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Resolve References Editor. Managing metadata in the data flow pipeline is a concept with which many beginners struggle, especially when they make a change early in the data flow that has a ripple effect across the downstream components and causes metadata errors.

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Now SSIS includes a Resolve References Editor that you can use to quickly resolve the mapping of input and output columns between components. You can use it to check that columns are mapped to one another properly, and also to see which columns remain unmapped.

Variable scope. How many times have you added a variable only to realize later that you inadvertently assigned its scope to a task rather than to the package?

Your only option was to delete the variable and add a new one while taking care to set the scope correctly. The new SSIS creates new variables at the package scope by default, and allows you to move an existing variable to a different scope.

Left function. ReplaceNull function. A very common task in data warehousing is to replace NULL values with some value.

This new function just simplifies that task. Project deployment model and parameters.

Working with SSIS projects and deployment is a completely new way of setting up packages to work in a new environment in SQL Server , whether test or production. When you combine this deployment model with the use of parameters, you use parameters instead of configuration files to set run-time values for expressions.

Even if you did work successfully with configuration files, you will likely still find it easier to set up parameters than configuration files. You can download the upcoming ebook to get more details about the items in my list above.

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Drag and drop a Data Flow Task and double click on the same will open the Data. Looks up values using fuzzy matching. In the table at present we have the list of records as shown in the screen below.

Now we need to make. Double-click on that icon to open it.