a deduction from his salary or the embarrassment of a lifetime.

He knew he would be red in the face if his pants came down in front of so many people, including a good number of girls. He just prayed for Garima to reach as soon as possible. His colleagues were trying hard not to laugh while his manager was getting really furious. Luckily for him, Garima reached the place just before the manager could fire him and handed over his belt. Thank God.

If it does, your only hope of survival would be your manager. That too if he is gay. They were so close that even a blind person could have sensed what was going on between the two. What is he doing here with. Varun watched him closely and tried to recollect the picture Ahana had shown him once.

I mean I have never seen him personally. She just showed me a picture once. Else Ahana might not have believed her word. After clicking enough pictures and videos she went back to the apartment where she found Ahana filing her nails.

Garima had no clue how to tell her that her boyfriend was two-timing her. The relationship that Ahana had considered just a passing affair had never really existed for Sid.

Garima sat next to her and with all the courage she could muster, she blurted out the truth. He is sleeping around with another girl.

She turned towards Garima and was about to pounce on her when Garima showed her the pictures on her mobile phone. Ahana stood there speechlessly. Though she always put up a brave front, now a tear rolled down her cheek. Every single teardrop had memories attached to it. Good or bad but memories nevertheless! In a fraction of a moment, everything flashed before her eyes.

That will alert him. A person who prefers to have an affair outside of a relationship always forgets that not every open eye is seeing, and not every closed eye is sleeping.

Sid would have thought that he could play around and Ahana would never come to know, but he had been spotted. The truth does. Sid had probably been lying for a long time but now when the truth was out, Ahana decided to put an end to their relationship. The next morning Ahana felt so different from the person she usually was. She felt heartless. There had been fights before with Sid but now she was going to end it once and for all. She wanted him to pay the price for trying to fool her, so that he would be afraid to treat anyone else in a similar manner.

The entire way, Garima counselled her to keep a check on her aggression. But Ahana had made up her mind to kick his balls as hard as she could. She wanted to make him realize that cheating on women was not a cool idea. When it came to her dignity and pride, she could completely ruin a person for hurting her. Varun had informed them beforehand that Sid was sitting inside with the same girl.

Everyone turned around to look at her, including Sid. He anxiously stood up as soon as he saw Ahana staring down at him. The other girl with him looked confused.

Yes, I have caught you red-handed but I was already aware of your cheap fucking trick. Thanks to Garima, I know the truth now. She showed me pictures and clips of you getting cosy with this girl. You fucking son of a whore, your dick should be chopped off and you should be made to run naked all over the street.

Maybe that will teach you a lesson or two. The kick was so painful that he fell on the couch holding his balls. But more than the physical pain, it was the embarrassment that hurt Sid. Varun stood there watching the entire scene. With Ahana at the centre of things, there was no need for him to interfere.

She was totally capable of dealing with the situation herself. With her uncontrollable aggression, she was handling everything just fine.

He had not expected something like this to happen! One realizes the worth of what they have only when they lose it. This was true for Sid as well. He was heartbroken. A few hours had passed when Ahana received a message from him. I could trade my life just to tell you one last time that though I committed mistakes, even you were not always right.

But I know you have moved on, your expressions said so. I took you for granted. But how could you go away so easily? How can you be such a bitch without even thinking twice? Your company mattered at some point in time. Fuck off.

Sid was going through extreme mood swings. Did she ever care about him at all? She was strong mentally and emotionally and was independent enough to handle her life her way.

But he preferred to cheat on her which annoyed her no end. Now your phone bills will be reduced to half and you will get sound sleep every night. You can just lock yourself up in your pyjamas and stay in bed. Just think of all that you can do with that money. Lots of vodka shots and pizzas. You can actually flirt around town and even upload photos with your male friends more frequently.

No immature guy is going to see your skin and shriek upon spotting a bit of hair. All four of them were more than a family now. When people start acting like the split ends in your hair, cut them off without warning before they cause more damage.

Malvika had put on a knee-length skirt and a black halter-neck top. Her eyeliner and glossy lips made her charming face shine a little more than usual. Varun was dumbstruck looking at her. Are we heading to the same place that I suggested? Palladium Mall in Lower Parel. Everyone was speechless looking at Garima.

For the first time since they had all moved in, Garima was wearing a dress. It was a full-length one-piece pink dress with a similar colour headband. She looked really cute in it.

Everyone hugged her and Malvika could feel her eyes dampening with tears. She had always wanted Garima to destroy her past demons and enjoy her life to the fullest. Though she was still far from being absolutely comfortable in the company of outsiders, she was getting there with time. She was making an attempt to mix and be more social, trying to overcome the bitterness. Everyone glanced at each other with quizzical expressions on their faces.

Ahana went inside and brought a couple of straws that were shaped like penises. She had ordered them online a few months ago just for fun. Oops, I mean suck on the straw and drink your beer. When we used it the last time, the waiter almost died of shock.

Ahana was not in the mood to listen to reason and carried them with her. Malvika and Ahana decided to participate in the contest. Within an hour, both the girls had already gulped down four glasses of draught beer.

Ahana felt a little dizzy and just to check her level of drunkenness, she tried walking back and forth in the bar. She was swaying while walking and the situation was pretty fucked up.

Malvika decided to stop as she wanted to go to the loo. You should learn self-control. Varun had no clue how to respond to this. Four more drinks and that was it. She had reached her threshold.

Ahana was so high that she was smiling and waving at every guy she saw in the bar. The guy was shit-scared and ran away. I need a guy. I am in the mood. Varun was worried now as the situation was getting worse. Garima had handled Malvika but it was difficult to handle Ahana.

Somehow they both made her sit in the car and Varun started driving. Ahana kept talking about stupid things until Varun screamed at her to let him drive. Varun was seriously scared now. Varun stopped at a lounge on the way and decided to take her in so that she could use the washroom.

Malvika was asleep and thus Garima waited in the car while Varun accompanied Ahana to the washroom. She wore an expression of relief on her face once she came out after nearly five minutes. Varun was slightly scared as they started interacting. He almost laughed and said yes. Ahana bent towards him and gave him a tiny peck on his cheek.

There was something really sweet about him even though he was a complete nerd. He laughed and said that was not what he was expecting. Anyway, it sucks big time. Ahana was terrifying and strange and beautiful. But her roommates loved her completely. Garima was slowly opening up and though she was reserved, all three of them cared for her a lot. Malvika lived for the moment and the one thing that everyone liked about her was that she was very frank.

Varun was very understanding and knew how to handle women, which made him a favourite with the three girls. Ahana had decided to drop her off and then spend some time with Varun on campus and come back to the apartment together with everyone. I will park the car and come. You carry on. Garima got off and started walking towards the college building which was not very far from the parking lot.

Midway, she saw the group that liked to tease her by calling her a virgin and also playing pranks on her. She would try not to pay them attention but they did make her furious sometimes. But she knew it was best to ignore them to avoid creating a scene in college. This time too as she walked past them, they started passing lewd comments.

Sex is for fun and we live in modern times. Who are you to comment on my personal life and talk shit? By this time Ahana had parked the car and was making her way in and she heard their conversation.

If your dad had used a condom that night, he would have saved the planet from scumbag motherfuckers like you. You think losing your virginity is cool? Teri maa ki. And the girls in the group—have you no shame? I will kick you so hard that you will never walk erect. Stay away. If they decide to hit back, you will realize that guys cry louder than women.

Be real men who respect women instead of threatening them and bullying them with physical force. They bowed their heads in shame. Ahana and Garima had taught them a valuable lesson and they would think twice before teasing another girl. Garima smiled and called Malvika to ask her whereabouts.

She was sitting alone in the canteen in a low mood. Ahana and Garima came and sat near her and asked her the reason for her unhappiness. She told them her parents were insisting she get married as soon as she graduated. Who made such creepy rules? I was just talking to them about general things and was telling them how the first semester will soon be over and they started saying how they wanted me to graduate soon and get married to the perfect guy.

Once you are done with graduation, take admission to a postgraduate course. Most people who opt for PG do it to postpone their inevitable marriage. Doing this graduation is worse than a Roadies task and you are talking about postgraduation. They keep pestering me to get married and they talk about it all the time. I mean ALL the time. I will stop calling them from now on. I so hate this. Everyone laughed and Varun took his seat beside them.

Malvika went red in the face and Ahana caught her blushing. Ahana knew that Varun and Malvika secretly had a crush on each other and were trying their best to hide it from each other and the group. Garima giggled and they high-fived. She had understood what Ahana was trying to say. Varun and Malvika avoided looking at each other.

Just then Varun got a call from his dad that changed his mood completely. He picked up the call and left the table. Garima too left for her oral exams.

Malvika and Ahana chit-chatted for some time until Varun returned. His frustration was visible on his face. Just remember what I told you. Wow Varun, you are too fast. You never told me. When Malvika left to attend her lecture, Varun told her everything. He cried in front of her as she was his most trustworthy friend. But all he ever did was to shout at me and abuse me. I sometimes feel like I am not even his son.

How can a father be so cruel? Ahana heard him out patiently without passing any judgement. I wish he would talk to me about my plans and aspirations. If we get everything we desire, we would never realize the importance of striving for it. Ups and downs are necessary in life. Depression gets to us and makes us shut ourselves away from the world. It makes us lock ourselves in when the people outside are just waiting for us to open up and smile at them.

Ahana saw Garima and Malvika in the rear-view mirror; they looked really sad. A random one. No one reacted for a few seconds but the idea enthralled everyone. We will turn our GPS off and just drive wherever the road takes us. It will be a lot of fun. A few years ago there was no GPS. All of them had decided to celebrate their togetherness on a random road trip, forgetting their sorrows.

Sometimes the person you need the most, and rely on to support you, leaves you alone. Some people get depressed and end their lives, while some, like Ahana, Garima, Malvika and Varun, decide to deal with it and still find their moments of bliss! College days are not for worrying about the world outside but for celebrating togetherness with your friends from whom you will probably separate as they walk on their own chosen path a few years later. The four of them decided to go on their random road trip that night itself.

The rules were simple. They would not use the GPS for navigation to see if they were on the right track. No mobile phones and debit cards. No connection with the outside world. Phones switched off and life switched on. They wanted it to be an adventurous trip, one they would remember for a long time to come.

It was decided that Ahana would drive as she was a stranger to Mumbai roads and would not know the right way, which was exactly the purpose of the journey, unlike Malvika who was a born Mumbaikar.

Before the start of the journey, they had withdrawn enough money from an ATM in case they needed it for an emergency along the way. We live in a world where losing your phone is more scary than losing your virginity. I wanted to hold her hands and tell her everything was going to be okay. I loved her more than anything in the world and wanted to have a chance to express my emotions at least once to her.

I wanted to love her again, wanted to tell her once more that she is mine just mine, and that no one can separate us.

But I felt helpless. Reaching her apartment, I walked up the stairs with a heavy heart and rang the doorbell. Riyas Mom opened the door.

She greeted me and went inside the kitchen. I scanned the room quickly, searching for Riyas familiar presence. Aditya, will you have a cup of tea? Riyas Mom asked me from the kitchen. Was I up for a cup of tea when I did not know where the love of my life was? I think not. But I politely declined, just wanting to know what was happening.

Suddenly, Riya emerged from her bedroom in the most nonchalant fashion, as if nothing had happened to her. I just stood there in complete silence, looking at her from head to toe, soaking it all in. Whats wrong, Aadi? What are you doing here? And why do you seem so shocked? I should be asking you the same thing. When did you get discharged from the hospital?

And why didnt you inform me even after I repeatedly told you to do so? She looked clueless, as is she didnt understand a word I was saying. She came close to me and said, Whats wrong with you? Nothings wrong with me. But where were you last night? And why didnt you pick up my call in the morning? I asked. What are you talking about?

Of course, I was at home last night. When you called me in the morning, I was taking a bath, so I couldnt pick up your call. And why are you screaming at me?

Are you drunk? Dont lie. You havent even noticed the fragrance of your favourite perfume. And then it finally dawned upon meI had been dreaming! A horrible, horrible dream!

I was so deep in sleep that I didnt even realize that all of last nights happenings were just being played out in my dream.

Sudeep Nagarkar - That's the Way We Met

Was work stress, leading to lack of proper sleep, a reason for my delusion? I asked myself. If I had spoken to my Mom before leaving the house, I would have known better. I breathed a sigh of relief. Goodness gracious! Everything I had seen until now, everything I had visualized about the hospital was just thata dream. I told all this to Riya, who could not stop laughing at my expense. Finally, I took in the scent of my favourite perfume.

Her hair was dripping wet. She was in my favourite coloura red sequinned blouse paired with a black, knee-length skirt, and a bracelet in her left hand.

She looked perfect. Since our offices were located in the same area, we decided to leave together. I held her by the waist while walking towards my bike. I felt complete. I looked at herher black eyeliner made her look even more beautiful. She blinked her eyes and smiled.

There are no words to describe her beauty. There are no words to describe how special she or my love for her is. Putting these feelings into words will mean defining it and that would also mean limiting it.

The truth is, there is neither a limit nor a definition for love. Promise me you will never be out of my sight for so long ever again, I told her. I was so afraid of losing you yesterday.

Aadi, not even God can separate us. He brought us together once again so that we could have another chance at love. And I will not let that chance pass. She gave me a slight peck on the cheek after which we left for work. The sun had set early that day, leaving short our pleasure of watching the fading twilight. A cold wind blowing from the beach caught us completely by surprise. I could feel the warmth of her body as she clung to me firmly for support on my motorbike. I cast a glance at her through the rear-view mirror and could see the love she had for me in her eyes.

I had no faith in destiny before I met her. Riya smiled back at me, her smile symbolic of eternal love. Aditya, will you please stop staring at me? Every time you look at me like that, I get goosebumps, said Riya with a shy smile on her lips.

I can stare at you my entire life. You are mine, just mine, I said, kissing her hand. Our love was meant to be forever and nothing, not even God, could come in the way of that. True love is hard to find, but its pure, and has a magical power to it.

We fought in our early days, we cried, heck, we even broke up! But our love for each other never ceased. My Karizma cruised comfortably along the long-winding road. The moment she kept her head on my shoulders, I could not resist bending towards her. I wanted to spend my entire life gazing at her beautiful glistening eyes, her pink alluring lips, and her lustrous, glossy hair.

I looked at her from the rear-view mirror again and saw that she had closed her eyes. Maybe her hectic office schedule had tired her out.

It was a weekday and I had picked her up from her office in Malad. We had decided to have dinner together and had singled out an eatery near her house. You look tired.

Is everything fine at the office? I asked her once seated in the restaurant. Everythings fine. I had to take back-to-back client calls today and couldnt take my usual break. She seemed exhausted. Oh, my sweetheart, I said kissing her hand with affection. We ordered dinner and looked at the other guests seated around us. We noticed a couple fighting at the table adjoining ours.

I was trying to eavesdrop on their conversation. Seeing the couple made me remember my early days with Riya when we would endlessly fight over small things. Both of us looked at each other. Are you thinking the same thing as me? I questioned her. We were idiots. We would fight just like them. Silly reasons that would culminate into stupid arguments, said Riya taking a bite of the pizza we had ordered.

You think that we dont fight as much now? Of course we do, she replied, But now we understand each others emotions way better. Life without love is like a scorching desert craving for rain. Riya came in my life and cured all my pain. Our relationship had an inseparable emotional bonding. I kept looking at her without saying a word. Jaan, lets go for a long drive. I wanted to salvage the little time we had at hand before work beckoned.

I dont think thats a very good idea. We have to go to office right now, remember? Lets go, please, she requested. Lets wait for a few more minutes, please. I want to feel you in my arms, I want to look deep into your eyes and tell you just how much I love you. You will never change. She gave a wicked smile, pinching me hard. I bent forward and gave her a slight peck on her cheek.

She responded with equal intensity and planted a gentle kiss on my neck. Her eyes met mine and melted me with its intensityintensity of an unconditional love that sent shivers down my spine. I love you, Riya. The honest confession was made in that one magical moment. I love you too. I dropped her to office after our delightful evening together. As I saw her enter the gate of her office building, I thanked my stars for the good fortune of having someone like Riya to love with all my heart. But somewhere in the corners of our minds, I knew that we still had the fear of losing each other.

Neither of us chose to express our concerns to the other for fear of the intuition coming true. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that one person could light up my entire life, that my every decision would require her approval.

I loved Riya. This time more deeply, madly, and passionately. Haseen pal kissa ban jaata hai, Koi shaks apna hissa ban jaata hai, Kuch log aise milte hain, Jinse kabhi na tootne waala rishta ban jata hai. The M factor was scheduled to attend a conference meet in my office where managers were addressing agentlevel employees. The quarterly figures for your group are extremely poor, said the manager, almost yelling at our team in the conference room.

Sitting way behind all the rest, cleverly shielded from the manager, I was busy texting Riya from my cell phone. She didnt seem to be working as was evident in her quick replies. I strictly want all of you to follow the official dress code! No one should wear casuals on weekdays. Moreover, on Monday, everyone should come dressed in black office formals.

Recently, I have been getting repeated complaints from the HR team that some you are violating certain company policies regarding the established dress code. Strict action will be taken against anyone found breaching the desired code of conduct. The guidelines for proper dressing will shortly be put up on the bulletin board.

Remember, casual dressing is allowed only on Fridays, he yelled at our team, even though I dont think anyone was really paying heed to what he had to say. All that screaming was proving to be too much of an overdose for me. I desperately needed a smoke. No wonder I hated managers. They are utter morons. Where do they get the energy to speak so much? Why dont you just take all your traditional beliefs about organizations and apply them to the neurons in your brains?

I wanted to stand up and tell him that Rome wasnt built in a day, so how could he expect us to remember all the guidelines in a matter of a few days? After all, the new dress code policy had been introduced only recently. I waited for him to stop laying all that crap on us and give us a breather.

As the meeting wrapped up, I hastily left the room and went straight to the smoking zone where I lit a cigarette and breathed out a relieved puff. Hey, how are you? I heard someone say from behind me. I turned back and saw Prerna, my colleague from the same division. Plain fucked up! We had a meeting with the managerial team and they screwed us as usual. But anyway, how have you been? I replied. We then broke into a general discussion on our not so happening corporate life.

As the fiveminute break was just about to get over, I told her to meet me in the next break to continue with our rant. I was just logging into my system when the team manager showed up. He introduced us to our new team leader, Mohit, who had joined us from our regional office in Ahmedabad. He had recently been transferred to Mumbai and had been asked to resume duties in our office. Mohit was smartly dressed and even though he seemed young, he had the look of someone with years of experience behind him.

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He gave us a warm smile and individually greeted everyone with a handshake. We then resumed work with Mohit keeping a close watch on us, ready to guide us through any improbable complications.

After an hour had eloped, I locked my system and went outside for a short break. Prerna was in the smoking zone before me. How is Riya? Everyone in my close network of friends knew about my relationship with Riya. Before I could answer, Mohit came in and asked me for a lighter. I took out one from my pocket and lit his cigarette.

That seemed to break the ice between us. Mohit was the first one to ask me, Aditya, were you born and brought up in Mumbai? I replied in the affirmative. Im staying in a hotel as of now. But since I will be working here for good, I wanted to look for a permanent accommodation. Since it is my first time in the city, Mumbai is an alien land for me and I dont know my way around here.

Do you know of any decent place where I could shift? But I thought our company was providing you with accommodation? I asked with a surprised look.

Usually, whenever we had inter-city transfers, the company usually took it upon itself to provide the employees with proper accommodation. Yes, they will, but only after two months. Till that time, I was looking for a room on rent, preferably some place within my budget and which his close to our company, said Mohit. I can put you in touch with my friend who rents out flats. Plus, I wont charge you much or take commission, I winked. That makes things much easier for me.

Thanks a lot, Aditya. I owe you one. Mohit shifted to the apartment suggested by my friend the very next day. He was single which was hard to believe, since he was quite a pretty good-looking guy, or so I could tell from the way girls cast a glance at him every time he passed by. His family was based in Ahmedabad where he had spent most of his formative years. We became good friends soon after. It was another office day and Mohit and I had been slogging it out. Do you have a girlfriend?

Her name is Riya. We have been seeing each other since the past few years. Are you guys planning to get married soon? I could feel myself go red in the face. Even though we loved each other deeply, marriage was not on the cardsat least for me.

Yes, maybe three years from now we will. Anyway, its too early for me to answer this, I smiled as I lit a cigarette. Mohit, Riya is on her way to meet me. If you arent too busy, would you care to join us? I casually asked him. Like I expected, he politely declined. But I insisted he should wait so that I could at least introduce Riya to him.

By the time we inhaled our last puffs, Riya joined us in the parking lot. I introduced both of them with each other. Its great to finally meet you, Riya. I have heard so much about you. In fact, we were just talking about you. I was asking Aditya about his marriage plans and he told me he was confused, said Mohit with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Did you, Aditya? Dont pay any heed to him, Mohit.

We will get married one day, just not anytime soon said Riya. Aditya, you are one lucky chap, he said patting me on my back. I held Riya by the waist and said, Isnt she equally lucky? Both of them nodded in agreement.

We then headed to the Cafe Coffee Day outlet near our office. Once we were seated comfortably, I told Riya how good she looked in her trousers and white topa corporate look that particularly flattered her beauty. Her hair fell loosely on her shoulders and she gave me a perfect smile in exchange for my compliment.

I saw myself falling for her all over again. So guys, do your parents know about your relationship? Mohit asked while taking a sip of his cappuccino. We looked at each other and answered at the same moment, NO.

Even though my Mom had some sort of inkling about our relationship, Riyas Mom thought we were best friends who simply chose to hang out together quite often. You both look good together, Mohit stated. Isnt it amazing how a person who was once a stranger suddenly becomes your world? I asked as Riya kissed my cheek. Yes it is. And it is nice to know that love like yours still exists in the world, Mohit continued.

So lets turn the tables on you, Mohit. When are you planning to settle down?

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I told Riya that he was single which she found hard to believe. You can date Prerna, you know. She is a real hottie with a body to die for, I teased Mohit.

Riya pinched me on my arm and gave me a disapproving look. Shut up and stop kidding! Lets get going, said Mohit getting up from his seat. Arching one eyebrow, Riya signalled me to stay back and let Mohit go. Mohit understood that we wanted to be left alone for sometime. He excused himself and took the bus back home while we zoomed off on my bike.

So what do you think about getting married? I casually asked Riya while driving down to Marine Drive. Aadi, you know I want to marry youI have ever since I met you. But I want to become financially stable before that. You know how I feel about living off someone elses money. I did not want to spoil our evening, so I chose to remain silent on the issue and dropped her off near her house.

How was I to know that it would become a major bone of contention between us later on? Mumbai Rains t had been one helluva long day. But since it was a Friday, the weekend was thankfully just round the corner.

And the temptation of the approaching weekend made it impossible to concentrate on work. I wanted to complete my target for the day on time and leave. Mohit came and monitored my last call before pack up. Thank you for calling SGS. How may I help you? I asked in a mechanical tone opening my call. Listen, I am facing difficulty logging onto the internet, the customer complained. What is the error message on your computer screen? I looked at Mohit. Can I confirm that you are keying in your password with the Caps Lock key off?

What is that all about? Sir, I think you need to type in your password in lowercase after turning off your Caps Lock key. Would you do that and let me know if it works? I suggested. Look here, this is bullshit!

There is no such thing as switching off the Caps LockI cant do that. Watching the proceedings behind my desk, Mohit was trying his best to control his laughter. Why dont you give it a try, sir? Just press your caps lock key and you will get a prompt on the right hand corner of your screen saying caps lock key off. Then punch in your password.

If it still doesnt work, we can try something else, I said in a mock serious tone. Oh my God, you are right! I had been typing the password in capital letters all along! Dude, you are a fucking genius, he muttered in excitement. And dude, even a child would have been able to figure it out, I thought to myself. Once I hung up the phone after giving him a lowdown on all the basics, I burst out laughing, joined soon by Mohit who still seemed pretty amused by it. A happy customer meant an increase in my Net Sat score.

I logged off the system and left the floor with Mohit who wanted to know my weekend plans and suggested we hang out together if I wasnt pre-engaged in another thing. Since I didnt have any concrete plans as such, I agreed to meet him on Saturday. Then I rushed to meet Riya after my shift. Once seated at our regular meeting pointa dhaba outside her officeshe asked me, What are you doing tomorrow? Lets go out somewhere.

I couldnt tell her outright that I had already made plans with Mohit, but I also did not want to say no to her. So I made up a miserable excuse of having some pending office work. She didnt say anything but her face told me she was clearly upset. I knew she wasnt downloading it. I thought for a moment and said, Okay, I will try and finish all pending work on Sunday. But can Mohit also join us tomorrow?

He is new to the city and wanted help exploring it. Plus, its more fun in a group. We could all just aimlessly roam around the city. And I am sure you must now be bored by my company. What do you think? She didnt say anything for a while. Then she smiled and I knew she had fallen for it. What if Sonam also joins us?

Riya suggested. Thats perfect. Thatll allow us to have some time for our own without feeling guilty about Mohit getting bored since he will have Sonam for company, I added.

Sonam was Riyas good friend and colleague. A Delhi girl, she lived with her relatives in Mumbai. I told Mohit about our double date and asked if he was comfortable with the plan. At first he hesitated, but finally gave in after I pestered and reminded him what a head turner Sonam was. We decided to meet at Inorbit Mall in Malad at 1 pm. I messaged Riya that night: Babe, I was just thinking about our college days and how much fun we had together. Remember how you used to force me to write long messages even though I could barely write a sentence?

I used to send you the same forwarded messages over and over again. But its different today. Now words arent enough to tell you how wonderful you are. Although this is just a small attempt to do so, the fact that will remain constant is that I will love you forever. Heres a love message that was in my inbox which I had saved to send you at the apt moment.

I want to be around you, I want to hold you tight and be the lucky person who kisses you good night. Riya replied: Aadi, I dont need fancy love messages to assure me of your love. You are a blessing in disguise to me. I cherish every second I spend with you. I find myself loving you more with each passing day. You are the reason for my being. You are my Mr Perfect and I love you. I slept with a smile on my face that night.

I reached Malad at 1 pm sharp and spotted Sonam sitting near the water fountain. She was wearing a white halter-neck top with dark blue slim-fit jeans. Mohit and Riya were yet to arrive.

I greeted her with a casual hello. After a few minutes, Riya arrived. I was amazed at how she could take my breath away every time I glanced at her. She was suitably dressed for the hot weather in a blue tube top and shorts which showed off her perfectly toned legs.

She was wearing the blue bracelet that I had gifted her on her last birthday on her right wrist.Try something new. She told them her parents were insisting she get married as soon as she graduated. That day we saw death with our very eyes. He has done this in an exceptionally beautiful manner-from the metro stations to their guest house.

We then broke into a general discussion on our not so happening corporate life. The bond between them deepens and their love blossoms into an eternal bliss. No one should wear casuals on weekdays. And why didnt you pick up my call in the morning? Oh, my sweetheart, I said kissing her hand with affection.