A Menina do Narizinho Arrebitado é um livro de literatura fantástica do escritor brasileiro Mais tarde, Narizinho Arrebitado seria o primeiro capítulo do livro Reinações de Criar um livro · Descarregar como PDF · Versão para impressão . Sítio do Picapau Amarelo is a series of 23 fantasy novels written by Brazilian author Monteiro . Reinações de Narizinho ("The Adventures of Lúcia Little Nose "), published in with A .. Archived from the original (PDF) on I'd like to recommend the place where everyone could probably find reinacoes de narizinho pdf viewer, but probably, you would need to.

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File Name: Vol1 Reinacoes de File Type: PDF File Size: unknown. Publisher: Downloads: 3. Share this. Urupês went into five editions, and the first edition of Narizinho sold 50, . heard about Peter Pan in As Reinações de Narizinho, ask their grandmother. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. Reinacoes de Narizinho .

Until Lobato, most publishing was in the hands of Portuguese or French-owned companies, and the target market was very much that of the Francophile middle-class elite. Lobato protested against the fact that there were no tariffs on books imported from Portugal.

This was followed by his first collection of children's stories, A Menina do Narizinho Arrebitado , in which he introduced his cast of children and dolls at the Sitio do Picapau Amarelo. The success of both books was phenomenal and in many ways started the mass market book industry in Brazil.

By more than half of all the literary works published in Brazil were published by Monteiro Lobato e Cia. People act through knowing the human experience of other people, which is found in the means of communication, especially books, and then acting on it. But despite this exaltation of the book, Lobato had a hard-headed commercial attitude to selling books, which he saw as commercial objects which could be sold just as other goods were, in a variety of sales points: He innovated in terms of the visual presentation of the book, and was responsible for much more attractive covers than the dull yellow featureless covers which followed the French imports.

Lobato stressed the importance that Brazil should give to its own culture. He was always against following the dominant Francophile culture, copying the latest Parisian fashions in art, music and literature. Porter, Hemmingway, H.

Thus Lobato helped to initiate a movement towards the importation of works written originally in English, which would continue right up until the Second World War, when English finally ousted French as the major foreign language studied and spoken in Brazil.

His publishing companies also published unknown authors, thus democratizing access to the publishing industry. Getting published had usually meant the need for influence of friends in high places or money.

Economic factors were all-important for the development of a national book industry. In Lobato criticized lowering the tariffs on imported books and placing high tariffs on imported paper and printing presses, as this would strangle the book industry in Brazil as books in Portuguese produced outside Brazil would compete favorably with their Brazilian counterparts, which used taxed imported paper.

In this struggle he faced the lobby of the well-organized paper industry, who were naturally against lowering tariffs on imported paper, but whose products were expensive and of low quality, thus resulting in costly books printed on poor quality paper.

Lobato believed that Brazil should look to the interior, its own folklore and own traditional myths. But the interior of Brazil needed reawakening.

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Lobato, always the practical man, encouraged vaccination campaigns and improvements in basic sanitary conditions. The way in which the US had taken advantage of its mineral wealth, particularly iron ore, coal and oil, showed Lobato what Brazil might be capable of if the country took the correct steps, and developed its own oil industry, rather than leaving it at the mercy of the trusts, especially the Standard Oil Corporation.

On his return from the US, Lobato invested all his efforts and capital in oil prospecting in Brazil. However, these plans were foiled by the onset of the Estado Novo in , when all prospecting plans were centralized and placed under the control of the government, and Lobato's financial losses were considerable.

All the children's literature which was available in Brazil when Lobato began writing was written in the Portuguese of Portugal, and the desire to provide stories his own and other Brazilian children could read stimulated Lobato to write texts for his own and all other Brazilian children. Lobato believed in developing the Brazilian language, and that after years of subservience to Portugal, it was now time to definitively break away from Lisbon and develop a separate Brazilian language.

In a letter he mentions his plans to produce a series of books for children "with more lightness and wit" Vieira: Lobato was puzzled by the language used in the Brazilian translations published by the French-owned house, Garnier, and remarked "Temos que refazer tudo isso - abrasileirar a linguagem" Koshiyama: Thus Lobato's translation technique is one of adaptation, using a more simplified language, which could immediately be understood by children, Lobato's target audience.

Lobato's children's books also introduce certain colloquialisms which were somewhat daring for the time.

Examples in Peter Pan are "gabolice", "prosa", and "mangar", and, in other works, "danada", "diaba", "macaca", "fedorento", "focinho", "berrou", terms which perhaps today are mild, but which were more daring in the more polite age Lobato was writing in Carvalheiro: Their style privileges communication and was attacked by conservative critics.

Lobato was in favor of a spelling reform. Lobato made a large number of translations, which, after his losses on the Wall St.

Amongst others, he translated the works of Conan Doyle, H. Many of the translations show signs that they were rushed and compare badly with his more careful adaptations of Don Quijote and Peter Pan. However, they and Dona Benta herself find the literary style turgid. Near the end of D.

In a letter, Lobato describes the difficulties he had to. Como achei pedante e requintado! Lobato uses the technique of Sherazade, with Dona Benta interrupting the story every night at nine o'clock, bedtime, and promising more entertainment for the next evening. The listeners get caught up with the stories: After reading the history of Charlemagne, he says that Roldan became incarnated in him as he got an old sword, went to the corn plantation, and, thinking the corn plants are , moors, cut them all down Lobato Lobato's work is overtly didactic as he is always placing his pet themes in the middle of the story.

One of the most prominent is that of expanding the book market.

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Pedrinho has also inherited Lobato's entrepreneurial spirit as he intends to set up a toy factory when he grows up, and intends to market a variety of dolls, including copies of those at the Sitio do Picapau Amarelo Lobato Lobato introduces vocabulary extension exercises as Dona Benta explains "pigmento" ibid: References to Marie Antoinette Lobato Lobato Narizinho says she enjoys Peter Pan because it is a modern story, funnier and so different to the traditional stories of Grimm, Andersen, Perrault, with their never-ending succession of kings, queens, princes, princesses and fairies, thus reflecting Lobato's attempts to renovate Brazilian children's literature Lobato Lobato was a persona non grata for the Estado Novo nationalist government of Getulio Vargas, who despised Lobato for his internationalism, his constant negative comparisons of Brazil to the US, and his continual meddling.

Lobato's Peter Pan suffered considerable political problems. When the narrator, Dona Benta, compares Brazilian children to English children, she says that, unlike Brazilian children, all English children have a special room of their own, a nursery, which will be full of toys, have special furniture and wallpaper.

Likewise, he compares heating systems. In forward-looking cold countries all houses have central heating, and not an open hearth.


One of the main characters of Lobato's children's stories is the doll Visconde, who is made from an old shuck of corn: Dona Benta replies that English children are very spoilt and are given the toys they want, and that they are not incredibly expensive, as they are in Brazil.

High-quality German toys made in Nuremberg are also praised.

Whereas, in Brazil, the toy industry is only just beginning. Vargas himself, aware of the possible role which books could play, underlined this very danger: Both Peter Pan and Don Quijote can be seen as anarchistic figures, failing to respect authority.

Pedrinho says of Don Quijote: Lobato's anti-clericalism was not surprisingly unpopular with the right-wing of the Catholic Church, whose views can be seen in Pe.

Lobato, Anthropophagy and Political Translations. In Lobato's adaptations we see a very important way in which a developing nation like Brazil will use original works from the First World. By contrast, Portuguese classical writers used a much richer language and more complex constructions Lobato In Peter Pan Lobato makes comparisons with the Brazilian reality, as, for example, when the North American redskins are compared to Brazilian Indians and comparing them to the caboclos half-Indians.

Thus the Brazilian writer like the cannibal, would not take in the foreign influence in a passive way, but rather by transforming it into something new. The original will be actively swallowed and reproduced in a different form. That's funny. Political Typology Quiz. Where do you fit in the political typology? Are you a Core Conservative? A Solid Liberal? Or somewhere in between?

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Likewise, he compares heating systems. People act through knowing the human experience of other people, which is found in the means of communication, especially books, and then acting on it.

Lobato replied that "it was important" to him "to convey his critical spirit through his stories, and that "people were used to lying to their children by saying that Brazil was a really wondrous country". II Uma vez