The Secret Wish List book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Does true love really exist or is it just a cliche? Can a sin. The secret - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Preeti Shenoy is currently based in Bangalore, India. To know. The Secret Wishlist by Preeti Shenoy is a story of a woman, who wants to do a lot of things, but feels clipped because of bond in marriage life.

The Secret Wish List By Preeti Shenoy Ebook

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The Secret wish List and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. Enter your mobile . This item:The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy Paperback $ In Stock. Ships from and. Editorial Reviews. Review. Excellent story telling skills --The Times of India. About the Author. Preeti Shenoy is among the highest-selling authors in India and. THE SECRET WISH LIST. Diksha is a hopeful 16 year old who spends most of her time with her best friend involved in adolescent fun, cribbing about.

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The Master of Her Own Fate – Preeti Shenoy

I feel this review is: To justify genuineness of your review kindly attach download proof Browse. Feb 01, The subject and the stuff of the book are real flaws and everything.

A married woman is melancholy in light of the way that the past she lived was stick squeezed with injustices; furthermore, her present companion is everything aside from conflicting in a more than one sense. Obviously, her life Read More. Reply as Brand. Comments 1. Submit Update. Dec 30, Today I am going to review on the book The secret wish list written by a popular author Preeti shenoy. Comments 0.

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Dec 24, What began promising anecdote about a lady arousing and attempting to remember her life transformed into an average Bollywood propelled inspired book. Mystery beca Nov 29, When we see this book with the topic of The Secret Wish List is very interesting and we built an curiosity in our hearts.

I have read nice books of Indian authors before days. My misfortu Oct 11, I have read this whole book and it was not upto the mark!

This novel was exact replica of the novel named "Two for two and Piece of cake". This story was highly predictable and ther narration was stereotyped.

It included some m Books - Category Description. Books have been a source of knowledge for many centuries. There is atleast one book written on every single topic under the sun. Books are not only written to educate, they are written for leisure and even for the metamorphosis of the soul. There are a hundred categories to choose from when it comes to books.

Read more. Sep 04, The secret wish list by Preeti Shenoy is a book of housewife and her wishes. The readability of this book is good enough to make it interesting while reading. This book covers the story of housewife Diksha, a 35 years old woman, stuck in a bad marriage because she committed a silly mistake when Jun 16, Hi Readers, I mostly like to read romance books on my free times and leave holidays.

I read more books, But I was heartly touched by this book. Can a single kiss really change your life? Then I must tell about its readability. It ha Feb 20, This one from Preeti Shenoy is disappointing to say the least. The plot holds promise but the way it is handled is too cliched and even childish. It gets more predictable as the novel progresses. The main protagoni Jan 25, This one from Preeti Shenoy is disillusioning without a doubt. The plot holds guarantee yet the way it is taken care of is excessively unoriginal and even adolescent.

It gets more unsurprising as the novel advances. Every one of the characters are either dark or white, there is by all account Jan 03, Everyone has a secret wishlist and the moment we have talk of wishlist we have plans for holidays, dream destinations, some crazy adventure activity, a new height, or just a materialistic thing.

I have a question here when i Dec 23, Completed the process of understanding it inside 2 days. Generally a decent read. You'd have the capacity to identify with the character as individuals you run over sporadically or it can be one of your companions.

There are men like Sandeep who exist and underestimate things and afterward there Dec 21, I have read many good books of Indian authors. Because of my misfortune I acquired this book and began reading.

Despite the fact that book was hardly any fascinating in its begin, I proceeded with my perusing. Amidst my understanding I began feeling that essayist is not going anyplace.

She attemp Sep 30, I read the book of Preeti she now. Life is what you make it. And I liked it too much.

So I thought of ordering it from site and I got it at very cheap rate. However, things there take a turn for the worse due to which the lives of Ankit and Diksha are forever changed.

Cut to the present. In Bangalore, Diksha is married to Sandeep and they have a son Abhay. Right from making the morning tea, to breakfast, lunch and dinner to catering to every whim and fancy of Sandeep and Abhay, Diksha seems to not have an individual life at all. She does not seem to mind her daily mundane life either.

At the behest of the cousin, she decides to try and take some control over her life and makes a wishlist — a list of things which she truly wants to do. Included in the list are items like snorkelling, getting drunk and learning salsa. By a fortuitous turn of events, Tanu who has been working at Gurgaon and recently re-located to Bangalore re-enters her life and tells her that Ankit has been wanting to get in touch with her since a long time.

How the issue is sorted out forms the climax of the story. Diksha as a bubbly teenager; Diksha as a housewife; Diksha as a housewife wanting to live out her wishlist; Diksha as a housewife imagining what it would be to go back to Ankit — all the various stages have been carved out beautifully. He cannot even imagine that she may have any wants.

He comes across as extremely selfish and a person quite easy to hate. Ankit is the ideal guy — someone who is compassionate, caring and concerned; who wants to fulfil each and every wish of Diksha at whatever cost it entails.

The Secret Wishlist – Preeti Shenoy

He lets his heart rule his mind. Sure, we all scoff at the mere idea but we do not bother going behind and understanding the reasons for it.

As parents, it is very important to be friends with your children and to really understand what is going on with them. True love does really exist. You may not realize it immediately and it may take its own sweet time in reaching you. But it will eventually.

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Also, along the way, you may have to face some difficulties.Diksha, I am a simple guy. And she does it with an entertaining manner rather than keeping the story too intense or up-to-the-point. Coming to the good parts of book according to me- Initially, when the book begins, the way she keeps on shuffling between both the periods of story is too interesting.

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