(The firsttwo cassetfes of Mission: FCE 2 are available containing allreading texfs . T should encourage Ss fo listen to the tape at home as a follow-up activity to. TEACHER'S BOOK Mission 1 Virginia Evans - Jenny Dooley Express Publishing . 2 H. 4 I. 6 A. ➢ Vocabulary Exercises: Part 1 (pp. 8 - 9). (If Ss have difficulty explaining the words T Face: oval, long, freckled, ugly, attractive, wrinkled. Get this from a library! Mission: FCE 2: teacher's book. [Virginia Evans; Jenny Dooley].

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Mission 2 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Evans Virginia Fce Use of English 2 Teacher s Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. ola. download Mission: Fce 2: Teacher's Book by Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery.

Unfortunately not. She appears appear to have lost her voice. It tastes taste a little bitter. I think I'll add some more sugar. I hear the Fords are looking look for a bigger house. Yes, it looks look as if they are going to move. I'm not sure. The assistant is weighing weigh it at the moment.

She has gone to the bank. She 's on her way to the bank or she's there now. She hasn 't come back yet. She has been to New Orleans. She has visited New Orleans but she isn't there now. She has come back. She has been in the Hague for four years. She lives in the Hague now. She'll be back in about an hour. He has gone to a meeting. Since expresses a starting point. She's been working here since November. For expresses the duration of an action. They've been in Hawaii for two weeks.

Animals have been a source of help and comfort to humans Some researchers believe that stroking a pet helps to relieve anxiety and tension and, 4 since the s, therapists have believed that animals' remarkable powers can be used to heal our bodies and minds.

This belief has actually been confirmed 5 since the discovery that seriously ill people live longer if they have a pet to care for. However, he is facing face a difficult opponent tonight. Palmer has won win several games recently, and he looks look determined to win this one too. The match is be about to start, so let's watch and see what happens happen.

She says say she wants want to match her hair with her clothes. Excuse me, I have been trying try to pay for this shirt for ten minutes. Nobody seems seem to want to serve me. I have tried try complaining but nobody listens listen. Something ought to be done! Make all the necessary changes and additions to make a complete letter. See Suggested Answer section. Yours faithfully, Derek Spencer.

Past Perfect b complete action or event which happened 2 I was talking on the phone while Tim was watching at a stated past time football on TV. Past Continuous c past actions which happened one 3 We got up at half past six this morning. Past Simple immediately after another 4 They were still considering his proposal that d past action in progress interrupted by evening.

Past Continuous another past action 5 She jogged five miles every day when she was e action continuing over a period up to a young. Past Simple specific time in the past 6 She had a shower, got dressed quickly and left for f complete past action which had visible the airport. Past Simple results in the past 7 Reporters had been telephoning all morning. Past Simple equivalent of the Present Perfect Continuous 1O They had been going out for five years before they action not connected to the present and decided to get married.

Past Perfect Continuous which happened at a definite past time not 11 She was upset because she had just heard the mentioned news. Past Perfect k Past Perfect as the past equivalent of the 12 The police officer changed her phone number Present Perfect because she had been receiving anonymous calls two or more simultaneous past actions for several weeks. Past Perfect Continuous m past action of certain duration which had 13 The dancer had always dreamed of becoming visible results in the past successful.

Past Perfect. Christopher Columbus He 2 had worked work as a woollen cloth weaver w ith his father before he 3 began begin his nautical career at the age of After several merchant voyages he 4 settled settle in Lisbon, Portugal in In he 7 married marry Felipa. They 8 had have one son, Diego. At this time he 11 was working work for John II of Portugal. He 14 set off set off for the first time in April There 15 were be three ships; the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria and a crew of 90 men.

Columbus 18 made make another three voyages after this. He 19 retired retire to Valladolid 12 years after his first voyage and in he 20 died die there.

When she Nevertheless, she 3 was be very ambitious and 4 wanted want to work in the fashion industry. Luckily she 5 found find a job immediately as an assistant in a small fashion company. While she 6 was working work there she 7 decided decide to go to evening classes to get a qualification in business studies.

After she 10 had been doing do that job for some years she 11 wanted want a change. Helen 15 got get the job as the manager of a small but prestigious fashion company in central London. She 16 had achieved achieve her ambition of becoming a successful businesswoman at last.

Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple or Continuous. One day he 2 decided decide visit an ancient temple. The walls were covered in beautiful old paintings of mysterious-l ooking faces.

While he 3 was walking walk around the temple, he 4 felt feel an inexplicable desire to remove one particular face which seemed to be staring at him. Nervously, checking to see that no one 5 was looking look , he 6 peeled peel the face from the wall and 7 put put it carefully in his bag. Tom 8 thought think no more about the incident until two years later.

At that time he 9 was living live in London and 10 was working work in a shop selling old books and manuscripts. One day an extremely old man 11 walked walk slowly through the door. Tom could hardly see him but he 12 noticed notice the man's piercing black eyes. He 13 stared stare at Tom, fixing him with his gaze, saying nothing. As the man 14 was staring stare at him, Tom 15 had have an awful, terrifying feeling of shame and fear. Suddenly, the man was gone. When Tom got home that evening he 16 searched search frantically through all his things until he 17 found find the face from the temple.

It was the face of the old man from the shop! He 18 knew know then that he had to return the picture to the temple, or something terrible would happen.

She has come. Last she came Friday.

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Diam action not connected to the. Parliame, s has decided to dissolve announcing news i present - she's dead He announced t s d.. The problem 2 has become become worse in recent months, and yesterday the president 3 stated state that action must be taken now. She actual ly 4 signed sign the new bill during this morning's session of Parliament. He 2 has been be late at least five times this month.

It's too long for me!

Mission: Fce 1

I 2 went go to visit her last month and I have to say I 3 was be very impressed. Actually, I think the films they 3 made make ten years ago 4 were be much b etter than anyth ing I 5 have seen see for ages. Note that stative verbs are not used with 'would': She used to wake up at 6 am every day.

ALSO would wake up They used to live in a flat. When I was young, I would go for a walk before breakfast. ALSO I used to go She isn't used to staying up late at night. She is getting used to working under pressure. Was going to expresses actions one intended to do but didn't or shows that one doesn't mind changing his plans. She was going to download a new watch but unfortunately she couldn 't afford one.

Make all the necessary changes and additions to make a complete email. Dear Sir, Yesterday I received Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate past forms. We packed pack our bags, got get in the car and set off set off.

But as we were driving drive to the river we saw see the first black clouds and ten minutes later it was raining rain heavily. As I was getting on get on the plane, I found I had left leave my holiday money at home! Going to a prediction about the future 2 She' ll be waiting outside the station as usual. I'll ring him now. Future Perfect Continuous e action intended to be performed in the 5 Be careful.

You're going to fall off your bicycle. Going to near future 6 The meeting starts at 9 o 'clock. Present Simple f action which will be finished before a 7 I'm sure things will work out in the end. Future Simple stated future time 8 Perhaps your mother will change her mind. Future Simple g action in progress at a stated future 9 Will many people be coming to the wedding?

Future Perfect time in the future 11 Hospital staff are beginn ing a two-day strike tomorrow. Future Continuous speaking. Let's download more food in case James comes. If meaning 'whether' especially after I don't know, I doubt, I wonder etc and when used as a question word can be used with future forms.

When will the race take place? I doubt if they will hold their annual anniversary party this year. Welcome to Nutfield Valley Health Farm! After you l To ensure your safety a nd well-being, our fitness programmes are planned by qualified instructors. Before you 5 begin begin , the resident doctor 6 will check check your heart rate and blood pressure. There is also a fully-equipped medical room in case you 7 have have any problems- though of course we don't expect you will.

If not. By the time you 10 leave leave. Of course.

Remember, our motto is: Dear Mr Green, Regarding our telephone conversation last week, here are the details of your forthcoming trip to Thailand. You Our tour guide, Jim Smith , 5 will be waiting wait for you at the airport to accompany you to the Imperial Hotel.

There 9 will be be time for you to do your shopping as well. By the time you 10 get on get on the return flight on 10th December, you 11 will have experienced experience the most traditional aspects of Thai life.

Our tour guide 12 will be be with you throughout, so there shouldn ' t be any problems. If you 13 need need more information, please contact us. Yours sincerely, A. There's no sugar left. Have you got any plans 3 A: Have you bought a dress B: That's OK. Yes, I'm going to see The B: No, but I'm going to download Doll 's House' in town. Here's Thank you. Have you heard that Mrs Potts is ill? Actually we're going to visit her this afternoon.

Peter is taking his driving test tomorrow. Oh , I'm sure he'll pass. Is Tom coming tonight? I'll phone him and see. Has Helen decided what to study? She's going to train to be a teacher. It's quite cold today. I think winter will be here soon. We are having a picnic on Sunday. I hope the weather will be nice.

Make all necessary changes and additions to make a complete letter. Yours sincerely, Janet Hemsworth. Dear Mr: Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate present or future forms. I hope it 7 will be be successful. Paul is being transferred there and Jeanne hopes she 2 will have found find a job by the time they 3 move move there.

They hope they 5 will find find something in a nice area, but with prices the way they are, they will have to be satisfied with whatever they 6 find find. Jeanne is afraid she 7 will miss miss living in Nottingham, but Paul is convinced that they 8 will be be happier in London because there is so much more to do there.

In the morning you 2 will be able to be able to meet your child 's teachers. At We hope that this 4 will have been finished finish by December. If your c hild. The programme 6 begins begin at 9 am. See you there! What about you? But as I 3 am getting get a pay rise very soon, I'd like to go somewhere more glamorous. I think I 4 will get get some brochures from the travel agent tomorrow, so if you want, I 5 will pick pick up a couple for you as well.

With any luck, we 6 will have decided decide where to go by the time summer 7 comes come! I 1 am leaving leave for Africa in two weeks. For the first six months I 4 will be working work in a village school, teaching English and Maths. If not, by the time I 6 see see you again, so much 7 will have happened happen to us both that it'll take us hours to catch up on our news.

Lots of love, Danielle. Jill called an hour ago. It can also be used with present or past forms to point out that an action preceded another. He had been working in the company for two years before he was promoted. Still is used in statements and questions after the auxiliary verb or before the main verb.

They can still walk long distances. She still works in the same office. Still comes before the auxiliary verb in negations. They still can't find a solution to the problem. Already is used with Perfect tenses in mid or end position in statements or questions. Sheila had already cooked dinner before Liz came home. Has he fimshed already?

Yet is used with Perfect tenses in negative sentences after a contracted auxiliary verb or at the end of the sentence. She hasn't yet accepted the post. She hasn't accepted the post yet. It can also be used at the end of questions. Has she phoned yet? She lost three kilos. I need them now. Sufferers 3 come come from every walk of life. Symptoms of addiction 4 include include refusing to miss an episode and watching recorded episodes again and again.

One sufferer 5 explains explain how he 6 became become addicted five years ago. His obsession 7 was be so bad that he 8 was be unable to keep a steady relationship. It was almost as if the people on TV 10 had become become my friends instead.

I 1 am thinking think of going to that new Chinese restaurant in the city centre to celebrate my birthday. Would you like to go there next weekend?


Yes, that's a great idea. I 5 will write write it in my diary now. He 5 looked look at his watch and 6 saw see that it was nearly time for the conference to begin. He 4 left leave England two weeks later with his bike, a rucksack and a tent. He 5 has been be away for six months now, and no one 6 knows know whether he 7 will return return or not. They 2 are be extremely happy as they 3 have won win a trip to Australia. It all 4 started start when Jan and Paul 5 received receive a call a few days ago regarding a competition they 6 had entered enter some months before.

To their surprise, they 7 had won win a day trip to Australia which 8 would be be completely free. What a lovely surprise! Since she 3 has been working work in the same company for over ten years she 4 feels feel that she 5 needs need a change, so she 6 is planning plan to open her own design business.

Actually, he 3 had been following follow him since he 4 got off get off the bus. Jim 5 stopped stop at a shop window. The man 6 came come closer to him. Jim 7 had have the feeling he 8 had seen see him before, so he 9 went go up to him and 10 asked ask: You 15 are be on Candid Camera!

She 2 has been taking take acting classes for years and last week someone 3 offered offer her a part in an advertisement. They only 4 need need her voice, though, because it's going to be on the radi o.

At least her career 5 has started start. It's a long time since we went out. It's the best book I've ever read.

We haven't been out for a long time.

He started studying Spanish two years ago. I've never eaten Chinese food before. He has been studying Spanish for two years.

It's the first time I've ever eaten Chinese food. When did he start work? He started cleaning as soon as the guests had How long is it since he started work?

How long ago did he start work? He didn't start cleaning until after the guests had They haven't reached Madrid yet. They still haven 't reached Madrid. He started cleaning when the guests had left. He moved to London two months ago.

He waited until the guests had left before he He has been in London for two months. He hasn't been out for two months. We joined the club a month ago. The last time he went out was two months ago. We've been members of the club for a month. Tense Forms 18 She didn 't start serving until all the guests had arrived. A Global craze What's the big deal w ith Sudoku? Why are Sudoku addicts - of 2 whom there are many - will tell you that it's the challenge of the puzzles, the mystery of solving them, and the rush you get at the end when you 3 have completed one.

Sudoku, they say, is one of the 4 most addictive puzzles ever invented. So , what exactly is Sudoku? Well, if you've never heard of it, Sudoku is a logic puzzle. Each puzzle consists 5 of an square grid divided into nine blocks, each containing nine squares. Some of the squares in the grid contain a number.

To solve the puzzles, you have to fill in all the empty squares so 6 that the numbers 1 to 9 appear only once 7 in each row, block and column. Each Sudoku puzzle has only one solution. Part of Sudoku 's incredible success must surely 8 be attributed to the fact that no special skills are requ ired to play it.

It looks 9 like a maths puzzle but you don't need mathematical skills to solve it. It's simpler 1 0 than a crossword because to solve one of these you need a certain level of linguistic ability and general knowledge. To play Sudoku 11 all you need is logic. The concept is easy to grasp, the rules can be learnt in 10 seconds, and solving the puzzles doesn't 12 take forever.

Of course, the puzzles vary in their level of difficulty. But the appeal of Sudoku is that everyone can enjoy it. Look at the pictures below, then talk about these people. Use a variety of tenses. The meaning of the new -age pass passage word depends on the prefix that has been used.

He is a compulsive liar. ART 7 Tom worked as a trainee journalist before getting a senior position in the media. Word Formation Fill in the correct form of the words in bold forming nouns from verbs. BASE 5 Ted found an interesting painting in the attic of his grandfather's house which had been in storage for decades. SAFE 6 He is a man of honesty and incredible courage.

ROCK 5 The committee will consider the effects of global warming and propose ways of preventing further environmental destruction. CREATE 6 Brian works all day long and in the evenings he studies, but lately he finds this schedule to be a most exhausting one.

FORMAL 4 Every year in December teenagers gather in the city centre to collect money for a charity, which is a non-profit organisation. MESS 27 Tracy has found a job as a librarian at the local library.

Folder iii 1 Pass me the newspaper I want to see what's 9 I'm not surprised Sally and Jim broke up; they Nobody 6 There was mass panic when cholera broke out in seemed to like them any more. She never agrees with 28 This film begins with the hero running to catch the anything I say. Complete the sentences using the words in bold.

Use two to five words. Match the following idioms with the correct definition, then make sentences using them. See Suggested Answer section 1 a night owl a someone who says very little about themselves 2 a fly-by-night b someone who likes to get up early 3 a lame duck c someone who spends all their free time in front of the TV 4 a dark horse d someone who is lively and energetic 5 a cold fish e someone who you are extremely fond of 6 an early bird f someone who prefers to do things at night 7 a couch potato g someone who is weak and depends on others for help 8 a live wire h someone who is unreliable 9 the apple of one's eye someone who is lively and entertaining at parties 10 the life and soul of the party someone who is unfriendly and unemotional.

There is an example at the beginning 0. Beijing is the East Asian tradition of naming capital cities literally. Other similarly named cities Nanjing in Southern China which means 'southern capital', and Tokyo in Japan, which means 'eastern capital'. Beijing is a fascinating city with a history that It is the political and cultural Four million people visit Beijing each year to see Walking around the city, you can But Beijing is more than just a historic marvel.

It is also one of the world's great modern metropolises and is Towering skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, and modern commercial areas are just as much a In , Beijing celebrated the news that it had been selected to Hundreds of thousands of flag-waving Chinese poured into Beijing's streets, singing and cheering.

Fireworks The morning after the Use only one word in each gap. Add to 1 3 this wild , romantic scenery, ancient castles, modern theme parks and cheap accommodation and you've got a great family holiday. Of course 14 what makes Wales so green is the rain. Even in mid-summer, you 15 can expect a couple of wet and windy days. But don 't let that put you off. For many people Wales is a caravan country.

If you haven't stayed in a caravan 18 since you were little, it's time you tried it again. Standards of comfort are much higher than a decade ago, with facilities such 19 as laundries and kids' play areas. A good example is the Fontygary Holiday Park. And you won 't even need to leave the site to 23 have fun. The kids can swim in the metre indoor pool, or join in the games organised by the entertainment staff.


Part 3 For questions , read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line. Fill in the blanks making the necessary changes to the words in bold. Correct spelling is required. Check whether the meaning of the missing word is positive or negative from its context or in the case of nouns, whether the plural form is required. For hundreds of years, the most In the early s, the land in this area was very dry and 25 farming was extremely difficult.

People of the region used to trade pearls in FARM exchange for food, water and other 26 provisions. Many Persian families settled permanently in the 28 coastal villages of the Gulf in order to take advantage of the booming pearl COAST market. Divers often risked their lives. They would dive to 29 depths of 40 meters and remain DEEP underwater for up to two minutes - all without the use of special diving 30 equipment.

At the end of a pearl-diving season, some divers would become 33 wealthy enough to download their own boat, thus WEALTH becoming pearl 34 traders.

Do not change the word given.

You must use between two and five words, including the word given. There is an example at the beg inning 0. O I think you should go to the doctor. TIME It Present to type to be typed Present Continuous ; to be typing Perfect l to have typed: Perfect Continuous. Perfect Cont. She eeeme to have been ill for a long time..

Let's go out. He promised to be back at I'd prefer to stay in tonight. It's my privilege to present the winner of the competition. It's too late to go now. Shes experienced enough to be appointed Sales Manager. He 's got enough patience to cope with children. You'll be the first to break the news. It was rude of him to speak like that. Would you be so kind as to help me with the washing? She went there only to find the meeting had been called off. For Mary to behave like that was very unusual.

To begin with, I'd like to introduce our new manager, Mr Jones. Note that if two infinitives are joined by and or or, the to of the second infinitive can be omitted. I'd like to go to an island and swim and sunbathe all day long during my holidays. Dare expressing lack of courage is used with an infinitive with or without to. I don 't dare to tell him the truth.

Dare expressing anger, threat or warning is used with an infinitive without to. Don't you dare come back late. Dare expressing challenge is used with a to-infinitive. I dare you to j ump over the fence Help can be used with or without to. I helped my mum to bake a cake. The infinitive without 'to' is used.

You may use the phone. I'd rather have an early night. Will you let me play in the garden? She was made to work overtime. He wasn 't allowed to play in the garden. Collecting stamps is his favourite hobby. She doesn 't mind working long hours. I enjoy snorkelling. Tom had difficulty in driving on the left when he first cam 'le e.

He admitted to stealing the old woman 's jewels after: She spent a fortune redecorating iouse after: I saw her window shopping as I drove by. I saw part of the action. I saw the car crash mto the shop window I saw all the action. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the infinitive or the -ing form.

She won't believe you. There's no point in going go out now. Don't interrupt him. At an Italian restaurant in Brussels the waiter, Tony, claims to be able 2 to choose choose the right dish for each customer. Tony makes his choices by 6 chatting chat to his customers - but not about their tastes in food.

What he does first is 7 to find out find out what kind of personality the customer has. After 8 serving serve an Englishman a salad of red tuna with garlic and parsley, Tony was happy 9 to see see that his customer was very satisfied. One Italian particularly enjoyed 10 munching munch on wild mushrooms stuffed with Mediterranean anchovies, which Tony had served with black olives, spicy olive oil and lime.

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Tony spends a lot of time 11 observing observe his customers. Once, a young French couple argued throughout the meal. Tony avoided 12 giving give them a sour dessert. He served them a sweet dessert instead, and after that they couldn 't stay angry with each other. This restaurant is certainly worth 15 visiting visit.

I didn't object to 2 going go even though I generally dislike 3 travelling travel by train. In fact I was looking forward 4 to seeing see something I had never seen before.

When I arrived at the station I saw lots of people 5 celebrating celebrate the rebirth of the Admiral, and I was glad 6 to be be part of the party. At 2 o'clock everyone was ready 7 to board board the train. I settled myself into a compartment where I was soon joined by an old man who claimed 8 to have been be one of the original workers on the Admiral.

His family had been too poor 11 to download download more than the basic necessities. It was a sad story, but it was a pleasure 12 to listen listen to him. If all trains were as appealing as the Black Admiral, I would choose 16 to travel travel by train all the time. Verbs taking to-infinitive or -ing form without a change in meaning.

We don't normally have two -ing forms together. She began dancmg 'to dance. Ho advised mo to stay indoors. He advised staying indoors. You need to prune tho trees. Tho trees need pruning. Tho trees need to be pruned. For Thomas He usually hated 2 doing do outdoor activities of any kind. We thought we'd have difficulty in 3 persuading persuade him but it was his idea 4 to set off set off the very next day.

We suggested 5 going go to the Lake District as it would be the best place 6 to find find hotel rooms each night. Though we'd have preferred 7 to take take the coach, Thomas encouraged us 8 to travel travel by train. We decided 9 to meet meet at the station early the next morning as we wanted 10 to be be in Carlisle by midday. Imagine the look on our faces when Thomas arrived on a huge, brand-new motorbike.

Try to throw the ball into the basket. Please remember to feed the dog before leaving. These windows want cleaning.

She means to study art in Paris this summer. Can we stop here to admire the view? He stopped studying and switched on the TV. We went on dancing until we got tired. I hate to argue, but you are definitely wrong. I hate bothering you at such a late hour. When driving m the ram, I'm afraid of skidding on the wet road. I'll never forget Yes, but you forgot to send send me a postcard , didn't you? I hate to ask ask you , but can you help me with the housework?

Sure, but remember I hate doing do the vacuuming. The door wants fixing fix. I know. I wanted to ask ask the carpenter to come and have a look but I forgot. I'm sorry to put put you in such a difficult position.

It's OK. I'm sorry for shouting shout at you. I'd prefer to spend spend this weekend at home. I prefer going out go out whenever I've got free time. Did he go on talking talk about the same boring topics all night? No, he went on to show show us his holiday photos.

Don't be afraid to talk talk to her in French.

I can 't. I'm afraid of making make mistakes. Oh, I meant to tell tell you there's a job vacancy at the chemist's. Well , I won't apply if it means working work at the weekend. Why don 't you try taking take a different medicine if you're still ill? I think I'll just try to get get some more sleep. Let's stop to have have something to eat. I wish you'd stop eating eat so much! The notice says the gallery regrets to inform inform us that the Picasso exhibition has fin ished.

Oh , no! Did you remember to post post the letters? I remember taking take them but I think I've left them on my desk. Fill in the correct form of the infinitive or the -ing form. He had left school at thirteen, and he had managed to avoid 3 looking for look for a real job by 4 working work for his father in the family scrapyard. He was supposed 5 to check check the weight of scrap metal leaving the yard, but he always preferred 6 sitting sit around and 7 making make cups of tea for the other workers instead.

You won't be surprised 8 to hear hear that eventually Eli's father noticed him 9 wasting waste time 10 doing do nothing, and asked him 11 to find find another job.

Eli never regretted 12 having have to leave the scrapyard, because his next job was even easier! He was employed at Dudley Zoo as a nightwatchman, where he found it a pleasure just 13 to sit sit and 14 watch watch the monkeys 15 playing play in their cages. His only duty was 16 to feed feed the jaguars at dawn - something which he claims he only forgot 17 to do do once in his time there.

He said that he would never forget 18 seeing see the zookeeper's face after the poor man had tried 19 to give give them their lunch - they had nearly eaten him alive! After 20 working work in the zoo for six years, war broke out in Europe and Eli went on 21 to join Ooin the army in the hope of finding some adventure.

Santorini so much that I finally bought a house there. It was your decision after all. There's a meeting in progress next door.

I saw him eating a chicken sandwich only yesterday! I've got a headache. I'm tired of having have to rely on my parents for money. Too I Enough Too has a negative meaning. It shows that something is more than enough , necessary or wanted. It is used in the following patterns: Enough has a positive meaning.

It shows that there is as much of something as is wanted or needed. Did you meet up with Fiona yesterday? No, she was too tired to go out after working all day. Dad is planning on taking the kids canoeing this weekend. I don't think they are old enough to go canoeing yet.

What is your new house like? It's big enough to fit all five of us. Is Ted talking to Rachel yet? She is too selfish to apologise to him for her rude behaviour. Why don 't you open the window to let some fresh air in the room? It's too cold outside and the baby might get ill. How did the operation go? It was very successful and I am even feeling strong enough to go back to work. Katie failed the driving test.

So I heard. She was not confident enough to pass it.

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Would you like some help with your luggage? Yes, please.

This suitcase is too heavy for me to carry. Can you get me that book from the top shelf, please? I can't. I am not tall enough to reach it. Why are you not drinking your coffee?

It is too sweet for me to drink. It was a surprising decision.

What kind of decision? We were surprised by his story. How did we feel about his story? Participles can also be used: The woman waiting for me 1s my mum. The watch displayed in the window 1s very expensive. Feeling tired, Laura didn't go to the party. Having put on weight, I decided to go on a diet. Having passed his dnving test, he bought a car. Winning the lottery, she 1umped for joy ""' She won the lottery and jumped for joy. He was dnving in his car listening to the radio. The lady standing next to my mother is my aunt Mary.

Picking up the guitar, he started playing a traditional tune. The news announced yesterday left everybody speechless. Before moving to Thailand, Mel used to live in Canada. He was taking notes while reading the book. The man living next door is a famous playwright.

On Saturday, I took my children to the circus. They balanced on top of each other with incredible ease. When the huge animals came into the arena, the audience cheered. Malci's inventive production and rapping shifts between jazzy boom-bap and something more intimate, curious, and experimental. Nothing Great About Britain by slowthai.

On his debut record, slowthai dismantles stereotypes of British culture over trebly hip-hop beats. The latest from the Portland MC is sharp and often highly personal, with woozy atmospheres and crisp beats.

Out To Sea by Chris Orrick. For My Sanity by 14KT. This is where you add an album, track, or merch. Got it. Explore music. Mission coursebook 2 answers download by Main page. The perfect combination of language development and extensive exam training. Many thousands of foreign languages study books with daily updates. The distance from the wall can profoundly affect loudspeakers' sonic performance.

This book is related to the topic of learning foreign languages. Height is important: Coursebook, Teacher book, Audio Author: Virginia Evans Publisher: Express Publishing Publication date: Mission 2 consists of 7 units which contain authentic or semi-authentic reading texts combining stimulating content and cross-cultural topics.

Use search and filter categories, and you will find many other books and media files for free download on the same foreign language. We replenish our library daily.I don't believe he 's coming. Another, equally important, field of evangelisation and humanization is non-formal education, that is of those who have been unable to have access to normal schooling. So think twice before you make a false claim this summer. I'm afraid of making make mistakes.

HOPE They left early in the hope of escaping the traffic. You are supposed to be helpful to customers.