List multiple items and upload to site in bulk! site Turbo Lister is a FREE listing tool to help you create professional-looking listings, as well as upload and edit. It started with the original Turbo Lister back in Now, it's been redesigned and revamped into today's Turbo Lister 2. Turbo Lister 2 contains many new. site Turbo Lister is a new site selling tool. It is a desktop-based selling tool that facilitates creating listings to post on the site site. As a seller, Turbo Lister will.

Turbo Lister For Ebay

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We are no longer offering downloads of Turbo Lister. Everything you need will soon be available in Seller Hub. Click here to learn more about our selling tools. Alex Knight picks out alternative site listing tools for sellers still relying on site's much-loved but now obsolete Turbo Lister. This month marks. CrazyLister is the best turbo lister alternative. Start listing professional site listings in minutes with the best design solution for eCommerce.

How can I get help for Turbo Lister? If you're looking for a quick answer to a question or problem you have, you should first check the Turbo Lister Discussion Board where site users and staff moderators help answer questions and solve problems together.

If you can't find a solution on the Discussion Board, please send us a description of your problem along with your Turbo Lister log files. You can find the log files in the Turbo Lister directory on your hard drive at: The log files are those files that have the extension ".

There may be several backup versions as well. Next, copy the contents of the log files, and paste into the Customer Support web form. How can I provide feedback on site Turbo Lister? To provide additional feedback, please send comments to: We will carefully evaluate user input and make additional enhancements. Thanks to everyone who has already provided feedback! How does the Turbo Lister beta test program work?

The Turbo Lister Beta Program is valuable because "real world" users will find bugs that in the development environment were difficult or impossible to find. Ultimately, beta testing helps site develop better software and creates a way for the community to contribute directly to Turbo Lister improvements.

Skip to main content. What is a selling tool? How do I get the Turbo Lister product? As a seller, why should I use Turbo Lister? What is site Turbo Lister? It is a desktop-based selling tool that facilitates creating listings to post on the site site.

Frooition software is the fastest way to list to site. Catalog integration means that when you list items included in the site catalog, most information is pre-filled for you. Creating multi variation listings is simplified and the listing process is streamlined. If you would like to know more about migrating from Turbo Lister to Frooition , please fill a contact form and one of our site certified advisers will contact you. Search for: Design Services: Need any help?

Get in Touch. Get i n touch Let's talk about your project.

Errors With your Form. United Kingdom Country: It di transfer my files from my TL file, and I thought it would work. However every time I tried to upload a file to site, wonder Lister would default to Fire Fox, and lock up my computer.

I continue to be a TL user because I have my inventory stored and my descriptions written so I can upload at any time.

site Turbo Lister Replacements: Five of the Best Alternatives

You can still download TL updates of category changes just no software support but I rarely needed support anyway so TL still works for me. Just bought new Windows 10 computer and could not download the entire TL software but my daughter searched the internet and found out how to do it so now I have TL once again.

She transferred my TL files from old to new computer. I have created new listings and uploaded them no problem. I have uploaded my old saved listings and that was no problem. Like others here I wish somebody would invent a selling tool that mimics TL. None of the suggested software options here are a perfect fit for me.

Me, too, Margaret. I think site jumped the shark when they announced they would no longer support it. There was such a hue and cry that they finally said they would leave it alone for the time being but then would expect sellers to use sellers hub in the future. I spoke at length with an site rep asking questions like long term storage of listings, photo storage, etc, and they simply had no answers which means to me that they had not thought of how people use turbo.

Typical site!

I was appalled when site announced their intention to abandon Turbo Lister a fantastic tool I have been using for 10 years or more. I am still continuing to use it to date and the only flaws I have found are the need to ensure this listing is compliant, once uploaded to site.

A new re-thought, compliant Turbo Lister would be good. I just switched computers this week and had to download Turbo Lister 2 on the new computer so I could restore my latest backup.

The templates and Activity Log were restored, but not my ended listings. I have been using turbo lister since it was called Mister Lister.

So I was really bummed it was discontinued.

One thought on “site Forced to Update Sellers on TurboLister Retirement”

I still use it, and can update my categories but that is about it. I have recently been having issues uploading, but it is still far better then that stupid hub listing service. Wish they would hurry the hell up and whirl down the friggin plug hole! Happy New Year B Miller!! I am still learning how to use WonderLister while creating listings. I use Chrome for my browser, and Wonderlister some how uses Firefox to make it work. The program kept defaulting back to Firefox which in turned locked up my computer.

Finally I removed the whole program and uninstalled Firefox, and problem solved. I am bummed to say the least that Turbolister is not available, I listed hundreds of items usijng TL, and could save the listing. Now I have to build them one at a time on the site site. Still looking for a great alternative to TL. I also resent the fact that any replacement is a pay to use.

Greg Miller you can still use Turbo Lister, I am using it right now. If you are having trouble finding where to download it, it is actually called TurboLister 2. Here it is available directly from site:. I actually used the link above and downloaded it. What has changed? What am I missing about this? Again, just called me totally confused. It is no longer officially supported, but they are still doing updates to it.

However, my main business is books and for the past few weeks I have been unable to get the product description from site like I use to.

I have no idea if it is on my side etc.

I have approx. From reading all these comments it was nice to find I am not alone. And have decided for now, not to bite the bullet and change. I will just list without the product description provided normally by site.

Hopefully site will introduce a product that could at least do what turbo lister did and will accept a file from turbo lister, otherwise I may be out of business soon. I received a request from site to complete a form regarding how I use TL, what is the most important feature of TL to me and what would I like to see improved plus if I would be willing to pay a monthly fee for an improved TL.

I was on the fence with the last question because there are now far too many fees. Will a new TL bring back those sellers who have departed and bring new sellers aboard? If there is a fee can we afford it?

Turbo Lister

If all the site fees and postage increases continue soon there will be no profits whether we get TL back or not. I think TL needs to be revamped to help the small volume seller or we will be squeezed out by the big companies very soon. Meanwhile I am taking a wait-and-see approach but not for long. Next wave of cost increases might send me out the door for good.

TL still works for me. Had site pulled TL totally I would have left long ago. My daughter left already. But it appears they are considering doing something. There might be hope.

How long would it take? For what it is worth, I am still using Turbo Lister 10 Oct There are one or two little glitches that you have to be aware of and correct once you have uploaded to site but otherwise it continues to work as well as ever.

To add to the confusion, I still get regular updates, which seems to suggest it is still active, whatever the official line is! But I cannot find any site to download and install Turbo Lister 10 Oct Do you know any site? I agree. I continue to use TL for the same reasons, mostly working off line and storing listings.

I do not have the inventory or the time for a store and there are times I am not on site we all need a vacation so the storage TL provides is so important. Hi Michael, maybe that was just a glitch. I just uploaded one of my TL listings with no problem. At first try I got a warning message that with make offer I cannot make the payment immediate and it would not upload so I edited the listing and removed make offer and then it uploaded.

All my listing are just a straight 30 day download now listing — no offers or any other trickery…. All download It Now listings will soon be day only anyway, all other options e.CrazyLister now gives you the ability to create new listings and edit live listings instantly, as well as allowing you to store your finished listings forever.

And in these markets you could probably make decent sales like this. But beyond this, no other Turbo Lister replacement can: Be used for free—just like Turbo Lister—for up to 10 ongoing listings Import inventory directly from CSV data files Offer a compelling combination of ready-made, customizable, and bespoke template options Support your fulfillment workflow with printable address label and invoice templates Enable you to provide accounts to your employees and staff as you grow Provide one-on-one training and support all along the way This combination of features is found only at inkFrog.

Wonder Lister Wonder Lister is an offline listing tool that allows users to create and edit listings in bulk. You can also insert pictures, which CrazyLister optimizes, to make sure that your listing loads as fast as possible. Design Services: Note: For information about the listing data required for site to process your Turbo Lister file, see the Supported Data Fields section below. It also features a mode where sellers can customize the SixBit icons to match those used for the corresponding function in Turbo Lister.