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If you find a game you' ve played not in the list, please suggest a hack in the comments section. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This might help somebody else out. The adults of the current "Group B" have not been told the truth, but Pilcher is aware that a secret faction are disaffected, and planning to breach the wall. Pilcher awakened Ethan to impose order on Wayward Pines. Ethan is willing, but only on his terms. Meanwhile the Ballingers are building a bomb as part of their plan to finally escape.

Theresa thinks something nefarious has been done to Ethan when he tells her that it is the year He finds a pipe bomb in his vehicle, and begins investigating the conspiracy.

Theresa investigates Plot 33 and finds that a metal structure lies beneath the empty lot. Ethan finds that a former explosives expert, Franklin Dobbs, planted the bomb and soon discovers that Harold is involved in the secret group. He correctly surmises that Kate is the group's leader. Kate thinks Ethan's story about what lies beyond the fence is the result of brainwashing, telling Theresa she got a call out to Hassler within her first week in Wayward Pines.

Kate pushes up the group's plan to blast through the wall to that night. Ethan intercepts Kate and her accomplices at the fence before they succeed, but soon realizes there is another bomb that is headed to the fence in a delivery truck.

He is in pursuit when the bomb—inadvertently armed by Amy—detonates early, leaving Amy injured and Ben bloody and unconscious. Tim Hunter.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Ben is hospitalized and Ethan and Pilcher try to locate the remaining members of the conspiracy.

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Suspecting that someone on his surveillance staff is aiding the rebels, Pilcher tasks Pam to investigate. Fisher tells an awakened Ben that Ethan had the bomber in custody, but let him go because he is Kate's husband Harold.

Ethan confronts a jailed Kate, who refuses to cooperate with his investigation. Harold and Alan steal a dump truck to ram the fence, but Harold stays behind for Kate. Alan makes it to the other side of the fence with the body of a fellow conspirator he hopes to bury, but the two are immediately attacked by abbies.

Ethan arrives at the fence just in time to stop three abbies from breaching it. He convinces Harold to give him the names of the remaining 14 conspirators, but Ethan soon finds that they have all removed their tracking chips and gone off the grid. Three young men from the "First Generation", led by Jason Higgins, storm the jail wanting to reckon Kate, Harold, Franklin and two others.

They are initially thwarted by Arlene, but return later and Jason executes all except Kate, who survives only when Ethan arrives to shoot her attacker.

Meanwhile, prompted by a conflicted Pam, Theresa has gone into the tunnel system under Plot 33 and finds a video of Adam Hassler making a report from the ruins of San Francisco in the year , which she shows to Ethan and Kate. Ethan tells Pilcher he now believes he must reckon Kate, and insists the whole town be there.


Instead, Ethan tells them all the truth about Pilcher and Wayward Pines. Observing, Pilcher cuts power to the town—including the fence. Scores of Abbies breach the perimeter of Wayward Pines.

Learning what Pilcher has done, Ethan and Kate direct the assembled citizens to the bunker under Plot 33, but not before the abbies begin to arrive and slaughter everyone they can. Jason, still recovering from being shot by Ethan, heads to safety in another bunker with members of the First Generation.

Pam objects to Pilcher's intent to wipe the town clean and start over with "Group C", so he has her refrozen against her will. The townspeople flee through a tunnel from the bunker to the mountain complex, with abbies in pursuit. With the survivors including Theresa and Ben safe in the complex, Ethan sacrifices himself to stop the rest of the abbies.

Ben is injured and wakes up in the hospital; it is three years later and Amy, now a nurse, tells him that "they" are listening.

Jason and the First Generation have seized control of Wayward Pines and frozen most of the adults. David Petrarca. Theo Yedlin, a successful surgeon, saying Yedlin can "help a thousand people".

The fever book spoiler wayward

Yedlin is awakened in Wayward Pines, disoriented, and is told by Jason and his aide Kerry Campbell that he is part of a government experiment. They ask him to operate on an "important person", shown to be Kate Hewson. While the operation is successful, Kate takes her own life after a discussion with Megan. Theo then witnesses the public execution of members of Ben's group, and sees his wife, Rebecca, in the crowd. Ben and Xander turn themselves in to stop further killings, and they are thrown in a truck with Theo.

The truck is sent to the other side of the fence, where the group now has to deal with approaching Abbies. Brad Turner. Story by: Mark Friedman and Michael R. Perry Teleplay by: Michael R. Scores of Abbies sacrifice themselves at the electric fence to build a pile of bodies and allow other Abbies to breach the wall. download for others Jason and a team thwart the attack, but Kerry is injured, causing Jason to allow Theo's rescue.

Ben is left to fend for himself on the other side, much to Theresa's concern.

Having leverage, Theo demands an explanation from Jason before operating on Kerry. Jason tells him the truth about Wayward Pines. Theo learns that Rebecca has been a Wayward Pines resident for three years.

Ben tries to get on a truck to return, but is unsuccessful. Finding a camera at the fence, Ben reveals to anyone watching that Jason sent a First Generation resident to his death a violation of Pilcher's rules.

Ben is then overcome by Abbies. Unable to spot any Abbies on camera, Jason thinks they've finally driven them away, but one soon runs past the edge of a corn field. Pam Pilcher narrates the story of Jason — the first baby awoken in Wayward Pines — and how special he was treated growing up. In the present day, Jason, C.

Pam is shown to be confined to a house on the outskirts of the town for killing her brother, but she shows up in Jason's office and convinces him they need to work together for the good of all residents.

Jason publicly forgives Pam, but she soon hatches a plan to infect the town with smallpox virus. Pam calls Wayward Pines a "mistake", and insists that Jason let the last of humanity die off peacefully. Pam is caught and contained while the virus is still in the incubation period. When Pam tells Theo about what happened in Hawaii over years ago, Theo confronts Rebecca, suggesting she was one of Pilcher's volunteers.

At the Academy, Megan instructs young teens on how to get pregnant, soon after they start menstruating. Following Pam's misdeeds, Jason takes her into the woods and strangles her to death. Nazrin Choudhury. Xander, the third person sent to the other side of the fence by Jason, finds himself in a pit dug by the Abbies.

He manages to get out and work his way back to town when he encounters a heavily-bearded and disheveled Adam Hassler.

Theo treats Hassler, after which Jason grills Theo to see if Hassler revealed any info about the Abbies. Jason explains that Hassler is one of 12 "nomads" Pilcher sent out several years ago to investigate the world beyond Wayward Pines, and is the only one to make it back.

Theresa insists on joining the team so she can find Ben, and when she discovers his body, she blames Hassler.

Higueruela - Our town

Elsewhere, Rebecca tries to protect Lucy, a girl not yet 12 years old, from Megan's reproduction mandate, after Lucy reveals she has started menstruating. At the end of the episode, Lucy's brother Frank encounters an Abbie on the town's merry-go-round. The Abbie that Frank sees is tranquilized and later studied by Megan and her team. It is the first female Abbie they've ever seen or captured. The backstory of Rebecca is revealed in a flashback to the early s, when Pilcher approached her about being the chief architect for Wayward Pines.

Excited, Rebecca designed the entire town, but backed out when Megan revealed when the town would actually be built. In present day Wayward Pines, Rebecca says Pilcher had her kidnapped. She also reveals to Theo that she is married to Xander.

Outside the walls of Wayward Pines, C. Hassler reveals that he purposely sent Ethan to find Kate and be abducted by Pilcher's men, because he wanted to get rid of him and be close to Theresa.

It was only after Theresa and Ben followed Ethan that he changed his mind on being one of Pilcher's volunteers. At the end of the episode, Abbies approach C. Vincenzo Natali. Abbies set fire to the remaining crops outside the fence, and attack C. Theresa is critically injured. Jason and his soldiers arrive to get as many humans as they can to safety.

Xander and a small team aid in the rescue, after Rebecca helps them steal weapons from the mountain facility.

Several people need treatment at the hospital, forcing Theo to set up a hasty triage. Hassler visits Theresa, who is on life support, and a flashback shows him regretting his decision to let Pilcher abduct Ethan.

Theresa flatlines soon after. Theo notes that certain drugs and medical supplies are also running dangerously low. Theo observes that the reasoning center in Margaret's brain is twice the size of a typical human. Hassler learns there is a female Abbie in captivity, and asks Theo if she has a distinctive mark on her palm, which she does.

In flashbacks, C. In , he encounters one of the last humans on earth, a man whose clawed fingers show the beginnings of the mutant gene taking form. When C. In , Megan prepares a celebration for the awakening of Group A, but C.

In the present day, Theo attempts to communicate with Margaret using flash cards, believing the Abbie to be highly intelligent, while Megan remains skeptical. Tests show that Margaret is dominant over the male Abbies.

Hassler soon confirms that Margaret is their leader, and that her captivity is causing the increase of Abbies outside the fence. In front of Jason and Kerry, Margaret indicates that Theo should be the "leader". Angered, Jason shoots and kills the captive male Abbies, but Kerry stops him from shooting Margaret.

Later, Megan is left alone with Margaret, who escapes her cage by entering the lock code she observed Theo using, and she slashes Megan with a scalpel, leaving her to bleed out on the floor.

Jennifer Lynch. Xander and Rebecca discuss their future together, revealing she is pregnant. Theo tells Kerry that the Abbie attack she suffered did too much damage for her to bear children. Theo soon finds Megan's dead body and Margaret's empty cage.

Jason sounds the alert in town, and dispatches soldiers to try and gun down the Abbie leader. In Jason's office, Rebecca steals hard copies that show the layout of the original town before Wayward Pines was built over it , to try and determine how Margaret got in and where she might go to get out. Margaret appears about to attack Rebecca when Xander shoots the Abbie in her hand and wrist.

Margaret flees to the woods and prepares to enter an old water duct. Hassler spots her and raises his rifle, but then lowers it and lets Margaret go. Hassler soon follows Margaret through the pipe.

Margaret is shown wincing in pain as she remembers brutal attacks by Pilcher and his team to clear the Abbies out of the area that would become Wayward Pines.

Jason reveals a secret room with two cryo pods to Kerry, saying they can wake up in the future and be like Adam and Eve. Kerry then drops the bombshell that she cannot have children.

Citing the need to have a "bridge" between generations in Wayward Pines, Pilcher visits Walcott Prep in to meet Abigail, a pregnant student giving up her child for adoption. But Abigail later loses the baby.

In present day Wayward Pines, the Abbie horde has increased at least tenfold. Knowing the Abbies will breach the wall at some point and easily overcome the humans, Jason determines the only way for humanity to survive is to put everyone back into cryo suspension.Ebook Kostenlos Deutsch Hypersonic: Cassell Military Paperbacks.

From Empire to Independence. Ritual to Romance Historical Romance. Reflections of a German Soldier, Fifty Regal Years. Jason and the First Generation have seized control of Wayward Pines and frozen most of the adults. The gene damage is dominant and spreading rapidly. Kostenlose Ebook Black Lives Matter: In present day Wayward Pines, the Abbie horde has increased at least tenfold.