The Mayor of Casterbridge: The Life and Death of a Man of Character is an novel by the . The book is one of Hardy's Wessex novels, and is set largely in the fictional town of Casterbridge, based on Dorchester in Dorset. Hardy himself. The Mayor of Casterbridge book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 'I've not always been what I am now'In a fit of drun. The Mayor of Casterbridge, one of Thomas Hardy's most powerful novels, opens with a scene of shocking heartlessness. In a fit earn your way to a free book!.

The Mayor Of Casterbridge Book

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Uploaded by: AYANNA The Mayor of Casterbridge (Dover Thrift Editions) ( ): Thomas Hardy: Books. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy. No cover available. The Mayor of Casterbridge. Thomas Hardy Book Summary. Bookmark this When Henchard's successor as mayor dies suddenly, Farfrae becomes mayor.

The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy

When he catches the eye of Elizabeth-Jane, Henchard dismisses him and Farfrae sets himself up as an independent merchant. Farfrae conducts himself with scrupulous honesty, but Henchard is so determined to ruin his rival that he makes risky business decisions that prove disastrous.

Susan falls ill and dies shortly after the couple's remarriage, leaving Henchard a letter to be opened on the day of Elizabeth-Jane's wedding. Henchard reads the letter, which is not properly sealed, and learns that Elizabeth-Jane is not in fact his daughter, but Newson's - his Elizabeth-Jane having died as an infant.

Henchard's new knowledge causes him to behave coldly towards the second Elizabeth-Jane. Elizabeth-Jane accepts a position as companion to Lucetta, a newcomer, unaware that she had had a relationship with Henchard which resulted in her social ruin.

Now wealthy after receiving an inheritance from her aunt, and learning that Henchard's wife had died, Lucetta has come to Casterbridge to marry him. However, on meeting Farfrae, she becomes attracted to him, and he to her. Henchard's financial difficulties persuade him that he should marry Lucetta quickly. But she is in love with Farfrae, and they run away one weekend to get married, not telling Henchard until after the fact.

Henchard's credit collapses and he goes bankrupt.

Farfrae downloads Henchard's old business and tries to help Henchard by employing him as a journeyman. Lucetta asks Henchard to return her old love letters, and Henchard asks Jopp to take them to her.

Jopp, who still bears a grudge for having been cheated out of the position of factor, opens the letters and reads them out loud at an inn. Some of the working class townspeople publicly shame Henchard and Lucetta with effigies of them in a skimmington ride. Lucetta is so devastated by the spectacle that she collapses, has a miscarriage, and dies.

The next day, Newson — who it transpires was not lost at sea — arrives at Henchard's door asking about his daughter. Henchard, who has come to value her kindness to him, is afraid of losing her companionship and tells Newson she is dead.

Newson leaves in sorrow.

After 21 years, Henchard's vow of abstinence expires, and he starts drinking again. Eventually discovering that he has been lied to, Newson returns, and Henchard disappears rather than endure a confrontation. Then, by a combination of bad luck and mismanagement, Henchard goes bankrupt and is forced to make his living as an employee of Farfrae's. Lucetta, now at the height of her fortunes, has staked everything on keeping her past relationship with Henchard a secret.

The Mayor of Casterbridge

Her old love letters to him, however, find their way into the hands of Henchard's vengeful ex-employee, Jopp, who reveals them to the worst element in the town. They organize a "skimmity-ride," in which Henchard and Lucetta are paraded in effigy through the streets. The shock of the scandal kills Lucetta. Now an almost broken man, Henchard moves to the poorest quarters, where his life is made tolerable only by Elizabeth-Jane's kindness and concern.

Even his comfort in her affection is threatened, however, when Newson, the sailor, returns in search of his daughter. Henchard's lie to Newson that Elizabeth-Jane has died is eventually discovered, and Elizabeth-Jane, his last source of comfort, turns against him.

The Mayor of Casterbridge

Farfrae, after a period as a widower, renews his interest in Elizabeth-Jane. They are married and Henchard, when he comes to deliver a wedding gift, finds Newson enjoying his position as the bride's father. Heartbroken, Henchard leaves and shortly afterwards dies in an abandoned hut, attended only by the humblest and simplest of his former workmen. The novel closes when Farfrae and Elizabeth-Jane find the place where he has died and read his terrible will of complete renunciation.

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Sign In. The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy.Tess and Jude are my favorites. Henchard, out of a sense of guilt, courts Susan in a respectable manner and soon after remarries her, hoping that one day be will be able to acknowledge Elizabeth-Jane as his daughter.

Refresh and try again. In the novel, Hardy chose to leave one of his protagonists, Knight, literally hanging off a cliff staring into the stony eyes of a trilobite embedded in the rock that has been dead for millions of years. Newson leaves in sorrow.

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In a fit of drunken rage, Michael Henchard, an out-of-work laborer, sells his wife and baby daughter to a passing sailor. What a silly novel!