download Gwynne's Grammar: The Ultimate Introduction to Grammar and the Writing of Good English. Incorporating also Strunk's Guide to Style. by N.M. Gwynne. Fear not—Mr. Gwynne is here with his wonderfully concise and highly Gwynne's Grammar and millions of other books are available for site Kindle. Gwynne's Grammar book. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Anxious about apostrophes? In a pickle over your pronouns and pr.

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is is a book about English grammar. I know. I'm sorry. If there was . these old- school guides, Gwynne's Grammar, typically relies on grammars. Beautifully designed, easy to understand and a joy to read, Gwynne's Grammar may be the best little book you will ever have in your life. download the eBook Gwynne's Grammar, The Ultimate Introduction to Grammar and the Writing of Good English. Incorporating also Strunk's Guide to Style. by N.M.

Step five.

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Grammar, therefore, on which even the understanding of vocabulary depends though of course grammar also depends on vocabulary — they are mutually dependent is fundamental to everything of any importance that humans get up to. Step six. So yes, the Holy Bible and other books are more important — vastly more important of course — in the information they convey.

But grammar is of prior importance to them in that, without it, no other book, however important, can either be written or understood.

Step seven and last.

Gwynne's Grammar

If I have made my case so far, the only remaining question is: is there any book in print that does better what this little book sets out to do? If anybody knows of one, please tell us.

When Tom invited me to put this book together after months of observing me teaching his children at home over the Internet, and even chose its title, what was obviously needed was a book which not only set out the facts of grammar correctly, and there are plenty of books which do that well, but also included a clear picture of how grammar ought to be taught.

And none of the best books of the past seem to deal with this aspect of the subject And there was a good reason for this absence.

Century after century, it was taught just as it had always been taught, with refinements here and there. Each teacher taught it as he or she had been taught it, and there was nothing difficult about that. But those days are gone — since the s and shortly after, we are in a time when there is literally no professional teacher left in any schools who himself or herself will have been taught in the traditional, tried-and-tested, common-sense way that it had always been done in the past.

Hence, this book genuinely does break new ground, as far as I know — new ground simply because it is ground that never needed to be broken before, but my goodness it needs to be broken now.

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How have I done in my claim to have made history? I can further claim that it is certainly thoroughly practical. Share This eBook:. Add to Wishlist. Instant Download.

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I would run their education from Ireland on proper school lines. He lost his temper and fired me, but half a day later changed his mind. I appointed teachers and supervised every subject, including music.

It was the first time I had taught in this way. Young recommended Gwynne to Tom Hodgkinson of the Idler Academy, a bookshop which also hosts classes in Latin, the ukulele and other improving matters. Hodgkinson praised Gwynne in a newspaper article.

Within 10 months, he wrote, his two older children, aged eight and 10, could recite the five declensions of nouns and the four conjugations of verbs. He asked her to help teach Latin to some of his five and six year-olds. Now they are a professional partnership, she in London and he mostly in County Wexford.

They tailor their approach to suit individual clients. Just as Mr Gwynne can feign fierceness if his pupils misbehave, Chloe, whose manner is gentle, has her children exactly where she wants them.

A frown can be scary enough. Gwynne remarried in The experience was the seed that led to my writing my new novel, Fail, a St. Here is some of what the author has to say about this book.

I checked this out of the library with the thought it might be a good idea to brush up on my basic grammar. I mean, really, the fact that I'm only giving Wikipedia references here tells you how easy it would have been to check a few of these claims. The author is enthusiastic about the subject and "old-school" classically trained: Rating details.