Shaikh Ayaz () is considered philosophical poet of Sindhi out of his books, poetry, stories, poetic dramas and essays like the. PDF | On Jan 1, , Mubarak Ali Lashari and others published The Songs of Freedom: Exploring Shaikh Ayaz's geniuses (Book Review of Shaikh Ayaz's book . Start by marking “Shaikh Ayaz ein Sahafat” as Want to Read: Shaikh Ayaz (Urdu: شيخ اياز) born Mubarak Ali Shaikh was one of the prominent Sindhi poets. His translations of Shah Jo Risalo, which was written by the 18th century Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, from.

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The Marxist approach of Shaikh Ayaz's poetry is the best known ground which And the selected poems have been taken mainly from his two books of poetry, 1. .. He wrote almost twelve poetry books for the Sindhi literature. He also wrote two books of Urdu literature. Besides, Sheikh Ayaz worked very hard in the field of. Sindhi Language Authority's book number This Book is published by Taj joyo, Secretary, Sindhi of Shaikh Ayaz have also done a great service.

My ideal teacher, Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Khan Baloch, reflects the traditional Islamic pattern of "simple-living and high thinking". He puts his thoughts into practice and digs deep into knowledge which he proliferates through his lectures, addresses and writings.

During , he taught us Anthropology. He entered the class room at the exact minute and did not leave a minute before time. All the time, he lectured according to the outlines prepared by him, and used the blackboard like a school teacher. We were required to note down the points and further study the relevant books in the seminar-library. He would not even let us heave a copy of his outlines; rather he stopped the supply of last years question papers which helped students cram answers accordingly.

His life style is simple, super and salutary, all the three aspects combined into an unassumingly stern and active personality called Dr. Oliver Goldsmith described his village school master as: "A man he was stern to view, I knew him well, And every truant knew. He is regular in his evening walk, not a stroll rather a march.

One evening I shuddered to encounter him on his way back from his walk. I was returning from the seminar library of which I was the secretary. He looked at me and said," I hope you don't come for them" and I really shivered in my shoes.


One evening I saw cots laid outside Dr. Baloch's residence a 3 room quarter. I asked my name-sake, Habibullah, who was Dr. He told me that besides an office clerk and a student who cannot afford lodging and boarding hostel and live permanently with Dr. Baloch's family.

Artisans and artists who came to Hyderabad to perform on Radio Pakistan or come on personal errands, also stay here and partake rice and pulses which Dr. Baloch can afford to offer them.

Later on I learnt that Dr. Baloch had eleven cats, each with a name, a female hog-deer, chickens and other pet animals and birds, with whom he conversed, calling them by name, and feeding them personally on time every day.

The hogdeer was donated to the municipal garden, where Dr. Baloch sometime went to meet her.

‘Sheikh Ayaz founder of modern poetry’

He has a strong aesthetic sense and has abundant collection of fine arts, artifacts etc. He watches T.

V for the National Geographic documentaries, the animal world and wrestling. He is free with his family members and plays with his children, now grand children, chess, cards and every other in-door game. Those days, I smoked pattay-ji-beeri but I did not know then that my ideal teacher also did the same.

He was never seen smoking and nobody would believe that he could ever. As I know now, he went on with cigarettes, trying the finest and the cheapest brands, to K-2, then cigars and finally the pipe, and then he gave up smoking after a heart by-pass in Islamabad due to incessant heavy work.

He was used to stimulation by tea taking and smoking. He has since given up the usual stimulation but not his life long work habit. He may be unkindly described as a penny pincher but honestly speaking he is not a miser.


He spends where necessary but wisely. He saves prudently and manages economically. In , Dr.

Sindhi literature

Baloch received a sum of Rs. Kazi with the late Mr. It was the seed-money for the Allama I.

Kazi Memorial Society of which Dr. Baloch was the General Secretary.

Shaikh Ayaz

He kept the money in fixed deposit and ran the society out of the markup earned each year. About 30 publications have been brought out to proliferate the thought and teachings of Allama I.

An essay competition on the life and work of the great philosopher-educator was initiated at the 20th death anniversary on 13th April I got Rs. Yet the un-touched seed-money now stands at Rs. A financial wizard!

I have seen him in relaxed mood as well. The first time, during 50's, when he came to our village to meet a sughar, uncle Haji Abdul Qadir Siddiqui.

He sat through the night and got all his abiyat poetry transcribed, while listening to him and appreciating his art. He has had many such sittings in his research galore, through the length and breadth of Sind, and has collected much more material on the culture and literature of Sindh than has been published so for. The contribution For me it is difficult to circumscribe the contribution of Dr. Baloch towards the renaissance of Sindh, revival of its educational tradition and enriching the world of knowledge.

He is a prolific writer with over published books and a lot unpublished. He has done orignal research on the life and poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai 10 volumes as well as compiled.

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Edited and published the poetry of other prominent classical poets of Sindh. He wrote several books on poetry, biographies, plays and short-stories in both Sindhi and Urdu languages.

His translations of Shah Jo Risalo , which was written by the 18th century Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai , from Sindhi to Urdu language established him as an authority in his domain.

He received Sitara-i-Imtiaz for his literary works and is regarded as a "revolutionary and romantic poet". He was Sindhi speaking of Arabs origin his ancestors settled Sindh permanently centuries ago.

He was a lawyer but he also served as the vice-chancellor of Sindh University. He died on 28 December in Karachi, Sindh after suffering from cardiac-arrest - leaving behind two sons and a daughter. Ayaz is one of the major voices in twentieth century poetry. He wrote short stories, Operas, essays, poetry, travelogues, diaries, an autobiography and the translation of Shah Jo Risalo in Urdu. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Find sources: Retrieved 2 November Shaikh Ayaz's widow dies". Retrieved 5 May Sindhi literature too was influenced by these trends.

He had been teaching at the Sindh University, until he was appointed Vice Chancellor by the regime of Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto in the wake of unrest in various Jamshoro campuses by Sindhi nationalist student.

The first time, during 50's, when he came to our village to meet a sughar, uncle Haji Abdul Qadir Siddiqui. The most-learned Sindhi author of the era, Dayaram Gidumal, was distinguished for his elegant and eloquent prose, as seen in his essays on the Japji Sahib , the Bhagavadgita , and the Yoga darshan On the life of prison, he wrote a book entitled "Sahiwal Jail Diary", which has great importance in Sindhi language and literature.

Lenin had argued in that literature must become an instrument of the party. Hence, without Sheikh Ayaz contributions Sindhi literature seems incomplete.