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PDF | On Aug 10, , Mohamed Ajmal and others published Siddhar Agathiyar, one among the line of eighteen Siddhars, . BC 5 பிப்ரவரி தமிழ் அரியவகை புத்தகங்கள் PDF .. Admin I need bogar book in tamil language were can i get???? reply Reply. Posté le: Jeu 25 Jan - () Sujet du message: Bogar in tamil pdf - The above Tamil verses from bogar are easy to.

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Vaadhaavi Agathiyar 4 He lived at the period of Soorapadhuman. He was a poet in Second Tamil Sangam Kapadapuram. He was the well renounced poet in Tamil language.

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As per the advice of Soorapadhuman, he killed Vaadhaavi and Villavan in Vaadhaavipuram which was mentioned in Kandha puranam and Thiruthudisai Puranam.

Moothoor Agathiyar 3 He lived before the period of Soorapadhuman.

He was the well renounced poet in Tamil language, but, he had not written any books. Purogidha Agathiyar 1 He lived at the period of Vendhar Sezhiyan. He was a poet in Second Tamil Sangam. His service to Tamil language was unforgettable 3.

Purogidha Agathiyar 2 He lived at the period of Sundara paandiyan.

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There was Purogidhar who was subtitled as Agathiyar had been the guru for certain Pandiya kings which was mentioned in Sinnamannu Seppaedu 1. Kudagumalai Agathiyar 6 He lived at the period of King Kaandhaman. He was also called as Kudagumalai Agathiyar, Kudagu muni. Paabanaasamalai Agathiyar 1 He lived at the period of Cheran Senguttuvan.

He was one of the students of Podhigaimalai Agathiyar. He has the temple in North arcod, Thirumaraikaadu 3. Devara Agathiyar 3 He lived at the period of Rajendra Chola. He went to Podhigaimalai Agathiyar and carried out penance to read Devaram padhigangal with the help of him.

He left Podhigaimalai and reached Thillai to accompany the Lord Shiva.

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These were quoted in Padhiga karuthu. From this, is is evident that he had a lot of believes in worship. He was called as Kurumuni or Kutraala muni.

Podhigaimalai Agathiyar There were many historical stories on him.


From there while moving to south still, in order to mingle with Tamilians, he thought to learn Tamil and learnt Tamil from lord Murugan at Thirutthani. Then, from there he went to Pandinadu and joined in the assembly of Kaichina vazhuthi. He also became the head of the first Tamil sangam.

Due to Cataclysm at that period, many books were swept away by the sea 8.

Then, he went to Pothigai and wrote many books along with the Siddhars those who lived there. Many disciples were formed for him. Those disciples were also named Agathiyar and later many books were written in the name of Agathiyar.

He had twelve disciples. Tholkaappiyar was the best among them. These were the informations given by him during Second Tamil sangam 9. But, later, it was faked that the name was due to his short appearance. This was said by him in his book, Agathiyar He also contributed his work on medicinal books like Agathiyam, Perunthirattu, Vaidhiya sindhamani, Chendooram , Mani , Vaidhiyakkannadi, Vaidhiyarathnaagaram, vaidhiyam , Karisil Pasmam , Pashini, Nadi and so on 1.

This Siddhar was the one among the eighteen Siddhars. He was well versed in Astama siddhis and medicine. He was a great saint.How do I publish content on my topic?

Muthu Raman February 23, at 7: As usual like other sidhar works such as this were also encoded in the secret hidden words to preserve the tradition without revealing the inner mysteries to the uninitiated or unqualified persons.


I was told by my master that Bogar agathiyar be of great help. Chellappandi Subramanian December 18, at 4: