Antonin Artaud. The Spurt of Blood. TRANSLATED BY RUBY COHN. CHARACTERS. A YOUNG MAN A WET-NURSE A YOUNG GIRL A PRIEST A KNIGHT. Jet of Blood (Jet de Sang), also known as Spurt of Blood, is an extremely short play by the . When Jet of Blood was written in , it was included with Artaud's other writings Paul les Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. ence (and genius) of Artaud himself could take this play to the theatrical level he originally intended. i was first introduced to Antonin Artaud's. Spurt of Blood in.

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Artaud- Jet of Blood + Selected Writings - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Antonin Artaud's The Spurt of Blood from is a stormy rumination on love, death and the predicaments of humanity concentrated to a few mind-boggling. Theatre Experiments. Antonin Artaud's. The Spurt of Blood. April 21, 22, 28, 29 30 . Art: Barbara Waterman-Peters. The All Art and Variety Show. The Ensemble.


The text is sparse and the stage directions are surreal. Scenes of destruction abound.

There is an earthquake, a giant hand — and a jet of blood. Dead bodies are left strewn across the stage. Jelly and ice cream are splattered about with abandon, and the production ended in a disorientating looping, the same line repeated into a microphone until the words cease to have any meaning. Who was Artaud?

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Artaud was born in Marseilles, France, in He contracted spinal meningitis as a young child and spent long stretches in sanatoriums during his youth. While he read widely during this time, he also developed a laudanum dependency that resulted in a lifelong dependence on opiates.

In , he moved to Paris intending to pursue a career as a writer, but he became interested in the avant-garde theatre scene and began training and performing with directors, including Charles Dullin and Georges Pitoeff. He continued to write poetry and essays during this time. He had a great interest in cinema and wrote the scenario for an early surrealist film by director Germaine Dulac, The Seashell and the Clergyman Artaud appeared in over 20 films.

The Spurt of Blood Antonin Artaud

An adaptation of Percy Bysshe Shelley 's The Cenci premiered in , with a set designed by Bauhaus, but it was a commercial failure, and most of the reviews were hostile or indifferent. Soon afterwards, Artaud travelled to Mexico, where he studied and lived for a period with the Tarahumaran people, experimenting with peyote. After a strange and disastrous episode in which he travelled to Ireland and was deported in a straitjacket — he had acquired a cane that he believed holy and sought its creators, an episode ending in an altercation with the police — The Theatre and Its Double was published in Already behaving erratically and increasingly fascinated with magic and astrology, Artaud spent much of the Second World War in asylums and psychiatric hospitals.

Electroshock treatments were administered. During this period he began writing and drawing again. Because of its political content and its cacophonous quality — including grunts and moans — a panel was assembled to discuss the merits of the piece. While they found in favour of it, it was never broadcast on French radio.

Maybe she's yours! We no longer hear through that ear. You have to ask that of volcanoes and earthquakes.

We wallow in the little obscenities of man in the confession-box. That's life. Then everything is shot to hell.

The earth quakes. There is furious thunder and zig-zags of lightning in every direction through the zig-zags all the characters can be seen running around bumping into each other and falling then getting up and running about like crazy.


An immense spurt of blood lacerates the Stage, and through the biggest fiash of lightning the Priest can be seen making the sign of the cross. When the lights go on again all the characters are dead, and their corpses lie all over the ground. Only the Young Man and the Bawd remain devouring each other with their eyes.

The Wet-nurse comes back carrying the Young Girl under her arm like a bundle. The young Girl is dead. The Bawd drops her on the ground where she collapses and becomes flat as a pancake. The Wet-Nurse no longer has her breasts.These various theatre cultures always have their own links with dis- tinctive religious systems, political structures, social organizations, or literary traditions.

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Ah, how beautifully the world is built. The Young Man and the Whore are still alive and they are mid-coitus and eating each other with their eyes. Her vagina swells up splits and becomes transparent and glistening like a sun.

Eti- quette is a kind of dance, dance a kind of ritual, and worship a form of etiquette. Can we read it anew? One of the purposes in this paper is to ap- proximate a Foucauldian genealogical approach in dealing with the proposed issue.