Kalki's. Ponniyin Selvan. Part 1-A. [Chapters 1 - 30]. New Floods. Translated By. Indra Neelameggham. Salt Lake City, Utah. With much thanks to. Preparation of HTML and PDF versions: Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, Lausanne, Switzerland. .. Now Read on to Ponniyin Selvan Part III – A Killing Sword. Kalki's. Ponniyin Selvan. Part 1-B. [Chapters 57]. New Floods. Translated By. Indra Neelameggham. Salt Lake City, Utah. With much thanks to.

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What's the best english translation work of Ponniyin Selvan? 3, Views · Where can I And also free pdf version is available from. kaz-news.infotmadurai. org. Ponniyin Selvan of Kalki Krishnamurthi English Translation by Ponniyin Selvan of Kalki Pages · · MB · Downloads ·English. kalki. Preview. English translation of the famous Tamil Historical novel series by Kalki Krishnamurthy.

He else; we were sidetracked. Oh yes! You were saying that has brought her here in a covered palanquin. Apparently he Lord Pazluvoor's beloved was very fair and light in color.

One of the maids who saw the girl by peeping in through the "Lord Pazluvoor was coming seated on the dark, huge window, came and described her beauty. That is the cause elephant from Kadamboor Fort: They were discussing if she was a Justice seated upon a huge water-buffalo!

All my thoughts Singhala girl, a Kalinga lady or perhaps a maid from were concentrated on him. While I was building dream- Chera. You know that the ancestors of the Pazluvoor clan empires about one day becoming famous and powerful like originally came here from the Chera country? Even as I wondered about who could come in a covered palanquin, a "I have heard it too.

Steels: Metallurgy and Applications, Third Edition

Perhaps you had told me earlier. I could barely see the That's OK! Kandamara, how long is it since Lord face within. The hand and face were golden-hued. That Pazluvoor married this mysterious beauty? From what you said just now, I realize that she must be the beloved of Lord Pazluvoor. He has not left her alone for even a short while from the time he married her!

He "Vandiya Deva, you are a lucky fellow! It is being said takes his ladylove along wherever he goes; in a closed that no man has glimpsed upon that Young-Queen of palanquin!

In fact there has been a lot of sniggering about Pazluvoor. You could at least see her hand and face for a it all over the country. Vandiya Deva, won't there be second. From what you saw, can you guess anything about ridicule and derision if men who are past a certain age get the nation which gave birth to that beauty?

Kandamara, shall I tell "I did not ponder about it at that time. Now that I think of you the real reason for the laughter? Generally women are it, she is perhaps a woman from the Kashmir country; or envious. Don't think I am belittling the women in your she is a beauty who hails from the distant lands across the family.

All womankind is like that! However, Lord Maybe she is a princess from Arabia: I believe that women Pazluvoor's beloved is rosily-fair and golden hued. That is in that country are hidden behind veils from birth till why these women do not like her; they are making up death.

What is this wonder? How do you know about her heard somewhere nearby. Several kinds of drums, flutes, complexion? Why, have you seen her? How did pipes and instruments like salli, karadi, parai, udukku you see her? If Lord Pazluvoor knows of this, your life is were being tuned together.

You know it. The Moreover, I have not done anything improper. I was drums and flutes are being tuned in preparation. Would watching, one among the crowd on the roadside, when you like to watch the gypsy dance? Or, would you like to Lord Pazluvoor and his retinue went past. The elephant, eat early and sleep well? Is that Vandiya Devan recalled Azlvar-adiyan mentioning the true?

So what? I was just comparing the reception that the stage being set for the dancers. The guests were you accorded to Lord Pazluvoor and the welcome given to gathering in front of the stage. The stage for the gypsy me; nothing else The stage was honor due to the official who levies taxes.

A welcome decorated with colorful drawings of cocks, peacocks, appropriate to a great warrior was given to you! Sometime, swans and parrots. They had further decked the stage with with God Muruga's grace, when you become the son-in- several fragrant flower garlands, red-rice popped white, law to our house we shall give you the honors due to a colored millet, yellow turmeric and other powders, bridegroom and welcome you. Tall oil-lamps and flaming torches tried to drive the darkness away.

Soora's head was chopped off misty screen dimming the lights. The musicians sat on repeatedly. But the severed-head grew back again and both sides and in front of the stage and played their again. Velan grew angrier and angrier as the head came instruments with gusto. The fragrant flowers, sweet back again and again. Sparks flew from his eyes. In the smelling incense and the drum beats all together made end Soora fell dead.

Thevar-aalan threw his spear down.

Vandiya Devan feel light-headed. By now all musical instruments were quiet. Only the little After all the important guests were seated, the nine hand-held drum, the udukku could be heard.

A priest stood maidens who were to perform the gypsy dance came on near the stage fanatically beating the hand-drum. Each part the stage. They wore the tight fitting clothes and of Thevar-aalan's body shuddered.

Those in the audience ornaments suitable for dancing; they had bell-filled anklets whispered to each other: A long garland woven with such flowers thrown said, "Vela! Commander of the Gods! Lord who upon their shoulders, seemed to bind them to each other as killed Soora! Please reveal your divine predictions to us, they stood upon the stage.

In their hands they daintily your devotees. Ask whatever you want! I will reveal all! Shall After greeting the audience they began to sing and dance. Will the land be bountiful? Will They first sang a few verses in praise of God Muruga. They sang of the brave deeds of Muruga; and they sang of his victorious spear which killed the demons Soora-padma "The rains will be in season. The waters would be and Gaja-mukha and then dried up the vast ocean. They abundant. The land will be fruitful and desires will be sang of how he chose for his bride, a maid from the Tamil fulfilled!

But you have not made offerings to my Mother! The Mother-Goddess millet fields, even as heavenly nymphs offered prayers to wants a sacrifice! Their song celebrated the grace and benevolence of Velan, i. The lyrical songs, the fast paced dance, the quick drum-beats, enchanting flute all in combination bewitched "Will it be offered if I ask? With the following words of prayer the dance concluded: We shall surely offer the sacrifice.

She thirsts for the blood Let enmity be routed; Let rain and fertility increase; of a prince from a thousand year-old dynasty!

The maidens stepped off the stage and moved away. The dignitaries seated in front of the stage -- Lord Pazluvoor, Lord of Mazluvoor, Lord Sambuvaraya and Next, a man and woman dressed as oracles -- thevar-aalan others, they looked at each other. Their eyes seemed to talk and thevar-aati, came on stage. The divine-man and a secret language.

Lord Sambuvaraya seemed to make a divine-woman wore blood-red clothes. They had brilliant sign to the priest. They had painted their foreheads with bright red kumkum powders.

The priest stopped beating his hand-drum. The dancer Even their lips seemed blood-red because they had chewed dropped upon the stage like a felled tree. The woman the betel leaf and areca-nut.

Their eyes seemed blood-shot! The audience dispersed silently. Somewhere outside, the howling of wolves could The Velan Attam or oracle dance, began calmly enough. They danced by themselves and with arms linked together. As time passed the tempo and passion increased. The Vandiya Devan, who had been watching all this with some divine-woman picked up a spear from the side. The man agitation, looked towards the direction in which the tried to pry it from her hands; and she would not let go.

There, atop the outer ramparts The dance became more frenzied: With an expression of fear on It was Azlvar-adiyan's head. For a second he was subject her face she moved away behind the screens. It appeared as if the severed head of Azlvar-adiyan had been placed upon those walls.

He The divine-man now danced all by himself with more and blinked his eyelids to look again: He acted the part of the God Velan there! Several other emotions beyond his With his mind filled with such confusion, he sought his experience seemed to agitate his thoughts. Ponniyin Selvan "You seem to be very tired. Lie down and sleep well. I will Chapter 6 -- Midnight Meeting take care of the other guests and later come to sleep in this terrace itself," said Kandamaran before going away.

After the gypsy dance and the oracle dance, there was a lavish feast for the guests. Vallavarayan Vandiya Devan As soon as he lay down, sleep swirled into Vandiya could not enjoy the banquet. His body was tired and his Devan's eyes. Nitra Devi, the Goddess of Sleep took hold mind was agitated. His friend Kandamaran, seated next to of him completely.

But what use? There is Mind which him, pointed out the several dignitaries with pride. Even though his body remained still and his eyes stayed tightly Besides Lord Pazluvoor and Lord Sambuvaraya, there was shut, thoughts buried deep in the mind blossomed into Thennavan Mazlava-raya Lord of Mazlapadi Mazluvoor; dreams. Several meaningless incidents, happenings beyond The Elder and largest land-holder of Kunratoor had come; reason took place in that dream world.

One wolf Deva-senapati Poova-raya; that fearless lion, Lord Muthu- became ten wolves; hundred wolves; they all howled raya, double-canopied Raajali, and the chief land-holder of together.

While howling they came nearer and nearer and Kolli Hills -- all these men were there at the banquet.

In that pitch darkness their eyes burned like tiny Kandamaran whispered their names into Vandiya Devan's embers. They came closer and closer.

Vandiya Devan tried ears and pointed them out discretely.

But, on the other side there were tens, hundreds, no thousands of dogs -- These dignitaries were not ordinary men; nor was it barking loudly, rushing towards him. The eyes of those common to see them all assembled together in one place hunting dogs glowed like embers. What will happen to me like this. Each of them was a territorial chieftain; or they if I am caught in between these mad dogs and wolves?

In those days, the title araya or raya which was derived from the sanskrit word raja or Tamil word Luckily there was a temple right in front. He ran into the arasa meaning king denoted nobility or royalty. When Territorial chieftains and noblemen of equal rank were he looked around it seemed to be a temple of the Mother entitled to add the suffix rayan or arayan to their names.

A statue of Kali stood there with a horrible face They were also called by the name of their town with the and tongue hanging out.

A priest rose from behind the added title.

In fact our hero Vandiya Devan bore the name statue. He held a terrible machete in his hands. You Vallava-rayan because he was born in the noble family of have come," he said as he came closer and closer. For how many But, these chieftains did not bear their titles merely generations have your clansmen ruled their kingdom? Tell because of their noble birth and thereby enjoy the comforts the truth! Only those men who were able-bodied and brave enough to enter the battle-field "The Vallava Rayas of the Vaanar family had ruled for could safeguard their titles and territories.

Therefore, each three hundred years. During my father's times we lost all of these men had not only participated in several our lands to the Vaithumba kings," replied Vandiya Devan.

Run away," said the on their bodies. Now, all these men governed their priest with disgust. Many of them were Suddenly Kali turned into a statue of Krishna! Two important officials of the Chozla government. Normally, Vandiya Devan would have felt immense While he was enchanted with these sights, he heard the elation at having seen all these noblemen in the same song "We saw, we saw, we saw things pleasing to the eye," place.

However, he felt no joy about it. Why have all these behind him. Turning around he saw Azlvar-adiyan Nambi.

The question occurred to him Yes it was him singing. Oh no. Not him; it was just his again and again. All sorts of garbled doubts filled his head that sang.

The severed head was placed on the mind. There Upon turning, he banged his head upon the pillar. The may be some danger in crossing the courtyard in full view dream melted away.

Eyes opened. But he saw a sight that of those men. He recalled the words of Sambuvaraya saying "He need In a spot directly in front of his terrace, he could see the not have come here, today of all days. It was the head of that very same These men are gathered here to discuss something Azlvar-adiyan Nambi. This time he realized that it was important.

It is clear that they do not want anyone to know neither a dream nor a hallucination. Because, however what their discussions are about. In such a situation if they long he stared at it, the head remained there.

It was not suddenly see me, they will start suspecting me. By the time merely a head, there was a body behind it. He could easily I explain about Azlvar-adiyan he would have jumped off detect both hands of Azlvar-adiyan holding on to the wall. All that will remain is the doubt In addition, the fellow was staring rather intensely at about me. If they ask, "Why did you, who were supposed something below, inside the wall. I will definitely put Kandamaran in a delicate position.

What is he looking at so earnestly, inside there? There is Even Kandamaran is part of this meeting; he is seated at some kind of deception and intrigue in this.

Azlvar-adiyan the back. If I ask him in the morning I can know all. He must have come here with vile plans to perform some evil deed. As these thoughts ran through his mind, Vandiya Devan Is it not my duty, being Kandamaran's dearest friend, to saw a covered palanquin resting in one corner of the stop this wickedness? How can I sleep in idleness without courtyard below him. Is this not the same palanquin that guarding the house of these folks who have fed and housed came behind Lord Pazluvoor and his elephant?

That lady me tonight? Vallavarayan jumped up. He picked up a knife who was in it, who parted the curtains to peep outside, I in its sheath lying on his side and stuck it in his waist- wonder where she is now.

I believe the old man did not band. He walked towards the direction in which he saw even send her to the women's apartments. This is the Nambi's head.

Ponniyin Selvan - English version -pdf

Suspicion drains their very life. They cannot bear to Remember, he was sleeping in a corner of the upper be parted from their young wives even for one moment! From there as he walked towards the outer walls Perhaps even now, Pazluvoor's Young-Queen is in this of the palace, he had to go around several turrets, pillars palanquin! Look at the fate of this great warrior! At and decorative rooftops.

ponniyin selvan story book pdf

After walking on for a while he this age, he is enslaved by a slip of a girl and is on tender- suddenly heard the sound of voices talking somewhere hooks. She is not all that great a Rathi, Menaka or Ramba nearby. He hesitated. Hiding himself behind a pillar he heavenly beauties. No, Vandiya Devan had not forgotten the feeling of In a narrow courtyard enclosed by tall walls he saw about distaste which he experienced when he had seen her by the ten or twelve men seated comfortably.

The towering walls roadside. I wonder what this brave Lord Pazluvoor sees in hid the rising moonlight.

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 A First Floods Chapters 1 30

However, an iron oil-lamp buried her? More surprising is this Azlvar-adiyan's madness. All the men seated there were Maybe he is waiting on that wall because this palanquin is the dignitaries he had met at the banquet earlier; the here. What is the relationship between him and her? How chieftains and elder officials of the Chozla Empire. Perhaps she is his sister; or maybe his sweetheart.

Maybe Lord Pazluvoor forcefully abducted They must have gathered in this midnight conference to her. He is capable of doing such things. Maybe this fellow discuss some important matter. Azlvar-adiyan must be is wandering around trying to find an opportunity to meet trying to spy upon what they were saying and doing, by her and talk to her. Why should I bother about all this. Let hanging on the outer walls. There is no doubt about the me go back to sleep, thought Vandiya Devan.

From where he was positioned on the wall, Azlvar-adiyan Just as he made this decision he heard his name being could more or less see all the men seated in conference uttered down below.

Immediately he began to listen with below. He could hear their talk very well. But the men some interest. The courtyard and palace wall were situated in that fashion!

Somehow, "That fellow who came in saying that he was a friend of the fellow had chanced upon such a perfect spot.

Where is he sleeping? He should not hear anything that we utter here. Remember that he serves the Capable fellow. No doubt! But all his cleverness will not Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Armies. Till all our work with this Vandiya Devan of the Vaanar clan. Even if there is the slightest fanatic In fact it would be better to put a convened this meeting. Right now, the health of Emperor complete end to his activities I have secretly asked the palace Doctors: He is not likely to live much longer.

But he did not move away from the Therefore, we have to decide upon the next course of spot. He made up his mind to listen to all their talk. Who was the Northern Commander-in-Chief? It was none "What have the astrologers said?

None other than the Crown Prince, next in line for the Another replied "Why ask the astrologers? Hasn't the long- throne. Why should these fellows object to my serving that tailed comet been appearing in the evening skies for Prince?

What is it that they are planning that must be kept several days? Is that not enough? They postpone the time a little. That is all. He cannot hear the discussions in this meeting. He succeed to the throne Even if he hears something he will not hinder your plans in any "What is left to think about now? Was not Aditya way. I will be responsible for that. But none of us know of him or his credentials.

That is why I warned you. But I would like to know if any one of us was What we are going to discuss now is about the rights of consulted before the coronation took place. Each one of us succession to a large empire. Even if one whisper gets out gathered here belongs to well established clans that have because of carelessness it may lead to severe strived for more than a hundred years, for more than four consequences.

All of you must remember this," said Lord generations, to acquire the eminence of this Chozla Pazluvoor. My great-grandfather died in the battle of Thiru- puram-biyam.

My father sacrificed his life at Takkolam. In a similar fashion, ancestors to each of you have given their Ponniyin Selvan lives to establish the greatness of this Chozla Empire. Chapter 7 -- Laughter And Hatred Young men from our families have died in the battlefield. Even today, sons from our family and clan are engaged in Vandiya Devan made up his mind as soon as he heard the warfare in Lanka. What are these men going to say about the rights to Even Emperor Dasaratha of the Epic convened an succession?

Who are they to discuss it? I must definitely assembly of his advisors before deciding to crown Lord find out what is happening here. I better sit right here; Rama as the Crown Prince; he consulted his ministers, there cannot be a more convenient hiding spot. Let the advisors, army commanders and chieftains under him.

Nambi go do what he wants. Why should I bother about But, our Sundara Chozla did not consider it necessary to him? The cryptic However, it is not accurate when the Lord of Taxes says words of Azlvar-adiyan, the arrogant behavior of the gate- that the emperor did not consult anyone! The opinions of keepers, the frightening words of the frenzied soothsayer -- the Elder Pirati Sembiyan Madevi and that of the Younger all these had raised several doubts.

Here was an Pirati Kundavai Devi were asked for. Can Lord Pazluvoor opportunity to clear all those apprehensions! Why not deny this? Even Kandamaran, who I considered a dear friend, "Well! You all laugh! I do not know how you can think of has not told the truth.

He sent me to bed and has come to laughter. My very heart burns when I think of it; my blood this secret midnight-meeting. I must not let him off easily boils. I wonder why I should safeguard my life and live tomorrow! The soothsayer who danced in frenzy said that the Goddess is asking for a sacrifice.

He By now, Lord Pazluvoor had started talking. Vandiya asked for a human sacrifice; of a prince from a thousand- Devan listened carefully. Give me up as the sacrifice. My family is grave news to you all. That is why Sambuvaraya has more ancient than a thousand years.

The Mother Goddess will be satisfied; my soul built a Golden Palace for his own dwelling? Even the will be satisfied. He merely covered the as the frenzied soothsaying-dancer.

The whistling of the for his residence! Apparently, the huge palaces from western breeze and the whispering of the trees near the which great Pallava monarchs ruled their empires for wall were the only sounds. He builds a Golden Palace! He embeds rubies and "I beg for the patience and forgiveness of the Pazluvoor diamonds in the walls of that palace.

Not a copper coin King for having uttered some words in ignorance and the from all the treasures captured from our campaigns in the thoughtless laughter that followed.

You are our leader Gangapadi, Nulampadi and Kudagu Territories has he sent without any equal. We here, are all ready to carry out any back to the treasury in the capital till now. We will walk in the path you direct us. Please grant forgiveness," spoke an emotional "Has the construction of this Golden Palace been Sambuvaraya. You should forgive me.

Think "Yes. My spies tell me that it has been completed. In of one thing. Two hundred years before today, Vijayala addition letters arrived for the Emperor from his beloved Chozla broke the power of the Muthuaraya kings and elder son!

He wants the Emperor to come and stay for a captured Tanjore. During the battle of Thiru-puram-biyam, while, in that newly constructed Golden Palace. The Chozla's voice.

I am there to the Cauvery. Today, the empire spreads from Cape take care that nothing like that will take place; my brother, Comorin in the south to the Thungabadra-Krishna rivers in the Commander of Tanjore is also there. None can enter the north. None can interview the Emperor without so far, Thondai Territories, Paagi, Gangapadi, Nulampadi, my knowledge; nor can they give letters.

Twice or maybe Vaithumba Territories, the Chitpuli nation, Bana lands, thrice, I have stopped letters that arrived for him. Hail the Chanakian political The Chozla tiger-flag flies in all these countries. By now, astuteness of the Pazluvoor king! Long life to his bravery! I do not have to give you the reasons for them not being "Please listen a little longer!

Much more than the deeds of vanquished; you know the reasons What do we Lord Mazluvoor intervened: All of us know the know of the rules of warfare? For generations and over reason. There are two reasons for Lanka, Vengi, Kalinga several hundreds of years, what policy have our ancestors and Rashtrakuta not coming under our suzerainty. One followed? If our armies invade enemy territories, the food cause is the Northern Commander-in-Chief, Prince Aditya supplies and payments for our armies have to be procured Karikala; the other is the Commander of the Southern from those enemy lands.

The wealth to pay our army must Armies, Arulmozli Varma. Excess treasures should be sent back to the government treasury in the "I agree with the reasons given by Lord Mazluvoor. For capital city But, do you know what Prince Arulmozli is the last hundred years the practice for appointing a doing? He wants food supplies to be sent from here, by commander in the Chozla Kingdom was different. Brave ships, to feed our soldiers in Lanka! For the last one year, warriors, with the experience of several campaigns would ten times, I have sent such shiploads of supplies.

But what has happened today? The elder Prince "Most unusual and peculiar! We cannot tolerate such is a commander for the northern armies. What is he doing? Never heard of such behavior!

Here is a book that checks all the boxes and managed to make me steal pages over coffee breaks! Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan part 1 is a smooth and engaging read that almost inspired me to write this review in influenced tamil prose!

Part 1 of this historical fiction introduces the characters and reveals strands of When you start a classic, you are silently praying you are not disappointed. Part 1 of this historical fiction introduces the characters and reveals strands of the spider web of conspiracies against the throne of Chozha kingdom under Sundara Chozhan.

Narrated through the story of Vandhiyathevan, a brave go-getter messenger of the crown prince, the dangers he face on his way to deliver the messages to the king and the princess and the breezy romance with the princess forms the first part.

It also explores the tension between shivites and vaishnavites of the time and touches upon the history lessons of the battle for the deccan peninsula between Chera, Chozha, Pandava and Pallava dynasties The author has used nostalgic recollections of characters to talk about the past and give context to the characters.

Some of them seemed a bit out of place for the sake of introduction, but that can be excused as they are after all characters in this book which has past. Translate web, mobile app, software, in any language. Be faster and efficient with Lokalise. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Answered Sep 18, Where can I find the part 3 of English translated version of Ponniyin Selvan online?

Is an Audiobook of Ponniyin selvan available? You can get the free english version from Project Madurai link for Book 1 of Ponniyin Selvan , Page on projectmadurai. Answered Oct 4, You can get the paperback version of this book from site India https: Great code assistance, smart debugger, safe refactorings, all major PHP frameworks support. Try for free! Answered Jun 3, Yes, it is. I would strongly recommend the translation by C.Kandamara, how long is it since Lord face within.

They cannot bear to Remember, he was sleeping in a corner of the upper be parted from their young wives even for one moment! He then continued, "Munai Raya!

I have seen the set of 5 volumes, huge books that have adorned the shelves of many bookworms I knew, especially those from the previous generation.

The stage was honor due to the official who levies taxes. Vanavan Mahadevi: Empress of the Chola empire succeeded by Poonkuzhali.