(F) Utilisation of the Funds by the Society bye law no 9 a. Reserve Fund bye . 'Act' means the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act; (MCS Act). ii. Bye-Laws Of The Co-Operative Housing Societies. I. Preliminary. 1. (viii) ' Ownership Flats Act' means the Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of the. Download MODEL BYE – LAWS OF COOPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY, Maharashtra Cooperative Society Rules , New Housing Society Election Rules.

Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Society Bye Laws Download

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Jan 24, Under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act , a housing society is Byelaws are the rules that govern a co-operative society and its. Bye Laws for Housing Society in Maharashtra (i) 'Act' means the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act; (MCS Act) Download Full PDF From Here. Maharashtra Cooperative Housing Society, Act means the Maharashtra Co- operative Societies Act; (MCS Act) ; Bye-laws means the registered bye- laws of.

You can also ask for a copy of the profit and loss account. If case you want to dig deeper into the rules governing the society, you can demand a copy of the Act, the rules and the bye-laws.

Recent changes in Maharashtra Co-Operative Society Act

Also at your disposal should be the information about members of the committee, the minutes of general meetings, etc. Any information you seek, the society has to provide you within one month's time.

Smell a rat? You could report this Upon examining the papers, you discover some goof ups. What can you do now?

Well, you can share this information with other members and approach the registrar to take action against the top governing body. In case of the accusations of wrong doings are well-founded, the society may lose its registration , and the governing body may eventually be junked.

Can you borrow money from your housing society?


Are you facing some financial trouble and are considering approaching a bank over the matter. You can alternatively ask you housing society to lend you money.

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Under the provisions of the Co-Operative Society Act, a society can lend money to its members. Your housing society can cancel your membership, which in turn may amount to you losing your ownership over your property.

While there are many conditions to be fulfilled before a housing society moved such a proposal, a member is given an equal opportunity to fight his case. For instance, the cash on hand limit under the old byelaws was Rs Cash on hand is maintained by the society for day to expenses such as plumber's payments for instance.

Over the years it was felt that the amount was not sufficient.

And hence in the new byelaws the same has been increased to Rs 4, Such changes under various headings become imminent and that is how the new model byelaws came into effect from July 2, Since then, the government has made it mandatory for co-operative societies in Maharashtra to adopt the new byelaws.

Byelaws are district specific.

In other words while these are more or less the same there could be minor changes depending on which district you fall in whether it is Mumbai, Pune or Thane. Enumerated here are some of the differences between the old and the new byelaws. Transfer of flat: Under the old byelaws in case you were to transfer your flat, a charge of 2.

But under the new model byelaw number 45 all that has been scrapped and a common charge is levied as per the general body resolution subject to the condition that it is not above Rs 25, Maintenance: Under the old byelaws the maintenance charged varied among members. For instance, let us say the monthly maintenance amount payable was Rs Now if the flat was given on leave and licence, the maintenance charge would be hiked to Rs 1, Service charges include salary of the office staff, liftmen, watchman, the property taxes, electricity charges, water charges, etc.

Latest Model Bye Laws, MCS Act and Election Rules as on September

That apart it also includes entrance fees for affiliation to the housing federation and any other co-operative institution, audit fees for internal, statutory and re-audit if any besides expenses incurred at meetings of the general body, the committee and the sub-committee retainer fees, legal charges, statutory enquiry fees among others.

download of second flat: Under the old byelaws there were restrictions on holding more than one flat. You needed to obtain the registrar's permission to download a second flat in the same society or within the limits of a certain district.

You were also needed to submit an affidavit saying that you do not hold any other flat in the same district.It is submitted that the bill thus submitted by the respondent no.

Also, in almost all societies, builders have illegally sold stilt-parking spaces and other common amenities to individual flat-owners. There was thus no leakage from the terrace to the flat of the said Mr.

Learned counsel appearing for the petitioner and the respondent no. Learned counsel for the petitioner placed reliance on the judgment of this Court in case of Indrasan Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. Since then, the government has made it mandatory for co-operative societies in Maharashtra to adopt the new byelaws.

People will naturally fight tooth and nail by every possible means — lawful and unlawful, to avoid paying such crushing penalties! One who attends at least one General Body Meeting of the Society in the previous five consecutive years.

We humbly request you to suitably modify or delete such bye-laws in the larger interest.

Any member violating the above directives shall pay an amount equal to five times the monthly maintenance charges, per month with retrospective effect for the period for which such violation is existed.