Editorial Reviews. Review. “General McChrystal is a legendary warrior with a fine eye for My Share of the Task: A Memoir eBook: General Stanley McChrystal: Kindle Store. "General McChrystal is a legendary warrior with a fine eye for enduring lessons about leadership, courage, and consequence." —Tom Brokaw General. does not prevent Robinson from asserting that SOF have risen in primacy over the past decade and will continue to dominate the military landscape for the.

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Linked to domestic matters through restoring American solvency,. Kupchan proposes to shift some present geopolitical responsibilities onto allies. If. America . May 29, 'General McChrystal is a legendary warrior with a fine eye for enduring lessons about leadership, courage, and consequence' -Tom Brokaw. PDF - My Share of the Task. "General McChrystal is a legendary warrior with a fine eye for enduring lessons about leadership, courage, and consequence.

McChrystal is an introvert. A bit surprising for someone who did a stint as Pentagon press briefer during the early stages of the Iraq War.

McChrystal is a fan of audiobooks and would listen to them during his daily runs while deployed. The book provides an extremely detailed account of what could be termed the evolution of the JSOC targeting 'machine.

JSOC assaulters went from conducting a few raids a month when he assumed command to doing dozens every night in Iraq and Afghanistan by the time he left.

A great deal of this came from his leadership. He would accompany his forces on the raids routinely, to gain and maintain rapport with the Tier One operators.

And McChrystal gives the most detailed account I have ever seen of how his outfit found and then killed Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq in This part of the book was of particular interest to me, for when I served in Iraq in , Zarqawi was at the top of everyone's list. He was killed only a few months after I redeployed to the U.

In books like these, I most enjoy the parts where they talk about the early parts of their careers, when they were young up-and-comers who probably had no real clue about how their lives would end up. Sure, they probably had hopes, but did Captain McChrystal really ever think he would be a 4-star general in charge of a war in a foreign country?

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Probably not, but that's where he ended up. On an administrative note, I thought I had finished this audiobook on 12 Feb, but when the audio ended, McChrystal was still in command in Afghanistan, which we all know is not how things ended, and I knew from reviews I had read of the book that he did treat the magazine article that ended his career in the book.

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Plot Summary. Part Two, Chapter 11 - Epilogue.

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I took it to work, and then we took it to the field. Conventional military engagements since then have been short and sharp.

He is currently a senior fellow at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and the co-founder of the McChrystal Group, an advisory services and leadership development firm.

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