Grammar Genius 1, 2 Student's Book + Test Booklet. Posted by wblue on , @ English eBooks. Grammar Genius is a series of. 4 Tháng Tám [IMG] DVD eBook Grammar Genius 4 Levels Student's Book + Test Booklet + Video DVD + Answer Keys 13 Files | 1,5 GB | Year Grammar Genius is a series of beautifully illustrated books of grammar reference and practice, taking students from Beginner to Intermediate.

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Title: Grammar Genius 4 Student's book, Author: Hamilton House ELT, Name: Grammar Genius 4 Student's book, Length: pages, Page: Books teachers trust! HOME · CATALOGUE · E-SHOP · ABOUT US · DISTRIBUTORS · DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES · IWB DEMOS · CONTACT US. CD-Rom. DOWNLOAD. Grammar Genius 1. CD- Rom. DOWNLOAD · Grammar Genius 2. CD-Rom.

But we can use used to to emphasise the difference between what existed in the past and what exists now.

They lived in a big house many years ago. They used to live in a big house but now they live in a tiny cottage. Use used to.

My mum used to read me a story every night. Mr and Mrs Evans lived in a small village.

Mr and Mrs Evans used to live in a small village. Did Grandpa use to be a good swimmer? Did your mum walk to work? Did your mum use to walk to work? We used to meet in the park after school every day.

An English Grammar eBook

Use one word in each space. It 2 getting dark but the moon was shining brightly in the night sky.

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Strunk's Elements of Style. This is THE grammar standard.

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Grammar Genius 1, 2 Student's Book + Test Booklet

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It was practically impossible in those days for a peer of the realm to fake knowledge of the theatre. There is also plenty of discussion of how Shakespeare may have been magnified by the paucity of works surviving from the time. Possibly there was more of a collaborative sense of putting on plays rather like folksinging that may have meant there were other great plays that could have tussled with the Shakespeare works.

Still, the evidence of the references of the day that survive make it quite clear: people were astonished by the sheer quality and wide-ranging ambition of the Bard's plays. They were different, calling upon elements from many different works, dramatically innovative, full of crowd-pleasing and reader-pleasing moments alike. Indeed Bate is forthright on the overriding importance of the multiplicity of voices that Shakespeare used in his plays: "Since the eighteenth century, Shakespeare has been admired above all for two things: the range of his characters and the inventiveness of his language.My mum used to read me a story every night.

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Use the past simple or past continuous and the word in brackets.