Shri Guru Charitra LORD DATTATREAYA SRI GURU CHARITRA By Shr) Download PDF. Downloading Share Read the Text Version. The 'Shri Guru Charitra' is the life of 'Shri Guru Dattatreya' (an incarnation of It was originally written in Ovi form (a Marathi Metre) in Marathi by Shri Saraswati. The complete Gurucharitra app श्री गुरुचरित्र हा श्रीदत्तात्रेयाचे अवतार मानल्या जाणाऱ्या श्रीनृसिंहसरस्वती.

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Later, he was told in a vision by Lord Dattatreya that details pertaining to matters of Hindu religious ritual, have infringed on the proper theme of the work, was directed to abridge it into verses. The present translator and the Sanskrit pundit who had assisted him in reading the Sanskrit text were blessed with darshan and blessings of several great saints during and after the study and the translation of this Sanskrit work.

This is quite in keeping with the subtleties fo the Dattatreya tradition. The present English translator is still working hard to gather material about the historical background of theplete form in the subsequent editions of the work. He hopes to furnish the same in a more com. The present rendering into English is intended to serve a five-fold purpose.

Firstly, its study is a very effective means of contacting the deeper perennial springs of spiritual wisdom of all religions through proper attunement of our psyche. For according to the Perennial Philosophy or Sanatana. The fundamental nature of this universal consciousness is to manifest the alternating states of activity and rest. Thus the proper way of life is viewed as one continuous sacrament and ritual. Guru Charitra Page 5 of 89 Dharma. Its dynamic aspect is called Prakriti. This Spirit or Essence is Lord Dattatreya which manifests itseld as the great Sadgurus from time to time.

It envisages human life as a search for lasting contentment. Sree Guru Charitra presents a comprehensive resume of the whole of ancient Indian philosophy of life. Universal consiousness or the Spirit. Such a view of life derives from a direct experience of the spiritual process that underlies the nature of all existence from moment to moment. Each Kalpa is sub-divided into Manvantaraseach having its own universal law-giver or Manu.

Those who succeeded in accomplishing this task have out of their spontaneous compassion for suffering humanity.


The Pure Spirit was called theParabramhan. Substartum or the essence. When we study their life histories. Lord Dattatreya has vowd to manifest Himself amidst us in response to our loving call. Only when man understands the nature of the material universe as the manifestation of the One Universal Spirit and accordingly orients his life to it at the three levels of understanding.

At every phase of Total Dissolution or Pralaya. The whole of nature we see around us. Dattatreya is the One Spirit that manifest Itself through all the Enlightened Spiritual teachers of today that belong to the various nations and religions. Ancient Wisdom views the First Cause as the Nameless. In the mordern age of cultural chaos and confusion of values.

Each Manvantara is again sub-divided into the sequence of fourYugas. For instance. In the next phase of the active cycle were projected the Prajapathis lit. That is. Guru Charitra Page 6 of 89 deep sleep. Such a one is called the Guru. After the evolution of the material universe. Cultured thoughts. Rajas and Tamas which can be described as Harmony. Acitivity and Confusion. So does it happen with the recommencement of the active phase of the Universal Spirit. With his help.

This body of knowledge is the Veda which later came to be classified into the four Vedas. Anyone who knows or intuites this is bound to love the Guru. Man can live in harmony with the rest of creation and with his own self which is basically a manifestation of the cosmic or universal process to the extent that he grows in this realization and he can thus transcend all those narrow. Such a one precieves the misery of others as remnants of disharmony of his own self and strives to resolve it while.

And he realizes the unity that is the essence of the seeming diversity of forms. The latter is a blurred distorted image obtained through the sense medium of his wrong understanding. The sages also tried to impart all this knowledge to as many as possible through religious philosophy. According to Indian Scriptures.

Shri Guru Charitra

The rest of the material creation is a product of the collective. Guru and Disciple As such. Every active phase of the Universal consciousness is said to begin as a stir in the Divine Will The Word.

The whole of the active phase or Prakriti is characterized by three modes of functioning of the cosmic energy —Sattva. The whole process of creation. When one realizes this harmonization with the rest of the creation.

When we wake up. Without him. Then were projected the various conscious forces in nature described as gods by the Vedas. The total love that developed between so perfectly matched pairs was such that when the husband died. What his own life cannot give him. Do not human beings stake their lives for love. Other forms of marriage. This was called upanayana and was preformed between the ages of 7 and 9 years. Guruhood is the fruit of perfection in the discipleship. The ideal of a wife thus came to be a replica of the Guru-disciple relationship as described earlier.

The inner feeling of self- dedication impels such an act and ensures her the very best of spiritual states after death. In its turn. As the husband was trained by his Guru already in the right way of life.

Those who gain unusual development among such Brahmacharis celebates are permitted to renounce all wordly ties and pursuits immediately and to dedicate themselves wholly to the task of Self- realization in service of a Sadguru or a Perfect Master. In Vedic times.

The implication is that. The proper conduct of a true disciple to the Guru. The joy of such love consists in acting it out. They are always a handful. In short. Upanayana was enjoined for girls too. For about 10 to 12 years. It is not the veneration of an individual called the Guru. Others are advised to accept their unpreparedness for the task realistically and marry girls who too were trained to cooperate with these in leading the ideal domestic life.

The so-called arranged marriages are the relics of this tradition. As her sons too would be similarly trained. The growing boy and girl also in the Vedic times.

We can see the parallelism between the ways of life enjoined on a disciple and on an ideal wife Pativrata briefly in Sree Gurucharitra. Owing to the growing demands on domestic life of the girls. To ensure these to the best possible extent for the largest number. To ensure against such decay. All through. The Collective Soul of mankind manifests itself as repeatedly the Spiritual Masters. The life of a widow is. Thus the Smriti texts enjoin strict adherence to their dictates in general.

To counter this. The same is implied when Sree Guru admonishes a seeker that forsook his Guru for being what seemed to be cruel and exacting. So did the Christ for the Jewish law and Mohammed for the Arab law.

Sree Guru Charitra affirms the caste system of the Veda. The direction of change is from its pristine state in the Krita Yuga to its total decay in the Kali Yuga. They specifically state that the instructions of a perfect sage have a precedence. Guru Charitra Page 8 of 89 housewife. So too. Vaisya the producer or trader of all goods and grain. On the other hand. Like all organisms. In the ensuing struggle. The Kshatriya who guards law and order within the society and protects it from external aggression is said to have originated from the arms of the Lord.

The Sadguru perseveres through all of them to draw us again on to the path. It takes many lives to prefect and most of us fall off almost at every turn. The Sudra who serves the other three castes and enables them to function effectively is the foot on which the social organism.

This idea is implied when Sree Gurucharitra enjoins a woman to so revere her husband even if. The Veda views the society as an organism which naturally produces groups of individuals with different aptitudes and organ. The Brahmin is the guardian of all the branches of knowledge and their grand synthesis in the wisdom of the Self Brahman.

And hence devout Hindus bow to the feet of the Lord. This might in fact be a device to ensure that a young widow takes all the precautions to see that her own devotion to her late husband does not waver through free mingling with men and women. Such a plan of life enables man to see through the lure of instinctive drives and to qualify for the guidance of a Sadguru.

Sree Guru says to the said disciple that it is a sin even to see the face of one who forsakes his Guru. I gave up my foolish attempt. Day by day. I was sure that he was Sree Guru. Sree Guru appeared in my dream like a pious brahmin and said in a stern voice. I at once proceeded to a few houses and called out for the same. Having come thus far in my effort. I could vividly remember that despite his form and appearance.

I studied the holy book with ever greater zeal. One day. I was only quietly happy and assured that I was in sight of my success. I remarked to a south Indian sadhu who sat by me. I was told that they had nothing left to give me. Now I know that Sree Guru is here and is quite responsive. I was quiet well and very hungry. I had to give in and I quietly walked away. At once. I asked. The assurance of Sree Guru that he would forever abide at Gangapur and go around the village for bhiksha at noon is literally true even today.

I decided to press on till I could achieve my object. They panicked and sent word to His Holiness. I was feeling giddy and extremely weak.

I had a severe headache and high fever. I never again experienced that sense of his presence which swayed my whole being earlier. When I woke at about 3 p. It was long past the hour of bhiksha. I have been visiting this place for a few decades. I knew that something had happened that I should face such ridiculous situation. At first.. That evening. It is customary for devotees visiting the holy place to go for bhiksha too. One night. Yet as it was my vow to live only on bhiksha.

Guru Charitra Page 9 of 89 trend. The sadhu met me the next day and incidentally told me that a few decades ago. I felt weak and lost all my appetite and slept very early. At last. At the same time. I gave you a roti! Strangely enough. I went in your form for bhiksha! On my second visit to the place in Admist laughter.

When you came for the noon-bhiksha. Sree Vasudevananda Saraswathi who was then camping nearby. The priests were all quite scared and tried their best to stop it but in vain.

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At all the places. I woke up and reflected on the dream. It is my secret and it does not behove you to probe it. The later contained a small piece of coconut-shell. When the priest rubbed a little hard. At one house. I began to observe every devotee that arrived there on days when visitors were the fewest. At about 7. I lay down under a tree and fell asleep. He said. I suddenly felt that I should try or recognize him some day when he comes for bhiksha and seek his personal blessing.

The holy one rushed to the muth and. We keep reading like this over and over again. The phenomenon is analogous to that of a remote control initially. Bharadwaja 2.

The path may seem too long for some. Sree Guru Charitra is the Master. The proper method of studying the text is to begin it on a Thursday and to conduct it as below: Keep a beautiful picture of Sree Dattatreya and or of Sree Guru. As we persevere deligently. The Perennial Wisdom. Then offer a few pieces of candy to Him. On the concluding day. Vijayadasami Acharya E. Till then. Guru Charitra Page 10 of 89 thus argued about.

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And such a one never proclaims himself to the world. One may read it once in 3 days or even a day. Guru is the Absolute Himself. At one stage. And it can be developed ad infinitum.

Invoke His presence by chanting the verse in praise of the Guru. If we have such an experience. The study of Sree Guru Charitra focuses our inherently extrovert awareness on that spiritual potential in us.

The study of Sree Guru Charitra does just this for us. In his perpetual immediate presence. But if one is genuinely interested in it.

Should we not put our hand to the plough and never turn back? To Spiritual Aspirants Identifying and contacting a Sadguru. Offer a light or a candle.

We must look upon him as a form of Sree Guru. For him there is no world apart from the Master. Then read the book as follows: The first day 7 chapters. The moment the Self is realized. Chapter 1 As long as we do not realize the Supreme Self. The fruit ripens through contact with the tree. Even now. He presented himself in eight forms simultaneously at the houses of his eight devotees on the holy day of Deepavali the festival of lights.

He again manifested Himself as Sreepada Sreevallabha. Having known that even the cosmic deities become unresponsive in this wicked age of Kali.

He terminated the poverty of a man by his mere blessing and enabled him to visit three holy places in the wink of an eye. He transformed a farm that was prematurely harvested into one of plentiful yield. In this cosmic cycle of the Day of Brahma. The nondual reality which manifests itself as the many to the erring intellect.

It is for the sake of such discriminating ones that the Lord assumes the sporting form of a human being. Having listened to such a noble and glorious account of the manifestation of Sree Guru.

He exists in the subtle form of a renunciate sage. He again manifested Himself. Those who transcend the duality of likes and dislikes born of sensory experiences of objects. Guru Charitra Page 11 of 89 phenomenal universe is experienced. He performed and has been performing such miracles.

He revived the dead. To such a one. He made a withered twig grow into a tree and blessed a barren woman with offspring by his mere look. Kartaveeryarjuna and King Yadu. Those who lead their life according to the form of righteousness that is enjoined by scriptures. The devotee who has transcended the dualism of joy and sorrow.

He cured one of leprosy. It may be possible to count the stars in the sky. The glory of this manifestation of the divine is indescribable. Trivikrama and humbled the pride of the learned. Let us bow to the Guru. He thus manifests himself and restores righteousness through the adherence to His own duties enjoined by the scriptures and then shuffles off His form. He transmuted iron into gold. He cured the intestinal illness of his devotee by making him partake of the very food.

He responds to the call of His loving devotees at the confluence of rivers Krishna and Bheema and has been perpetuating His mission. Even before he learned the alphabet. He made a devotee of a low caste recite the Veda by his mere blessing. He conferred the vision of His cosmic form on his devotee.

Even at the moment of His birth. This is a truth. He transformed a tongueless man to an elegant expounder of wisdom. He terminated the widowhood of a lady and explained the subtleties of karma yoga to a devotee.

Even at that young age. In every age. He can be realized through gynana or knowledge. Though he is the Spirit without any form. Just as the sun affords light and you have bestowed your grace on the sage Dhruva and Vibheeshana and bestowed the highest spiritual state on them. With the single object of directly contacting the divine self of the Guru. Oh you. If you. Why do you ignore me? Namadharaka glorified the divinity of Sree Guru thus: Oh merciful Lord?

It is not proper for you to say that you have withheld your mercy from me. You are the Father and Mother of the whole creation. Do you say that I should undo them by the contrary righteous action? If most of my actions are holy and only a few of them are unholy.

Thereby he realized the Lord. Even a human mother does not mind if a child kicks her with its feet. The very sight of the holy one had completely quenched the blazing fire of his longing to see Sree Guru. He had a blissful dream in which he saw a great wandering yogi. Even flint seems to melt with kindness at my cry of despair. How could I leave you and seek the protection of some other deity? I know that you are my Lord.

For all my actions are prompted by ignorance such is my innate nature. IF you know what I am. In case you ignore me. Always the one or the other of the human parents ever protects their children. What can I do for you? Even ordinary kings on earth ever protect their servants. Oh Lord. This may be possible in the case of little knowing mortal of a king.

I am doomed to do all those things. What happened then to your mercy. It is not proper for you who are the abode of grace to be so.

I am helpless. All knowing one! He who does good only in return for some service cannot be a true giver. If you say that you would grace me in return for my service. Sustainer of the whole universe. With tears of joy. One day he wandered about and finally fell asleep under a tree.

Namadharaka prostrated before the holy one. Such a one is. He wore a tiger skin and he wore rosaries of rudraksha in his neck and on his arms. He had matted hair and besmeared his body with holy ash. Guru Charitra Page 12 of 89 arrived at the confluence of the rivers Bheema and Amaraja. For oh Lord. Can you need anything? What is it that I can offer you? You are ever full. It is not proper for you to mean that I should resort to some other deity.

The nine types of treasures and the eight supernatural powers are your servants. How is it possible to remove the blackness of a blackgram? Even so.

In a similar fashion. Lord of all deities. Even when an ordinary mortal of a guru is angered. Guru Charitra Page 13 of 89 3. It is not possible for every one to dispel my deep despair. I am one Namadharaka. With a quivering voice. The Dwapara epoch is weapon wielding.

So did the Lord ordain. I have attained realization by the grace of Sree Guru and wander about this earth for the welfare of all beings. Your teacher Sree Guru is indeed our ancestral deity.

Namadharaka was thrilled to see him and the hair on his body stood up on end. Namadharaka asked. I am the breaker. Knowledge of vedas was bestowed on him by Vishnu. The Krita or Satya Yuga is The Dwapara is 8.

I have been serving him with faith and devotion. Fellow human beings flock around one. From the navel of Lord Vishnu emanated a divine lotus.

And I am disillusioned with all worldly ties. How is it that he has been throwing me in this ocean of misery? In accordance with the Vedic wisdom. Kritayuga is symbolized by the principles of truth. You are my all in all.

I have realized the five miseries that afflict the mortals. But at the very sight of you. The intricacies and details of yagna or religious sacrifice characterize the Tretayuga the third. Kali said. Now listen to the story of the Guru. He who is doubting and faithless is never accepted by one as disciple. How can I ever hope to enter the earthly realm of existence which is inhabited by those who are righteous? My mind despairs even on hearing of it. He is dirty as a ghoul.

It looks as though you are estranged from the guru for such a breach of trust. He also created the cycle of the four yugas or universal epochs. You are my father. He wandered about. Come to have your meals. Seeing this the boy began to weep in grief and intended to give up his life. But after some time he felt asleep. Shri Shiva was pleased with his devotion and created a beautiful Temple a Linga of precious Stones was installed in it.

Shri Shiva awoke the boy, looked at him with affection and asked him to have a boon from him. Shri Guru Charitra The boy was much delighted. He bowed to Shri Shiva and said 'My mother has broken the evening worship. Kindly forgive her. They spoke amongst themselves. How this bright beautiful Temple has been created here within a night.

Let us give up enmity and see the king, who is so virtuous on friendly terms. The king requested them to come to the Shiva Temple, where he would see them.

Chandrasen was also wonderstruck to see Sun like bright Shiva Temple sprung up during the night. The king asked the boy the reason of this miracle. The boy narrated the whole story to all the kings who had gathered there.

All were much pleased to hear him. They said, 'You really become the king of the cowherds.

The boy went home and narrated to his mother all that had occurred. He said, 'Shri Shiva was pleased with my evening worship. As I requested him to forgive you even though you had broken the temple, he was not angry with you. Besides he assured that the incarnation of Shri Krishna will stay at your home. Eventually the boy instantly had the knowledge of the Vedas, Shastras, Tark, Bhashya etc. All the Brahmins and his mother were wonderstruck to see this.

The mother respectfully bowed to Shri Guru and said that she was fortunate to see Shri Guru and to get his blessings. She said, 'you are God yourself. We shall worship you in the evening. I hope I sahll have a son like your good self in my next birth.

Let not your words be untrue. Her son got married and had sons and grandsons. Those who are blessed by Shri Guru, receive all leisure in the same way.

Shri Guru Charitra He was a great devotee of Shri Guru. Shripad Shri Vallabha used to go to the river, have bath, morning Sandhya and other rituals just like ordinary Brahmins. The washerman would go to the river, wash Shri Guru's clothes and would bow to him with reverence. Once Shri Guru asked him, 'why do you take so much troubles for me. I am pleased with your services. Go home and live happily. Thus he served Shri Guru with more devotion.

Once in spring, in the month of Vaishakh, a Muslim king came to the river along-with his harem of beautiful woman, wearing precious ornaments and clothes with many servants, elephants, horses, musical instruments and was enjoying joyfully.

The washerman was looking at the splendor and glory of the king. He began thinking, 'How fortunate shall I be, if I could also enjoy such glorious life. The washerman replied, 'I was just thinking what deity this king might have pleased, so as to have such splendor and glory?

However I do not long for it. I have all my pleasures at thy feet. Do you aspire to enjoy royal glory? If enjoying their objects does not satisfy the senses, they obstruct the path of 'Moksha' freedom from worries of life and death.

So you better take birth in a Muslim royal family and enjoy kingly life. Shri Guru- 'You will have birth in the Royal family of Bidar and I shall meet you in your later life, I shall also have another birth and shall be known as 'Narasimha Saraswati.

Shri Guru Charitra Saying this, Shri Guru allowed him to go, but again asked whether he would like to enjoy Royal life in that very birth or in the next birth. Washerman expressed, 'I am now grown old.

It would be good if I enjoy royal pleasures from the childhood. He was later born in the Royal family of Bidar. His account is narrated later in the 50th chapter of this book. Shri Guru was thus much praised and respected during his stay at Kuravpur, I am unable to describe all the miracles of his life, Kuravpur has become a famous holy place due to his residence.

Real devotees can still see here Shripad Shri Vallabha, the Dattatreya incarnate. Many have experienced this. Shri Siddha- 'Shripad Shri Vallabha had many incarnations. All possessed the omnipotence of Shri Narayan. Devotion of Shri Guru is never futile. Shri Guru never disappoints his disciples.

Therefore serve him from your heart. I shall narrate to you one tale as an illustration. Vallabhesh, a righteous Brahmin, was doing business. Once he declared that if he made good business he would feed Brahmins at Kuravpur. Fortunately he earned good profit. He always recited Shri Guru's name. He started for Kuravpur with good money. Knowing this, some thieves also accompanied him.

After two or three days, one night the thieve killed the Brahmin when he was asleep and wanted to take away all his money. In the meantime Shripad Shri Vallabha, with locks of hair on his head and trishul and Khatwang in his hands appeared on the scene. He killed three thieves; but one, who surrendered himself saying, 'I am innocent.

I did not know that these three persons would kill the Brahmin. You are omniscient. Kindly save me'. Vallabhesh asked the person sitting by his side, 'why have you held me; who has killed these men?

He killed these thieves with his Trishul. He saved me for you. He asked me to rub enchanted Vibuthi to your body. He woke you and made you sit by his hands. He has just disappeared. He might be the great god Shri Shiva. Taking the amount from the thieves, he went to Kuravpur. He worshipped the Padukas foot symbol of Shri Guru with great devotion and fed about Brahmins.

Namdharak, though Shripad Shri Vallabha has disappeared he still comes to protect his devotees. She was worshipping Shri Shankar devotedly in the evening on Shani Pradosh 12th day of a fortnight falling on Saturday. She died in course of time and took the next birth in a Brahmin family at Karanjia in Bidar. Her name was Amba Bhavani. She was married to a Brahmin youth Madhava, who was also a devotee of Shri Shiva. As per her nature of the previous birth Amba Bhavani worshipped Shri Shiva along with her husband devotedly.

She became pregnant when she was sixteen years old, customary ceremonies were performed in the 3rd and 5th months. She used to have good desires.

She advised people with high principles. Filing of 'oti' putting of corn, coconut etc. After completing 9 months, a son was born to her.

The baby uttered 'Om' from the very birth. People wondered to see this. The astrologers foretold, 'He will be a great ascetic and Jagatguru.

He will not marry; but will be known and revered all over the earth. Being an incarnation of god, he will wipe off all your miseries and fulfill your desires. In order that the baby may not suffer from the evil eye of any person, lemon and salt were waved on him and thrown away. He was named 'Shaligramdeo' but his pet name was 'Narahari'. He was later publicly known as Narasimha Saraswati.

So let us have a feeding nurse or a sheep Hearing this the baby smiled and just touched the right pap of its mother. Immediately milk sprang out in 32 teats and her clothes became wet. Knowing thus that the baby was an incarnation of god, the parents bowed to him.

Shri Guru Charitra The mother put the baby in a cradle and sang lullaby songs. But the baby would prefer to lay down on the floor and play cheerfully. The child became on year old; but it did not utter any other words except OM. The parents were anxious to see that the child speaks other words also.

As days passed on, they were afraid of his being dumb. Some would say he has all the knowledge, but purposely he does not speak. The child became 7 years old. The parents could not known how to celebrate his thread ceremony.

As they were Brahmins, the thread ceremony was most essential. They worshipped Gouri, observed Pradosh and other fasts but they were of no avail. They were now anxious to know how to make the child recite Gayatri Mantra the mantra in prayer of the Sun god , which a Brahmin boy learns at the time of his thread ceremony. Seeing the parents in dejected mood, the son would approach them and try to console them.

Once he held an iron bar in his hand and instantly it was turned into a gold bar. Seeing this the parents were astonished.

They gave him some more iron and that too was turned into gold. Then the parents asked the son, when and how he would speak. He moved his hand around his chest and loin and expressed that when the sacred thread would be worn and Nunj grass would be tied around his loin, he would speak. The parents were much pleased and they started enthusiastically the preparations for his thread ceremony, still some doubted the success of the function.

The parents invited all the relatives, friends and learned Brahmins for the function. The ceremonies started. On the first day 'choul' shaving the hair on the head and dinner took place.

Next day after the bath of the boy, the sacred thread was put on his left shoulder. The boy dined with his mother and other boys of his age. The father then uttered 'Gayatri Mantra' in the ears of the boy Narahari, who recited it in his mind.

The mother then came with alms. After offering the first alms, the mother asked the boy to recite Rig Veda the first of the four Vedas. After giving the second alms, the mother asked Narahari to Shri Guru Charitra recite Yajur Veda.

Thus people realized that Narahari had the knowledge of all the Vedas and they all bowed to him with reverence. I would, therefore, live on begging. Hearing this the parents were much aggrieved. The mother fell on the ground senseless. So far due to out misfortune you were not speaking. Now seeing that you can speak, we are much delighted and we think that our devotion to God has been fruitful.

But now you are talking of leaving us and this make us very uneasy. You shall have four sons and they will look after you very obediently. She instantly recollected her previous life and saw Shripad Shri Vallabha standing before her.

She bowed to him humbly Narahari raised her head and said, 'Mother, keep this a secret. We Sanyasis keep ourselves aloof from family life. As I have to do my mission please allow me to go. No religion asks one to be an ascetic in such a tender age. You should have Brahmacharyashram for 12 years.

The second is Grihasthashram, the most important in all the four ashrams. After going through the third Ashram viz. Vanprasthashram, one becomes liable for the fourth Ashram viz. So say the Shastras. So study Vedas in the Brahmacharyashram. Later on get yourself married and have the pleasures of the family life.

Then perform sacrifices and thereafter become a Sanyasi. But it is not desirable to be a Sanyasi in the childhood. What is its guarantee? So long one has sound body, one should act virtuously. Your advice is for them, who have won victory over death. They can say, they will follow religion later. So one should do religious deeds in the childhood. There are three stages of life - the childhood, the youth and the old age. But it is not certain when one will die.

Yamraj God of death is counting every moment of man's life, day and night. Knowing that the life is running fast, those who do not lead religious and virtuous life are like beasts. House, property, wife, children, mother - nothing is eternal. Old age kills a man, just as a crocodile devours him. Therefore, the wise man should do virtuous deeds in young age. Why do you then prevent me from going?

This life is like a dream. As a power dries in air, the body of a man is getting more and more dry day by day. This body may perish in a moment. You told me that I would have four sons. So you should stay with me till I have at least one son. If you go disregarding my request, I would give up my life instantly. However, after you get two sons let me go. Then I shall not stay here. I promise to stay here for one year.

All people wondered to see that a boy of seven knows all the Vedas and can teach the same. Crown up learned persons also came to him to learn Vedas and Shastras. His mother became pregnant. After nine months she gave birth to two handsome sons. The parents were glad to have two more sons. By the end of one year the two babies became 3 months old. Narahari told his mother that her desire was fulfilled.

She would get 2 more sons and they will all live happily. She should now permit him to live as per Sanyasdharma. We cannot say anything before you. Please forgive us if we have spoken any harsh words, thinking you to be our son. Our devotion to Shri Shankar has materialized. You made us glorious.


When shall we see you again? You will have one daughter and two more sons. You will have no miseries and in the end you will attain the best place in Parlok. I have now to proceed to Badri Narayan to meet Siddhu. So please allow me to go' The parents, males and females of the town walked with Narahari. He is an incarnation of God. Else at such tender age of only seven, how can he know all the four Vedas?

The parents still followed Narahari, who then appeared before them in the form of Shripad Shri Vallabha. The parents put their heads on his feet and then Narahari immediately went away.

Narahari started for Badrinarayan. He did penance here and saw the Vishweshwar. He also practiced here all the kinds of Yogas.

Many Sanyasis also observed penance at this holy place. Narahari showed great proficiency in Yoga. Many Sanyasis came to see him. He also showed respect for Narahari. He said to all the Sanyasis, 'He is not an ordinary human being but he is an incarnation of God and deserves respect from all.

Let us request him to be a Sanyasi and bless the people'. Sanyasis are despised in this Kaliyug. Though there are different means of devotion, Sanyas in particular is dishonored. Shri Shankaracharya rejuvenated Sanyasdharma in the seventh century. But now Kali being more influential, the Sanyas is being degenerated.

So you please rejuvenate it. In human life human customs are to be followed and so Narahari approached the well known aged Yati sanyasi Krishna Saraswati and accepted him as his Guru. Thereafter Shuka, Goudpad, Govind-guru, Shankaracharya, Vishwarupvarya, Dnyanbodhgiriya, Giriraj, Ishwartirth and bharatitirth succeeded one after the other. Such is the line of succession of Gurus. After some time Shri Guru went to Badrinarayan with many followers.

Talking a round of the Marugiri and seeing the holy places of Navakhand, Shri Guru came to Ganga sagar. He then went by the bank of Ganga and came to Prayag. Later on Shri Guru had many more followers. He had many disciples there. He then visited holy places in the south and came to Karanjahim, he was invited door to door. The mother recollected that he was Shripad Shri Vallabha and called herself fortunate. She told this to her husband when both requested him to liberate them from the worldly-sea.

Their issues have no fear of the God of death. You will see that your sons live for hundred years. Then you will go to Kashi, the holy place of liberation. There is no doubt about this. Please take me out of this. I wish to do penance. One has to suffer as per one's fate. Females can win over this worldly sea only with the help of their husbands.

Thinking the husband to be Shri Shiva, serve him. This is what the Vedas, Shastras and Puranas dictate. Please tell me what is my future. In old age your husband will accept Sanyas. When you have leprosy, you will see me. You come to Papvinashi on the bank of the Bhima River in the South. Nearby is the Bhima Amarja Sangam and Ganangapur. After bathing in the Papavinashi, you will be cured of leprosy.

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I am seeking your shelter 7 Shri Guru Charitra considering and You, on your part, overlook my misdeeds and do not be angry with me. Brahma Vaivarta is one of these and it is stated in it that in the Dwapara Yug, Vyasa, the Vishnu incarnate, spread the light of knowledge on Earth, through such volumes 9 Shri Guru Charitra known as Brahma Sutras. Another time he would complain that he did not clean his body, wounds, clothes smeared with stool and urine and consequently he was much troubled by 13 Shri Guru Charitra flies.

I am under his 14 Shri Guru Charitra influence and I willingly offer him my blessings. You will surely be relieved of your miseries, engrossed in illusion and temptation, those who doubt the great 17 Shri Guru Charitra power of Shri Guru, they have always to suffer from poverty and hardship.

Shri Shiva 27 Shri Guru Charitra has given him Atma-Linga and has assured him that if he would worship it for 3 years with devotion, he will be Ishwar himself. If 28 Shri Guru Charitra you do so, the Linga will remain there. By doing this you will add to your 32 Shri Guru Charitra virtues.

Even if you have committed 33 Shri Guru Charitra Brahmahatyas, all will be destroyed and you shall become sinless. I therefore, request you to bless me 36 Shri Guru Charitra with a son who will be pious like your good self at least in the next birth. Download PDF. Create your own flipbook. Snake lives in whatever hole that comes his way, willingly leaves bad skin and molts a yogi can live in any place, must be ready to molt old ideas and body for rebirth of his spirit Arrowsmith the best one was so lost in his work that he failed to notice the king's procession that passed his way concentrate on what you love to do, intense concentration is the way to self-realization Spider builds a beautiful web, destroys and abandons the web, then restarts again don't get entangled by your own web, be ready to abandon it, go with your Atman This group grew and became particularly prominent during the Islamic invasions and Hindu-Muslim wars in South Asia, from about the 14th to 18th century, although the Dattatreya roots of the peaceful Nath yogis go back to about the 10th century.

The tradition believes that the legendary Nath sampradaya yogi and Hatha Yoga innovator Gorakshanath was inspired and shaped by Dattatreya. Regional efforts and texts of the Nath tradition such as Yogi sampradaya vishkriti discussed Dattatreya. Avadhuta Sampradaya: The nine Narayanas of the Avadhuta sampradaya are attributed to Dattatreya, an idea also found in the Natha sampradaya.

A panth started by Pantmaharaj Balekundrikar of Balekundri near Belgavi is related to this. Dasanami sampradaya and Shakti pithas: Dattatreya is revered in Dasanami and goddess-oriented Shaktism traditions. Bhakti traditions: Dattatetreya's theology emphasizing simple life, kindness to all, questioning the status quo, self pursuit of knowledge and seeking spiritual meaning of life appealed to Bhakti sant-poets of Hinduism such as Tukaram and Eknath, during an era of political and social upheavel caused by Islamic invasion in the Deccan region of India.

They reverentially mentioned Dattatreya in their poems. The use of his symbolism was one of the many syncretic themes of this period where the ideas of Vaishnavism and Shaivism holistically fused in popular imagination.Both became learned, well-versed in Vedas, Shastras and Vyakaran.

Gokarna has great significance. She also serves guests giving them desired food. We had a good- natured devoted wife Ambika by name She begot children but none survived except one son. Shri Vishnu came from Vaikunda, his abode. They were now anxious to know how to make the child recite Gayatri Mantra the mantra in prayer of the Sun god , which a Brahmin boy learns at the time of his thread ceremony.