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Full text of "kaz-news.infoge - (PDFy mirror)" Just like a woman will be less attractive If she where fat (usually), so Is a man (usually). "The fear I always have is that a book won't match up to the sales buzz created on the promotional site but your Alpha Male guide certainly delivers the value that. Although the author of this book has made every effort to ensure that the information in this book is correct, the author does not assume and hereby disclaim any.

Thinking I had overcome my fear I was pleased, but then the Instructor absolutely shocked me; He ordered another two of the guys to enter the ring it's not actually a ring, just some mattresses on the floor and help the big guy kick my ass. In the hours to come every guy had to fight outnumbered and each soldier on the team took a beating. This lesson was repeated many times during boot camp and had one main goal: To end our fear.

After taking so many beatings, we could walk into the gates of hell armed only with our fists and still fear nothing. Now it's your turn. Find an attractive woman the sexier the better and go hit on her trying to get her phone number.

If you fear her reaction, that's great and this is what this assignment is for: Now find another attractive woman and do the same You may get some phone numbers, if so, great ; Don't do this at a place you normally hang out or your work place because you will get a bad reputation and you might want to actually hit on these women when you're in Advanced Training or when you've finished your training.

It's even better if you go to a different city. Don't let the rejections get to you. It's because you went in unarmed and untrained. If you stick to the Boot Camp section of this book and reach Advanced Training, I guarantee you will have plenty of Women like those to choose from. Interaction with woman report: Her Name: Her Looks 1 - Your Opener describe it and how good did it turn out: How nervous where you How did the interaction end let down, number close, sex: Body Language: Now you probably don't know what half of this nneans, but it will be explained later on in the Advanced Training section.

For now, you can see an exannple report fronn when I was very new at this and still nnade reports: I tagged aloriR 2. Michelle the doll I give them nicknames to remember Age Your Opener Describe it and how good did it turn out: She pushed me a bit when trying to order a drink from the bar.

I said "hey, hands off I'm not a piece of meat What you talked about: Started with boring stuff, but then got it together and worked some field tested routines that hit it off nice. I had to leave before I planned about 10 minutes into talking with her because I was riding with my friend and he had to go. I asked for her number and she said she was "kind of seeing someone" shit test. I said "Well that's OK. I'm not a jealous guy", and we continued talking for about 10 more minutes.

Then my friend came again and said we have to leave and she gave me her number. The Peacocking was a very smart move. Headlamp never fails! Must work on body language and Kino! The thing with "kind of seeing someone". Also I offered her gum and she said "why? Does my breathe smell? A bad answer would have been "No.

I answered "Not too bad, but you could do better" with a wink. Nice reaction. Stated most of it. We also stepped outside for fresh air.

She said she was cold so I touched her on the shoulder bare skin with my freezing hand and said "This better? She laughed and said "haha jerk". But I'm not sure how good this was because I don't won't her to have bad connotations to my kino.

When we were talking she leaned against the wall and I kind of blocked her with my arm intimidating. I figured it after a minute or two and took her to sit together at a couch. I thought I was playing fine but my friend later told me that it looked like I was "trying to talk her into an orgy in the bathroom".

So I need to stay more relaxed so It looks like she's gaming me. Also I didn't maintain enough eye contact. Not enoughlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll and when I did touch her, I was looking at my hand instead of her eyes.

Will try to implement it in the future with games and magic These reports are the only way you'll ever get better at this game! Just like after a military mission there is a debriefing especially if something went wrong so we can learn from our mistakes.

I read each of my reports at least five times to make sure I didn't repeat the same mistakes over and over. Treat this very seriously, and file them in your folder.

They are a key in your future success. Dealing with your issues: Weight - Are you fat or skinny? Women sense protected when they are with a muscular man, and sense that a fat or skinny guy can't protect them.

Fortunately for me my genes have been kind to me in this area so I can't really give advice based on experience but I've consulted with experts who have referred me to the best dieting and bodybuilding plans on the market today: Fat Loss For Idiots - this one is the best in case you are really overweight and it shows Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - written by an amazing body builder, this is most recommended for those with a beer belly or just average body type.

No Nonsense Muscle Building - this is for you skinny guys mainly Another Issue surrounding this field is diet and bodybuilding supplements. The experts disagree on the benefits and disadvantages of using these products. I wouldn't know whether to recommend them since I've never used them but if you do, don't get ripped off and download effective ones at: Dietrine, LifeExtension and BodyBuilding.

You must understand how important this is! If I could only choose one tip to give you, it would be to get in shape! Just like you don't want to hit on fat-assed women skinny women I actually like more than average women , they don't want to be hit on by fat-assed or skinny men. I'm sorry if this is offending but before writing this book I read many "Seduction Tactic" e-Books and despised the fact that if other authors already made a sale, they felt like they could write whatever the reader 12 wants to read, and tell them that looks don't matter.

Face the skeletons in your closet! Whichever plan you choose, it is vital that you take it as seriously as you take this one. Height - Are You Short? Extremely Tall? Well hey. Shit happens I'm very short and get along great.

One thing us short guys can do is get Height increasing insoles and height increasing shoes. I own two pairs of these special shoes one casual pair and one formal , and the rest of the time I use the insoles with regular shoes. Get these on site: There are also certain medical pills and all other kinds of treatments but reading their sales pages they seemed like bullshit to me.

If you think otherwise, you are welcome to try them out and mail me your opinions of them. Looks Are you ugly? Well, I believe that there is a way to make any man look good without plastic surgery. To be honest I pity men who get nose jobs or lift their cheeks or whatever it is they do.

It makes the face look soft and fragile, like Michael Jackson's. However, if you have skin issues or zits go to any cosmetics store like SkinCare or Spalook, and get products that fit your needs don't forget to go to the "Men's" section. It's important to realize that you're not a woman and it's OK and even great that your skin isn't silk smooth.

I for instance only use lotion for underneath my eyes because if I don't, I look like I haven't slept in a decade. Many men need a good after-shave and they don't have one! If you do shave with a razor, make sure you use a good after-shave. Tan If it's summer go out and get a tan, but don't forget to use the proper sunscreen.

To keep the tan it's better to take a cold shower afterwards not with hot 13 waterj. Your tan has to last for the winter because only faggots go to tanning salons. A good tan makes you look thinner, and can get you off for a little beer belly.

Accessories - Your Bling Bling! Depending on your style, you have to accessorize! A nice watch is a must: No Digital watches or sports watches You're over 16 years old! That said, make sure you have a decent leather wallet It's also great to have a unique bracelet, necklace or ear-ring obviously depending on your style.

They best place to get this kind of accessories for cheap is site.

Lesson Two: Giving It -- January 4,

These are great because they add a lot to your personality and are also great conversation starters. I also love wearing funny t-shirts as a casual look. You wouldn't believe how many conversations they start with hot women and I don't even have to approach them, they come to me with some witty remark about the shirt!

A friend of mine whom I've taught a lot about seduction was once on vacation and brought me back a t-shirt saying "Sex Instructor - First Lesson Free". A few women and even one guy approached me when I wore this shirt and directly demanded their free lesson.

Some not the guy and the ugly chick even got it ; You can get great and cheap funny t-shirts at T-shirt Hell and BustedTees.

Hair I won't elaborate too much on this because everyone has his own style that agrees with him. I personally prefer long hair ever since I got discharged.

Just don't go to a million year old barber, find someone more up to date. If you're growing bald, an expert told me to recommend Provillus. Body hair is another issue: I like having chest hair and never waxed or anything, but if you have too much, consider trimming it. This is extremely recommended!

For some of these things its best to consult a woman who knows a thing or two or even seek a professional because shaving with a razor between your eyebrows for instance is not wise and will make the hair there grow extremely fast and thick.

Teeth and Nails IVIake sure your teeth are always clean. If they are yellow consider teeth whitening. Cut your nails and make sure they are clean. Women are scared of long nails because they can injure them during foreplay. Odors and Perspiration Do you sweat until you shine or get your shirt wet? Even have bad BO? IVIajor Turn Off! For the "regular" men, always have some kind of cologne, deodorant or after shave on. For the inexperienced seducers, when you go out to parties, bars or whatever with the intent of picking up women, I extremely recommend using seduction pheromones.

They are one of the most effective aphrodisiacs out there. Pheromones are natural chemical scents the body produces in order to attract others. Pheromones are well documented in the animal kingdom as the force that controls all social behavior, including mating. Scientists are now finding that human behavior is also heavily influenced by these invisible social magnets.

Today you can get these in a small bottle at a severe price and enjoy having one of nature's biggest mysteries on your side for once. That's why I rarely use them for intended pick-ups, but taking my first steps in the seduction world, they were a great advantage and helped me build confidence.

I even once had an idea to open a dance bar where people would be sprayed with these pheromones without knowing: Who wouldn't come back to a place where all the women are horny, you are insanely drawn to them even the less attractive ones because they are also sprayed with pheromones , and have no difficulty in getting them to sleep with you?!?!

I could have made millions with this idea but I gave it up because it wasn't exactly legal. The best place quality seduction pheromones that actually work are Attract RX - these are natural pills that enhance your own body's pheromones instead of being sprayed with artificial ones.

The most powerful product in this market! If you're not into pills go to Love Scent and get spray pheromones. These are slightly less effective but get the job done. The best is Alpha A for men. Smoking - Are you a chimney? Smoking is one of the things I hate most about humanity. I'm so happy they passed the laws that let us go to bars and actually breathe fresh air for a change!

Research has shown that if you are a smoker most women that don't smoke will invalidate you immediately! Far more important than that is the fact that you're injecting yourself with cancer, smell like an ashtray, and you spend more money on cigarettes than you do on almost anything else! If you want to kick this very bad habit all you need to do is want it ha ha, easy said, never smoked a cigarette in my life! But seriously, if you've failed trying to quit cold turkey, friends of mine have recommended CigArrest.

It's a collection of products that help you quit smoking like tablets and gum combined with a program guide. Try it! Pimp Your Pad! Have a cool house. This is very important because it will make people feel more connected and more comfortable.

Get FREE access by uploading your study materials

It's always good to know your way around alcohol. I recommend LearnBartending if you just want to browse some information or the American Bartending Association if you want a free DVD sent to your house. Even if you decide not to have a bar at your place, always have the basics and know how to pour, which glass to use and so on: I personally wouldn't let anyone smoke in my house but if you don't mind its best to be prepared download some cheap toothbrushes so If a girl wants to sleep over she won't use your brush, and Is even flattered that you thought In advance and got her a new wrapped one.

Besides that make sure you have nice and Interesting decorations, your place Is clean and tidy and that It has normal temperatures. Women are more sensitive to cold so heat up In the winter, and In the summer you must have air conditioning - don't settle for a cheap fan.

Basically It's a matter of taste, but always you should always have a variety of music to choose from. But you can also play electronic music, Elvis Presley or anything else you desire, just make sure she's down with that. Research has shown that most men actually believe that their penis Is not large enough.

They are correct! Obviously many of these men are of "average" size, but why settle for average when you can have large?! There are revolutionary and safe products In the market that will do the job fast without pumps and crap like that I used Natural gain plus with great success I was average, now I'm large! I heard that Fast Safe Patch also does the job great It's your call. Why does this help besides feeling like a king, having the reputation of a king, and how It sometimes gets you laid barely doing anything?

Because It will give you amazing confidence on so many levels! You will have the reputation of the "well hung" guy! Women will see your penis and their eyes will glow! You probably have at least a couple of the problems I mention here, or else you wouldn't have been reading this.

It's OK, and it's even OK if one or two remain unresolved. The thing is that you wouldn't want to hurt your chances because of laziness! Say if you went to a bar today, your chances of hooking up would be what? If you did everything I stated here in Boot Camp, completed your Advanced Training and are still unsatisfied with the results, you can mail me and I will help you personally, but be honest and take all the steps!

I don't want you to think that by learning the Advanced Training alone you will achieve some success It doesn't work like that; just like in the army you start boot camp which is more about discipline, getting into shape learning never to give up before going on to more practical training actually learning what being a warrior is all about and how to fight.

Looking at this, you're probably thinking that you have to spend a lot of money if you want to have women That is one of the reasons women like wealthy men!

[PDF Download] Alpha Male: Alpha - The Ultimate Guide On How To Become An Alpha Male [Read]

Because they can afford the expenses of a fancier house, a good work- out program or an expensive cologne or even pheromone, which is subconscious and they don't even know why they really like they guy!

It is your choice to make between these things but you will have to improve at least the crucial ones! Remember, just like you aren't likely to be successful at war with a rusty rifle, you aren't likely to seduce women when you're not dealing with these issues! The Ten Commandments: Now it's time to revise some rules of interaction with society. You may consider these your ten commandments, learn them by heart because in the time to come they will completely alter the way you act.

Start implementing these rules in your behavior Flirt with women you want, flirt with women you don't want, flirt with the world. I'm not talking about sexual flirting; I'm talking about plain flirting. Once you adjust yourself to be that kind of guy, you won't believe how easy talking to women becomes.

The next time you talk to the bank teller, even if she's 50 years old and is happily married, tell her how unique her glasses are and that you really love them be honest and never give false compliment. Then next time you see that cute and chubby girl at the office ask her if she's lost weight and got any tips.

If you can't think of any compliment just smile and say "Thank you for making me smile, have a nice day". This sentence alone, when mastered can make you an instant prince charming.

There is nothing sexual about these flirts, they Just make you seem and actually be a more pleasant and fun person. You can also 'flirt' with guys; compliment them on their new haircuts, their nice tactics at yesterday's office poker night.

This is done because when preformed correctly, it will actually make people seek your approval because you are sending out a message that your opinion is important. Women sense this and it will make them give you the respect you deserve. Be more careful when you 'flirt' with men so you don't seem gay. Honestly, sometimes I get the feeling they think they are James Bond on Casino Royale trying to understand his opponents twitches in a poker game.

The easier it is for a woman to "read" the guy and understand him, the less appealing and attractive he becomes to her. On the opposite, the more of a mystery you are, the more she is eager to learn about you.

That's why you must always keep information to yourself and give her practically nothing. Never have a regular and predictable behavior for any given circumstance.

Don't always reply to her text messages instantly; wait an hour or two sometimes. Don't always suggest 20 the same things to do. Don't always hang out with the sanne people. Don't be boring! Get interesting hobbies making you an interesting person such as knowing a few magic tricks, playing the guitar etc. Remember you are the prize to be won, and she is doing you no favor in going out with you. I was once out on a date with some chick who constantly reminded me that she doesn't have sex on the first date.

If I had tried to 'ask nice', she would have let me down. I told her that I don't mind about that because I can stop at my fuck buddy's home on the way back if I want sex, and actually I'm sticking around because I'm having a great time by the way that was the truth I ended up fucking her in my car on the beach and she was practically begging for it. This is maybe the most important piece of advice anyone will ever give you.

Be a man! Be proud of whom you are, never ever let anyone step over you and people will respect you for it. I once had a date with this girl and we agreed that I would pick her up at I was there at about I waited until She called me at about I said I was going to meet a few friends who were getting together at a bar nearby and if she wanted to make up for it she can take a cab to the bar.

She did so, and after she said she was very sorry and just wanted to look the best for me Bullshit I ended up forgiving her, and we had a nice night. Respect Yourself! When you're looking in your scope, your care about nothing else in the world. When a sniper finds his target in the scope, he never lets go and the target is already as good as dead. How does that apply to you? Thus the rules are as follows: Never ever get drunk because you won't believe the stupid shit a drunken guy may say, or how a reputation of "the guy who threw up on the new carpet at that Christmas party" will stick.

If you have a problem with that, seek professional help. It's OK to be upset sometimes but extreme anger is one of the most pathetic and childish qualities a person can have. Adults see it as a weakness and turn-off. To be honest, as a soldier I felt insulted that we are good enough to risk our lives but not to know what other units are doing there.

Now I understand that it is in order to protect that unit from certain "slips of the tongue". A friend of mine once had a "Rate Her Rack" Poll with a few guys from his office, where they gave 1 to 10 scores for the tits of all the girls in the office and they all had a laugh about it.

Later that night my friend was enjoying a nice cold one at the bar and just happened to mention this funny poll to the bartender who just happened to be the boyfriend of one of the girls rated who got to the very respectful third place. The Bartender told his girlfriend about this talk about pussy-whipped , and it was very awkward for my friend 'The Pervert' with all the ladies at the office ever since. The lesson to be learnt here is that you should never tell people things that may come back to bite you in the ass.

Any bad thing you did or anyone else , keep it to yourself; unless you know exactly who and what kind of person you're talking to. The rangers there thought they were going for a clean 1 hour mission and getting 22 back, so they didn't take any night optics or extra water, but when shit got connplicated they were stuck there for nnuch nnore. You never know when you might run into a wonnan you'll want, so always nnake sure you don't look like a cavennan!

I'nn not talking about shaving to go down to get a few groceries, but always be clean and with your hair and clothes in sonne kind of reasonable order. Wonnen can be found anywhere!

Not only at pick up bars I will nnention that later in Advanced Training but you should rennennber to look for thenn everywhere you go: In the Advanced Training section I will show you nnany exannples!

For now, just try to figure it out for your own And my dad really finally got it — so damned late — but better late than never — that he was nothing. He was nothing except for the love and connection he had to his family and to my mom, though she was now gone and spared the final scenes of his life. And of course, there were times when he did care and love us in the only ways he could.

He worked hard for us. He sweated the money part. He put us through college and helped us move into dorms. He drove us and our friends places. He told us stories. He was there in the ways that he could be there. And in the end, we found, surprisingly, there was enough love and forgiveness to go around. Even for him. Even if it did not feature 25 lovely pictures of erect penises, it happens to have terrific graphic simplicity, good colors, nice fonts and a bit of tongue-in-cheek or tongue somewhere, not sure where It has a nice conceit -- match the penises to the bloggers, that is, the writers of daily online diaries who were courageous enough to post their penises in all their glory.

The author of the site says he's interested in how we reveal ourselves on the web, and particularly in blogs. Weblogs seem both the perfect medium for exhibitionism on many levels and also the perfect medium for creating connections.

It's clear that the community of bloggers on this site probably know one another rather well. And I don't think I'm going out on a limb to suggest that the bloggers on this site are most likely a collection of homosexual, not heterosexual bloggers. Not only did I love looking at their penises, being a woman who has long appreciated a nice erect penis, but I also felt turned on to learn about a whole new community of bloggers and peek into their private and public and pubic world.

Stole that joke from the author of the site who already punned on pub l ic on the home page. But I guess there is a point to my rambling here. First, why are we flooded with so many naked pictures of women and find so little in the way of equally lovely pictures of male anatomy?

And as for heterosexual male photos, yes, there are videos with rather explicit action shots, but simple beautiful still pictures of straight men -- prove me wrong, show me that gallery. Maybe this is the real dirty little secret of alpha malehood. For all the jockeying for position and mega-aggressive sports behavior, for all the competition at work for heirarchy and position, for all the competition to get the best looking babe and even after the many times men are accused of playing "my dick is bigger than your dick" -- is it the case that most men do not want to compare their actual dick to the next guy's dick and avoid it at all costs?

What gives? Do straight men feel their penises are not ready for the light of day? Do they think they don't look good? Do they feel insecure that they don't look as good as the next guy? I recall a gynecologist looking rather dropped- jawed at me when I asked about my labia, vagina, clitoris, "Do I look normal?

Is everything down there all right? Until recently you never saw a lot of naked pussies to compare yours too -- even growing up in a family of 3 sisters I wasn't looking at such things with much scrutiny once it started to really matter, say Sure we ran around half naked as young kids, but once you start to really mature and want to check out how you compared with others, those others weren't exactly available for perusal for the most part.

From conversations with male friends, I know this may be more true than false. Of course, my naive fantasy of the availablility of men's penises for viewing in the men's room -- always kindof turned me on -- turns out to be completely inaccurate and I've been well informed that taking a leak is all about NOT showing your stuff.

Still, can I say, thanks to a few stone hard Greek statues and a few real flesh-and-blood men I've been lucky enough to KNOW well, the male member is a beautiful thing, flaccid or erect, it's time to give it the credit it deserves. Clicking through the gallery of penises, it's easy to start comparing them, just as men will tend to do when clicking through a gallery of naked women's lovely round bosoms. And you notice differences. Shape, texture, width, tilt and of course, size.

Much has been said about the size of a penis. Looking at the gallery on this site, I couldn't help feeling like a woman about it. It IS about size -- the size of the guy's heart who happens to own that penis. It's about the size of everything attached to that penis. The size of his kindness The size of the time he carves out of his life for you The size of his laughter. The size of his eyes.

The way they look at you, across a larged-sized room. The size of his courage. And of course, the size of his car and the size of his wallet. No, wait, I'm kidding! I'm just kidding! But I could hear you Alpha Males thinking, that's what women are really after. But it's not true. We're not trying to get your wallet out of your jeans -- we're just trying to get YOU out of your jeans. We KNOW how good you look.

And it's the darnest thing, even the best Alpha Males just don't remember what a potent weapon the common garden-variety kiss can be. What an arrow to have in your quiver, ready to be aimed at an unsuspecting target. It disarms your prey. It certainly ends all conversations. I have noticed that there is often a lot of conversation which proceeds coitus -- too much conversation -- like people going over a waterfall who can see the edge of the water behind them plummeting down, but continue in vain to paddle furiously, lovers who would rather be falling into bed are for some reason spending a lot of time standing around talking.

Alpha Males who are worth their salt know how to deal with this most irksome situation. It can not be ignored. It must be dealt with. Here's a story of how someone shut me up one time. First of all, the big problem with kissing anyone is that you usually DO have a lot to talk about. If you're getting excited enough to kiss them, they must have been talking to you for a bit, at least a little while, but probably a LONG while. You'd probably been up late on the phone with them, despite being of an age where should know better, talking all night like high school kids with their first crush.

You're on the phone and they are saying all these funny things and they are loving all the funny things you are saying and if you're really excited you're probably also doing something else So you've been using your mouth a lot.

Just a whole helluva lot. You've been talking this person up and down and sideways, because they are the coolest thing -- this new play toy that loves your ass.

I was telling you a story of how a really experienced Alpha Male got me to shut up and kiss him one time. Oh yeah, so anyway, I was doing that annoying girl thing.

Talking, talking, talking. Both of us were probably having cartoon character bubbles floating above our heads with big smoochy lips drawn like simple cave paintings in the center of the bubble. Both of us were wondering why we were talking and talking and talking. It wasn't like the phone talking you do late at night with the cord wound around your ankle and you foot arching in a sexy way and you both just finding out your birthdays are two days apart, so it must me something extrememly significant.

No, it wasn't that kind of talking. It was that empty talking with almost no content, camo talking, camoflaging the fact that you'd really rather be rolling around on the floor making out with the other person.

And thank god for his nice direct approach, because I just could not stand talking one more second. So he says, "Come here," and I wish I could capture the tone.

The tone is everything. It was that tone like, "WHO do you think you're kidding?! We both know you're just doing that crazy pre-kissing talking that sounds like NOTHING and is just to keep us both from noticing that we're nanoseconds away from some serious lip-smacking tongue-thrusting fun, so just SHU-UT.. U-UP four syllables. Yes, I had been called to the principal's office for serious horsing around.

I had to stop talking and "come here" or go there from my perspective. And I liked this part too, because there are some serious logistics about kissing. You are actually going from a certain distance -- usually you're looking at the talker's whole body and for good reason -- to suddenly getting very up close and personal. And this must be negotiated properly. It's another matter when standing around talking. I've never had to park a submarine in a narrow harbor, but I suppose it's rather like that.

Actually I'm mixing metaphors there, the submarine parking activity is a later-in-the-evening post-kissing thing, isn't it? So somehow or another, one must bridge the distance between the two bodies and get the lips in alignment.

It's really not that easy. So he said, "Come here," and it said it all. I knew what was coming and I was so relieved that he had the wherewithal to just shut me up. And in thi particular case, there was some serious bridging to do, we were not close to one another for some idiotic reason I'm standing talking about God Know's What acting like we're on some street corner.

I'd managed to get all the way across to the other side of the room, near the mini-bar, just short of climbing out the window for some reason -- not my intention, but I guess I was playing hard to get.

But you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn, that even with that distance to travel, after I heard, "come here," I got over there pretty damned fast. I wasn't going to argue. And of course you didn't see the sly smile he gave me, he way he lowered his eyes and then looked straight at me with an electric jolt or the sexy way he was holding his body Boy was I there. And it was even a case of two pairs of glasses to get in our way -- they went flying -- and of course then the two awkward noses -- hardly an obstacle it ended up, all we needed was a quick 10 degree head turn on my part -- and it lock and load.

And this boy was good. He did that favorite thing of mine. You come in really fast, really hard like you'll take the other person out with a mightly WHAM, but you let up just at the end and do the best light teasing kisses -- a real weak-knee-producer and girl-swooning move, I must say.

I wanted more and I wanted more fast. But he was in charge and gave me that "Now, young lady, let's not be greedy. He was really really expert, acted like it would be some of that chaste elementary school kissy face stuff for a while and I yielded to that descalation, not too thrilled, but not unwilling. We were knocking on the doors of the lips, no big deal, nice, notice how soft, yes, very polite. No big open mouth sucking for such two lovely civilized people as us standing next to a hotel bed.

I should have seen it coming. I'm being a really good girl doing sweet little goldfish lippy kisses and his next move is a complete toss down on the bed with serious tongue thrusting -- Holy Heck!

It's the classic Alpha Male "Fooled Ya! And I was truly a goner at this point. Barely breathing and we were in major mouth merge. Loved it. Let me count those teeth.

Download How To Become An Alpha Male. PDF(1).pdf

Of course now he was ready to start introducing all the other essential parts of the kissing arsenal -- and he had some arsenal. A few of my favorite manoevers came to the ready -- head-holding. I love that, when a guy just holds your head like some big bouquet of flowere he has gathered into his arms and wants to get a deep delicious smell of.

And all over the face kissing. Oh yes, we love that. The good ones are everywhere seemingly all at once. And neck burrowing, yes, get right in there for a little neck nap as we take a little breather, come up for air.

And this one did something I really like, gave me his fingers to suck. Oh, yeah, baby. This one knew some things. I was impressed and having a lot of fun. And this one knew how to break it off suddenly and go over to the mini-bar and get us a Coke and ice I can't believe he did that.

Got me completely crazy -- I jumped up and ran after as any woman would do, grabbed him by the back of the jeans. And this one turned around and gave me the perfect, standing up, "let me measure you against my body, see how well we fit" kiss. That's one of those longed-for moments.

It's that question you sometimes get to answer early on if you work in the same office and back into the guy by accident and turn and take a mental measure of the man. Happens all the time. A woman works that way. She thinks, "Oh, yeah, okay, that's how we'd fit together in bed.

It's a taste of things to come. So to speak. And then -- I told you this guy was a killer at kissing -- he mixed the very sexy intimate moment with the ordinary, "Let's have a Coke" moment. Good work man.

He was good. Mixing rolling around necking on the bed with sitting in chairs drinking a soda -- that was great. He could mix it up. Yes, like Rhett said,"You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how. So, I'll leave the two kissers there, sipping Coke, since you can surely imagine the rest. Or maybe you can't. You probably figure we ended up in bed once the soda was gone.

But this guy was more expert than that. We actually went for a walk and then came back and then It's always good to wait. All good things come to those who wait. Okay, okay, I'm cool with that.

Goodness knows, now that I'm around to Lesson 16 out of 18, I should be able to explain what the heck I'm writing about here. So here goes. I started writing about the phenomenon called "Alpha Males" back in January because I was really worried that things have pretty much gone haywire in the world of men.

Now there was a man. He wore a safari suit and hat, he showed you wild animals. You could depend on it. Just like Walt Disney on Sunday nights in those big old square shouldered suits, when I was a kid, he could show you The Wonderful World Of Color and you knew you might find a little Flubber there or maybe that wacky flying car or Hayley Mills I hated her as she was "Hayley" and I was "Halley" and wrecked my chances at having my name ever pronounced correctly.

But you could depend on it. There were things you could depend on. Men and women had roles they pretty much followed. Life was easy to anticipate. And like the alpha male dogs who fight to elect one guy as the main dog, there was a sense of how men operated, how they could be successful, how they did whatever it was they did. It was a ruled where they felt powerful and they ruled. Well, I started writing these pieces because I got the idea all of that had just about melted down -- vanished before our very eyes -- and I wanted to think about what would be in its place.

Seemed to me men had somehow ended up in a veritable no-man's land, damned if they opened the door for a woman, damned if they didn't.

Damned if they didn't diaper their kid, damned if they did "You have the thing on backwards, honey. But in fact what we were witnessing was the erosion of male power -- the last days of "men as usual" if you also subscribed to the notion that we've lately seen the end of "business as usual. They told me it was rough out there.

They told me it was no fun. They told me they had a serious Vitamin R deficiency -- Vitamin Romance -- that they missed their partners. They missed having fun with their wives.

And the unmarried ones missed having fun with their girlfriends. And the ones trying to date were nothing short of terrified at what they were seeing. And if they said anything about it, they got whacked along side of the head. They needed massive amounts of Vitamin R. Vitamin Romance, but also, get ready to growl, Vitamin Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, that says, I want you baby.

They needed to be told they were sexy, they were babes, they had adorable asses. They needed love letters. The love letters needed to say, "Your cock is so great and turns me on so much and I've been thinking about it all day.

I want you, boy" They were men but they needed all the romantic wooing that women had grown to expect and complain about if they didn't get. Anniversaries were the same They wanted to be surprised. They wanted to come home to a woman who wanted to tear their clothes off and love them, deep and wet and messy and sexy and for a long time and then do it again. They needed it, they wanted it, they deserved it. But what were they getting instead? Well, they were getting downsized and replaced by a woman who got promoted into the slot they expected would be theirs.

They were getting "You deal with it, I'm tired," from their wives. They were getting no sex often as not in their marriage beds. There was not a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. These qualities are a consequence of being the very best version of you. This is what makes you not just an alpha male, but also a proper man. Become a winner, become a leader, and become who you always wanted to be, become someone everyone aspires to be, all by following these easy steps.

Reclaim your life, today. Battered, beaten, and broken mentally. We sat there on our couches, beds, amidst the dark and eerie environment simply feeling sorry for ourselves. Choosing to wallow in self-pity rather than picking ourselves up. That girl you liked who never liked you back and you failed to understand why. What about a few disappointing results here and there, a poor outcome of a business decision or even poor results in an exam, having your own father doubt you?

What was your reaction? You obviously lost faith in yourself, you had doubts creep in, and you chose to go through the motions in life rather than prove your doubters wrong. Now you find yourself here, reading a book on how to be an alpha male because of all of these reasons.

A man who is respected, a man who gets first dibs on everything, a man whose words are valued, a man who is driven, determined to be a better person and a man who wins. Indeed, a legend in the making. Chapter 1: What is the Psychology of an Alpha Male?

Who is an Alpha Male? Commonly, an alpha male is defined as a man who tends to assume a dominant or leading role in social or professional confrontations and situations.

While this is the most common description, we must ask who really is an alpha male. Let us look at some of the common interpretations of this term. An alpha male is a natural leader, confident, self-assured, and obviously the most important characteristic people talk about is how he is even aesthetically and mentally pleasing to the opposite sex.

These are all common assumptions and of course they are all not incorrect. But is this all there is to an alpha male?

Surely, this cannot be all there is to an alpha male. To further our discussion, it is essential to look at the thought process of an alpha male and to define what goes on in the head of the prototypical alpha male.

The Psychology of an Alpha Male: What goes on in the head of an alpha male? What makes this man dominate and lead from the front? What makes people look up to him? What are his motivations for being who he is? Rest assured as most eBooks on the internet go, being an alpha male is not about being someone who gets to sleep with the most women or who people find attractive. An alpha male, aside from being all these things, is a proper man with a plan in his mind, a man with perspective, a man who is sure footed, a man who is rational, a man whose sole purpose for being as classy as he is or being the natural leader that people look up to is not just to be attractive to women or to sleep with them, but he has a view for the world, he has a conscience, he wants to be the best to make himself better and to inspire those around him and make others better just like him.

He wants to lead from the front and educate, inspire, mentor, and be a shining light in an otherwise bleak and sorry state of affairs that we often find in this world. A man amongst other men with a sense of purpose and a sense of responsibility, the alpha male picks himself out of a crowd not because he is the most good looking, well-dressed man, but a man who is mentally stronger and more confident than anyone else around him.

But more than anything else, this man is ready to put the effort to get where he is.

An alpha male is a winner and winning never comes easy. You think about some of the prototypical alpha males of the world today and sport and business gives us some of the perfect examples. They are all winners, they are all champions and they know it. Love them or hate them and most often some hate them for their attitudes, but no one can help but respect them. To explore their psychology further, let us look at some of the qualities of these highly esteemed men.

What separates such men from the ordinary? They are of course highly intelligent, displaying unwavering faith and confidence in themselves, often so good that they are arrogant, true leaders with a results-driven mindset and often in terms of the personalities we named an instinct for self-promotion, charisma, and above all else, the lack of complete fear in a fight.

Their odds and their competition become unimportant. Their concentration and focus is purely on themselves. A prime example is the greatest boxer alive to date, Muhammad Ali. In the early days of his career, his opponent boxer would read see him bragging and boasting, self promoting and showing confidence in the extreme as nervous bravado, but few would know the cause of such supreme faith. This alpha male knew how prepared he was, how hard he trained, what we had put on the line and how nothing mattered more than winning and being number one.

By the time Muhammad Ali made his way to the boxing ring, he knew he was going to win. He knew what he had to endure to get where he was, he knew he had crossed limits no other man could and he was the very best. A prime example of an alpha male, it was in his psychology to go further than anyone else.

He is the best at what he does, he knows it and he makes sure the others know it as well. An Alpha Male is Passionate: If you ever see an alpha male and you look at him closely, this man knows what he wants. This man has a passion for his work; this man will only do something he truly loves. A true Alpha male is ambitious with very high goals and rest assured he is no mood to settle for mediocrity, whether that is with him or in a team, his passion burns with a unparalleled and unmatched fire.

But this is the normal human being. An Alpha male does not recognize the word failure. He simply does not believe such a word exists. He will count every failure as a learning experience and his mistakes will be eye openers for him.

He may be arrogant, but an alpha male believes in self-improvement. Failure is not an option for him, he will try and try and work harder every time to achieve success. He is someone who in the hardest times will come out fighting. No matter what adversity you put him in, what the situation around him is, what his circumstances are, he may be worried, but he will never show it.

Common sense will prevail above all else. He knows what to say and when to say. No decisions will be prematurely taken without thinking of the full consequences. Once he has made up his mind about something, the only thing he needs is a little bit of time because nearly all his attention will be to succeed in achieving his goal.

He will persevere and keep himself motivated. He will keep going. His drive will charge him onwards towards his goals. Nothing more so than this is what allows Alpha males to be very attractive for women. They are men of their own, who need not be told what to do, yet they should be or are men enough to take advice when necessary.

Women love this self confidence and love a man who can make his own decisions but for the good of his goals, listen to what someone else has to say. An Alpha Male Prides Himself on Morals: The prototypical alpha male is seen as a womanizer and someone with a loose character and morals.

Some people see alpha men as men who fail to take responsibility for their actions and have no sense of right and wrong. This could not be farther from the truth. An alpha male is not a man who takes no responsibility for his actions. While he may come off as arrogant, he does not look down on others. He simply believes in himself more and has faith that he is better.

An alpha male is not a bully and he does not force himself. He maintains a quiet, calm and composed exterior. Bullies can be ruthless instead. A Natural Leader: When it is time to stand up and be counted, there is only one man ready to take responsibility and lead from the front. Whether it is in the army on the battlefield, in a kitchen where the food cooking needs regulation, or sport where a team needs that little bit of inspiration to make the difference, the alpha man is your man.These girls really like you!

Make the wise choice P. Learn the art of body language. There are also certain medical pills and all other kinds of treatments but reading their sales pages they seemed like bullshit to me. It's OK to be upset sometimes but extreme anger is one of the most pathetic and childish qualities a person can have.

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