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As per site, pre-booking schedule, the book is releasing on 21st July Pattanaik Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan Rise of Kali by Anand Neelakantan. The great of AJAYA RISE OF KALI Book 2, you can find in our pdf. AJAYA RISE OF KALI Book 2 with compatible format of pdf, epub, mobi and kindle. You can. In 'Ajaya: Roll of the Dice', Anand Neelakantan has tried to rewrite Mahabharata in a way it would have been written, had the Kauravas.

The war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas may as well be the war between the voices in our head. A little tug of conscience here, a little pull of desire there and the roles can be reversed.

This is where author Anand Neelakantan comes in. In his latest book, 'Rise of Kali: Duryodhana's Mahabharata', he masters the art of reversing roles, turning heroes into villains and vice versa. Neelakantan became the modern torchbearer of the ancient underdog when he released his maiden book, 'Asura: Tale of the Vanquished — The Story of Ravana and his People' in The book went on to become a bestseller, bringing the author and his fresh narrative into the limelight.

The quality of language was, however, suspect.


Neelakantan has often admitted to not being comfortable with English, but there has been a remarkable improvement in his style of writing in the Mahabharata series. Readers eagerly awaited book II, which was supposed to release in December , but came out only at the end of July The series may be awkwardly titled and the cover art not as attractive as 'Asura', but his anti-Mahabharata definitely trumps his anti-Ramayana.

Neelakantan defines his characters, gives the prelude and sets the stage in the first book, Ajaya. As the title suggests, book one ends in the middle of the infamous dice game, where the fate of the Pandavas hangs in balance.

This is one of the most morally perplexing incidents of the Mahabharata and it is here that the author struggles with loyalties. Even the staunchest supporter of the Kauravas will find it hard to justify Draupadi's humiliation and sometimes the author seems to forget whose side he is on.

Rise of Kali: Duryodhana’s Mahabharata (Ajaya Book 2) by Anand Neelakantan

But he is soon back to defending his Kaurava heroes weaving in fictional episodes to establish their heroism and nobility. Considering the original work was written mostly from the Pandavas' point of view, one must admire the number of scenarios he cooks up to make his point.

Other deviations such as Bhishma and Vidura's resignations, Iravan's head being mounted on a pole instead of Barbarika's, Khatotkacha not being a giant rakshasa but a simple forest dweller, Krishna asking Jara to kill him, etc. Neelakantan gives special importance to the character of Ashwatthama by introducing a fictional situation of conflict between him and Shakuni.

A similar conflict is portrayed between Parashurama and Karna, which results in a war and Karna's eventual victory. Ekalavya is yet another character who is given a lot of importance in this version of the epic. In contemporary India, Ekalavya is often considered the mascot of the tribal people.

The author uses this fact and offers him a place of pride in the plot.

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Suyodhana commonly known as Duryodhana teams up with him and makes him king of the forest dwellers, just as he does for Karna. In this way, the author depicts the Kaurava crown prince as secular and fair, who grants equal opportunities to people, regardless of their caste.

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This article about a s novel is a stub.But this different is very very different than the usual Mahabharata and thus you need to read the first book to get completely engrossed in the story and like the second book.

At times it feels as if the author has closely followed the Star Bharat series which was aired last year and is deliberately trying to invert the story.

Do not say I have not warned you. The war scenes are described in a way that will make your heart race faster..

Book Review | Roll Of The Dice (AJAYA Epic of the Kaurava Clan – Book 1)

Indian mythology has undergone a lot of change through lite A review of Ajaya - A two-part series by Anand Neelkantan. Just as Neelakantan paints the traditional bad guys in good light, he goes on to heartlessly demonise the so called good ones.

If the crime DOES get punished, maybe one or two less such rapes would happen. We accepted available Mahabharata as recited by Ved Vyasa in front of Vaisampayana, but what if it was altered by the time it reached to us; what if Mahabharata as we know today is completely different from what it was actualy.

That struck me as something which I had never thought of, because of my prejudices.