Author: Clive Cussler. 23 downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB · Cussler, Clive - Dirk Pitt 15 - Sea Hunters Atlantis Found. Atlantis Found Dirk Pitt 15 Clive Cussler Aibangore - [Free] Atlantis Found Dirk Pitt 15 CalendarOut Of Time Desire In Atemporal CinemaQam And Qpsk Pdf. Atlantis Found Dirk Pitt 15 Clive Cussler - [PDF] [EPUB] Atlantis Found Dirk Pitt 15 Clive. Cussler Dirk Pitt discovers Atlantis, in a breathtaking.

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(Chicago Tribune). - Sun, 17 Mar GMT Atlantis Found by Clive Cussler (Dirk Pitt. #15) Download [PDF] Atlantis Found A Dirk Pitt Novel Dirk Pitt. Atlantis Found Dirk Pitt 15 Clive Cussler - [PDF] [EPUB] Atlantis Found Dirk Pitt 15 Clive. Cussler Clive Eric Cussler (born July 15, ) is an. Atlantis Found Dirk Pitt Dirk Pitt discovers Atlantis in a breathtaking novel from the grand master of adventure fiction Clive Cussler has long since proven himself.

I'll definitely read the next one. May have slight spoilers.

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In this fifteenth Dirk Pitt novel by Clive Cussler, Dirk is once again saving the world from terrible, catastrophic destruction that would kill millions if not all people on earth; not to mention the plant life, sea life and animal life as well. As with this authors' other books in the series, Cussler starts off from the very start of the events that will lead up to the present day——and Dirk Pitt.

In Atlantis Found we kind of have two beginning parts one set in B. As well as changes the face of the earth to what it is known today.

Our second beginning part is set in where we get a hint of what will be going on in Telling of ancient peoples that left warnings of a second coming comet that would once again strike earth and set of the catastrophic disasters that so long ago racked the earth. A group of people has found these warnings long ago and told no one instead keeping the information unknown and planning ahead so they could survive and when the earth calmed once again, start a new civilization where they ruled.

The plot is of course much more complex and twisting than what I have written but without giving too much away it is nigh impossible to tell more about the novel. Suffice is to say that Cussler once again gives us a novel that stretches the bounds of fiction and makes you think—what if? While at the same time keeping you on the edge of your seat, giving you shock after shock and throwing you into adventure that kept me reading until the very end.

Feb 19, Fredrick Danysh rated it liked it. A thriller that contains lost ships, missing bodies, and all the danger that Dirk Pitts can handle. Also includes a quest for the Holy Lance.

Nov 06, Meghan O'Connor rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a freebie offering, but I wish they'd offered the first in the series rather than the 15th.

While I like the Dirk Pitt character, I felt like much of the character and his life was put across as if I should know things already or get the references.

I also wasn't too keen on the fantastical capabilities of the character given his relatively simple military background. He can scuba AND deep-sea dive in nearly all environments, spelunk caves Very engaging. He can scuba AND deep-sea dive in nearly all environments, spelunk caves, drive nearly anything, has great fighting and shooting ability, etc.

With his hangar of expensive cars and fancy flat above, I was beginning to feel like he's Batman. Dirk Pitt Trailer 2 I have been a student of metaphysics for many years and the references to this ancient society, its apparent destruction, the crystal skulls were right up my alley.

The Nazi theme in most literature is tedious to me, but Mr. Cussler made it plausible. I endorse this book for its effective use of imagination, its unrelenting action sequences and the amusing interaction of its main characters.

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I am glad to have rediscovered mr. I have been a Clive Cussler fan for years and just read this again after 15 years The fact that there is always something "historical" not always real as part of the theme adds a great layer. If you are a stickler for accuracy of every item in the story you might not enjoy as much since some portions you need to just enjoy the story!

In my opinion another great story by Clive Cussler! Unlike many of the assumptions here, I am a female, age I never felt these were 'guy books'.

This one was just ok. There were many tedious descriptions that were truly unnecessary - they didn't contribute to the plot or the story or were commonly known already. It felt to me that Mr. Cussler had to produce x number of pages and was just filling space.

I plowed away to the end of the book. I gave it three stars only because I like the characters. The read was not an easy one as most Pitt novels were. Dirk and Al do it again!

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I've followed every single one of their adventures and am proud to say that they are two marvelously fearless characters who I would follow anywhere. Cussler, while perhaps not sticking to the facts of earth's evolvement, has some grand description that is worth reading and even educational.

It never ceases to amaze me how Cussler manages to take an event that happened hundreds, or in this case thousands, of years ago and weave it into a modern tale. This book is a wonderful read. It is exciting and contains the usual Dirk and Al wit.

This is a perfect action yarn to read on a cold winter's day by a fire - or even on a sunny beach. She is captured and blood tests show they are enhanced as well as genetically identical — cousins, not sisters.

The women are members of the Wolf family, descendents of Nazi escapees. The chambers turn out to be the work of a civilization calling themselves the Amenes pronounced Ah-meen-eez , a nation of seafarers and wise men who discovered and traded with most of the world.

The comet from the beginning of the book caused a worldwide disaster that wiped out most of their civilization. It also had a twin, which returned to space.

The few Amenes that survived built the chambers to pass on information of the twin comets return and the catastrophe. This information is given to an observatory to be checked.

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Wolf's reply implies that his family is planning to capitalize on the disaster. The data from the observatory comes back: the prophecy is false. The comet will return in a few millennia, and it will miss the planet entirely.

It is noted that Destiny Enterprises is putting a lot of capital into four superships to save themselves and hold everything required for them to re-create civilization in the future. Plot summary[ edit ] In BC, a comet hit North America, abruptly ending several advanced civilizations. In AD , a whaling vessel discovers a s merchant ship frozen in Antarctic ice; included on this ship is a polished obsidian skull.

A group of U. They are attacked and left to drown, but U.

Both skulls found are given to NUMA for study and analysis and a theory about the possibility of them being Atlantean in origin develops.

Another chamber, like the one the scientists found, is discovered on a remote island and Al and Rudi Gunn head there. They make a significant find and are attacked by the same group as the scientists. Meanwhile, Pitt is aboard an icebreaker in Antarctica searching for the s merchant ship. He finds the ship and narrowly escapes disaster.

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