The Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project (UKHP) represents a model case of the exertion of these pressures. The project, which impacts upon five waterfalls. The Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Upper Kotmale - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Plant.

Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project Download

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Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Project. Case Study. Kusala Seneviratne Mahalekame. Assistant Director (EIA). Central Environmental Authority. Sri Lanka . Download scientific diagram | Layout Plan of the initially proposed Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project from publication: Importance of Public Participation in. PDF | Initially proposed Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project in central hilly area of Sri Lanka comprised water diversions upstream of Download full-text PDF.

The author walking through the dried up Kothamale resovior. The promised prosperity from increased agriculture has not yet materialized.

The production is decreasing, because every year the amount of water stored in the reservoirs keep diminishing. The people in power bragged that Sri Lanka would be exporting electricity to India after the Mahaweli Project is completed, yet a few years ago the people faced 9 hour power cuts, when it was blamed on dependence on Hydro power.

The country was informed that the long term solutions to our power needs cannot be found in hydro power but in alternate thermal power. This was when they wanted to promote coal power.

Upper Kotmale Dam

Over , people have already been displaced by the irrigation and hydro power projects in Sri Lanka. Already 13 families were displaced from Kotmale when the Kotmale Project was done. Today, the Kotmale reservoir does not collect sufficient water to generate power even for six months a year.

Now the Upper Kotmale Project is to be considered, knowing very well that it would have the same fate. Over the last few decades over 50 million people around the world had been displaced due to construction of dams.

They are the people who are more dependent on natural resources. When such resources are degraded they suffer the most.

Not the affluent and the over privileged, who are the people who promote such projects. A very small percentage of people consume a very large percentage of electricity generated.

Those who promote UKHP warn people of power cuts. Downloads Mega-Dams Must Share Benefits The number, size and impact of large-scale dams around the world have increased with the rising global demand for power and food.

Agriculture fed by dams produces 12 to 16 per cent of world food production AQUASTAT, , while hydropower contributes about 85 per cent of global renewable electricity and 16 per cent of total electricity. There has been long-standing debate over how to balance these benefits against the risks of damage to the environment and communities.

Upper Kotmale Hydro power plant

Power asymmetries stem from the influence of powerful politicians and big energy companies. Mechanisms for public participation are poor, and institutional frameworks are overridden by the drive for completion. Promises of relocation and compensation are frequently broken and funds for relocation embezzled.

Once dam construction has started, communities have little leverage to enforce their rights. In Pakistan, the Chotiari wetlands reservoir project was completed in with World Bank funding to store water for irrigation Husnain, It has installed electrical capacity of MW from two 75 MW turbines , capable of producing up to GWh of power annually. Water arrives at the powerhouse from the dam via the An outdoor switchyard measuring Transmission line[ edit ] The kV transmission line of the Upper Kotmale Hydro-power Project connects the power station located at Niyamgamdora, Kotmale, to the national grid via Kotmale switch yard located in Atabage, Gampola.

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The line consists of 45 towers and has a length of The double circuit transmission line has a capacity of MW per circuit. Social and environmental impact[ edit ] A significant difference in volume can be observed before the dam was built left and after right. Note: The variance may be exaggerated, as the pictures were taken during different seasons. The construction of the dam, tunnel, and powerhouse, required the relocation of families from houses.

New homes were built away from the site with access to vital facilities such as water and power. The relocated families are provided with concessionary loans to start new self-employment ventures, while additional facilities such as the Talawakele Central College, places of worship, a cinema hall, a library, and a community centre, are being established.

Similar most other dam's impacts on rivers around the world, the Upper Kotmale Dam will periodically stop the St. Clair's Falls , located 2.A very small percentage of people consume a very large percentage of electricity generated. Those who promote UKHP warn people of power cuts.

Lack of proper plan for the relocation of about families. Design uncertainties such as lack of flash flood area.

They are the people who are more dependent on natural resources.